Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blightey celebrates diversity

When Britain was Great its gendarmerie kept itself busy whacking recalcitrant fuzzie-wuzzies, throughout the empire. The one on which the sun never set. The sun has by now of course well and truly set, leading the Brits to head back home to Blightey. Unfortunately, as my tale will illustrate, they’ve allowed the fuzzie-wuzzies to follow them back. In huge numbers.

Ok, I'm probably a bore on this subject, but I'm still staggered at the extent of the damage this has wrought on British society. It was once again underlined as I read the dailies on an otherwise tedious flight to Moscow recently. Crime reporting featured almost wall to wall non-Brits (I don't class a fuzzie-wuzzie who’s wangled a British passport as a Brit). Hardly a white criminal to be seen.

I noted a few of them for you to savour.

A Norwegian girl, Martine Magnusson, goes home from a London nightclub with a wealthy Yemeni and is found raped and murdered next day. The perp, a ‘devout Muslim’ (wouldn’t you guess?) hightailed it back home to Yemen, where he now lives in luxury on his father’s private estate. Surprisingly he declined to return to the UK to ‘help police with their inquiries’.

Turn over a page and we read about Learco Chindamo, who’s been nabbed for another violent crime on the streets of London. You remember Learco, don't you? Why, he was the chap who stabbed to death schoolmaster Philip Lawrence as that academic tried to protect one of his students - a black one, as it happens - from a knife attack. For that Learco was handed down a life sentence back in 1996. ‘Well in that case how the hell is he out on the streets again?’ you might ask.

Well, because he convinced the appeal tribunal, made up of ‘learned judges’ that he’d reformed! And how did the judges know that? Because Learco assured them he’d spend ‘the rest of my life atoning for my crime’. That was good enough for the learned judges who let him loose, at the ripe old age of 30, back onto the streets. Within months he’s been picked up for a violent mugging.

And you know, they could have deported this tulip immediately on his release. Of unfathomable genetic origin, he was spawned in Italy to fuzzie-wuzzie parents, who apparently abandoned him at a young age. And why wasn’t he sent packing back there? Well, the learned judges deemed that this would violate his human right to a family life. So they unleashed him on the British public. With predictable results.

Question for the ‘learned’ judges: Don't you have to be human to merit human rights?

Look, just from one day’s papers alone I could report another half dozen examples of fuzzie-wuzzies running amok in Britain. Like the gang of ‘devout Muslim’ Pakistanis who raped an estimated 100 young girls in the Midlands. Or Laurie Cunningham’s buddy murdering his girlfriend and her two kids. But you get the drift.

Now that we’ve all had our laugh for the day I’ll close with a heart-warming story of love, babies, happy homes and the celebration of diversity. A latter day Waltons, really. The story goes…

Well, let the Daily mail reporter take it up:

“An unemployed benefits claimant whose five children were all taken into care has vowed to continue having babies until she is granted a council house. Lavine Samma, 27, is now pregnant with her sixth child and fully expects the baby to be taken from her by social services at birth, just like the last three infants.

Since 2002, the feckless mother has given birth to three boys and two girls by three different men and doesn’t even know who the father is of one. She does not work and rakes in around £600 a month in benefits. But Miss Samma claimed yesterday that it was her ‘human right as a woman to have children’ and vowed to continue falling pregnant until the local authority moved her from her 16th floor inner-city council flat to a ‘proper council house’.


When the Daily Mail called just before 11am yesterday Miss Samma was just about awake but still in bed. Nevertheless, she quickly warmed to her theme. ‘I’m not a priority for a house because I don’t have children with me, but if I had children in my care I would be. If they keep taking them away from me I will just keep having them. Again and again and again!’

Miss Samma, who lives in a tower block in Newtown, Birmingham, with Jamaican asylum-seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell, lost her first two children—a girl and a boy—in March 2006, when social services were tipped off that she had been neglecting the elder child, then aged three and a half.”

