Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Pyrrhic Victory?

So Helen Thomas has been given the boot. At the behest of Ari Fleischer, you know, the guy that organised the lie-fest to justify the invasion of Iraq. Ari said she should be fired. So did the rest of the Jewish/Israeli lobby. And now she’s history. By the way, she’ll never be confused with a Fox News Barbie, will she?

Somewhat less well known is the story of Irish tenor Ronan Tynan. It seems that Ronan was put through the wringer by two Jewish ladies when trying to lease his apartment in New York. Shaking his head, he ruefully said to the next prospect ‘I hope you’re not Jewish as well’. In fact, this being NY, he was. And within days Tynan’s career was, in effect, ruined. He was prevented from appearing in key performances, including the NY Yankees’ "God Bless America” gig.

According to the NY Times: "the barrage of angry e-mail messages and letters; the death threats; the surgeon who wrote saying he would let him die on the operating table, if Mr. Tynan were his patient; the prominent chef who steered him away from a table of customers because one of them was a Jewish man who refused to meet the singer."

Wow! Now normally anything that silences an Irish tenor is sheer goodness to me, but really, for such an innocuous remark?

Was this then another affirmation, as if we needed it, of Israeli/Jewish power in the US? Absolutely.

Will prominent people be less inclined to publicly express such views in future? Most likely.

Will this further strengthen the overall Jewish/Israel position? Well, that's more problematical.

You see, you might have the power to publicly silence critics, but that doesn’t mean they’ll change their views of you. Correction: They will change those views, but negatively. They’ll just be a lot more careful who they share them with. Does this matter in the US? Well, as of now, not much. But while the MSM has been largely on message in support of these actions, the proverbial man-in-the-street doesn’t seem to be.

I checked out the ‘liberal’ media to assess public reaction. Papers the NYT are of little value as any anti-Israeli comment is relentlessly prohibited. But high profile ‘liberal’ blogs tell a different story. Here there’s been, at a rough estimate, a ratio of about 7:1 in opposition to the Lobby. More important, this level of negativity, in my view, would not have been experienced even a year or two ago.

And this negativity is increasingly widespread. Only this week the Irish Government expelled an Israeli diplomat for forging the Irish passports used in the Dubai assassination. Now trust me, expelling an Israeli diplomat from Ireland is a watershed. Then there’s the ‘cleansing’ of Jews from Malmo by the Religion of Peace. I know from my many Swedish contacts that Jews there have been stunned and appalled at the lack of public sympathy for their plight. Significant, I believe.

Here’s another finding. I've been doing a lot of travel in Scandinavia and ‘Eastern’ Europe over the last year. I'm in the habit of asking hotel and restaurant staff, once I get to know them a bit, which are their most popular and least popular guests. There’s no real trend when it comes to most popular, but we have a clear ‘winner’ in the least popular stakes. No, it’s not the Russians (‘rude, ignorant, but generous tippers’) and definitely not the Germans, who appear to be anonymous.

In fact I hadn’t even factored in the eventual winners in my original thoughts. And these are? Israelis! They are a mile ahead of everyone else. Commonest complaints are that they’re pushy, impossible to please, find fault with everything with a view to get free or substantially reduced meals/accommodation. That's what my ‘research’ has shown, folks.

Now I'm pretty sure that the Israelis aren’t too worried about the views of some lowly hospitability staff. But taken in conjunction with the other developments that I mentioned, I think it should give them pause for thought. Same in the US. Something is stirring.Unimaginable financial power and a stranglehold on the MSM, Washington and Hollywood may appear to make their position impregnable. But with economic hard times, which are sure to get worse, incidents such as the ones I referred to initially could make the man-in-the-street restive. And, imperfect as it is, America’s democracy has shown that the popular will eventually prevails.

So I think that Fleischer, Foxman et al should put the champagne on hold for the time being.


kulak said...

Someone raised a good question to me a couple of weeks ago.

Just what is the grounds for the stranglehold AIPAC has on U.S. foreign policy? Are all U.S. pols venal or homo or pedo? Is it a well-placed nuke? What?

I don't know the answer. But after thinking about it for a while, I think the answer might be found in the answer to this question:

Why do the bolshi Jews in the U.S. hate the Zionist Jews so much?

The answer doesn't put U.S. pols in a good light, but perhaps a less bad light than I previously thought.

Anonymous said...

Was Ronan trying to rent an apartment from a landlord? Or was he trying to let HIS apartment to a renter?

I haven't heard of this. Don't know what he allegedly said. I will not be researching this in the NYT. The only thing that is true in that paper is the price they print on its front page.

Anonymous said...

Can't see how the rent/let issue has any significance to the story.

Michael said...

Even down in deepest darkest Africa there are many who are of the opinion that they ought to all be dumped on an island along with the members of the religion of peace. Then left up to themselves to figure out who calls the shots.

Michael said...

@ Kulak

The answer to that in the first instance is an absolute. Politicians by nature are vile, venal scum and this is likely the case in the USA as anywhere else.

The second and third are covered by statistical probability. Therefore, even without congressmen having "a wide stance" and getting booked for offering BJ's to undercover cops along with boys disappearing from Nebraska orphanages never to be seen again, it is likely to be the case.

techlady said...

I cannot believe the persecution that this man has had to endure over a careless remark made with no offense intended, but which caused an unfortunate misunderstanding. There were two ladies looking at the apartment next to his.

The “real-estate agent” referred to them as “Jewish ladies”, and said that they were very particular. Ronan’s comment actually started out as a self-deprecating remark. He told the agent that if they were very particular, they might not want to live next to a singer who is practicing all the time. He did not say that he did not want to live next to them, but that they might not want to live next to him.

