Sunday, 12 June 2011

I bring you a new verb

de·troit[ di troit ] (past and past participle de·troited, present participle de· troiting, 3rd person present singular de·troits)



1: transitive verb: to devastate a city or region by allowing it to be swamped by blacks.

“Crime, violence and general societal collapse have occurred since they detroited the neighbourhood”

2: transitive verb: to degrade an advanced society to its previous primitive or natural state

"The city has detroited to a jungle"

3: intransitive verb: the condition of living in an environment that has been detroited

"the remaining citizens have been detroiting since the advent of white flight”

Synonyms: tear down, pull down, destroy, wipe out, demolish, devastate, raze, ruin

Antonyms: build, civilize, enhance, develop

Also Detroit discount.



An item acquired without paying for it whether through normal shoplifting or a consequence of de(t) riot.


Anonymous said...

Did that word make it first appearance here as in detroit was detroited?

Anonymous said...

Detroit. Just as the cities in Africa returned to the jungle when whites left, we see that it happens also in the US when whites leave.

Anonymous said...

Matt Millen played in Oakland.
Detroit is detroited.
It is whiteys fault!

SAVANT said...

"Did that word make it first appearance here as in detroit was detroited?"

Not sure. Maybe I'm reacting subliminally.

Anonymous said...

World Without Humans was not, repeat not, filmed in Detroit. They use computer graphics to represent plants taking over supposedly abandoned cities whereas Detroit use blacks to in real life allow nature to takeover.

Aviatrix said...

What’s the difference between Detroit and a third-world country, anyway? It’s not the city or country that is third-world, it’s the people therein. You can’t build a first-world city or country with third-world people.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, good one Savant. Everyone should check out "" and "Foxsnooze". Also "Stuff black people don't like".

"Incogman" is another good one.

Anonymous said...

You can’t build a first-world city or country with third-world people.

We have been there before. A few pages back there is a politician off to wAshington begging for more "gubnint munni" and a slogan was coined of we built this ghetto on African values.

The point gets repeatedly being made is why can other third world people assimilate to some degree but african'ts insist on dragging everything back to the third world whether it be the University of Alabama, McDonalds or the water theme parks (which Eric Cartman warned us about! (A cartoon character knows more than politicians, journalists, other talking heads!))

(Or was that the african town planning one?)

Shaunantijihad said...

"What’s the difference between Detroit and a third-world country, anyway?"

When white slaves are forced to pay for blacks in Africa, it is called "Aid", but in other places it's just called "social security".

elaine said...

Very clever, very amusing.

zorba said...

I love the way the PC media bends over backwards to find “reasons” why cities like Detroit failed. The collapse of the automobile industry. The lack of a good museum. Blah blah blah. Detroit failed because it’s populated by and controlled by blacks. That’s the reason and that’s all you need to know about it

Anonymous said...

A mild-mannered accountant friend of mine was in a post office queue somewhere in London the other day when a large African woman pushed in front of him just as it was his turn at the counter.
He politely objected to which she responded with insults and aggression. He tried to explain the concept of queueing to her at which point she became extremely agitated and accused him of ‘racism’.
He gave in and put his head down and she started collecting her money at the counter.
Meanwhile, somebody had summoned the police who, to cut a long story short, ended up arresting him for a racially aggravated public order offence of some sort after which he spent a night in the cells followed by release the next day after a caution.
He is now planning to move away from London.

This sheboon is rewarded for bad behaviour. I presume her outrageous behaviour will get outragier?



Somehow this seems appropriate...


Anonymous said...

Detroit,at least black run Detroit, will never disappoint you,never surprise you.

I know Detroit better than any non-American posting here.I probabably know Detroit better than any American posting here.

The first of my visits was in 1981 and I knew even then that a great city was fucked.I was so excited beforehand:DETROIT!!!

At least twice a year for 20 years I had to return,often more than twice.I would talk to white people during my visits."What the fuck is going on?" would be my constant refrain.
"You know" they would mumble.
"What the fuck is going on?" I would ask next time and so on and so on,until one day I was informed(about 1999):"You can't talk like that anymore.You can't say those things anymore."

So,sorry for rambling,but I told my German bosses "No more,I'm fucked if I'm going back there.No more".

I was in Detroit for the last time 3 years ago.
Savant,you were in the Auto business,post the photographs of the old Detroit,the city built and beautified by Auto money and white Auto men.

Anonymous said...

By the way,the last anonymous was "mr.a"
A few drinks turned too many thin
king about the fate.

Anonymous said...

By the way,the last anonymous was "mr.a"
A few drinks turned too many thin
king about the fate.

aviatrix said...

anon 19:11 that story is just unbelievable. What am I talking about - it's all too believable.

Anonymous said...

You know it's bad when the casino has to close.

Anonymous said...

Detroit: City on the Move

What chokes me up most is the music.

rebel said...

Even the casino's closing. LoL! And now that their less than 800,000 people their tax base loses $250 mill a year. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nos! Who will pay for Shenette's replacements new plasma TV?

Anonymous said...

Blacks. That is the reason Detroit cannot have good things.

Anonymous said...

If I may add to your definition, Savant, Could this be the origin of the word "detritus"?



formal: waste material or rubbish, especially that left after a particular event
The stadium was littered with the detritus of yesterday's rock concert.

specialized: a loose mass of decaying material

(Definition of detritus noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Uncle Nasty

white fang said...

Detroit's Shenette's are all in for a major shock once the money runs out. Plasma TV won't be her main concern. Sit back, put on the coffee, and emjoy!

SAVANT said...

Detritus. Very perceptive UN. Only problem is that the word, which sounds Latin, was there long before Detroit was detroited.