You know, this story says all that needs to be said about Britain today. A useless, feckless parasite, and her sperm donor de jour, feel absolutely entitled to live off the productive (read white) sector of the community. For example Sewell claimed piteously 'The whole system is corrupt. The courts and the council, they are all against us. I know they will try and take this latest baby from us, but that won't stop us having more.'

This from an illegal immigrant who never contributed in any form to society.

Listen, there was a time when I used to take pride in the welfare state. How our society had, for the first time in history, solved the problem of extreme poverty and destitution. I also felt proud that our society had progressed from a crude, primitive form of retributive justice to one which recognised the complexities of criminal and anti-social behaviour.

I now realise these ‘accomplishments’ were in fact the instruments of destruction for society - in the true meaning of that word. They have accommodated, nay, encouraged, the development of a monstrous parasitic and rapidly growing underclass, whose sole objective in life is to live off the work of others. Not just shamelessly, but with a profound sense of entitlement.

And what of England? Poor old Blightey is truly fucked. Sure, Brits can flee to safe and well-organised (read white) areas, but just like everywhere else in the west, these are diminishing daily.

My original lament for the people of this small island nation, that once dominated half the world, can be read here.


nanuk said...

When will this free money madness end. Why do I keep going to work to pay taxes for parasites like these. Are you listening "call me Dave"? Get it sorted.

Anonymous said...

Further to this subject, here's an interesting link:

But here, on the same site, is a link to the list of crimes from the cultural enrichers. The young woman Martine Magnussen is listed on page 30, fourth row from the top.

Total crims listed? 2134 at this writing ... and these I might add, are ALL crimes of extreme violence; rape, assault, murder ... often all three.

No pickpockets or Nigerian con-artists.

Just monsters.

An endless litany of criminality -- and tragedy when one considers the white people these thugs have done away with ...

Roll on the revolution, folks.


Uncle Nasty.

Anonymous said...

"A Norwegian girl, Martine Magnusson, goes home from a London nightclub with a wealthy Yemeni and is found raped and murdered next day. The perp, a ‘devout Muslim’ (wouldn’t you guess?) hightailed it back home to Yemen, where he now lives in luxury on his father’s private estate. Surprisingly he declined to return to the UK to ‘help police with their inquiries’."

Are These Scandinavian kids totally bereft of a survival instinct.

Anonymous said...

Further to a previous post pointing the NG to "I am an Englishman", I notice that Learco Chindamo is mentioned there as well.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

"Big bungle by British spooks:

“MI6 was blamed yesterday for the fiasco that saw a fake Taliban commander paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for his role in secret Afghan peace negotiations. Intelligence officers are said to have believed the man was Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, a key insurgent leader. But now he is thought to have been a mere shopkeeper. The imposter was flown on British military planes to meetings with the Afghan government in the belief that he could help bring peace to the country. He even met Afghan president Hamid Karzai in the presidential palace in the capital Kabul. After two months, he disappeared with a substantial sum of money.”

Original link here:-

This must be the "British Intelligence" we hear so much about ... There's hope for us yet.

Snort. Snort. Snort.

Cheers again,

Uncle Nasty

Rob said...

Yes, Chindamo is something of a mystery meat, isn't he? I can detect several genetic strains in those features, all of which I'd be keen to avoid.
His victim's name was Philip, not Stephen, Lawrence. He was from Dublin, educated at Ampleforth and Cambridge, (MA, 1969). He was trying to protect "a black student called William Njoh" from the attentions of Chindamo when he was killed. He wouldn't be the first, or the last, misguided liberal to come to grief in one of Britain's hell-hole "schools".

cockney rebel said...

"Are These Scandinavian kids totally bereft of a survival instinct.?"

Not really, I guess. Just that their minds have been poisoned.

Anonymous said...

She is shameful, she is gonna keep popping them out just like peas for us the tax payers and the ss to pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

What a brass neck? She proudly holds up pictures of her children that she in effect abandoned.

Anonymous said...

The Oh, Bummers ... the gift that keeps on giving, and, no, I am not making this up.

