Sunday, 13 June 2010

Head-scratching time

He’s totally unknown, unemployed, impoverished, he ran no campaign, put up no website, didn’t even reach the $5,000 state spending limit. His interview after his victory revealed that he had one sentence that he could repeat about talking to the people across the state. How did he get across the state with no job? "I worked for friends and friends of friends". He even asked for the interview to be stopped when he did not know the answer to questions. Basically, he knows nothing about anything.

Yet Alvin Greene, 32, has just won an overwhelming victory over former four-term state lawmaker Vic Rawl to gain the South Carolina Democratic nomination for the US Senate.
How could this, in God’s name, be possible?
Well, that’s the question that has South Carolina Dems, and much of the blogosphere in a tizzy. Check them out. You’ll see everything from a mistake on reading his name to a dastardly Republican Plot being to blame. State Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler said voters unfamiliar with either candidate may have voted alphabetically for Greene over Rawls, adding "as far as I know, he never showed up at anything. Vic Rawl has been campaigning everywhere from the time he filed."
In fact the list of explanations provided covers every conceivable possibility.
Except one. The great unmentionable. The ‘R’ word.
You see, ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy, blacks there have become overwhelmingly Democratic (with a big D!). They now make up over half the registered Democrats in SC.

So what’s that got to do with anything?

Well, as the photos here show, Greene is black, so to speak, and Rawls is white.

And that's the one explanation that I haven't seen in any of the mainstream media or blogs. Because it’s not permitted as an explanation. Even though it’s undoubtedly the correct explanation. Isn't it hilarious to see everybody tie themselves in knots to avoid the reality of ‘post-racial America’?

And, needless to say, being a black male, he has, ahem, some ‘legal issues’ pending.

No shit Sherlock?

Anyway, who knows………maybe if they provide him with a teleprompter he’ll be ok. Goddamit, he might even get to be President one day!


S Jackson said...

They've shown they’ll vote for a do-nothing black over an accomplished white liberal who actually tries to get their vote.Liberalpols better smell the coffee and start representing white interests.

FishEagle said...

This is nothing new in SA.

Jack Quinn said...

Savant, you have it about 95% figured out. This was a mid-term (non-presidential) primary with voter turnout for democRATS estimated to be in the 7 - 8 percent range of registered voters. In other words a real dull-o-rama and usually great news for incumbents.

Blacks vote overwhelmingly for the any race-identical candidate if there is such a choice. Blacks worship at the secular alter of the ballot box in order to ensure their demographic a large helping of election spoils.

Thus, the Perfect Storm: low total turnout and disproportionately high black turnout. said...!

Prayer for Dying by SAGA

Ode to dying people - SAGA

Anonymous said...

Savant,may I refer you to an American blogger who also brought this issue up-as well as a portion of the "interview" of this candidate-
Check out "The Angry White Dude"he is a something of a "Yank" version of yourself.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that the guy had zero public exposure. Ostensibly nobody knew he was black save if there was some kind of photo indication. Literally, he had ZERO public exposure.

So the question I've been trying to figure out is whether the primary voters had photographs to look at when comparing their candidates. If so, then, duh, the blacks voted for the black candidate and against the whitey no matter what.

I've been scouring the net for info on whether the primary voters had photos to make their important voting decisions on.

Anybody with any info on this?

M Schwartz said...

Hilarious. Of course the mainstream media will find race to be an issue in anything the Tea Party or those criticising Obama do. Can you imagine if the roles here were reversed & an unemployed white guy beat the long standing black incumbent? You would have opinion pieces & editorials all complaining about how r8cist white America is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, it will be a good day for multiculturalism if wise and crafty euro-americans keep this up!

Hardy har har har on the noble ethnicities. What a subterfuge crackup.

Figure this cultural puzzle out, Sambo!

Peter the Grape said...

This guy is a total clown even by black standards. He can't even answer simple questions and rambles on like a total dipshit.

Here's a hilarious phone interview where he fall to pieces a few minutes in and abruptly hangs up on the interviewer.

Jackson said...

Re knowing who he someone else here said, such a primary has a small turnout and mostly blacks. They probably voted against Rawl 'cos he be the white guy and well known. Also the 'e' at the end of Greene seems to be a uniquely black thing, whether they'd have the brains to work that out is debatable though.

kulak said...