Anonymous said...

Those Romans were forward-looking people, Savant. Was there not a Roman equivalent of the oracle at Delphi?

Something else that may interest you ...

Obama Signs Document That Tells Israel Jerusalem Is Not Your Capital

A quote from the document:-


SUBJECT: Suspension of Limitations Under the Jerusalem Embassy Act

(Obama signed this on June 3, 2011)

– Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 7(a) of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-45) (the “Act”), I hereby determine that it is necessary, in order to protect the national security interests of the United States, to suspend for a period of 6 months the limitations set forth in sections 3(b) and 7(b) of the Act.

My, da nigga is gettin' uppity ... again.
Looks like the israelites are going to have to jerk the leash a few more times, before he bolts clean off the plantation.

Seriously, does Chairman Zero labour under the illusion that he is really running the show?
I think the First Ho has been whispering Lady-Macbeth-like treasons into his little jug ear.

"Yo is better dan dem, Honey. Yo is de Prez!! Now ak like it!!"

Uncle Nasty

Jack Quinn said...

Seldom does the N.Y. Times ever publish meaningful data without its "spin" or is an exception though:

These census charts have been making the rounds on many conservative websites this week.
Notice the dense concentration of blacks in America's deep South. Migration started during the Civil War and continued with the advent of the automobile - manufacturing, that is - and kept increasing during WWI and WWII. America's rustbelt isn't only corroding, it is collapsing into a pile of, well, detritus (thanks, UNc).

It is startling to recall that Detroit was once known as the "Paris of the West".

It is educational to take a trip across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit into Canada's city of Windsor...clean, orderly, safe, productive and White.

I must disagree with the previous poster who complained about the inability to discuss openly the race cause of Detroit's ruin...for the time being the First Amendment still very much takes precedent in the US although you may run into trouble if you express on the job.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Camped out over the weekend in nearby mountains. Still snow on the high peaks, the forests were majestic with lofty pines and the rising smoke of wood fires permeated by sunbeams.
Almost all the campers where of European stock.
Except a group of five young guys who were black, Hispanic and maybe one or two wiggers. Sounded middle-class, but dropping N- and F-bombs to try to sound bad, yo.
The contrast of the urban nigger values with the pristine Nordic paradise around was fucking JARRING.
I patted my hounds as they watched, alertly, for any signs of disruption from the nearby skraelings. Thankfully, there were none and the young coons/coonwannabes quietly packed up in the night. Maybe they thought their Aryan neighbors would have a little hunting party...


Anonymous said...


J Bull said...

JP - here in England, may be the same everywhere, nigs don't cause trouble unless they'got overwhelming numbers. They're cowardly bastards - great for attacking a single white person, but like mice when they're outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

This is nice. Alabama, it would appear has passed legislation that far exceeds the Arizona brouhaha.

Scroll to:-

Move Over, Arizona: This Is Alabama

... and read the details of why the SPLC are soiling their widdle combinations ...

A few endorsements from the left:--

The SPLC is calling the new law, “mean-spirited, racist, unconstitutional, and it is going to be costly,” a ringing endorsement if there ever was one! No one who was born and raised here asked Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich for their opinion.

More opinion leaders have since weighed in on the good news:

“This draconian initiative is so oppressive, even Bull Connor would be impressed,” said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“It is a slap in the face to those who have fought long and hard to move this state forward in the struggle for civil rights,” said Isabel Rubio, executive director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

“It turns Alabama into a police state where anyone could be required to show their citizenship papers,” said Cecillia Wang, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrant Rights Project.

“It is a radical departure from the concepts of fairness and equal treatment under the law,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum. “It makes it a crime, quite literally, to give immigrants a ride without checking their legal status.”

Much wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of raiment.

Music ... sweet music.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Niggers are the same everywhere.
Niggers are niggers, no matter the social environment. The low IQ and child-like behavior sets them apart from the human race.
Alone, they mimic, in groups, they mob. It's just typical negro behavior (tnb).

I long for the day when the enablement is finished. Africa is for niggers, not the West.

Clogheen said...

Sweet home Alabama! Good for them. Let's hope Eric "My People" Holder and the DoJ don't get it 'democratically' overturned.

Derek said...

Noorani,Wang and Rubio. Nice American names there Uncle Nasty.

euroserf said...

The whole of the West is in the process of being detroitised.

Anonymous said...


Even Chinatown?

euroserf said...

Even Chinatown?

A very good question. And of course, the answer to that is no. It's only the stupid guilty whites who succumb to this kind of nonsense. The Mexicans, Asians and Arabs put the run on the blacks. They don't mess about.

aware said...

The decades of "integration" and government giving to some what others work hard for has only increased the numbers and demands of the "underprivileged". The truth is that the decline of America can be traced to the beginning of "integration" and government backed "solutions" to alleged injustices.

What do you think will happen when the "free" food runs out? 47 million depend on the State for that now and the State is broke. Get out of the cities while you can because this powder keg is going to blow. This is just the beginning. If you are counting on the joke of a media to warn you then you will be woefully uninformed and will likely end up in a bag.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is that the decline of America can be traced to the beginning of "integration" and government backed "solutions" to alleged injustices."

Normal society has kept its end of the civil rights bargain. Racist americant's have not.

Everything has been opened up to them and they have been found wanting "mo' hand out white devil" Give Ty'Quail a job in fir depardmen even tho' he be 400 lbs becos of dem delicious nugguts.

Anonymous said...

Would not "Detritus" make an excellent name for 14 year old Shanquelle to give to one of her male spawn?.

Just a thought but maybe its already used.


aviatrix said...

Would not "LaDetritus" be more ebonic?