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his upper lip after taking an errant elbow during a pickup basketball game Friday morning with family and friends visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House said. ..."

Link here:-

And ... anybody want to guess who gave him the split lip?

"The White House did not initially name the person who caused the injury, but identified him later Friday as Rey Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute."

Oh, the irony.

First we had images of the president throwing a baseball like a six-year-old girl; then we were treated to him looking like an absolute nonce on a GIRL's bicycle with one of those stupid little cycling helmets.

All this while Vladimir Putin wrestles bears and roars around in Formula one Ferraris.

And what do we have now? This utter putz tries to play bakketball like a boy from da hood and takes a smack in his koffee-koloured kisser from a fucking wetback, nogal.

I have realised something. The election of Obama may be the best thing that has happened to white right-wingers the world over.

Even the liberal press is beginning to treat the first monkey and his free-spending ho' like Stepin Fetchit -- AND he still has two years to go! Obama could be the first in decades to put the word "nigger" back into polite conversation.

I am actually becoming quite fond of him.


Uncle Nasty

rebelliousvanilla said...

Is it just me or other people don't really feel sorry for girls like that Norwegian idiot?

Savant, why the heck were you proud of the welfare state is beyond me. Having a system that avoids destitution of unfortunate people doesn't mean socialist education and healthcare. It means just that - giving a crappy quality roof and a crappy meal to someone until they can get back on their feet. That's it.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the government clampdown on benefit,s surely this is a classic case forced sterilisation of someone who is bucking the system and freely admits it i think this is the best answer she does not even provide for her existing kids

beppo said...

What sad,piteous expressions...if they were provided with training as actors at the taxpayers' expense it would be money well spent.
Although,if what I have read is correct, actors frequently have to be on set much earlier than 10 a.m.

Robert said...

Whites riot in food court

Henry IX said...

These freaks are living testimony to the value of sterilisation.

rebelliousvanilla said...

Uncle Nasty, ConservativeSwede said in 2008 that any person who cares about returning to sanity should vote for Obama. At first I didn't get it since I was a political simpleton back then, but yes, the election of Obama is the greatest thing in the last 20 years that happened to us. lol

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Octo-Mom here in America.

That deadbeat had 6 (SIX) kids before she had the 8 (EIGHT) making a total of 14 dependents on California's already broken welfare system.

I really wish we could sterilize her. Who's to say she won't breed again?

Anonymous said...

Having visited Northern Ireland a few times, I'm thinking about relocating there. It still has Christian values, the people tend to be more politically aware, and paradoxically because of the divisions within the Unionist community at least (can't speak for the other side) there is a real sense of community.

The only thing is, of course, the violence may flare up again.

Anonymous said...

I reckon we should print this, and have it laminated in plastic to hand out to liberals and politicians.


Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

Rebellious - I don't think it requires a great deal of explaining to say I approved of the elimination of gridning poverty, a more equal society generally, the chance of a fair hearing for everyone irrespective of one's ability to hire a good lawyer and the making of allowances for extenuating circumstances.

Remember there was a time when insanity wouldn't save you from the rope!

The problem was that 'progress' didn't stop with these achievements, rather was taken to the lunatic dimensions we see today.

It's easy for someone of your age to look back with 20:20 vision, but it wasn't always so clear that these positive developments would metastasise into what we have now.

Anonymous said...

Attitudes are hardening, however, as the economy lurches from crisis to crisis. Soon we will have no choice but to cut off the welfare and dump the parasites in favelas and shanty-towns...which their kind enjoy in Africa and South America.


Anonymous said...

Robert said...

Whites riot in food court

This is wonderful. It points out the difference between us and them. They throw chairs, tables, food and stolen auto parts at one another.

We get the Hallelujah Chorus.

Thank you, Robert. Brilliant post.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Here we have an image that is going to become very familiar:

Do I detect signs of panic from the US govt.?

