Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sweden consumes itself

Each time I doubt that the Swedish Government could surpass themselves, I discover fresh evidence of their invincible incompetence on matters of immigration. Indeed, one might say that they provide the gold standard for divorce from reality -- for organised insanity that rests not on mere inattention to truth or failure to fact-check but on the systematic replacement of reality with a more satisfying world of fantasy.

I refer to their latest plan which will enable illegal immigrants have the right to government-funded healthcare and education, and be able to start their own companies. That's right, I did say ‘illegal’. Which then begs the question, if you can get all the benefits without going through the tiresome immigration process, why not just arrive and settle in? Illegally?

I can just imagine what millions of Turks, Somalis, Afghans and Libyans must now be thinking as they savour this fascinating news. Mind you, according to The Local, even the Government (sic) acknowledges the possibility of some difficulties: “There are still a number of questions to resolve, including the issue of who will pay for illegal immigrants' healthcare or the kind of care and education to which they will be entitled.”

Well now guys, why does that have to be ‘resolved’? I can tell you the answer right now. The (rapidly declining) white proportion of the population will pick up the tab by way of increased taxes. Simple.

And if you need an up-to-the-minute example of how those immigrants behave, check out this video.

And the Government has other ideas too! PM Fredrik Reinfeldt claims that the European Union must attract labour from other parts of the world if it is to function in future. It seems to have escaped his notice that the EU already has over 20 million unemployed. For good measure he added "I am convinced that it will be barely possible to conceive of the EU as a strong global player without Turkey as a member"

At which point a group of men in white coats grabbed him and hustled him away.

The problem is, derived from centuries of honest competent democratic governance, Swedes believe in their government. In fact it could piss down their backs and they’d would blithely accept their airy assurance that it was merely a gentle spring shower.
As I've said before, against such stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this was meant as a move AGAINST the anti-immigration Swedish Democrats! Unbelievable! In my mind this is the best thing for SD's!

Bemused stare said...

So if a white South African pulls a lark over there, how fast do you reckon he'll be deported?

Anonymous said...

True story.

Some years ago when I settled in Wisconsin and made application to become a naturalized American citizen I was put through the usual process.

First the test: Could I speak and write English? Apparently so. Next, a couple of questions about the 16th president (Lincoln), the Bill of Rights, and was told to show up the following Friday at the Federal Court House to be sworn in as a naturalized citizen.

Wow! The big day came. I was so excited. As we arrived and were seated, prior to the judge coming into the room, a kindly lady (somewhat elderly and sweet,) came by and asked those of us from Sweden to raise our hands.

No-one did.

So, I had to ask her: "Why are you looking for Swedes?"

Well she said, "In all my years as a volunteer for the naturalization of American citizens, have I ever come across a Swede wanting to become an American citizen."

"How come," I asked.

"Apparently the benefits are so good in Sweden that no-one wants to relinquish Swedish citizenship to become an American."

As I said, this is a factual account.

Your mileage may vary.

Simon Q

fed up said...

@Bemused: I think that's fully understood. It's only downtrodden minorities that this injunction applies to.

Dave C said...

Reinfeldt should be administered a bullet to the head to save his country. Nothing like assassination to concentrate minds.

Macaw said...

@Bemused stare
I was thinking along the same lines. I am trying to get out of SA and if this illegal immigration works, that would save a lot of time and effort.

(Un)fortunately, I was brought up to do the correct thing.

So, Sweden, Denmark, and most of the EU is out of the question as is OZ and NZ. The US only want hispanics. S.America is not going to happen. Canada only take Sri Lankans.

Where does that leave me?

Anonymous said...

@8 March 2011 01:03
You would think so, however, Tony Blair, Jack 'Strawvinsky' et al conceived of and saw through a similar plan in the UK back in 2001, they were re-elected twice and Labour party are still polling well, while the BNP aren't.

Jack Quinn said...

@ Macaw

..."Where does that leave me?"