When that dickhead looked at the apartment and he referred to these Jewish ladies, she thought he was making a racist remark. He was just joking about the previous incident, but she did not know that, and was offended. Later, when he found out that she was offended, he contacted her immediately to apologize, and asked her if there was anything he could do to demon

Anonymous said...

yrs back a jewish group in chicago was on a tirade to try and stop local jews from going to mexico for vacations, as it turned out thejews would go into the resturants and stores and insult and yell at the help never tip made comments like; this is all your good for etc etc, the mexicans being proud totally ignored them when they came into places of business and the mgment agreed with them, jews claimed it was blatant anti,semitism. i have found israelis better guests in hotels etc then american jews, israelis on the whole do not want to be identified with them.

Lucinda said...

You have to learn to distinguish between annoying and evil, and be careful what may happen when your wishes come true.

Within my lifetime Europe managed to get rid of more than six million Jews and acquire more than twenty million Moslems. How's that working out for you, folks?

Jews don't engage in Jihad. They don't fill up your prisons. They don't try to convert your young people. If one of them marries your daughter, she doesn't disappear into an impenetrable country where she's not allowed to leave and keep your grandchildren hostage there. They don't gang rape your teenagers. They don't set fire to your cars. They don't suck your welfare funds dry. When they are angry at their teenage daughters, they don't enlist the girls' brothers and uncles to murder them for "honor". They don't kill journalists and cartoonists for perceived slights to their religion. They don't prevent their wives and daughters from gaining higher education. They don't take their kids to the "old country" for forced marriages and then import the unassimilable spouse. They don't insist that their dietary laws apply to the whole community. They don't refuse to learn your language and then insist on free interpreters. They don't blow themselves up on your buses when they disagree with your government's policies......I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point.

You have a constitutional right to find Jews annoying, but try to keep some perspective.

Californian said...

A while back, Dom Imus, a rather popular radio commentator in America, lost his job for an off-hand remark he made about female black athletes. And he is not the only one to get canned for violating the taboo about racial remarks, so it is not quite fair to blame this one on Jews. What has happened is that "racism" has become the new form of blasphemy in the West. And woe unto he or her who dares speak the words that dare not be spoken!

Politicians by nature are vile, venal scum and this is likely the case in the USA as anywhere else.

No argument there!

Joe Enfield said...

Lucinda - I think you're missing the main point of what Savant is trying to say. That is, that this - i.e. jumping on anyone who says anything - is counter-productive for Jews. They'd be far better off just taking it all as a bit of a joke, and let others draw the comparisons between them and the Muslims, who do all the things you say.

Anonymous said...

One thing you can be sure about, many people think Ari Fleischer should be in prison with his two bosses. He lied, he is smarmy and there is nothing that spells ethics, integrity or credibility in Ari Fleischer. HT was gutsy and the only Press Corp reporter worth the title

Lucinda said...

@Joe Enfield: Yes, you are right, ordinarily it would be a case of "I disagree with the ugly old bat but defend her right to etc. etc....but the Helen Thomas affair did not occur in a vacuum. The whole panoply of "hate speech", "speech codes", "hate crimes", and other attempts to censor public and private speech ALL emanated from the left wing, of which Ms. Thomas is a lifelong adherent. They have stifled any chance to have honest discussions of controversial (and some not so controversial) subjects. Therefore, when H.T. said that about the Jews, it was a case of being hoist on her own petard. She has been at the head of so many similar lynch mobs that the media, reluctantly, could not allow her to skate on this one.

That's why I don't ordinarily get exercised over what I often perceive as anti-Semitic comments on these types of blogs. I would rather be able to read a wider range of thought even if it is a bit bruising to me personally, than live in the Stalinist thought-police universe that Helen Thomas and her liberal enablers have created in this country.

Winomadus said...

"Within my lifetime Europe managed to get rid of more than six million Jews and acquire more than twenty million Moslems. How's that working out for you, folks?"

Is this a joke ? the very reason europe acquired so many muslims is because jews opposed the political parties that opposed immigration, i.e. they favorised immigration.
I'm going to be more precise. In France, in the 70's and 80's, the emerging National Front, who was the ONLY party opposed to immigration, could have expected about 30% of votes, more than enough to obtain ministries in a government. But the jews, who controled the media, the academic and the Left (now they also control the Righ) decided that they could not let a party with the world 'National' wins the election. They estimated, correctly in my opinion, that they would loose some of their influence in the operation and I guess that they implicitly accepted that it was preferable to have 20 millions muslims in France than a nationalist party in power. Therefore, for the next 30 years and this is still ongoing, they managed to show the NF like a NAZI party and its electors as racists or antisemits.
Well, their operation was a success, the NF never rose above 20%, the jews never lost control of their assets and in the meantime, 15 millions muslims entered France.
So the jews are 100% responsible for the insane french immigration policy of the last 30 years. And Not the leftists, as those usually repeat without understanding the concepts put in their mouth by jews. As a matter of fact, the Left is nothing without the jews.
Show me a bright leftist guy who can articulate a speech without being jewish.

