Tuesday, 7 September 2010

We KNOW that.....

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) --

"Almost all the attackers were black -- but few observers believe the violence was due to racial hatred. Instead, they cite isolation of different groups within the school, certain students' warped "gangster" values, and for some, simmering resentments over perceived benefits for Asian students."

But of course!

Blacks cannot be guilty of hate or racism.

We know that, for crissake!


kulak said...

Blacks cannot be guilty of hate or racism.

That's actually true. The one thing the left got right.

Blacks really REALLY aren't like whites.

Except for Miles Davis.

Kilbarry1 said...

Interesting comment by "Spinmaster" on this story:

Ok my fellow Black peoples, here it is:
Asian immigrants come to this country with a hunger. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge/Success.

If you go to Asian countries like I did in my 31 yr military service carreer, you would truly see why they are so hungry for acheivement. You see, in many of those Asian countries, its a struggle getting a bowl of rice in your bellies every day. These kids come here and do something 55% of us never dreamed of doing; They study hard!!!!!!! And they work hard. 20 of them will live in one house, then support one family moving out to buy a house, who in turn helps another member of their family. While our students are gang banging and rapping down the hallways, Lee Go, is studying his A.. Off to get a schlorship and makie something of himself. And yes, I'm sayin it, Asians who have far less than us are beating our pants off academically!!!!!! Not so much individually but as a group. They have that fire to succeed. You see, for them here in America, there is no other choice.

I got a korean kid who live next door to me. His family works 2 minimum wage jobs apiece. The Kid makes Straight A's in school. Tells me, he will be a neurosurgeon!! And he will Be!!

So wake up black THUGS or kids. (my bad) Instead of hatin on Asians, How bout joining them in the Study Hall!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

our shine loving mayor in chicago said today he wont run again, which probably means he is facing federal indicment, now the jew who runs with obama rahn emmanuell wants to be mayor\. god help us all.

Anonymous said...

This like 'beat whitey night' in Iowa. Not about race at all.

Anonymous said...

Reading stuff like this just makes me want to give up completely on black culture, which I already view as a culture of non-achievement, violence, and parasitic dependence.

kulak said...

@anon 22:01

It's racial, but not racist.

People with an average IQ of 70 simply don't HAVE worldviews. To the extent blacks do, it's the whitey in the woodpile talking. Like DuBois, Malcolm X, or Obama's pastor.

Everybody who says "blacks can be racist too" STILL doesn't get it.

They are NOT like us, even in our vices, even assuming racism is a vice, which it isn't.

Chimping out is rage, not hate.

Miles Davis said if he had one hour to live, he would spend it slowly strangling a white man.

THAT's hate.

ole white guy said...

Yeah, speaking of Miles Davis, he hated and ill-treated all whites and all women, yet had an unending array of white sycophants to defend him and explain away his misdeeds throughout his miserable life.

tsnamm said...

Blacks are never accused of racism or using race as the basis for any of the attacks,muggings or murders on people of other races.Its always economics ( ie robbery), or space or some other nebulous non sense. And of course most of these crimes are never reported by the MSM, since they don't fit the plan. Only white on black crime is reported so as to justify further more stringent re education of whitey.The fact that white people are 9 times more likely to be attacked by blacks than blacks are to be attacked by whites is never mentioned,analyzed or spoken of...what else is new....with rules such as this what else can be expected except the dissolution of civilization

Anonymous said...

perceived benefits, like 2 parents and a brain that has developed beyond rap(e), drugs and sleep n' eat.

missingwmd said...

The 'perceived' benefits. Ah yes. 'Perceived' is a great word. It lets the reporter off the hook having to explain away the fact that there aren't any actual benefits.

Louis IX said...