Put an "ez" at the end of your name.

essex-boy said...

anon 14.19. This is of course true, and it doesn't seem to be changing much. But dont forget the unending barrage of propaganda that Strawinsky and his ilk have going for them.

beppo said...

This is a perfectly reasonable and practical policy as long as it is taken for granted that there are no inherited intellectual or temperamental differences between the major racial groups-a belief that no sane person would for a second have entertained before the second world war.
However, the Flynn effect indicates that I.Q. is increasing 3% per decade which may explain the latter.
On the other hand, the most highly rated people in I.Q. tests,Ashkenaz Jews, do not share this opinion if one is to go by Israeli policy on immigration.
A conundrum indeed.

Bemused stare said...

Many ways to skin a cat or kill a rat, Macaw.

Start off by realizing you will score no points with beasts by doing what is "decent."

If memory serves you are the IT guy from CT that came up to Joey's for work. If that is correct, then look further afield and start the long process we are almost completing right now.

Every minute you delay is a minute longer you are stuck. If my sometimes foggy memory has it right I will even get hold of my mate who can point you in the right direction.

And again, quit with the "being decent" thing. The murder monkeys in Lombardy East will show scant appreciation for it.

Stay well.

Anonymous said...

“We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

Jens Orback, Sweden’s Minister of Dumbocracy.

I have a better idea Jens, why don't real Swedish menfolk just send you off to Iraq where you can immediately enjoy the benefits you unhesitatingly impress upon your own people? Hmm?


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts, I.S. Funny, cutting and to the point! As for Sweden, I pity the poor Swedes who know the truth but are forbidden to speak it, lest they get arrested.

Anonymous said...

Macaw, it could leave you dead. Swallow your pride and get out of there - with your family if you can.

Odin said...

Speaking as a Swedish based ex-pat, I can tell you that they ex-pats are more reacting to this than native Swedes.

Go figure.

Franz said...

Swedish PM Reinfeldt is doing right by his fellow homies. Although he doesn't look it, he is a direct decendant of John Hood, an African American circus jester.


Why would this bleached Obama not further the genocide against whites? Why would anybody be surprised by the fact that he does?

The Savant makes a great argument that the Swedes have been "spoiled" by good governments in the past and thus can't bring themselves to distrust even an openly alien and hostile government.

Sadly, the reverse is true as well: In Germany we had some of the most deranged, homicidal and plain incompetent governments (plural, not just the one) imaginable. Yet, people still cling to to the superstition of the well-meaning, all-knowing and always caring god called government.

I fear that only the bankrupcy of the nanny state/god may cure the people of their ill advised religious fervour for all things bureaucratic. When the food stamps start to bounce, all bets are off!

robert said...

Think illegals can't do that here? All they have to do to get all those privileges is get someone pregnant.

Rohan Swee said...

For good measure he added "I am convinced that it will be barely possible to conceive of the EU as a strong global player without Turkey as a member"

Why stop with Turkey? A "strong global player" has to compete with India and China! You're going to need all of North Africa. And Nigeria. And Iran. I'd recommend to you my own cunning plan for making my own country more competitive (kill all the natives and replace them with more cost-effective Chinese and Indians), but being the patriot that I am, I'm reserving that genius advice. And remember, never, never let anyone sidetrack the march of economic progress by asking to what end is "being a strong global player" supposed to be the means.

Rohan Swee said...

The problem is, derived from centuries of honest competent democratic governance, Swedes believe in their government.

And that is why it is dangerous for even an honest, ethical people, imbued with a strong culture of productive work that prevents them from becoming lazy and stupid, to construct for themselves, and successfully maintain, a cradle-to-grave economic-security state. (At least, in a world mostly populated by non-Swedes). In the end, they go insane.

Clogheen said...

Think illegals can't do that here? All they have to do to get all those privileges is get someone pregnant.

Fucking brilliant! That's allwe need now. The more I see, the more I think we should leave the EU.