Now, lets go back to these 70's and 80's, many, probably 80-90% of the NF elector base was neither racist or antisemit, many were actually ex-communists, they were only aware of one thing: that massive immigration will pose a quantitative problem for the society, jobs, etc. A good third of the french people actualy agreed with this pronostic. They were the so called 'sympathizers' of the NF ideas. But those sympathizers who knew the war could not vote for a party branded as pro-nazi by the now called teLevysion.
At the time I was watching the debates on TV with the NF leader, I was young, I didn't know. I was amazed to see the distorded face of these journalists, distorded by pure hate. They were always asking completely irrelevant questions to the NF leader (usually only one question: what do you thing about the gaz chambers). Now I know! The journalists were all jews or payed by jews!
Now things have changed a bit, you can feel that french jews complain about too many muslims, they even associate with far right parties under cover of convergence of interest, trying to create incidents between french and muslims. But what can be done? it was easyer to stop the flux of immigration 20 years ago than to deport 10 millions of immigrants now. Even if a FN backed up by jewish organisations comes to power now and stop immigration, it's too late since most immigration is now coming 'by birth'.
The amazing thing is this: the jews don't admit their mistake! not a single public jew has ever admitted any responsability in the so-called diabolisation of the NF and therefore in the massive immigration that resulted. 'It's all the fault of the stupid french' who 'let the muslim come in'! Even a guys like Eric Zemmour, close to the NF, never talks about that and I am sure that a good guy like the TV show anchor Michel Drucker sometimes complains about too many muslims in front of his bike, while he should remember that he publicly pledged to never invite any NF leader on his show!

J. Flowers said...


The reason 3rd world immigration in to US and Europe is now accepted is largely due to the multiculturalism fad. This principle brought into the mainstream by the Jewish frankfurt school. Many Eurpeans with half a brain are aware of the absurdity of muslim immigration. Any voice, however, that speaks out against this phenomenon is excoriated by the mainstream media that is largely owned by jews. Without this, there would be no Muslim immigration problem, period. Jews were prominent in the anti-apartheid movement in SA. They played an important role in turning a 1st world country into a 3rd world heckhole. This process is now occuring in Europe and USA at a slower rate. I'm not suggesting they're solely responsible for this, but jews are making a notable contribution.

malthus said...

Personally I never heard of her before this incident. Now she is world famous and an icon for free speech.

Bears out Savant's point I think. Jews/Israelis kicked an own goal.

Anonymous said...

Lucinda, thanks for that well researched, highly informative rant. Is their anything else you would like to get off your hairy chest?

Anonymous said...

For curious minds, check out this video.

Anonymous said...

dammit, ive shit prettier turds than helen thomas

Winomadus said...

People who think that Americans could one day wake up to realize these facts are wrong. First, only on internet you can find these informations, that excludes the older generations that rely on TV and newspaper to get their opinions and second, America is so locked up in all parts of the decision chain that big events like the flotilla attack don't change anything.
I would rather expect recently bankrupted states like Iceland and Greece to open up in their main stream medias and from there, maybe, some beginning of official and political reactions from their state leaders. An open and official support to Iran from these states, for example, will send a clear message.

Lucinda said...

Okay, I give up. You win. Jews control the whole world and you are helpless against their superior powers.

Kevin O'Keeffe said...

Lucinda. Let me give my tiuppence worth. First a red card to the ignoramus who made those personal attacks on you. Shame!

I agree with a point that Savant has often made, that there's no such thing as 'the Jews'. You get a full spectrum of views and actions with them.

Having said that, there can be no doubt that Jewish intellectuals were, and still are, at the forefront of foisting multiculturalism and PC on us. A black mark no doubt.

They do exert incredible control in finance and the MSM - there's no denying that. And it seems to be the Israeli/PC wing that's doing it.

Having said all of that, to me Jews should be 100% on our side and we 100% on theirs against the forces of darkness, Islam and 3rd World immigration.

Anonymous said...

They don't have superior powers, they have powers that we cannot use.

In the last two years, we learned about organ trafficking, a story that actually predates year 2000, the 'gaza' concentration camp, the military operation with the videotaped use of white phosphorus and now this killings of activists. In any cases there had been no response beside a useless verbal warning. Are the deads in gaza and the flotilla just in my imagination ? The blood looked pretty real to me, like the half melted, half carbonized babies victim of white phosphorus. The entire civilized world was disgusted but still, this had absolutely no consequences whatsoever and we can rest asssure that it will continue in the following years. Why to worry ? there will always be people like Lucinda who will wash there hands of these despicable acts and excuse their perpetrators.

Jean C. said...

Oh Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. You actually said "Having said all of that, to me Jews should be 100% on our side and we 100% on theirs against the forces of darkness, Islam and 3rd World immigration"

I think you need to read a little history Kevin because you seem quite misguided. Read up on the genocides commited by jews....start with the slaughter of the Czar in Russia and his entire family and what went on after that. Millions of White Christians genocided by Jews. And that's just one of many.

The forces of darkness? And what exactly would that be? Islam? Read about what the zionists do to the Palestinians and then come back and tell me about the "forces of darkness".

As far as Ronan Tynan goes, i certainly HOPE that that stupid, stupid incident didn't affect his career much because I ADORE Ronan Tynan. Upon hearing about that stupid, stupid incident I bought several of his CDs. It's ironic that he was stopped from singing "God Bless America" when those who HATE America, its used to be values, its people (mainly White Christians), its used to be culture, and on and on and on and on. Let them sing "May Satan Curse America" because that's exactly what's happening and that's what they want.

So much of what they do and so much of the ceaseless whining, shrieking, moaning and etc., etc. etc. is motivated by pure jealousy because they don't have a creative bone in them. Taken a look at modern "art" lately? Wonder why it's hideous and meaningless and vulgar and an insult to anyone's (who's halfway normal) aesthetic sense?