Anonymous said...


Gotta have an apostrophe as D student O'Bongo laMented.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just to show no bias ... it looks as if the State of Tennessee has gone pretty feral as well.

Policing for profit?

A shocking news report recently documented how Tennessee police were stopping drivers on the interstate and confiscating large amounts of cash, even if the drivers were accused of no crime. The report was particularly shocking because the special unit was operating far outside of its jurisdiction in exchange for giving a cut of the seized cash to the local government in question.

This episode is outrageous enough that any regular American can see the problem. Yet most people who see the report will probably conclude that the government "went too far" in this instance, and some reforms are needed. The real lesson here is that the War on Drugs — just like every other war waged by our politicians — doesn't solve the ostensible problem, and in fact strips away other liberties.

More generally, the report is a perfect vindication of the Rothbardian point that, in a very real sense, government is a gang of thieves writ large. Such a radical viewpoint sounds crazy to most Americans in the abstract, but when they watch the video, it's hard to deny.

I wrote before on the practice of US Law Enforcement agencies stealing money confiscated in warrantless -- and in fact, illegal -- stop and search procedures.

Well go here and watch the video:-

Watch it and weep. This is what America has come to?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the US is in for a long, hot summer as the war heats up.

And, no, I'm not talking about Libya or Yemen or wherever Obama's conflict du jour will be.

I'm talking about places like St. Louis.

Knockout King in St. Louis and a Police State in Atlanta; Summer's Heating Up!

... a glimpse of what the summer of 2011 could be and a hilarious story shows us, despite McDonald’s complete pandering to a 365Black mentality, that people generally fail to exercise incredulity or rational thinking.

We are one police beating or shooting away from massive violence.


St. Louis is a town under siege by Black violence – as many major cities throughout the nation are – and these ‘youth’ participate in a violent game called ‘Knockout King’:

The rules of Knockout King are straightforward, according to Jason and other former players interviewed for this article. A lead attacker is chosen from among a group of boys, usually young adolescents. Next a target is picked out. Then the attacker either charges the unsuspecting victim or motions for his attention.

When the target turns or lifts his head, the attacker strikes. If the victim is felled by the punch, the group usually scatters. But if the target withstands the blow, other members of the group may follow up with their fists to finish the job. "Some people kick, but I ain't used to kick," says Jason. "I just punched."

This will end in tears.


Anonymous said...

Further to my last post, it looks as though you can stick a fork in Tennessee.

It's pretty much done.

What the hell is going on in the Volunteer State?

A new Tennessee law makes it a crime to "transmit or display an image" online that is likely to "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress" to someone who sees it. Violations can get you almost a year in jail time or up to $2500 in fines.

The image doesn't have to represent the supposedly emotionally distressed victim, who could be anyone who happens to see it. Intent to distress doesn't need to be proved.

If you run a website, you might try posting nothing but pictures of kittens and butterflies. But even those might traumatize sufferers of ailurophobia and entomophobia.

Since there is no conceivable imagine (sic) that no one could claim to be distressed by, this law theoretically gives the State of Tennessee power to throw anyone in jail for any image they post on the Internet.

How do people with such open contempt for the concept of liberty get elected to public office?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Aaaaand In this corner we have the next State that seems to have lost its marbles.

Indiana trounces Fourth Amendment

It’s as bad as Kelo, only not as widespread – yet.

Indiana’s Supreme Court just ruled that police can basically enter Hoosier homes without a warrant, without justifiable cause, without – apparently – any regard whatsoever for the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You know, that’s the one where it says Americans have the right to be secure in homes and in their persons. In Indiana, however, that right was just watered down a bit, as three of five justices found police can, in fact, push into a person’s home if the situation warrants – and by warrants, it’s meant that if police feel it to be true. (Not to be confused with warrants, as in the actual issuance of a legal document.)

It’s as horrendous a ruling as Kelo v. the City of New London, which watered the constitutional protections for private property owners and opened the doors for government to take land based on the likes of economic development, rather than public use.

The Indiana case began as an altercation between husband and wife. When police arrived on the scene, the couple went inside and shut the door on the officer who tried to follow. When that didn’t work – when the officer forced his way inside the home – the husband shoved him against a wall. Other officers responded with a stun gun, and the man was arrested.

What followed is a civil rights nightmare, as captured in these words, from Justice Steven David who wrote for the majority: “A right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest.”

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

I quite like L'atrina, A'trocius and Hal'etocius myself.


fistic fury said...

You don't have to be a conspiracy freak to realise that a lot of factors are coming together to keep us (white Christian) under control when the shit hits the fan.

F McCool said...

Re Indiana and the Fourth, in Ireland they're secretly checking the constitutionality of gaining access to personal savings deposits.

Californian said...

Some of us can remember when Detroit was still a city. Well, as went Salisbury and Pretoria ...

I wrote before on the practice of US Law Enforcement agencies stealing money confiscated in warrantless -- and in fact, illegal -- stop and search procedures.

Another point to be considered is how law enforcement abuse of power is contributing to the degenerating situation in the cities. If people do not respect the law, then no amount of arrests will salvage the situation.

How much police effort is wasted in shaking down law abiding citizens via legal rackets such as asset forfeiture, or enforcing petty drug laws, which could be instead used cracking down on violent crime?

One reason for the growth of "no snitch" politics in the (black) inner city is that a lot of people do not see the justice in the drug war. It's one thing to turn in a murder suspect, but a kid smoking marijuana?

The war on drugs had a positive effect for a decade or two in removing a criminal sector of the community, but in the long run it creates contempt for law and order. And when you take too many young men out of the community via prison, you are going to end up with the growth in pathologies such as illegitimacy and gang formation.