Cheers, and watch yourself, Savant.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

"Having visited Northern Ireland a few times, I'm thinking about relocating there. It still has Christian values, the people tend to be more politically aware, and paradoxically because of the divisions within the Unionist community at least (can't speak for the other side) there is a real sense of community."??????????
You must have a visited a different Northern Ireland to the one I know.

rebelliousvanilla said...

And I don't see why insanity should save you from the rope. And I hardly recall grinding poverty in the West. If we are to make grinding poverty a bad thing, let's start where people are actually poor - in Africa.

Equality sucks to begin with. And I say this without being a rich person.

Dave C said...

What's your opinion of the evolving phenomenon of the English Defence League, Savant?

B Boru said...

re Northern Ireland, I think it's correct so say there are TWO closely knit, and mutually antagonistic, communities. In fact this pretty much proves that multi-culti doesn't work.

B Boru said...

From Uncle Nasty - that link

Just shows how incredibly high the proportion of black and Asian criminals are. How cant people see it?

SAVANT said...

I welcome any fightback. The English Defence League is doing that and I commend them for it.

But just as the BNP lay themselves open to charges of enti-semitism (and hence beyond the pale) the EDL can also be marginalised as a gang of thugs.

However, when your democratic access is si constrained there might be no alternative other than thuggish behavoiour if they're going to make any impression.

Krokodil said...

@Uncle Nasty - thanx for the links (especially the iamaneglishman); both informative and mirrors a lot of what I think.

@Robert, good link to the hallelujah chorus thingy - really enjoyed it.

Violent crime against anyone, whether interacial or not, is bad news and I condemn it all. It is blatantly noticeable, however, how only white-on-darkie crime is considered the stuff of hand-wringing anguish and MSM lament. The FACT that the opposite is far more true is either ignored (mostly) or explained away as the result of horrid white racists forcing the perpetrators into the acts committed!

The MSM usually don't specifically lie (though not entirely) but, more to the point, they indulge in telling half-truths and reporting only what they feel like reporting and, therefore, are essentially deceitful and duplicitous. Or maybe I should just say LIARS.

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty - re your link, maybe the US Govt. is getting nervous. But you can see that this could be the thin edge of the wedge. For what it matters, I can't see how this can be legal.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

For what it matters, I can't see how this can be legal.

I can think of very, very few instances where the matter of legality or legitimacy has ever stopped a corrupt government (as Mark Twain once said:- "But I repeat myself").

Right now, America is being ruled by an avowed socialist half-Kenyan muslim with links to the Weather Underground and who (illegally) refuses to produce proof of U.S. citizenship and has had his whole personal history sealed.

Mention the possibility even five years ago, and you would have been laughed out of the room.

Getting worried now,

Uncle Nasty

kulak said...

Where's Baron Bomburst when you need him?

kulak said...

President Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his upper lip

A great inconvenience for the teleprompter.

kulak said...

Is it just me or other people don't really feel sorry for girls like that Norwegian idiot?

Let's make out in the theater while Schindler's List is playing, like in Seinfeld.

kulak said...

Listen, there was a time when I used to take pride in the welfare state. How our society had, for the first time in history, solved the problem of extreme poverty and destitution. I also felt proud that our society had progressed from a crude, primitive form of retributive justice to one which recognised the complexities of criminal and anti-social behaviour.

I now realise these ‘accomplishments’ were in fact the instruments of destruction for society

It's not as bad as all that Savant.

It just doesn't work when you add darkies.

kulak said...

The English Defence League is doing that and I commend them for it.

I don't. I once might have.

If you're not a racist, you're anti-white. This is my lodestone, and it has never failed me. Not once.

Same for the tea partiers.

It's kinda like what Morpheus said: These are the people we're trying to save, but until we do they are the enemy.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the EDL is in fact very racist but they have to hide it according to the dictates of Newspeak. Else Big Brother will be after them like happened with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Kulak says:-

"If you're not a racist, you're anti-white. This is my lodestone, and it has never failed me. Not once."