As far as 3rd world immigration goes, just exactly WHO do you think is behind that? Muslims?'s the "chosen ones"...and all of that immigration is to WHITE countries so that they (because they view US, and always have, as their main enemy) can (as usual) destroy all that is decent and good and beauiful.

The enemy of ALL humankind is what they are.

T. Fitzgerald said...



I accept that that there are a number of Jews pushing human biodiversity such as Michael Levin. However, most jews outside of Israel support and help enact polcies that are detrimental to their host countries. Jews see themselves as a separate ethnic group that is different from gentiles. Jews outside of Israel support the spread of the 3rd world. Do you seriously think that smart people like Harry Schwarz, Joe Slovo and Helen Suzman doubted that S. Africa would fall apart after dismantling apartheid? They knew what would happen and they didn't care or were happy (in a sick way) about the resulting consequences. Reading Kevin MacDonald's 'Culture of Critique' may change your mind.

Anonymous said...

The Jews are being ethnically cleansed from Malmoe in Sweden by Muslims. Can all of you anti-semites explain why they should organize and welcome such an environment - i.e. mass Muslim immigration?

Same in France. Huge amount of anti-Jewish attackes by Muslim immigrants, supposedly organized by Jews.

Anonymous said...

Why should jews push policies that are 'detrimental to their host countries'?

Just askin'

Anonymous said...

ive noticed things are getting meaner since the recession- the phone company shuts you off if you are two days later , before you could go two months and they would call first- Chase bank will no longer float debit cards on the weekends -its 34 in overdraft per swipe- now landlords are making renters pay for water and garbage when it used to be included. just seems meaner - gotta squeeze more blood out of the turnip.

Jean C. said...

To Anonymous referring to "anti-semites". I don't consider myself an "anti-semite" since I have absolutely nothing against true "semites" which the "chosen ones" are not.

I donated money to PCWF (Palestine Children's Welfare Fund) for years....until they murdered (supposedly he "drowned" but he was bound with duct tape and was in the process of suing David Horowitz et al) Riad Hamad who headed that organization and was a wonderful kind man. I also gave money to the Free Gaza Movement...a considerable sum a couple of years ago when that ship was rammed and the people arrested (including the great Cynthia McKinney). So that ship never made it either.

Why would they organize mass immigration? Because they really aren't that bright or far seeing. So it all turned on them (at least in Malmo) and bit them in the a____. They've GOT a country of their own (if you want to call it that). Let them go there and stop interfering with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"The Jews are being ethnically cleansed from Malmoe in Sweden by Muslims. Can all of you anti-semites explain why they should organize and welcome such an environment - i.e. mass Muslim immigration?"

Yup ... it's called "Unintended Consequences."

Terminally stupid people screw up even the smallest tasks far more visibly and more often than average ... which is why they are never allowed to get close to, let alone put their hands on, the real levers of power. They are given their picks and shovels, their mops and buckets and a close eye is always kept upon them.

Africans are a prime example.

Because of this, by inference, normal people -- and by this I mean those of us with an IQ of 90 -- 110 make the mormal amount of fuck-ups of normal severity, with normal consequences ensuing, over the normal span of time.

Now we get onto my all-time favourite ... the Intellectuals (note the capital "I"). I subscribe to Alan Johnson's view of Intellectuals; which is pretty much that those of moderate intellectual superiority (the jews) are often persuaded -- usually by their parents, their teachers and their peers, that they are of vastly superior intellect.

The public relations machines grind into motion and soon, many are convinced that they are possessed of almost God-like intellect ... that they can, indeed, do no wrong. All their decisions are, by default, the correct ones -- lightning bolts fly from their fingertips.

So, with their hands fluttering over the really huge levers of power, all they have to do, is pull one or two of the wrong ones and reality comes crashing in.

As it does now. Truly industrial-strength fuck-ups result in industrial-strength unintended consequences, and we are watching those play out as we speak.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

"Why should jews push policies that are 'detrimental to their host countries'?

Just askin'"

Okay ... just tellin'

jews have been ejected (usually forcibly) from almost every country that has allowed them in. A few countries have done it more than once ... various districts and dioceses in France, as well as France as a nation on no less than
five occasions in the last millennium; living proof that some people are slow learners.

They were even expelled from areas of the United States by General Ulysses S. Grant after the civil war. These were the infamous "carpetbaggers" that one hears of.

here is just a partial list of expulsions in Europe in the 15th century alone:-

1420 - Lyons;
1421 - Austria;
1424 - Fribourg;
1424 - Zurich
1424 - Cologne
1432 - Savoy
1438 - Mainz
1439 - Augsburg
1442 - Netherlands
1444 - Netherlands (again)
1446 - Bavaria
1453 - France
1453 - Breslau
1454 - Wurzburg
1462 - Mainz (again)
1483 - Mainz (once more, again)
1484 - Warsaw
1485 - Vincenza (Italy)
1492 - Spain
1492 - Italy
1495 - Lithuania
1496 - Naples
1496 - Portugal
1498 - Nuremberg
1498 - Navarre

One gets the impression they had a real hard-on for Mainz. Me, personally, I'd take the hint.

There are a further 80 European locations that expelled jews in the last thousand years, and I do not even mention those in biblical times, classical times or during the dark ages.

Okay ... "Why should jews push policies that are 'detrimental to their host countries'?"

Why, indeed?

A parasitical organism has no emotional attachment to its host. If you could ask a plague flea from the era of the Black Death whether it worried about the imminent demise of its host, all you would get in return would be a blank stare.

Even more so, if the flea could percieve potential hosts walking by in their dozens. Your host kicks the proverbial ... no prob. Hitch a ride on a passing rat, make the leap to another passing human and you're home for supper.