You add in all the other government generated pathologies via the welfare state and liberal delusions, and it is no wonder that major American cities are disintegrating.

I wonder what future archeologists will think when they sift through the ruins of Detroit?

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago ... or even five -- one could have called all this a conspiracy.

Hell, even six months ago.

What do you call it when it is no longer hidden, but actually flaunted? Dangled in front of your face?

I regard it as an open challenge.

I call it the governments of the world ripping off the mask and slapping you with the gauntlet, saying basically:-

"Fuck you if you don't like it. What are you going to do about it?"

Am I being oversensitive, here?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


You forgot Hal'Itosis.

Naughty Uncle Nasty.

As regards Detroit archaeologists will conclude that the Paris of the west was detroited by having too many of sub-saharan origins in it?

Yours sincerely,

Ec'Zema ;)

Anonymous said...

How could I have forgotten the apostrophe?.Thats why I'll never be up there with the best,I guess.

My brother in law is currently in Chicago.He's half aware but still basically a DWL.
However,last night I got an email from him: "You may have been right all along.Will talk when we get home".

I can't wait.


Franz said...

The Savant has struck the proverbial mother lode here. Even a dyed in the wool multicultural leftist would immediatly be aware of the significance of sentence: "The youths detroited their city."

There are many, many other words that black misbehaviour has charged with additional meaning and which could used as verbs:

"to jessejack" - extorting money. I.e.: "A 100k I jessejacked from that mofo."

"to shakazulu" - harming others with an edged weapon. I.e.: "Nigga needed getting got. So I shakazulued his ass."

"to barackify" - forging official documents. I.e.: "Them barackified passports sho look like da real thang."

I am certain that people with more poetic incliniations than myself could come up with hundreds of new verb which reflect the increased africanization of the West.

motoboy said...

Californian - you have to "take too many young men out of the community via prison" Even tho you'll get "the growth in pathologies such as illegitimacy and gang formation." You can't let these animals loose.

You hit the nail on the head with "government generated pathologies via the welfare state and liberal delusions"

Franz said...


I forgot to link to this. I have waited so long for the proper occasion to present... "Take him t Detroit!"

P.S. Funny that the youtube algorithm sugests the "Playful Gibbon" as a similar video to the one about Detroit. Technology can be soooo racist.

Anonymous said...


China solved its drug problem. We can't, because that would be racist.

enforcing petty drug laws, which could be instead used cracking down on violent crime?

There's a Jewish term for that kind of thinking that perfectly fits:

"goyishe kopf"

If you don't want to enforce petty drug laws, then you will have more violent crime to crack down on.

Petty drug crime is a proxy.

The petty drug laws have very useful disparate impact.

Decriminalization will make the jungleclass worse, since fewer of the jungleclass will be in jail at any given moment. When they do go to jail, they will go for violence or theft instead of nonviolent crimes. Charges for violent crimes take longer to prosecute and are more expensive to prosecute. The cost to incarcerate the jungleclass at the same rate, to both victims and taxpayers will be much higher -- assuming the latter are willing and able to pay it at all. If we're not, the result will be more unpunished violent crime.

Blacks are not Italians, and your neighborhood dealer is not Al Capone.

One reason for the growth of "no snitch" politics in the (black) inner city is that a lot of people do not see the justice in the drug war.

Of course they don't. The jungleclass does not feel morality as a set of internal constraints. Getting caught means you were stupid, not wrong. You made a "mistake."

By definition, they do not see the justice in anything, and chafe at all constraints.

The war on drugs had a positive effect for a decade or two in removing a criminal sector of the community, but in the long run it creates contempt for law and order.

Criminalization per se of drugs does not. I agree the forfeiture laws have this effect.

And when you take too many young men out of the community via prison, you are going to end up with the growth in pathologies such as illegitimacy and gang formation.

Gang formation happens in the absence of other authority. Gangs have authority by default, because no one, neither whites nor coloreds, constrains them.

Mobbies marry, whether Italian or Irish.

The jungleclass, fed and not constrained, simply reverts to its natural jungle state.

The violent jungleclass is not the violent jungleclass because of the illegality of drugs. The violent jungleclass does drugs because that's what a violent jungleclass does.

Anonymous said...


He JaMarcused his ass.

He put on the equivalent weight of a Labrador by eating them delicious McNuggets. (No wonder there was none left for our heroine)

Everybody knows he is lazy everybody knows he is fat.

Boeing 737s, Navy Blue Angels C-130s are very useful. A lot of the time Albert Haynesworth is useful to the Redskins.

Anonymous said...

Here are some GENUINE ebonic names cropping up just in this one city (I sheet ya'll not! These are names actually given to children at birth):

Cash Monet


white fang said...

Some more:



Franz said...

Here are some amusing names from a list that have copied and pasted before. I don't know if some of these names are made up by cynical Whites/Asians/Hispanics. Maybe. I still find the thought that there COULD be some little negro-childr with such names out there quite entertaining. Here we go:

Iisszzttadda (pronounced: I seize the day
Aaja (pronounced: Asia)
Godzilla Pimp
La,poo (yes, contains comma) Omnipotence
Forniceshia & Porniceshia (twins)

Franz said...

By the way:

I plagiarized the names mentioned in the comment above from another author. That means...

..."I MLKinked the mofo."

Anonymous said...