And here you have one of the reasons why I insist on freaking out people by calling a spade a spade ... or a kaffir, or a nigger.

(1). It sends lefties into raptures of tooth-grinding fury. Always a good call. Rather them than me.

(2). It reminds me of who and what I am.

(3) And finally, It completely destroys the politically correct.
Their greatest weapon is the hissing of the word "Racisssst".
The best response is:- "Of course I am. What's it to you?"

Depending on your mood at the time, the additional: "Fuck you if you don't like it." -- is always an option.


Uncle Nasty

"We do not look down on kikes, niggers, wops, or greasers. Here, you are all equally worthless."
Gunnery Sargeant Hartman.

"All fucking niggers must fucking hang."
Animal Mother.

"How can you shoot women ... and children?"
Private Joker.

"Easy ... you just don't lead 'em so much. Ain't war hell?"
Door Gunner.

Anonymous said...

I often drop in at SouthAfricaSucks but seldom comment.

However I recommend Mike Smith's always worthwhile comments. Scroll down to:- "The Diogenes of our Age"

It's a good, informative read. An interesting snippet:-

"There is only one way to defeat terrorists and that is to take the fight to their doorstep. You have to terrorize the terrorists. Visit them in their remotest hide outs and wipe them out. Defeat them at their own game that THEY chose."


Uncle Nasty

RegThe Hedge said...

I live in Northern Ireland (Belfast).
In the last two years the amount of non whites has exploded. Westminister has decided that we must accept our share of savages now that we aren't killing each other.

On top of the uninvited guests we have had an expolsion (excuse the pun) of Indians being funnelled in to work for the multinationals that have decided to set up here.

These multinationals don't give a shit about NI or the people here they want to take advantage of the massive grants the NI investment board grants them.

I work in a large multinational in Belfast. I can't remember the last time I saw a local persons CV. All we get is Indians who have lost their job in the UK and who have permission to work here. They apply enmass already at least 50% of the people working in my company are Indian.

So any thoughts of coming here to escape can be forgotten because we are just slower in swamped, that's all.

The only thing that is going to save us is some rich benefactors. I'm working on that right now, I suggest the people who post here start to do the same. Protesting on the streets is not going to do it. Voting for the BNP is not going to do it. The nazis is power will ensure they won't be stopped by normal means. They only way to kick their teeth in is to do it with money.
So get weaving. If you don't you only have yourselves to blame.

Louis IX said...

"If you're not a racist, you're anti-white"

Yes, honestly we are back to the basics and if we want to save our race, starting from our families, they is no turn around. It's not about politics anymore, just about race.
We live in an extremely racist, extremely toxic anti-white environnment and I am appaled to see that so many white men still don't get it.
They are two kinds of them, first, the american men over 60. Those still think in terms of slogans learned in post WWII: too much government is baaad, old fashion entrepeneurship and hard work pays off and since freedom is not free, lets invade the socialist countries that are the cause of our problems. Of course, they are good christians so they don't like muzz too much but they believe the american dream should be available to all and for muslims in america as well.
We could argue that each of these beliefs are now completely irrelevant and counterproductive, including being a good christian, but at least these old timers are honest, plus, they've done their part, the world 2010 is not their bussiness anymore but ours.
The second kind is the one I have the most trouble with. They are 30-50 old and can be divided furher in two subgroups. First, the richs, usually they are 100% individualistic oriented. They can show a despicable indifference to their poorest white middle class brotherhood. They think that if they are rich and smart, they should enjoy selfishly to the fullest. They are white but they feel alien too me. Is that because they don't always have 16 honest quaters? and no, 1/16 indian blood doesn't twist you mind like that, it must be something else than just a cherokee grandmother. The other subgroup is the bulk of 30-50 male class, it's the poor or middle class non-racist white. Those stick to politically correct post-68 liberalism and they hammer their liberalist mantras like it was a bible. They still don't get it, for now, but they are the most likely to rejoin later if the situation blows in their faces.
Maybe blogs like this one will help them to make the jump.

rebelliousvanilla said...