It has been ground into tens of generations of jews, that the only question worth contemplating is:- " ... is it good for the jews?"

Everything -- EVERYTHING else is secondary.

Uncle Nasty.

(to Be continued)

Osbourne said...

Uncle Nasty - this is interesting, but there's an inherent contradiction in your thesis. You have addressed it up to a point, but if the Jews are so clever and cunning and all that, would they not have learned from experience and modified their behaviour to preempt future problems? Assuming of course it was their behaviour that caused their problems in the first place.

Again assuming that they have been bred to believe in their superiority etc. would they not devote all of their super intelligence to studying what caused those problems and drawing the conclusions that any smart people would?

The fact that they've been expellled from all of those places doesn't really explain anything other than the presence of huge animosity. What I'd like to know is - what reasins were given for those expulsions? Chrisk-killers????

Anonymous said...

Continuing my last post. Thanks for your patience ...

Why is there such antipathy towards the Red Sea Pedestrians? I'll leave you with some historical quotes from men who were far brighter and better informed than you or I ...


CICERO (Marcus Tullius Cicero).

First century B.C. Roman statesman, writer.

"Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills." (Oration in Defense of Flaccus)

Cicero was serving as defense counsel at the trial of Flaccus, a Roman official who interfered with Jewish gold shipments to their international headquarters (then, as now) in Jerusalem. Cicero himself certainly was not a nonentity, and for one of his stature to have to "speak softly" shows that he was in the presence of a dangerously powerful sphere of influence. On another occasion Cicero wrote:

"The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions.

They are a nation of rascals and deceivers."


H. H. BEAMISH, in a New York Speech, October 30, 1937

"The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything these people touch they inevitably pollute."


W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919

"The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?"

Note the reference to "German" Jews.


MARTIN LUTHER, Table Talk of Martin Luther, translated by William Hazlett, page 43

"But the Jews are so hardened that they listen to nothing; though overcome by testimonies they yield not an inch. It is a pernicious race, oppressing all men by their usury and rapine. If they give a prince or magistrate a thousand florins, they extort twenty thousand from the subjects in payment. We must ever keep on guard against them."

Do I hear a resonance here with Bernanke and Goldman sachs and the present economic meltdown? You are aware that in all countries except three or perhaps four, that their reserve banks are NOT state-owned banks but privately owned ones with the Rothschilds lurking always in the background. The banks lend non-existant money to govts. and YOU repay the debt with real money ... your taxes.


How about MARIA THERESA, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1771 - 1789)

"Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible."

I love history ... not the pap you're served in school. REAL history

Have a good one,

Uncle Nasty.

PS do a youtube search for the series "The Money Masters." THAT is an eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

Osbourne makes some excellent points, here.

A most telling one being "but if the Jews are so clever and cunning and all that, would they not have learned from experience and modified their behaviour to preempt future problems?"

They have learned from their experiences, but do not choose to modify their behaviour. Much more satisfying to modify everyone elses behavior. Or more to the point, control how they (the jews) are perceived by everyone else.

How does one do this? By first of all acquiring control of all media. ALL media. It is no secret that Hollywood is entirely in the hands of the brethren. The last non-jewish hold out was walt Disney, until the infamous Michael Eisner took (or was given) the helm, He proceeded, during his reign to judaise the company beyond recognition - even to the point of driving Roy Disney from the company.

Broadcast television, ditto. News television, ditto. I will not go into detail here, but look up the directors - the top men - of all influential media. TV, film, magazines, press, you name it. Wikipedia (oddly enough, jewish-owned) is a good place to start.

The rest is simply Orwell brought to life. Control speech -- what people may say or not say -- and you are next to controlling what they may or may not think.

In closing, consider this. The Vietnam war is thirty five years in the past. Is hollywood planning a big Vietnam movie? Nope. Have they done one in recent years? Nope.

But Hollywood puts out between two and four holocaust© guilt trips a YEAR -- sixty -- going on for seventy fucking years later.

Kate Winslet (the Australian actress) was asked a few years back why, even with six nominations, she never received an academy award.

Her answer? In essence ... "All I have to do ..." she said -- "is perform in some holocaust© piece of shit (her exact words) and I'll get the award."

She appeared in "The Reader" a holocaust© piece of shit, and recieved her first award in 2008.

Adrian Brody received his first academy award in another HPOS, the Pianist.

Need I go on? More later. Cheers to all.

Uncle Nasty.

Barack Mugabe said...

Lucinda says that the Jews are annoying but not evil, and then piously lists all of the evils that Jews don’t do, like fill up your prisons, gang rape teenagers, etc.
Which is bullshit. Organized Jewry has spent enormous amounts of money and time for the last 100 years lobbying for massive non-White immigration in an effort to make the US a White minority country. It has gotten so bad that even discussing immigration restriction gets one labeled as a fascist and destroys any possibility of a career. This is evil, and it is the handiwork of the Jews.
The phony “civil rights” movement with its anti-White hatreds and legal discrimination in favor of savage Negroes and 3rd world barbarians is entirely the product of organized Jewry. This has destroyed civil society and is profoundly evil.

Jews have a stranglehold on all expression in the US, and are relentless in their brainwashing efforts. I hope you are right about a backlash, Savant, but I think it would be more likely to occur in one of the smaller European countries first, if at all.

hector said...

Several posters referred to jews as being 'parasites' and referred to the 'host'. Jews are overwhelmingly productive, scientists, doctors, dentists, academics, businessmen (ok, a lotof lawyers and bankers as well!!!). But how can they be classed as parasites?