Anonymous said...

agreed ,

it's time to give the EU the finger , deport all non whites , east eu , and non eu citizens . tell the ECb/IMf to go and fuck itself .

Ireland for the Irish .

Anonymous said...

"Ireland for the Irish"

Agreed but its highly unlikely. The English have been saying that for decades and look at it today - its big cities are shitholes for the most part thanks to treacherous whigger trash which 'voted' for.

Only the IRA can save Ireland by changing their targets and their tactics

Corkonian said...

I agree with 9.43. The damage is done. If we turf out the EU/IMF we just won't have any money to keep going. Blowing things up wont get us anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The Swedes ain't the only one digging themselves a hole ...

Let us repair to what was a delightful little Italian island -- about a month ago. It's gone downhill a bit since then.

"Bear in mind that all of these migrants are being packed into refugee centers that were designed to hold only a fraction of their current population. The Tunisian arrivals have shown a propensity for getting drunk and making trouble, to the extent that the Lampedusan authorities banned the sale of alcohol to non-citizens.

Despite its moralizing and high-handed regulations about how immigrants must be treated, the EU seems unwilling to address the problem in any serious or systematic fashion. The French have explicitly instructed Italy not to allow any of the refugees to migrate across the border into France, and insist that the Italians must accept the return of any aliens who do manage to get through.

Link here:- http://tiny.cc/8o9bl

I'd put the name "Lampedusa" in my diary. You're going to be hearing more about it in the future.

Notice the sand-nigger thinking above ... "getting drunk and making trouble." Any first-worlder or YT in this situation would be gratful as hell for the respite and reprieve, but the ragheads?

"... getting drunk and making trouble."

Solution? Easy as hell. Tattoo a unique barcode on the forehead of each and every one, pack them into a Herc and fly them back home. Bill the future Tunisian govt. for the fuel.
First time you drop them off, you do them the courtesy of landing.

If the barcodes reappear, you repatriate them again.

This time no courtesy.

I think it was the Pointer Sisters? Back in the eighties?

Uncle Nasty

kulak said...


Put an "ez" at the end of your name.

It's too late for that.

The PTB have discovered that too many of the wrong people are benefiting from anti-white policies.

Spaniards, according to ZOG, will no longer be "Hispanic."

Which might sound strange to geography-impaired Americans.

kulak said...


However, the Flynn effect indicates that I.Q. is increasing 3% per decade which may explain the latter.

Actually, that effect has gone into reverse.

...which really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Dan Dare said...

Oh no

SAVANT said...

Dan Dare: I've said this many times - the European Court of 'Human Roghts' is the biggest plague on humanity. Many of the evils attributed to the EU are in fact more correctly directed at the ECHR. This latest ruling will directly undermine a national referendum held in Ireland a few years back. Remind me to elect a new people.

Anonymous said...

These decisions by "government" lackeys are made because they know what they are doing. To say they do it because they are clueless is disingenuous, or pure ignorance.

Just like in ALL other Caucasian managed countries, this is happening (not out of cluelessness)to atomize whites and make them powerless. And it works so damn well. Whites are for the most part well intentioned and, as a result, can be considered stupid as can be.

Who wants to do this to Caucasians? Watch David Duke, and in the background of all these anti-Caucasian decisions lies a snake. Every time.

That the majority of posters on this site don't mention this, and act as though these laws (such as this one where illegals can function normally in a white run society)are conceived in ignorance, is very, very strange.

Apparently many people here seem to be intelligent, then I ask myself, why are they so blind. And if you're blind, you will forever and ever be lead, as you are now.

a Swedish friend of this blog said...

Shows how far these people are divorced from reality as you say. They believe that this will WEAKEN the Swedish Democrats (SD's)!! How dumb can you get.

Rob said...