From what I heard from people in the EDL, they're not racist. Sadly. I'm being fed up with anti-racist people. I'm really amazed by what a huge influence Marxism and left leaning thought has.

kulak, I agree with that Morpheus thing. Leftist like thinking people are our enemy. I actually don't feel threatened by the nonwhites in Europe at all. If we acted properly, we could expell them easily. Both Africans and Muslims suck at war. The problem are the leftist people in our ranks. And believe me, they are our enemy, not nonwhites.

Oh, and socialism doesn't work even without darkies.

Californian said...

I also felt proud that our society had progressed from a crude, primitive form of retributive justice to one which recognised the complexities of criminal and anti-social behaviour. .

The USA came to the conclusion a couple decades ago that a progressive approach to crime wasn't going to work against crime, given the situation, and started going over to heavy-handed "wars" on gangs and drugs and what not. Crime has been beaten down in America in recent years, and there is some relative security, but there has also been a tremendous loss in civil liberties, as well as a lot of innocent people being railroaded into jail.

It appears from what I gather in the popular press that much of the street crime being experienced in Europe is coming from third world immigrants. Now, it is not quite fair to blame all such immigrants for the malfeasance of the criminal sector, but the fact stands that if things continue, you'll have to ditch the progressive criminal justice policies and start getting out the big hammers and kick in a lot of doors--or end up with a crime situation similar to that in the new rainbow nation of South Africa.

Way Down said...

Yo kulak. You may be confusing "commend" with "condemn".

ironman said...

@Uncle Nasty - you could be on to something here. The shock effect might roll back the 'progress' they've have made by making normal things shocking.

Potentially dangerous though. Fine for interpersonal stuff, but in a wider audience you'd be crucified.

Devon said...

I was looking for the Martine article. Had seen it on the Daily Mail website. I thought it was very recent...say a few weeks ago.

Research shows she was murdered in 2008...March, I think.

I remain curious as to why the Mail posted it. It now doesn't come up in its search results. I guess the Mail has killed the most recent posting.

You might search for Martine Vik Magnusson or maybe Magnussen. She has a web page and you tube videos. Looks like she lived in a very nice area. Never having been to Norway, it was new to me.

J Bull said...

Reg - I'm astounded that you have so many Indians and other cultural enrichers in Northern Ireland. This is disastrous becase NI with its heavy proportion of public employment will suffer most from the new budget cuts. Just hope it doesn't set off another round of violence. This is sheer madness.

Essex-boy said...

Lious IX, I dont know where you live but here in southern England the situation is exactly the same. I'd break it down just as you do. It's going to take a catastrophe to get them out of this way of thinking.

Louis IX said...

Essex boy, I live in Texas.
Hopefully you have Nigel Farage in the UK.
Farage cumulates the qualities of Texas radio talk show Alex Jones + gov Ventura + presidential candidate Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is very smart. He knows what is the problem but he is soft, polite, he always wants to play fair and can't pass the system's barriers. The worms made fun of him in plain sight in the movie Bruno, when Baron Cohen showed his butt and Ron Paul patiently waits. That scene was inconceivable and I felt it was like a message, even a warning. But it also shows the weakness in Ron Paul.
Alex Jones is hyperenergetic, borderline rude and God knows it's an advantage in those days, but he is not into politic. Gov. Ventura is rough, he also knows exactly what is the problem, but he charges frontally like a bull, the worms immediatly retract in safety before he hits them. All those men are outcasts if not outlaws, they won't reach political power.
The man America needs is still not here.

kulak said...


Great food court riot vid.

Essex-boy said...

Lious IX..... well, that's deeply depressing then.

I say again, only a catastrophe will do the trick

kulak said...