Now blacks are most certainly parasites, as are, to a lesser extent Muslim immigrants, and gypsies? 100%.

But get real. Whatever jews are, they ain't parasites.

Anonymous said...

Some really interesting stuff there Uncle. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

wild-eyed frothing anti-semitic rant -- act 4 or 5 or whatever.


having gone along with the foaming-at-the-mouth accusation shpiel for several posts now, I feel that it is time to drag a bit of sanity into the debate ...

kicking and screaming if necessary.

This is especially for Lucinda, whom I think by now is convinced that I dress up in my Ubersturmbannfuhrer SS uniform and strut up and down in front of my mirror on Saturday nights, screaming "Sig Heil!" and "Juden Raus!".

There is an old weasel phrase often uttered when caught making an anti-semitic statement, and that is:- "But ... some of my best friends are jewish!"

Well, here's the weird thing. Some of my very best friends are, indeed, jewish.

Allow me to elucidate.

I do not make friends easily, as, unlike your average eight year old kid, I have always believed that quantity does not equal quality. I am NOT an approachable person.

Wretched old Fuck, I believe, is the proper scientific term for it.


Years of experience have convinced me that there are two types on the planet -- regardless of race, creed, gender or colour. Straight boring old-fashioned working stiffs -- and parasites. The jews I know -- and call friend -- fall into the first category along with my other few goy friends. Some are successful, some, less so. Some are very well off. Others drive around in junk cars, buy cheap Chinese shoes and battle to pay the rent and the school fees.

Just like us.

The great -- insurmountable, in fact -- problem is the hofjuden; the superjews.

These are the CEO's, the politicians, the rabbis, the human rights lawyers (God, don't let me get started on human rights lawyers). The holocaust© (Shoa) industry guilt trippers, and finally, the moneylenders -- the banks and bankers.

Right at the top of the heap are the financiers and the politicians. These are the ones who honestly feel that they are ubermensch. Pardon my continual use of German idiom, but it is pretty expressive.

Read your history. Read about the Rothschilds and the Morgenthaus, read about Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright (Albrecht), Ben Bernanke, and the villain of villains ... George Soros.

THESE are the parasites.

In fairness, however, read about the origins - and careers of Rockefeller (French Huguenot). J.P. Morgan (scots-Irish), Thomas Edison (Dutch) -- and on the other side of the pond -- Rhodes, Milner, and, of course the mega-capitalist East India Company and its role in the Opium Wars of China. (weird trivia -- check out the U.S Stars and Stripes flag and its startling resemblance to the East India company flag after 1707).

Not a hell of an improvement there, I'm afraid.

So, where does that leave us? I do NOT feel that my antipathy for, say Henry Kissinger (a callous, murdering cold-blooded fuck of the first water) or George Soros (the closest thing to the antichrist in this secular day and age) gives me the right to march down to Joel who runs the local art materials shop and slap him with a wet kipper.

In a nutshell:- I don't feel that we can blame (say) Joe Soap in Alabama or Utah for the continuous US invasions (or bombings) of sovereign states since 1945 ... thirty at last count. Nor can we blame Wayne and Waynette -- Stella-slurping chavs in Notting Hill for the british -- or Afghan -- casualties in Afghanistan.

So, I sure as hell can't blame Joel for the Russian Revolution and the murder of Tsar Nicholas and family or for the Great War, or World war Two.

But I can sure as hell blame the hofjuden.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Uncle Nasty

kulak said...

Osbourne asks:

would they not have learned from experience and modified their behaviour to preempt future problems?

Well sure.

They stop being Jews and wash their hands of the tribe. Happens all the time.

hector asks: Jews are overwhelmingly productive, scientists, doctors, dentists, academics, businessmen (ok, a lotof lawyers and bankers as well!!!). But how can they be classed as parasites?

1) There's no free lunch.

2) True symbiotes do something good for their hosts that the hosts do not do for themselves.

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty - your views reflect mine to a scary degree. Are we related?

Louis IX said...

What follow are some excerpts of:

A History of the Jewish People
By leading scholars at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson

It is the raw text, I have not put any personnal comments in it, but they will come to mind naturaly to everybody. I only shorcut when the text became to long. Also, It is typed from handwriting of the original book and some mispelling may occur. I don't have the book anymore. Here it goes:

Part V (Middle Ages)
In about the year 825, Arsbishop Agobard of Lyons complained of the jewish slave trade, permitted by a Royal charter and occasionally refered to in Jewish sources as well.
These slaves were almost all pagan Slavs captured by Christians and sold to jews, who transported them to Islamic lands. Agobard did not complain about the trade in the Slav slaves as such, for in those days no religions objected to the enslavement of members of another faith (…) his objection was that the jews refused to release and hand over the Church those slaves who had become Christians while passing through Christian territories. He also claimed that jews sometimes sold Christians to Moslems, a complain that occasionally was voiced also against the Christian Venetians.(…)
The great majority of Jewish bankers, who established branches all over Europe and wielded considerable influence in all the important capitals, were descendants of German court jews and financiers(…)
But in the 2nd half of the 19th Century most of the private bankingfamilies in Vienna, Paris and Berlin, with the exception of the Rothschilds, broke away from Judaism and were assimilated in the European nobility. The most important of the jewish banking house was the House of Rothschild. Its main sphere of influence after the Napoleonic wars was in securities and, above all, in underwriting various government loans. For a lengthy period there was almost no important loan in Europe in whith the Rothschilds did not lend a hand.One of the prominent German bankers in the 2nd half of the 19th century was Gerson von Bleichroeder, Bismark’s financial adviser. He helped Bismark raise funds for the Prussian war against Austria (1866) and, at Bismark’s request, immediately after the war in France and the latter’s defeat, he conducted the negotiations over the five million francs reparation demanded of the defeated country(….)
Jewish banker Achille Fould served as Napoleon III’s minister of Finance(…)