I hope he wins.

ex-army said...

This guy isn't a plant, he is a vegetable! Lol!

Big bill said...

I am sure Green will learn on the job just like Dear Leader has. What matters is the Hope for Change in South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

ABC World News reports:

He returned home last August when he was involuntarily forced out of the Army after a 13 year career because "things just weren't working ... it was hard to say." He had served as an intelligence specialist in the Air Force and later as a unit supply specialist in the Army.

AN INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST!!!!!! We're totally fucked.

adnull said...

Do you honestly think Democrats, even in South Carolina, would put this guy up for anything higher than dog-catcher? His interview on Countdown last week should show you this guy's not on the up & up.

Anonymous said...

Am a native of the area. As such, it is well known among the locals (white and black) that the last name of Greene (spelled with an "e" on the end) is gonna be black about 99% of the time. So, there was no need for a photograph or even a description. The name told all. As such, unless instructed by their local "preachers" (that's rural southern for community organizer) they'll vote for the black guy everytime (even if it were Hitler in black-face!).

Anonymous said...

Am a native of the area. As such, it is well known among the locals (white and black) that the last name of Greene (spelled with an "e" on the end) is gonna be black about 99% of the time. So, there was no need for a photograph or even a description. The name told all. As such, unless instructed by their local "preachers" (that's rural southern for community organizer) they'll vote for the black guy everytime (even if it were Hitler in black-face!).

Quartermain said...

Nowadays, I would say Greene represents the Democratic party well.

tsnamm said...

Hey idea I'm not seeing and probably was a large reason, is BLACK media. I can bet you, he only advertised on black urban hip hop, R&B rap radio stations etc, with the usual "our candidate" or its "our time" etc...there's no way in hell he came out of nowhere, or you could get schvoogs to just spontaneously vote for anyone they didn't know. Of course the real test will be in the general election in Nov... said...

Folk music from a Dear Leader supporter.

Lee said...

yes, that 'e' at the end is a real giveaway, even for the semi-literate morons who voted for him.

Anonymous said...

With examples like this I’m wondering how White liberals will be able to maintain any kind of political power in a future minority majority multicultural “paradise”. The majority of Democrats in the Southern states are black and in the age of Obama, blacks are becoming less content at voting for some White liberal over their own in areas where their votes determine the outcome. Hispanics vote along similiar lines and I would be willing to bet that orientals in places like San Francisco also adhere to these same patterns. It used to be that money and fundraising weeded out the wannabe politicians from the serious players but I’m happy to report that that wall has been breached in 21st century racial politics.

Anonymous said...

The western world is rapidly going down the shitter.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most safe Republican seats in the country (Jim DeMint). The Dems paid no attention to the primary because they know they have zero chance in the general election. Still, it's quite a hilarious situation and demonstrates yet again the most racist voters are black. Jesus Christ himself could run against Obama next time and 90%+ of blacks will not vote for him.

Winomadus said...

'The election has been certified'
from the CNN interview

If the election is certified, so be it. This is democracy, black people vote, white people vote. The electors knew for who they voted. Saying that Greene is mentally impaired is like saying that the voters are mentally impaired.
Personnaly, I think that's exactly the point of Democracy circa 2010, make democracy irrelevant by all means, until democrats or republicans won't matter anymore, the real decision makers being the medias, the academics, the banks, etc.
Beside, here is another point: if he's good enough to serve in the army and 'risk his life to preserve our freedom' then he should be good enough to run in politic. You cannot have it both way.

Harvey said...

This is a great development. I think it will strengthen race consciousness among whites. They can see that blacks will vote for literally a vegetable provided he's black. The penny will drop some day.

Anonymous said...

Jesus frigging Christ. I see Alvinism as the next great political trend.

"I'm the best.. candidate.. for the US.. senate"



"60 % is not luck. 60 % is not luck. 51 % could be luck. 60 % is not luck. 60 % is not luck."


Anonymous said...

With all this talk of a Republican plant, they ignore the fact gthat they still voted for the cretin!

winomadus said...

The guy was serving in the army, so he has to be fit. The army wouldn't take mentally impaired, right ?