@Uncle Nasty

Re: Mike Smith

This piece of his reminds me that calling a spade a spade, as it were, is not, in fact, essential:

"I once had a discussion with a White, Afrikaans friend of mine who was as racist as can be. Problem was that he did not have much brains and was racist for all the wrong reasons. I don’t think he knew himself why he was a racist. In hindsight, I do not think he was racist at all, just confused, but boy could he tell you about 'The dumb Kaffirs' this and 'The stupid Kaffirs' that…"

The underlying argument is the same as Kipling's Stranger.

And it's an argument that applies just as well to Jews.

A person can to some degree pick the properties of the individuals they associate with. But you can't pick the properties of groups. For most practical purposes, those are a given.

Many, maybe most break-ins in ZA are inside jobs. Yet everybody thinks their kaffir servant is a good one.

Changing the U.S. immigration laws was also an inside job.

While it's nice to think there are "good" and "bad" blacks (or Jews), and while such a distinction may be consistent with observation, if you have trouble telling the two apart the distinction isn't actually necessary (philosophically).

In the language of statistics what I'm talking about is the frequency and cost of Type I vs. Type II errors, and the cost of making a distinction at all (which is a separate thing.)

It can make perfect sense, depending on those costs and error rates, to say there are no "good" or "bad" blacks, that there are just blacks.

And in this sense, one rotten apple CAN spoil the barrel, in principle.

There's no objective answer to the question of what kinds of errors and costs one ought to prefer.

Except in the sense of survival.

And that is why OUR issue is WHITE SURVIVAL.

kulak said...

@Vanilla: Oh, and socialism doesn't work even without darkies.


My immediate family is run with a surprising consistentcy according to the maxim from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

We're sufficiently different from other families that it makes sense.

There's a competitive basis to support it.

I don't make my daughter sign contracts like that lunatic Rand (Rosenbaum) did.

Anti-white "libertarians" denounce "racism" as collectivism.

They're right. It IS collectivist.

And so is the family.

And that dead white woman you have so little feeling for was once someone's little girl.

Her death was set up a long time ago.

If she was my kid, I'd be devastated, and I'd blame myself. I would obviously not have raised her right.

Now, if her real folks are running the self-destructo PC meme, they'll have so little feeling for her that they'll make a big deal of not wanting anyone to draw any racist conclusions.

THEM I have no feeling for.

But her? HER I have more feeling for than her OWN parents.

And THAT is what makes me BETTER than them.

proud redneck said...

Lious IX. Boy, have things changed in TX. We used look up to that place in Florida!


Anonymous said...

Devon - I saw the articel on the Telegraph some day last week.

SAVANT said...

Note of interest: Several comments that referred to South Africa Sucks blog have been designated smap by Google. Obviously they've entered such offending blogs in their text filters.

I've noticed before that if I refer to IS in a comment it never gets published. Now I know.

rebelliousvanilla said...

kulak, right, this is why Europe got rich with governments spending 5% of GDP. Because socialism works. The truth of the matter is that when you will know what the Rahn and Laffer curves are to begin with, I will care about your economic views. By the way, charity and socialism are different things. Your daughter doesn't put a gun to your head to steal your money. And I dislike Randbots.

Californian, yes, I have to thank for people older than me for leaving a continent of Europe to me where I won't ever again see police officers without guns. And they expect me to pay their retirement benefits.

Louis IX, I'm a poor white person by Western standards and I feel nothing but contempt for poor white people. They're a disgrace - they're just simpletons who want a free lunch and sing PC nonsense.

kulak said...


The truth of the matter is that when you will know what the Rahn and Laffer curves are to begin with

Oh but I do. I also know that economics is not physics.

Economics has even more rabbis though.

Your curves are not gospel.

Your daughter doesn't put a gun to your head to steal your money.

If she did, I'd still be horrified and saddened, and wonder where I'd gone wrong.

Socialism isn't charity, but it also isn't putting a gun to someone's head.

Very different reinforcement contingencies.

Like buying a company vs. buying a stock.

Nobody who has ever actually bought a company would confuse the two.

What whites do for each other in our families isn't charity.

What an Oriental patriarch does for his?

THAT's charity.

SAVANT said...

Sorry - my 'smap' shuld have been 'spam'.