(…) people of jewish origin, such as Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sverdlov and many others were prominent among the leaders of the Russian Bolshevik revolution. Jews were also extremely active in the socialist parties that came to power or attained importance in many European Countries. They were even more prominent in the Communist parties that split from the Socialists and established the Third International. The ranks of the revolutionary parties were swelled by many young Jews who at first had tended toward Nationalist aspirations but had been caught up in the catch words of universal human brotherhood, or who were disillusioned by the limited success of the Nationalist movement.
In Baviara, a “people” republic was established at the beginning of November 1918, headed by Kurt Eisner, a Jewish socialist(…) At the beginning of April, Bavaria was declared a Soviet Republik and jewish writers and revolutionary thinkers such as Gustav Landaver and Ernst Toller played important roles in it. Eugen Levine was chairman of the Council of Commissars (Prime Minister) of the republic(…)The communist revolt in Hungary (March-August 1919) was also headed by a Jew, Béla Kum. Several other jews fulfilled important functions in his governement.

[follows a paragraph about demographic and mixed marriage, extensive in Germany while only one quarter of mixed marriage offspring were brought as jews.]
P946: After the 1st World War the number of Jews in the world was estimated at about 14 millions. 3.5 million in the USA, ~ 3 million in Polland, 2.5 million in USSR, 0.75 million in Rumania(…)

Anonymous said...

Jews should be on our side eh. Thats a good one. Take your pick from these.

Croesus said...

Lious IX: There's lots of really interesting material here, but I don't see what point you're driving at?

Your material shows that jews were prominent in left wing movements but also at the highest levels of banking/capitalism.

What does this prove? Maybe it proves what Savant often surmises, that you get jews on both sides of every argument. Can there then be a 'jewish plot or a jewish agenda'?

Anonymous said...

If someone can explain why Jews have been persecuted throughout history, they wil come to either one of two conclusions.

1 They have an inherent ability to piss people off wherever the settle.

2 Most places where they settle are full of horrible people who seem to target people with German or odd sounding surnames.

Certainly makes me wonder!

Answers on a postcard, please.

Anonymous said...

There's another possible answer: They're super-intelligent and hard-working, thus highly successful, thus pissing off the goyim.

It's called human nature.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Savant.

I have always longed for this moment.

You must recall the day (you were four or five, I think) that your dear, sweet Mom took you on her knee and told you of the evil, Satanic twin that she was forced to flush down the toilet?

Well, it was a long, hard road, but I'm back.


Anonymous said...

Your material shows that jews were prominent in left wing movements but also at the highest levels of banking/capitalism.

What does this prove?

Look up Hitler's speech of July 28th 1922. You might find an answer to that question there.

There's another possible answer: They're super-intelligent and hard-working, thus highly successful, thus pissing off the goyim.

They're certainly successful at what they set out to do. It helps that the goyim are nowhere near as racist as they are.

Anonymous said...

For those, like me, who battle (often unsuccessfully) to glean some tiny smidgen of commonsense out of the morass ... just when you think you're getting a handle on things, something like this comes up ...

Uninspired by the multiculti-peecee efforts of American Jewry (which had even brought millions of the Jews’ worst enemies, the Muslims, to the West to boost the anti-White minority), 120,000 ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi Jewish men in Jerusalem paraded to demand their daughters be segregated in schools from Sephardic {partly Black} children, saying the latter were ‘less religious’ – but finding themselves condemned as ‘racist’ even by some of their own Orthodox leaders (Independent, 18 vi).

Go here:-

Scroll down to:- BITER BITTEN. for the original.

And here we have another fabulous example of the infamous World War II Gooney Bird, The creature that flew in ever-diminishing circles until it disappeared up its own fundament.

Yea, verily and forsooth, this thread ("A Pyrrhic Victory?") is truly well named.


Uncle Nasty.

PS. I do recommend Chris Brand's site as a regular read.


Anonymous said...

Again with the super intelligence , lol , weren't so smart to see hitler coming , even after he had laid out his plans in mein kampf .

Free Palestine !

Anonymous said...

I know that this was brought up earlier, but by pure coincidence, I read the following this morning:-

(Excerpt from article in Ha'aretz, the Israeli equivalent of the New York Times, quoting an episode of the U.K. series "Extras."
Winslet, then winless in four trips to the Oscar nomination altar, explains to series star Ricky Gervais, why she's decided to act in a Holocaust film.)

Gervais: You doing this, it's so commendable, using your profile to keep the message alive about the Holocaust.

Winslet: God, I'm not doing it for that. We definitely don't need another film about the Holocaust, do we? It's like, how many have there been? You know, we get it. It was grim. Move on. I'm doing it because I noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, you're guaranteed an Oscar. I've been nominated four times. Never won. The whole world is going, 'Why hasn't Winslet won one?' ... That's why I'm doing it. Schindler's bloody List. The Pianist. Oscars coming outta their ass ...

Gervais: It's a good plan.

For once, I make no comment apart from "There's no business like Shoa business."

Uncle Nasty

Louis IX said...

Croesus, you're right, they are on every side of the small little blue dot.
Like said LF Céline:
'The day - put the name of your favorite country here - will have official antisemitic leagues, the president, vice president and secretary will be jewish".

kulak said...