Teonna Monae. (If traveller girls were forced to have unique names they wouldn't be able to hide behind the fact that they had the same names as their mothers and their aunts thus making shoplifting harder as the summons would be served on the one arrested rather than Mary McDonagh 13 year old covering for Mary McDonagh 50 year old, Mary McDonagh 38 year old, Mary McDonagh 25 year old and Mary McDonagh 25 year old (No relation)).
JaMarcus, (Anyone else notice that the black Raiders called Tracy, Stacy or Dana are relatively normal?)
Imyuneek (Some 40% of black girls in California have an unique name)
Stormy July,

You got people with those names and your city will be detroited.

rebel said...


Anonymous said...

Detroit contains the letters needed to spell Dettori.
One of those words is associated with making a success for yourself and one of them means twinned with Mogadishu.

Anonymous said...

My parents worked at Chrysler back in the better days. Then they got pissed at affirmative action policies that denied them promotions and made them work under hateful, stupid blacks who abused their positions of authority. They quit, packed me up and moved me to a town of 900 White people all the way in TX.

thor said...

I worked in Ford of Europe for many years. The impact of AA became painfully obvious as the years went by. The standard of managers that came over from Dearborn plummetted - blacks and Arabs, most of them.

Anonymous said...

The impact of AA became painfully obvious as the years went by. The standard of managers that came over from Dearborn plummetted

This is why Detroit cannot have competently run auto factories.

Franz said...

@ Thor

To be fair, proper management seems to be elusive for many car manufacturers, not only those with links to Detroit.

For myself, I can say that my 1991 BMW was much more reliable than my 2005 Audi. A sentiment which I have often heard repeated by friends and acquaintances with respect to their own vehicles.

It seems as if manufacturers are trying to mask a lack of reliability by making their cars ever bulkier and heavier. They certainly wouldn't be the first industry using the tried and tested Potemkin-village-methodology.

pi31416 said...

Irish Savant, with all due respect, you stuffed up here:

2: transitive verb: to degrade an advanced society to its previous primitive or natural state

"The city has detroited to a jungle"

The verb here is not transitive, it is intransitive. And if English were Greek we'd say that it is in the middle voice, reflexive, standing for: "The city has detroited itself to a jungle."

Not that it matters much, really.

I do like very much Anonymous's quip that "detritus" derives from "Detroit."

Hey, and what about "destruction" ?

thor said...

Franz,you're correct up to a point. But the basics of car manufacturing and their reliability have improved beyond measure. I'll bet most of your problems came from the electronics. These have become horrendously complex and sometimes self-cancellomg. But it's not really a manufacturing issue, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

How about "We Built this GhettO" (savant passim) as the lead single from

Appetite For Detroition?

Anonymous said...

No Thor,Franz is correct.A 1991 3 0r 5 Series were great cars.Neither of their 2011 equivalents could be described as such.

Yes,modern electronic systems are insanely complicated but they are also part of the manufacturing process just as much as the brakes or transmission(my speciality)or any other part of an automobile.

Interesting though to hear you worked for Ford.I worked for BMW then moved to GM.

Was that the biggest fucking mistake of my life or what?.


thor said...

Mr. A - that sure was a mistake!

RegThe Hedge said...

If you don't mind me asking Mr A, why was it a mistake.

pdf1 said...

Start using this word in various forums, citing the link, and we might get it into the vernacular.

RegThe Hedge said...

I have an excellent story which I'll post in a few weeks. I volunteered to visit a school and explain to them the pros and cons of my work. The people who set up the visit are a Labour government quango that promotes diversity. Obviously I was completely unaware of this. The fucking details of what the bastards wanted me to do are truely shocking.
In a few weekd so Nobody happens along to this blogg and recognises the story.

Anonymous said...

Ebionics is the detroitasion of the English language coming to a city near you. Probably already has arrived.

AmerLamps dem lites be redz mutha'fucka!

At 0:49, is that nigger trying to steal her suitcase?

(i) Yes
(ii) Damn straigh' that is what his kind do
(iii) Hey id jus' paibac for Tawana Brawley
(IV) Karl Marx said property is theft so I is thieving it else it won't exist
(v) I be a world famous sidekick. I be Robin

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Thor!.

Fortunately after much begging,
snivelling and grovelling on my part,BMW took me back.

Anonymous said...

GM = Goverment Motors.

The obama/jewish government took over GM in 09.

Its been "detrioted"

Anonymous said...


Sohud said...

Didn't know that 'Amber Lamps' had become a catch-phrase in the US. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Reg the hedge.
Yes Reg.As you well know,GM Europe is
Opel in Europe,Vauxhall in Britain.

Practically all R and D is done in Germany.Opel make decent cars,sometimes the occasional very good one--the Corsa,the current Astra.

But,no offence to our US posters but the dead hand of Detroit pervaded the organisation.

As Thor said about Ford deadbeat AA
"executives" sent over from Detroit(mind you many of the whites were no better),people with no love of automobiles--and you have to LOVE cars to make a great car,even if you fail most of the time.

Pursuit of excellence was never a factor--I get the same feelings about Korean car makers in that they could be making anything,they just happpen to be making cars.

Anonymous said...

Reg,mr.a again.My last post was too much of a rant:I sounded like Clarkson.

The workforce at Opel is as talented and dedicated as any at any carmaker in the world.But the dead hand of Detroit (and I mean dead) overshadows their best efforts.

Ford Europe does not have the same problem,though far from perfect either.

A typical example,I recall,was trying to explain a technical process to a US black,supposedly qualified in the field,but who was completely out of his depth.Needless to say,he spoke no German and his English was barely comprehensible either.

I'm not exaggerating and perhaps Thor can confirm similar events at Ford.


Anonymous said...

people with no love of automobiles--and you have to LOVE cars to make a great car,even if you fail most of the time.

