Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sweden's Grand Guignol horror show

There was a time when Sweden was the best at everything. Certainly it had the world’s best educated students. But no longer. In fact over the last decade its status has plummeted to 19th of 65 countries. In a truly shocking indicator of the decline, one report stated that "one in five students now does not have a basic level in reading”. Yes, this is Sweden we’re talking about.

Oh dear.

A period of formal hand-wringing appears to have been the official response and the situation has been described as “very worrying" no less, by Helén Ängmo, director of the Swedish National Agency for Education. What’s the cause of the spectacular decline? Well, it’s hard to determine from reading the reaction of the Swedish media.

But wait!

Buried at the end of one report I see a comment, in tiny print, which provides a clue.

“For students with foreign backgrounds born in Sweden, 30 percent failed to meet basic reading levels. In terms of students of foreign origin who were born abroad, the figure was 48 percent, compared with Swedish students, at 14 percent. Although a lot of the differences can be explained by socio-economic backgrounds."

Well of course!

The same Helén Ängmo who found the results very worrying also found them "very surprising".

Well of course – again!

I mean, who could have guessed that flooding the country with waves of violent, illiterate, dehumanised, interbred one dimensional simpletons wasn’t a winning educational strategy?

Not me, that’s for sure

I also note that “Swedish” footballer Dulee Johnson has been cleared of rape charges, the court ruling that the evidence was ‘insufficient to convict’. I always believed him innocent. I mean, could you imagine a Liberian raping a white girl? Having said that, Dulee has form. He was convicted of drink driving on several occasions, as well as assaulting his then-girlfriend in 2005, receiving a sentence of 60 days community service.

In view of this record and the recent charges the Swedish authorities ordered him deported back to Liberia. Sorry, I got that wrong. In fact they’ve just given him full Swedish citizenship!

The Grand Guignol horror show that is Sweden’s self-destruction rolls on.


kulak said...

60 days community service

I'm drawing a blank. Help me out here.

Anonymous said...

Look, you lot have been seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses.

Ever since I could remember, Mr.Plod had trouble with the darkies of Toytown, ie: the bloody golliwogs. Besides being light fingered, they were also known to be illerate.

No surprises here.


Anonymous said...

And the Swedes used to take real pride in their education system. Dropping to 19th will hurt I can tell you.

beppo said...

Repeated drink-driving convictions invariably lead to prison sentences in the first world...a case, perhaps, of affirmative action.

Glad to see it- makes me feel better about being white.

beppo said...

Repeated drink-driving convictions invariably lead to prison sentences in the first world...a case, perhaps, of affirmative action.

Glad to see it- makes me feel better about being white.

Kevin R. said...

The Irish horror show continues as well. We've dropped from 5th to 17 - a bigger drop than Sweden.

But here's one reason to be a little bit cheerful. Today's Irish Times, incredibly, laid it on the line: Huge increase in the number of immigrants.

Imagine that. The PC bible tell telling it as it is. People must be getting worried.

Anonymous said...

People get the governments they deserve. That includes the United Kingdom, and our decline is equally apparent - though I believe Northern Ireland, which has maintained the eleven-plus and has not suffered as much in terms of mass-immigration, has done better.

Anonymous said...

The World education ranking also made the front page of the British Daily Mail newspaper.

Quote: Although spending has risen from £35.8 billion to £71 billion, the UK slipped from eight to 28th in maths and from seventh to 25th in reading and from forth to 16th in science.

This catastrophic decline in educational standards must have occurred just after those record breaking G.C.S.E and A level results last summer in which almost every student got at least an A.

I guess dumbing down exams can only conceal so much.

kulak said...

horror show

The REAL White Guilt

by kulak

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pdf1 said...

kulak - have you been on the white powder again? What ARE you on about man?

Anonymous said...

@ Unrepentant British Nationalist.

Unfortunately our education minster Ms Ruane of Sinn Fien has decided on an educational system along collective lines.

She seems to have been more than impressed by the educational basket case that was left by the Labour government.

Rob said...

"A lot of the differences can be explained by differing socio-economic backgrounds."

We'll be hearing a lot of that dog-chasing-its-tail reasoning in Ireland in the years to come.

If your IQ is 80, then then the odds are your parents' IQ is the same, so your "socio-economic background" probably won't involve being taught to read at the age of four by your two loving biological parents.

kulak said...

What can I say pdf?

Those who have ears to hear will hear. ;)

henry IX said...

There's no doubt that what the Arab said was true. If they rsiked facing half a dozen husky boers they'd not even think about it.

Anonymous said...

Happening in Ireland now too.

Krokodil said...

Please Kulak, spell it out for us less intelligent types (and those hard of hearing). This is a blog, not a poetry or philosiphy class.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Yeah kulak - do enlighten us lesser mortals. Cheers.

kulak said...

Krok, if you don't get it, don't worry about it. But it's got nothing to do with being smart.

kulak said...

Well I'll say this much more.

What I have with my father is not a covenant.

What I have with my son is not a covenant.

What we have is LOYALTY.

And that is where OUR guy was coming from.

Anonymous said...

The headline today in the San Francisco,Calif.Chronicle announced the high school drop out rate for "african-american" students is 37%,for "latinos" 27%.Of course this is all accompanied by hand-wringing and lamenting that this population is not being "served"Christ,maybe they are just stupid and not interested in learning.

Steve K. said...

anon 8.53. THis is typical cognitive dissonance. Every one can see what the problem is but can not make the mental connection.

kulak said...

Letter from Sweden

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the link kulak. I think the other comments are worth reading as well. Definitely things are improving but the problem now is demographics. sweden is already more than 10% cultural enricher and they breed like rats, especially the problem ones, Muslims and Africans.

Still, we take any good news we can get.

Kevin said...

This letter from Sweden is fascinating and grounds for hope. Also worth reading the additional comments from the original writer.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the supplied link which is complex but fascinating.

One thing I did get from it was the propensity of the left (in the Scandinavian countries, anyway) to successfully fragment -- and thereby weaken -- their opposition.

Very difficult to tell the players without a scorecard.

A good link is:-

Go to:-

"Why don't we have politicians like this?"

and an interesting snippet therefrom:-

"Political correctness is not a fashion or fad. It is a deliberate construct designed to stifle debate. It amounts quite simply to smearing all who venture an opinion outside left-liberal parameters. It has turned "Tory", "Conservative","right-wing", "free enterprise", "entrepreneur", "banker", "businessman" and even "libertarian" into terms of abuse."

We have quite a battle in front of us. If we choose to play by their rules, of course.


Uncle Nasty

bringbeer said...


Anonymous said...

bringbeer said...


You're absolutely right, Bringbeer, I have unashamedly stolen it and it goes into my folder on how to rebut the lefty weirdoes.

Further on the subject, I recommend this link:-

And the following article, which proves that if you lie down with dogs, you shall get up with fleas ...

"Sweden's reward for pandering to Muslims

Suspected suicide bomb in central Stockholm injures two and panics shoppers

A suspected terrorist blew himself up in an apparent suicide bomb attack in central Stockholm which left two injured and caused panic among Christmas shoppers. Two explosions rocked the busy shopping street of Drottninggatan among the afternoon crowds ..."


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

The J-man was over there recommended that they throw open their borders so that they can be jessejacksoned and nobody said anything.

SAVANT said...

"nobody said anything" They jumped up and down like marionettes in adulation.