@Dan Dare and Savant
The ECHR is definitely a plague. Nobody seems to know much about it or its workings. Most people probably think it's part of the EU, even though it's entirely separate. However, I think that if it didn't exist, the EU would have concocted its own "court" of "human rights" and we'd be forced to drink the same poison with a different label on it. The only way any Westen country can get out of the predicament it's in is to withdraw from all these international organisations - the EU, UN, Council of Europe (which is responsibe for the ECHR), etc. They are all dedicated to our destruction.

Kiwiguy said...

Maybe Reinfeldt is actually a Swedish Democrat plant. He realises that people will only snap out of their foolishness if confronted with completely outrageous and destructive policies that they can't just shrug it off.

Anonymous said...

11 year old Hispanic girl raped by "at least 18" golliwogs in small Texas town. "Racial tension..."


You think? It's not only whites that these black savages are attacking. They are a bloody menace to every civilized person.

Treat yourself to pictures of these baboons. Subhumans!

Simon Q

heraclitus said...

Kiwiguy - one would have to wonder about this guy. It seems so incredibly dumb that, welll, only a libtard would do it!

Anonymous said...

Here we have a Texan who knows how to handle the ragheads ...

Go here:-


Scroll down to:- "Video: A Texan's Way Of Handling An Insulting Muslim Neighbor.

And enjoy. I did.

Now all America needs is a million or two like-minded people.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Simon Q 00:44 unfortunately the MSM main section does not have someone as courageous and honourable as Selena Roberts to highlight this case which really did happen. compare that to a case which she valiantly highlighted that did NOT take place and imagine what she could have done!

beppo said...

Something very sinister is certainly entering into the
zeitgeist in Sweden lately.It is hard to credit this but it is a fact: A man,or I suppose anybody, who looks too well-built can be taken into custody and required to be tested for excess testosterone (indicating steroid usage)- it happened recently to a competitor from America entering a bodybuilding show there.
It is important to note that this is not testing by the sporting authorities at an event. It can and does happen to a person walking down the street.
Such a state of affairs was recently justified by a government minister by the need to protect the youth from bad example.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Texan farmer shows the way. It's a battle, make no doubt on that.

Hector said...

@beppo. THis almost defies belief. are you sure this is correct? Sweden seems to be an incredible conract between complete lawlessness and now this kind of thing.

beppo said...

Fuller details on these matters can be found at Elitefitness.com on the forums and under the heading:Bodybuilder arrested in Sweden for being a big guy.
9th Dec 2010.

Robert said...

Officials from the UNHCR confirmed that sub-Saharan Africans are being singled out for exclusion from the border, and kept in dangerous conditions in the no-man’s-land between Libya and Tunisia. A few hundred Malians were allowed through over the weekend, but no black faces were visible Tuesday among the more than 10,000 people who did get through. “They call out country by country—Bangladesh, Egypt, China—but they don’t call out any African country,” said a Ghanaian. “They tell us they do not want any blacks to come in here.”

Anonymous said...

Something to consider.

Like it or not, the only entity that has kept the shipping lanes open for trade and travel over the last seventy years has been the US navy.

You may be interested to know that the US navy now has fewer fighting vessels that it did before World War One.


Uncle Nasty

fistic fury said...

Robert: Your comment is amazing and I'm a bit confused. I thought that only whites were racist??

Explain please!

Anonymous said...

Why can't the US Navy close down the Somali pirates then? Savages with machine guns in motorboats, yet their running rings around us ???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Why can't the US Navy close down the Somali pirates then? Savages with machine guns in motorboats, yet their running rings around us ???"

It's not the physical capacity, it's the political will -- or lack of.

Simply inform the Somali pavement monkeys that the next time any of them take one of your people hostage, you'll flatten half of Mogadishu with a fuel air bomb.

Give them ten hours to deliver the hostage unharmed and licking an ice-cream or you'll flatten the other half.

Rinse, repeat, in ever-widening circles.

It'll work ... I guarantee it.

Uncle Nasty

Whatever happens/
we have got/
the Maxim gun/
and they have not."

Kipling (I think)

Anonymous said...

Incompetence? You don't still think these things happen by accident, do you?

Anonymous said...