It was not just John De Lorean's lifestyle that annoyed GM he was there to build cars whereas the other executives were there to play executive games like who got to goon the chairman's plane and messing around over com-pen-sau-shun. (And, gasp, De Lorean talked to the guys on the shop floor. Blue collared workers! )

thor said...

perhaps Thor can confirm similar events at Ford.

Mr A, I certsainly can. Most of the guys from Dearborn (Detroit) were Arabs, but it was abundantly clear that they were out oftheir depth. We were shocked at the low quality. In fact many people saw no future for Ford with such people in such positions.

Anonymous said...

Not knowing the name of the porch monkey in the Epic Beard Man videos I propose that he (and his ilk) be called
Rashad I B Boon perhaps it collapses into Rashadibboon in "honor" of the obnoxious 6' 5" 255lbs scum who punched a 5' 1" 110 lb white woman and got knocked out 1 second after coming in contact with 5' 10" 155lbs Roger Huerta.
If you can make them call Amber Lamps they will think twice about attacking you!

SAVANT said...

I can attest to this kind of farce. When I met a top executive at one of the world's most prestigious IT companies I was dumbfounded to find that he knew less about IT than the woman sweeping the floor. Needless to say he was black.

Anonymous said...


Does that IT companys name happen to start with the letter "S"?


Anonymous said...

Savant you just do not understand the natural rhythm of computers which is why you are a grunt and he is a yes-man keeping threats away from his boss by not being a threat to his job.

This type of thing went on at Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Bears Stearns, RBS, Enron and other places that went belly up by employing people on who you know and not what you know.

I believe it also happened to Ted Turner when Time-Warner sold themselves to AOL for a mess of pottage and Ted lost billions.

I would like to say F*** You Turner U Ridiculous Eejit for inflicting Chicken Noodle News PC garbage, which also infected the Cartoon network, on us.

Anonymous said...

I give you a new term.

Detroit discount. To acquire an item without paying for it whether through normal shoplifting or a consequence of de(t) riot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I give you a new term.

Detroit discount. To acquire an item without paying for it whether through normal shoplifting or a consequence of de(t) riot.

In South Africa it is popularly known as "Affirmative Shopping".

Affirmative Action, I guess I should clarify, is the SA buzzword for having useless token boogs in executive positions. I think it's a British term.

It created a shitload of Black millionaires, of course. among the politically connected, but the tea ladies, the cleaners and the gardeners remained just that.

Uncle nasty

Anonymous said...

Sallad RotsaP

!Oh remroF

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty - I've incorporated Detroit discount into the main post. I love it!

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty - I've incorporated Detroit discount into the main post. I love it!

Savant, much as I would like to take credit ... it was not mine. I stole it in turn from Anonymous of 17 June 2011 12:59

Thanks all the same.


SAVANT said...

mr. a. No does not begin with S - But I know who you have in mind!

white shark said...

anon 16.46: Holy Shit - a 'pastor' burglarizes a parishioner's house.

Anonymous said...

Back to Epic Beard Man.

Meme analysers were able to tell that the man with bi-polar started the whole thing because they knew what happened before the videoing started.

Epic Beard Man is clearly seen walking away from trouble and "immature" 50 year old Michael is seen walking up to him and throwing the first punch.

iyannaw08 is clearly heard gloating that she got his bag.

L33tMonk3ys (5 hours ago)
According to the epic bearded dude, when he got his bag back he was missing his money. Wonder which fucking cretin took it.

Yes, L33tMonk3ys it was all whiteys fault!

Anonymous said...

(Yada yada)

an advert to get the Detroit out of your skin! Go youtube flog this stuff.
I hope it works.

(And what were they implying about me?)

Anonymous said...

Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a detroit of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

Anonymous said...

Lies lies lies.

The word Anasází is Navajo for "Ancient Ones" or "Ancient Enemy".[2] Archaeologists still debate when this distinct culture emerged.

Beginning with the earliest explorations and excavations, researchers postulated that the Ancient Puebloans are ancestors of the modern Pueblo peoples.[2] In general, modern Pueblo people claim these ancient people as their ancestors.

(an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not proved or demonstrated but considered to be either self-evident)

Onto Aztlan. White people made Los Angeles and around habitable by irrigation.

In the valleys irrigation farming was used. (aztec - wikipedia)

So why do I think that the surrounding area of California was never Aztec?

Do not let 85IQed and DWL academics detroit academia!

Anonymous said...

Just caught part of Pawn Stars.
Native "Detroiter" said she was going to go ghetto on employee who turned down her 50 pairs of panties in all different sizes which still had the tags on them. Cannot think why they were turned down.

Anonymous said...

It is all whiteys fault for making Detroit out of delicious chocolate. MMMMM! 30% milk and 30% cocoa which was never available in africa.
Now who in Chocolate City could resist the temptation?

Anonymous said... hosts a lot of chimp outs.

Sound quality awful on Racist store won't accept brotha's $1million bill (and it is not due to ebionics)

Anonymous said...

Another poster gave us this word.

Obamasturbation: The uncritical nonsense written about the Grade D idiot who thinks there are 57 states and that Austrian is its own language.

Hello! Remember when it was a joke told about Dan Quayle to make him look stupid well this pathetic idiot lived the gimmick and believed it.

Anonymous said...

As pointed out race is a social construct wehereas blacks are a society destruct.

Anonymous said...

Police officer Kelly Janeth Mejia went over to the dark side. On her arrest report she is described as white though.

Anonymous said...

hopefully one day we will live in a world where there is no prejudice of any kind. Well done NY!

Read more:

When people oppose gay marriage they are told the Nazis lost in 1945 and other things but when OMG calls for the extermination of blacks it is all right because it was written by a liberal.