Still, as oposed to Europe where europeans can pretend as First Nations to the status of Natives in their Fatherland , Whites in the US can't do that.
I am vaguely aware of an american manifesto claiming that God sent white people to elevate America, but that weights nothing compared to a good DNA test that link your DNA with one of a 12000 years old skeleton found in a nearby cave. Therefore blacks and whites are in equal terms in America. Better deal with it.
And you deal with it with jobs.
Give everybody an honest job and everything is going to be fine.
But put a man, any man, out of honest earning, and you get into trouble. Unfortunatly that's what modern Capitalism demands. When Mordechai Thing lures indonesian migrants into the us and ask them later to pay US$ 3500 to keep their jobs or he sent them back to indonesia, he is doing nothing wrong. He's just following modern Capitalism rules.
Whites hurt themselves by blindly supporting these rules and unfortunatly, a full job economy is not part of these rules.
By the way, Asians (chinese, indians etc) do not compete with Blacks for jobs. It would be more like Hispanics who take traditional black jobs. Solution: regulate hispanic entry and increase jobs for blacks, i mean real jobs, not fake AA jobs such as astrophysician at the New York Planetarium or head of the healthcare department of a major Texas City. Anyway, promoting local economy IS nationalism, so it won't happen, therefore more trouble will come.

Clogheen said...

Lious IX - this form of capitalism would not be possible without globalisation. Hence your 'Mordechais' fervent support for it!

Anonymous said...


These kids come here and do something 55% of us never dreamed of doing; They study hard!!!!!!!

I seldom studied hard.

Blacks are superstitious even about the forms of education. If chinamen are grinds, then they think they should be grinds too.

There's no fixing stupid.

The flipside of that is blacks are not to blame for their failure to learn. It's not a personal or moral failing.

They're just black.

Louis IX said...

@ Clogheen, certainly. Have you read that story about human trafficking and this Mordechai? it was a CNN article last week.
It's about one year after a story about another Mordechai, if my memory is good, who was accused of litteraly enslaving the illegal immigrants who worked in his kosher food factory and a couple of years later after a disgusting story of organ trafficking.
Somehow the indonesians people lured into the US by the first Mordechai were lucky, it was 'only' about human trafficking, meaning their entire body was lured, not just parts of it.

I wonder if it's the same CNN journalist who investigates these cases. The man has 'guts', hats down to him. It would be so much convenient to hype a story about a whipped woman in a country that Isr.. I mean the UN nations want to invade.

Back to the topic here, Blacks beat whites or asians...yes, but there is a pattern now in the US and Europe to use these stories to infuriate racial groups against each others. Blacks are what they are and we cannot change genes. However, this social disaster is also the result of economic globalisation. Increasing the racial tension is a strategy for not talking about it.

Gerald said...

Mordechai "Motty" Orian started hustling foreign workers back in the late 1980s when the Israeli Jews decided to keep all the Christians and Muslims in the ghettos. They had a he'll of a struggle getting Jew bosses to stop hiring Arabs because the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank worked so hard and cheap, compared to Jews who figured they were entitled. So Motty and other hustlers started developing connections in the far east (Motty loves Thais: they are so passive) and importing them into Israel to replace Arabs who were now locked down in the ghettoes.

Typical problems: rape, abuse, passport theft, refusal to pay, etc..Virtual slaves, many of them. Google "site:il Thai abuse" to get the full flavor. Arabs would have killed them, but the Thais were/are too passive. The Israelis started cracking down on Motty's scams, so he moved to the USA to keep them going. Real scum. Like the Rubashkin tribe in Postville, Iowa. As a gentile, you never want to be weak and on the receiving end of Jewish attention. It was so bad in Europe that states passed laws against young Christian girls being hired as servants by Jewish families. Under Jewish law, like Muslim law, Christian slaves and concubines are legal.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me that we (rightly) condemn the Koran horror story, but the Jewish texts are just as bad in terms of hatred towards non-jews and condonig all sorts of things such as child abuse.

Don't believe me? Check it out!

kulak said...

Boy, and I thought the Jewish textile owner in Iowa or wherever who masturbates in front of his mostly foreign female employees was bad.

Anonymous said...

The pizza delivery guy smirked to himself as he handed the greasy, half-cooked pepperoni pie to the debased white woman in front of him, whose mascara was crudely smeared over her eyes. She wobbled, seemingly drunk, clutching a worn $20. Her "boyfriend", a gangling young negro dressed in the latest clown-ball attire, and almost undetectable in the growing darkness, goggled with startlingly white eyes at the pizza.

"Dayy-um!" he exclaimed, licking his lips as his spidery black fingers crept towards the food. "Day-yum! Dat sho beez sum pizza, mah man!"

The pizza guy hoped that some suppressed white raciality would linger in the debased wench, some flicker of Europeam generosity that would impart him a decent tip...fuck it, the nigger sure wasn't paying!

mccool said...

The pizza story? All too believable.