OT -- good God I hate England.

Everybody thinks the government controls the economy, which is just a total scam.

The Mr. Bean look-alike egghead I sat across from at dinner last night said he didn't care about the World Cup. Why? Because, he said, all patriotism is a subtle form of racism. (He's right!)

I forget who it was, but there was a guy who walked with Betrand Russel and talked shit with him for years and years. One day he says "You don't like me very much do you Bertrand?" "Not really," he says.

The entire country is like that. Phony and alien. Or, phony in a way that is totally alien to me.

Now, in principle I understand why they're like that -- it's an island, and y'all are trying not to kill each other -- but man, I can't wait to get out of here, and I would never visit if I didn't have to.

Anonymous said...

but on the other hand i have met irish in america who came from humble homes in mayo and galway and then got a little education and money and turned overnite into blatant social climbers and name droppers and then claim they went to ;uni; in dublin and were raised in limerick city or some other town. frank mccourt knew his people and reconized this and was lambasted for telling the truth about his background and what he went through as a kid. btw irish alzheimers, you forget everything but the ego, grudges, socila climbing and nasty gossip, frank told that one nite at a book signing.

Henry IX said...

Kulak - I think you're a bit hard on us. We're not like that (most of us). I'd say we're just, well, reserved.

Anonymous said...

KULAK posted this:-

"I forget who it was, but there was a guy who walked with Bertrand Russel and talked shit with him for years and years. One day he says "You don't like me very much do you Bertrand?" "Not really," he says."

I seem to recall that that quote was from Paul Johnson's book "the Intellectuals".

Needless to say, Johnson didn't like them at all. Russell is, however, a perfect example of the sheer coldness and inhumanity of so many of them. One can only assume that they fall into the trap of believing their own PR.


Uncle Nasty

PS, I strongly recommend Johnson's book "Modern Times" ... the revised edition of his "Short History of the Twentieth Century." A very good take on what liberals are and why they are that way.

Known thine enemy, I always say.


Anonymous said...

Helen Thomas a Lebanese Christian (same ethnic group as Ralph Nader and George Mitchell) wants the Jews to go back to Europe and America. Notice how she didn't mention the Jews exiled from Arab countries.

Europe has to take in everyone. What about sending the Africans and Asians back home. We're not allowed to say that. Enoch Powell said it and look what happened to him.

Transforming the ethnic demographic by mass immigration is not a good idea. Rivers of blood in Palestine today. Rivers of blood in Europe tommorrow.

kulak said...

@Henry IX

Not to worry Henry. As soon as I'm safely back home, I'll be rooting for you all 100% again.

Which is EXACTLY how it should be.

kulak said...

O.K. here's another thing.

I went for a walk the other day along one of those walking paths that cuts across everybody's property.

The path took me by a small 14th century church. I got an immense feeling mana, of presence, of history.

Two blocks later I spy a darkie in a hoodie.

This strikes me as completely f'ing sacrilegious.

How do you put up with this? It's not even my country, and I'm outraged.

I WISH I had a 14th century church in MY neighborhood.


The only explanation that makes sense to me, besides self-hate, is taking that which is precious and close for granted, and thus not seeing the danger.

Anonymous said...

kulak - this kind of thing is everywhere, apart maybe from the Cotswolds and some more remote northern areas. Formerly lovely towns and villages all over the rest of the country have become infested with 3rd world riff-raff, dirty, violent, community cooperation has declined alarmingly. It's just so tragic and shameful. How did we ever allow this to happen to us?

Anonymous said...

The big mistake on this thread is that 'Jews' are being judged as if they're a unified body. As Savant often says, you get opposing forces, often fundamentally so.

The bad guys are the neocons, the ultra-Zionists, the banksters etc. but the majority of jews see blacks and muslims the way we do.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the comments posted by Lucinda and Uncle Nasty.

IS, you need to watch out for Google and their spiteful TOS crap.

The most annoying Jew by far during the past 2000 years was that Dead-Jew-on-a-stick that people wear around their necks.

I invite you all to take a look at:


kulak said...

The big mistake on this thread is that 'Jews' are being judged as if they're a unified body.

Oh really.

Does that mean we can't mention their high average verbal IQ? After all, that's a group property.

No, what you mean is you don't want people discussing their average qualities that some others find to be bad for white people.

Personally I'd be happy to so refrain.

IF it could be shown that it would be good for WHITE people. :)

So tell me why that would be good for white people.

I'm all ears.

(And no, I don't tell fat women they're fat. They already know it, and so does everybody else.)

Anonymous said...

OK, Hector, not parasitical. More like pernicious.

Anonymous said...

Savant - there are some really noxious fucks who frequent this site.

kulak said...

I mention fat chicks because diaspora Jews -- except maybe for the guys who dress funny -- basically constitute an entire race of ugly fat chicks.

(Great personalities though.)

You don't really want to invite them to the party, but sometimes you do just to be nice.

If you let them choose the entertainment and set the guest list, well, then they just turn it into a big party for ugly fat chicks and darkies.

MH said...

To the questioner, Ronan Tynan's career IS ruined, at least in the US/Canada.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't seem to be much Talmud or Koran bashing going on there. Are they not also cults? Maybe the author/s agree with one of these cults or are aware what happens if they have something negative to say regarding these particular cults.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You sir, are very very bad and should not be on a politically correct blog like this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Within my lifetime Europe managed to get rid of more than six million Jews

Thats a bad bad Heavy metal band.


Anonymous said...

@anon 13.30. WHAT is your comments supposed to mean????