Anonymous said...

It is now an open secret
Black people do not have
Chips on their shoulders,

They just have injustice on their backs
And justice on their minds,
And now we know that the road to liberty
Is as long as the road from slavery.

Dem's fredumb fries!

Jah rastaman tryin' 2 turn Birmingham inna Detroit?

Get your ass to Sudan.
Get your ass to Sudan.

Henry IX said...

Black's are usually well-balanced people. They have chips on BOTH shoulders!

Anonymous said...

Barackalypse - Something to do with Detroiting.

For example forcing banks by law to people who could not afford them leads to a barackalypse.

Too many melanin enriched "people" moving into a city is a barackalypse and leads to that city being detroited.

Yeh! and it came to pass that babalon wud not let the blak man weed his city and the barackalypse was visited upon Saint John's, Bristol. Then the police were told to ease off drug dealers and the detroitation was left to a later date.

Anonymous said...,10670/

As we're knocking a few back, Frank goes on one of his tears about affirmative action, and how the blacks are these lazy fucks who don't value education and just want everything handed to them on a silver platter—and he knows what he's talking about, too, since he has a sister who lives by Detroit. Whenever Frank gets on a roll about the blacks, I always say we should write it all down, but we never do. This time, though, he was so on fire, I started scrawling down his rant on a cocktail napkin. Within a few minutes, I had about eight napkins worth of primo bigotry. If I hadn't been so trashed, I might've asked the bartender for one of those paper placemats to keep going.

This was written as satire but he failed didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Mr Connell told jurors. 'It was an attempt by Samantha Burmis to distance herself from her past.'

She had married Rupert Blackwood in June 1992, but when convicted in 1995 she used her maiden name of Virgo.

They divorced and she married Peter Burmis in August 1997.
This is a case about dishonesty,' he said.

Burmis was dismissed from Aylesford School after she tried to report two colleagues for smoking drugs on a school trip.

She claimed she was racially discriminated against and called a 'bloody immigrant' and a 'n*****' by pupils.

(i) Did they not offer to share them?
(ii) Do you believe the pupils said that?

Read more:

Anonymous said...

...police thus far have uncovered no evidence suggesting that race played a part in the attack on Strange.
“This was a robbery,” said Johnson. “People have made an assumption of hate crime because the victim is white and the suspects are African-American. But there is no evidence we have seen that race played a part in this.

South Caroline dunbe shoor fera detroitin' massa Savan'.

Anonymous said...

12:00 530 History Channel

Ancient Apocalypse.

On Egypt's downfall.

Anonymous said...,58379/

That weren't no flash mob as twitter was not used and a brown skinned and a few burqa wearers were attacked.

Byline ANI Diot Moron

This attack has spurred a lot of really ugly talk about blacks targeting whites. Although I guess it’s a reasonable assumption that a white girl would have exclusively white friends, my brown boyfriend is getting increasingly annoyed about how the victims are being automatically classified as white—plus, the mob, in a less-publicized hit at Fairmount and Broad right before us, beat up a group of two women in headscarves and a Latino man whom we met in the hospital later. I am reasonably confident that we were just there.

Piet said...

anon 21.27. Jesus, what a fucking moron! I hope that when her leg heals her 'brown boyfriend' will break it again.

Anonymous said...

Huntsville home of part of the space programme is being detroited and some astronaut talks of his time in space and he saw the Kuwait oil fires burning anfd then goes into a hippy no borders when you looked down on the planet.

I think he will find that the electric lightbuld (invented by Okacha Amadu) which works off electricity (invemted by Nefertiti Diallo)shows which parts of the world are developed and which are not.

(Facts provided courtesy Black History month (which also shares its month with black fictional hero month and I cannot think why))

Anonymous said...

@ Piet

I see she did not get any brain injury in her attack. Lucky her.

Anonymous said...

The people who detroited Detroit are known as americants.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson "The Death of the Swedish People Should Not be Seen as Something Negative"

He wants to detroit the whole planet!

Posted on jj's part from May to show how racist this obnoxious waste of space really is.

Something deluded MSM will not do.

Funny how the "Melting Pot" agenda is being pushed in EVERY white nation on the face of planet earth.

No one says "Japan" needs to become a "Melting Pot".

No one says China, Africa, Mexico, Haiti, or Israel should be deluged with massive random, foreign populations to demonstrate how "moral" they are, or to "enrich" their sorely lacking culture.

1948 Convention for the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide, Article II, Section C

Anonymous said...

Irish Mail on Sunday had a piece on Detroit and its former glories before it was sent to Africa and detroited.

Anonymous said...

From Motown to Ghost town: How the once mighty Detroit is heading down a long, slow road to ruin

Read more:

Spot if he verbed the word here.

Piet said...

Yes, Detroit is getting attention. But I'll bet none of them mention the real cause of the decline. It's all down to, eh, other things.

Anonymous said...


Space aleins and reverse vampires?
I knew it.
There is a massive cover up!

Anonymous said...

savants passim to quote Private Eye.

You couldn't make it up to quote richard Littlejohn.

Anonymous said...

Gadsden County Florida just voted to detroit itself.

"He pledged to reduce black-on-black crime, which he says accounts for 95 percent of reported crime in the county.

"The law should be colorblind, and our jail is full of black men and women," he says. "White crimes are committed here in Gadsden County, but they seem to go unnoticed."

If 95% of the crime is black on black I can see why the jail is full of black men and woman and why the law is colourblind at the same time. Can you?

aviatrix said...

"He pledged to reduce black-on-black crime, which he says accounts for 95 percent of reported crime in the county."

THis guy sounds stupid enough to be a sherrif. Oh wai, he is!