But I'm sure clever readers like you know that anyway!

Anonymous said...

Here's a very interesting piece of news:-

A snippet from the article:-

"Since my son is only seven and has no job, it is up to dad and mom to finance such operations as buying gifts and we are happy to do so when the occasion seems right. I took my son shopping and he chose some Hello Kitty items and a book for his seven-year-old girlfriend.

We wrapped the packages and took them to the post office to send to the USA this morning. Alas, while at the post office, we were told that the US Department of Homeland Security has stated that there can be no more mailing of packages that weigh over 1 pound unless we can provide the Social Security number of the recipient."

I used to fear that I might not live long enough to see the revolution.

Now I have hope.


Uncle Nasty

Dr. Wassel said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the tipping point, UN.

rebelliousvanilla said...

Actually, the state taking funds from some against their will is putting a gun to the head of the people who have their funds usurped.

And what people do for their children is charity to a certain degree. Bottom line is that Europe dominated the world with governments that spent 5% of the GDP of the European countries and became a basket case and an unmitigated joke when they started spending more. The record of history is pretty clear, actually.

beppo said...

Can anyone calculate how much bringing up these children over the next couple of decades will cost the taxpayer?
add on the likely cost of their possibly spending their entire lives living on the state and almost certainty that a couple of them will be lifelong predators as well as parasites.

Heraclitus said...

@beppo. I saw some figures on this before. To be honest I cannot remember. However, it definitly went into seven figure each (i.e. over £1 million). Assuming they'll sepnd a considerable amount of time as guests of HM Prison Service, you can probably double that. All in all more than £10 million for the lot of them.

kulak said...

@vanilla: Actually, the state taking funds from some against their will is putting a gun to the head of the people who have their funds usurped.

Somewhere along the way, the disciples of the Chicago school forgot the original Chicago economists tried to be relentlessly empirical.

And that means -- that is, if they are to pretend to a Science -- that their findings are subject to revision, and only ever at best a model, and never Truth.

Sometimes I'll hear libertarians say things like the market is "organic", and the state something inorganic, or unnatural. That state force is something external and alien to the supposedly self-organizing organic market.

Which is total nonsense.

It's ALL of a piece.

There's a self-organizing market for force, too, though it uses a different currency.

Hayek insisted that calling the "economy" an "economy" was totally wrong and only causes confusion. It's not an economy, like in a household or small business. It's a catallaxy, he said.

It would be neat to see similar ideas developed for the state. A modern head of state is not the head of a family, or clan, or even a king.

Who do you blame, in a catallaxy?


As a practical matter taxes seldom come down to a gun to the head, though the threat is always there.

But that threat is true of ALL governments, not just ones described as socialist.

And there's a competitive basis to support state force, too.

How else does a non-cultist explain the fact -- virtually omnipresent in human history -- of state force?

The way Rand ran things in her home, and the way I run them in mine, have nothing to do with the state. They are orthogonal.

State socialism is an oxymoron.

National socialism is not.

Heraclitus said...

kulak - if I remember correctly the original catallaxy concept came from Plato. But it fell down as a modern paradigm in that Plato's household had slaves. Changes the whole equation.

Methinks that deep down that's what you'd like to return to. And I have a fair idea who those slaves would be!

kulak said...


I have no idea what you're talking about.

Heraclitus said...

kulak - I suspect that YOU don't always know what you're talking about !!

rebelliousvanilla said...

kulak, you're an idiot, no offense. I hope that if you have poorer cousins, you donate more than half of your wage to them and you're not pulling a hypocritical argument around here.

I'm beginning to be glad people like you are completely irrelevant as a political force.

Elaine said...

Ouch - that hurt! I'd say Miss Vanilla is some lady!

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to behave like a human to have human rights?

Question 2. Isn't there something in law that you cannot benefit from a crime?

So if you murder someone and spend x years in jail that counts as years lived in country regarding the "right" to settle in the UK?

FFS change the law as it is a rogue's charter.