Tuesday, 28 December 2010

American Idle

Here’s another for my ever-growing ‘You couldn’t make this up’ file.

On June 26, 1997, teacher Roland Pierre, then 62, was arrested on felony sex-abuse charges after he allegedly called one of his students into an empty classroom, closed the door and molested her. Officials would not explain what happened since, but sources said the criminal charges were apparently dismissed, and a DOE disciplinary case was "dropped on a technicality."

Dat be racis’, I imagine.
Pierre was suspended from teaching but has continued since 1997 to receive full pay and fringe benefits, including health, pension and vacation. At his age, he can collect Social Security as well as his full salary, so his annual income may be close to $125,000 And, the clincher, as the DOE has no required retirement age, he can continue like this for the rest of his life!

Did I mention that NY is virtually bankrupt?


Anonymous said...

Can't make it up. What a *ucked up country.

Patrick said...

I thought this kind of thing happened only in Ireland?

Anonymous said...

"Laughing all the way to the bank", as they say.

...and look at his front entrance! If I wasn't forced to pay all those taxes on my hard-EARNED salary, perhaps I could afford to have, as nice a doorway, as Mr. Lucky.

I wonder, at times, whether it's even worth earning a living when I look at these figures described in the post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

the figures you're alluding to in your post ring true for most western countries. I know of no place where a honest man is free to keep the gains of a good day's work. Instead, I know plenty of places where the leeches, moochers and pillagers are just itching to rob anybody foolish enough to put in a maximum effort.

In 2010 I worked a lot less thean I used to, yet my net income after taxes didn't shrink nearly enough to threaten my existence. Expect more people to get wise to what's going on and just stop trying so hard.

No one man is Atlas, yet thousands and millions of us shrugging will be a sight to behold.

Tony in VA said...

What I find particularly amazing is that this happened in Mississippi. God knows what the figures for the the North East must be like.

Kilbarry1 said...

Patrick. The situation in Ireland is somewhat different. The following is an extract from my website www.irishsalem.com that deals with FALSE allegations of child abuse:

Patrick McGlinchey was teaching in a school for mentally handicapped children when one mother accused him of child abuse in March 1997. There was an immediate outbreak of hysteria and practically every male teacher in the school was accused. One pupil accused 17 teachers, another accused 31 and McGlinchey himself was accused by 45 pupils. His solicitor was also accused of child abuse and both were assaulted by "outraged" parents. Mr. McGlinchey was acquitted in November 2002 but still not allowed to teach. He successfully brought a case to the High Court in May 2009 which obliged the school's Board of Management to hold an investigation with a view to allowing him to resume teaching at the school. The inquiry commenced in December 2009 but quickly broke down ..........
38 people made CIVIL claims against Mr. McGlinchey. About half were dismissed in 2000, several more after his acquittal in 2002 and the final ones were struck out by the High Court in January 2010. During the entire period of his ordeal, Bishop Willlie Walsh who is patron of the school and a great suppporter of "victims" of child abuse has said nothing. Presumably Mr. McGlinchey does not qualify as a "victim" in the Bishop's eyes!

In Ireland people accused of child abuse are treated as Guilty even AFTER being proven Innocent! This started with an attack on the Church but now anyone in authority - especially a male - is at risk. And far from "protecting their own", his superiors - like the recently retired Bishop Willie Walsh - will refuse to stand up to the mob.

Anonymous said...

@kilbarry1: I was waiting for you to pop up again. Is there ANY subject that you cant twist so that it becomes associated with 'wronged' pedophile priests.

Anonymous said...


I've tried to source this info, but there seems to be no concrete source. It seems like the whole thing was fabricated.

Happy New year BTW.


Anonymous said...

Wyatt Emmerich/the cleveland current does not appear to exist.


PS: while I am a longstanding follower/fan of your blog and sentiments, please factcheck! Thanks!

SAVANT said...

What's all this about fact-checking the story? I provided a link to the story from the New York Post at the beginning of the post.

Anonymous said...

Not the teacher story - the chart detailing benefits, etc.(Wyatt Emmerich - Clevelandcurrent.com) It's been quoted across the web, but appears to have been fabricated.


SAVANT said...

Ok - point taken. But in fairness you can't go fact-checking to primary sources for everything. I'd need a full-time researcher! Elliot Lake News has questions to answer so. I've removed this part of the post.

Anonymous said...

"Wyatt Emmerich/the cleveland current does not appear to exist.


PS: while I am a longstanding follower/fan of your blog and sentiments, please factcheck! Thanks!"

Then, I might suggest you take your own advice with a "factcheck".

Allow me to introduce you to Wyatt Emmerich, in colour no less!

The Cleveland Current (Mississippi) also exists as a bona fide entity. They may have attached themselves to the original article or, perhaps, was mistakenly given credit for it, but there they are!

Commentary in the former link contain the usual debate over the exact accuracy of figures compiled by Emmerich, but that is to be expected.

Nevertheless, my post remains "as is".


Anonymous said...

That ape at the door, no way.
He took advantage of a young girl?
Niggers are useless.

Anonymous said...

"@kilbarry1: I was waiting for you to pop up again. Is there ANY subject that you cant twist so that it becomes associated with 'wronged' pedophile priests."

Anyone falsely accused is wronged. Do you scribble for Madam's Bigot's Dustbin of Tara Street?

Anonymous said...

@Patrick Ireland acknowledges this existed but the li(e)berals jsut use it as an excuse to kick the RC Church. For example a man who detailed abuse happening at a Church of Ireland run orphanage was called a liar in the "paper" of record because it is only "bad" people who can commit crime and the perpretrators in this case were deemed good.
Another example is some guy who writes to the bigot's dustbin from California who witnessed one thing that did not happen three different ways in three different years. If they were to receive an eye witness account of what a li(e)beral pet got up to woulkd they publish?

Kilbarry1 said...

I think this is what the last anonymous is referring to. It is an extract from my article "The Death of Patsy Flanagan: Blood Libel and the Christian Brothers"

Three versions of boy's death Sunday Independent 19 December 1999

I refer to Mr Bernard O'Connell's reply last week in your letters page to my letter relating to the accidental death of a boy in Artane.

Mr O'Connell stands by his story. Which one? He has now presented the public with no fewer than three different versions of this event. In one version the boy fell 40 feet, brushing past Bernard and almost touching him. In the second version the boy was actually thrown over the banister by a Brother and fell a distance of 120 feet. In this account, Mr O'Connell describes external injuries which are totally at variance with the injuries described by the surgeon in the Mater Hospital and by the pathologist. The third version given by Mr O'Connell states that both the boy and a Brother crashed into Bernard, knocking him down several steps.

He finishes his third account by stating that the event took place in the winter of 1956. In fact, the sad accident occurred on February 18, 1951. The factual account of what happened is contained in the Coroner's Report, the contents of which were outlined in my original letter. The Coroner's Report states clearly that no foul play was suspected and that there was adequate supervision in place at the time of the accident.

The records show that no other boy resident of Artane died in the 1950s.

Br M Reynolds, Christian Brothers Provincialate, Cluain Mhuire, North Circular Road, Dublin 7.

Anonymous said...

Mario Balotelli returns to home he set on fire with fireworks to be mistaken for burglar

Police officers who rushed to the home of footballer Mario Balotelli following reports that his luxurious pad was being ransacked
were amazed to discover that the 'burglar' was the star himself.

Come on Henry Gates is this not the most awful crime evah?