Anonymous said...

Sparta, Georgia
Detroit, Michigan

and now Dallas, Texas is added to the list of cities that "African Architects", as featured here on African Town Planning, want to Africanise.

Anonymous said...

Black Boss: Political Revolution in a Georgia County [Hardcover]

Review 1

I was a small child of the riots that occurred in Sparta. My Father was a deputy and was involved deeply in protecting the town that night. Our home was riddled with bullets. I am white. We had a black babysitter the night this occurred. My family trusted her with our lives. She hid my siblings and I until the riot was under control. She is one of my childhood heroes still today.
Today, I serve proudly in the US Armed Forces and am very proud of my father and the citizens of Sparta. What that town has had to endure over and over is shameful. The town's leaders who gain control do so on a platform of change, but upon entering office, seem to be sucked into the mesh of corruption.
I have not seen a single improvement in my home county in my life time.
Every attempt made to bring about a potential change for better, is shot down by town leaders. I believe that this book was an indication of what was to come.
I challenge the citizens of Hancock to read this book; to learn from the past then to move forward and say no to the cycle of corruption. I further challenge the leaders of the state of Georgia to oversee the growth of one of the poorest counties in America. This is a county worth saving. The children of Sparta have a right to live a life outside poverty and welfare.

Review 2

If you live in Sparta or Hancock County, Georgia this book is a must to understand the history of our county.

You already know we live in the poorest county in the state. This book will tell you why it is so.

Boss Hogg was a villian in TV's The Dukes of Hazzard but the place functioned.

Anonymous said...

Now that Whites are a "minoratah" in CA it is time to chant
Hey Ho Hey Ho
Affirmative action gotta go

(i) Whites are now a minority population
(ii) Majority privilege cannot be afforded with the budget cuts and what not

Bear Republic welcome to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

A tour of Detroit's Ghetto I

Part II

What people don't see is the small spark of life in mid town Detroit and in other areas of the city, young people (particularly artists and creative envisionists) believe in MY city, don't base your seemingly negative views on heresay, or what you read/see in the media. You have to go to detroit to actually base your opnion(?), I don't see it as a dying city, I see it as a city with much potential.

Yes that is the former Paris of the West.

ironman said...

anon 22.53 - I saw the decline of Detroit - saw it being detroited, as it were - from first hand over many years. Black savcages were the cause, and once they see someting in your little oasis that they can rob or destroy, they'll be on to you.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta - You're next!

Anonymous said...

Detroit discounting from Florida

Two women stole several bottles of champagne from a South Florida liquor store by shoving them up their skirt, all totally in view of the surveillance camera.

Neither of them looks to have gone hungry ;0

Anonymous said...

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History moved to 315 East Warren Avenue and beautiful buildings (according to a biased Detroiter) had to be knocked so it could be built.

Apparently it is falling down. Maybe they did not use mortar in keeping with African traditions and the Northern Hemisphere weather is taking it down

Nature b raycis'n'sheeit.

rebel said...

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History??? They could fit that in a freakin fone box!

Anonymous said...

120 000 square feet Rebel.

I am looking at a "modernity sucks" to see if I can find the buildings that had to be demolished to make way for the monstrosity.

Some of the exhibits included the inventions of Michigander Elijah McCoy who is that relevant that wikipedia has no entry on him.

The museum store sells authentic African art and books, as well as other merchandise.

Does anyone buy the stuff or does it get detroit-discounted?

Anonymous said...

Maxine "Ignerant" Waters is saying that Obama must get ready to unleash us.

If she were combined with Sheila Jackson Lee would they have a working brain between them?

Anonymous said...

Racist broadcaster criticises the goodest coollest president eva!

Can we name the guy who is holding up Obama's jobs bill causing this unemployment which threatens to detroit Chicago?

Yes we can

Racist whitey from Nevada


kudzo bob said...

If the broadcaster critices Obongo then by definition he has to be racist.

Anonymous said...

A new spirit is heard in the euphoria for its professional sports teams: The Tigers are in the American League Championship Series, while the Lions are 4-0 for the first time since 1980 — and playing on Monday Night Football for the first time in a decade.

In July, Detroit showed the largest one-year increase in home values of 20 major cities: a 1% uptick, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values. That comes after being down 46% from the city's peak in 2005.

Even Hollywood is taking notice. Four movies featuring metro Detroit locations are in the cineplex or opening soon. Among them: Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, and The Ides of March, starring George Clooney.

1% couldn't that just be an error which 46% is not?

Tony in VA said...

I've been reading a lot about the so-called Detroit renewal. as far as I can see it's only on the sporting front that this is happening, and some gentrification of whites buying property at knock-down prices. Also it seems as if the place literally couldn't get any worse!

Anonymous said...

A Zimbabwean farm

We are silent
We are golden
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

Anonymous said...

Arlene Ackerman former Philadelphia schools supernintendo

GIVEN the outrage that is sure to greet the news that ousted schools chief Arlene Ackerman has filed for unemployment, we're almost afraid to say this, but here it is: We can't help admiring her . . . just a little.

The same way we admire the guy who kills his parents and then begs the court for leniency based on the fact that he's now an orphan.

Since exiting her job in August, Ackerman has confounded her critics and enemies - first by negotiating a buyout worth nearly $1 million after just three years on the job, plus another $86,000 in unused vacation days. Most thought she'd leave town the minute she got that check, but she has stayed local and has started becoming a vocal advocate for school vouchers, a rather jaw-dropping position for the former head of the 13th-largest public-school district in the country.

What also bugs us is the Marie Antoinette-ness of her action;

In the 21st Century Moochelle-Antoinette is the new measure.