You don't still think these things happen by accident, do you?
Ok, we do know who designed the 'architecture'. But do you think those Swedish government ministers are all in on the same plot?

Anonymous said...

'Ok, we do know who designed the 'architecture'. But do you think those Swedish government ministers are all in on the same plot?'

No, some of them will be exponents of multiculturalism and the global village and believe that 'nobody's illegal'. Some will genuinely be afraid to oppose it due to fear that they will be accused of...gasp...being racist. But I suspect the majority know that if they rock the boat their career could easily end prematurely - thanks to media smears, deselection or whatever, and most politicians these days are in it for the money.

Savant contradicts himself slightly, as he describes them as 'incompetent' whilst in the second paragraph he refers to a 'plan' i.e. contrivance. This whole thing has been contrived, TPTB want as many ethnics in Europe as possible, and Sweden is more PC than most countries, which makes it an excellent entry point.

Anonymous said...

what does TPTB stand for???

Anonymous said...

Sorry, anon. I really shouldn't use these obscure acronyms!

TPTB - The Powers That Be

TPTB are, in my humble opinion, a number of extremely wealthy international banking dynasties, like the Rothschilds.

Robert said...

Aharon March 13, 2011 at 11:11
No, grass huts were probably invented by men.

If left to women we would still be living in trees. Actually, we would be dead from starvation from not being allowed to leave the remaining trees to search the ground for food as the ecology changed.

I’ve wondered about something lately:
1) most domestic violence attacks are female against male to the ratio of 7:1.
2) most children are murdered and abused by their mothers more than any other group ie fathers or strangers.
3) females aggressively and selfishly put themselves ahead of males hogging resources and believing they are entitled to go or be served first.
4) did the male gender evolve to being larger and stronger to defend ourselves from the aggressiveness of the female gender?

Anonymous said...

Everythinh useful invented by the blackman as Black Shitory month has taught us

Anonymous said...

I have been called an anti-semite.

Hell, there are times when even I think that I am being unreasonable.

Then I run into a smug, self-satisfied little weasel like this one --


How Zionists Divide and Conquer

... and my faith is restored. Damn, I like David Duke. The tribe have been trying to take him down for years.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to Savant and all the blog's readers who cherchez la vérité!

Anonymous said...

Top of th' mornin to ya!.

Here's your Saint Patrick's day gift. Living proof of what people can accomplish.


Scroll to:-

Video: Akira Miyagawa's Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and Mambo No.5 Combination

... take 5 minutes and watch.

Now imagine a collection of Haitian niggers pulling this off.

Yeah, right.

Uncle Nasty


11 year old girl gang raped; police and state refuse to pursue matter.

What might the worldwide reaction be were the perps in this case a group of Roman Catholic seminarians, one wonders? The Vatican a smoke blackened ruin, this would surely be the least of it.

In law, persons severally or collectively acting to shield and protect the perpetrators of a crime, and ensuring that the innocent victim of that crime is denied all redress in law, are ipso facto parties to that crime. This was, the last time I looked, the legal position. As such, it makes the Swedish “competent” authorities accessories to a particularly heinous crime.

If we look at a more freely constituted and enlightened jurisdiction, that of the United States, we find enshrined in the Constitution the right of the sovereign people to oppose, by force of arms if need be, their own government if in their judgement this is seen as needful; a provision rooted, I suspect, in the ancient right of posse comitatus.

This right exists in common law.

I say this because whereas I am naturally opposed to violence in all its forms and would never advocate it, nevertheless if Leif The Skullsplitter and Eric Broadaxe and a few of his chums were to come down from the mountain and appear upon the scene, now in the hour of Europe’s desperate need and, under the invocation of posse comitatus, proceed to make a midsummer bonfire of the twenty perps---along with a selection of politicians--- helped on its way with 50 litres of Texaco, down there on the beach, well, I can’t say that I would grieve nights over it. Mind you indeed, it might be the very turning of the tide which is now long overdue.