Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Right, left, collect the cheque

Whatever you say about the military, anyone who joins doesn’t do so for the money. For example a Brigadier General in the British Army earns less than £100,000 a year, about the same as a general in the US army.

However, a reward for bravery can supplement these earnings. The Victoria Cross is the highest possible decoration in the British Army. To earn this you have to do something really exceptional, like storm an enemy machine gun nest, have all four limbs blown off in the process, and bite the gunners to death when you get there. For such efforts you’ll be awarded £1500 a year extra.

However, with a bit of ingenuity you can blow such miserly figures away while (not) fighting for your country. Based on latest research I've drawn up a Ten Point Plan to show you how.

1: Become black (this can be difficult, but as you’ll see, it’s well worth it)

2: Become a woman (not anything as difficult as it used to be)

3: Get knocked up (really easy, no need to identify the father, even if you can)

4: Demand special arrangements for looking after your sprog

5: Refuse as inadequate all special arrangements duly offered

6: Go AWOL

7: Eventually just walk out of the service

8: Scream racial and gender discrimination

9: Sue the army on these grounds

10: Walk away with a minimum of £100,000 – tax free

Impossible you say?

Sir, I give you the magnificently named Tilern DeBique, who has done precisely that, and I applaud her for landing this blow for ethnic and womens’ rights. But typically, rather than joining with me, we have a couple of negative begrudgers crawling out from under their stones.

Judith Webb, the highest ranked woman officer ever, snorts “The British Army is admired throughout the world for its toughness, efficiency and cohesion - but these high standards are increasingly under threat from the dogma of political correctness.
With their shrill, ideological certitude, the officials of the modern British state are now imposing on the armed services those fashionable nostrums about workplace rights that are entirely inappropriate for fighting units. The case of single mother Tilern DeBique brilliantly symbolises the politicised ignorance of the realities of military life and operational requirements. “

And good old Ann Widdecombe also, er, ‘weighs’ in with this: “The idea that someone can sue for sex discrimination is simply ludicrous. As for a £100,000 payout, that is just turning a grievance into a lottery win.”
What negativity and begrudgery. Sad.


Henry IX said...

The only hope, and it's a faint, from things like this is that if the insanity gets too great the sheepls will ultimately rebel.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the Madame Cherie Bliar, Harman and their ubiquitous feminazi cohorts are cackling like the rumpled old witches they are.. flicking their manky old beans with unalloyed pleasure....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cherie was maging £1 million a year doing this kind of thing - all funded by the taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Did she make the tea in the officers mess? If not, that's what she should have been doing, or perhaps, she was entertaining the troops.

Krokodil said...

I've read on another blog that she, in fact, was awarded £17000 - not the £100k she was after. Maybe someone can confirm.

It is, of course, complete crap that the taxpayer should be forking out dosh for the "gosh, I could strike-it-rich-here" brigade but, alas, 'tis the PC and so-called human-rights world in which we live.

Blair was an utter scoundrel, not least for his championing of the EU human rights legislation into UK law.

Skot German said...

I am amused at Judith Webb's outrage. It wasn't too many years ago that women were excluded from combat. She obviously thought the army should make special provision for her. She just happened to be at the top of the slippery slope.

openyoureyes said...

Blacks being the parasitic leaches they are, can't help themselves from latching on and sucking until their bellies pop, it's their nature, you can't get mad at an entity that doesn't know better.

As angry as a I get at black collective action it PALES in comparison to the sheer, unmitigated rage I have for the enablers in OUR race who encourage this abominable behavior. You know the sing song idiots who spew equality and diversity. As if any single being is the same, these morons think they are being sooooo progressive advocating equality of the races, while denying racism. Affirmative action is case in point. We need to hold white races back, to make up for past racial injustice? Who thought of this? Does this make sense to anyone who doesn't have a lobotomy or a college education?

Any college grad needs to go through at least four intensive years of reprogramming to combat the indoctrination errrrr education they received.

So don't mad at this dreg. She's taking advantage of the system. She's the one in the inner circle. If you have a problem with that, YOU'VE got the problem, not her. The system is rotten and people like her are just the result.

Anonymous said...

There was a similar case in the U.S-
woman claimed she could not deploy because of "child care issues"She went AWOL and was threatened with a court martial-she was of the same,shall we say,group as the British Army one in this article.I believe she was given a dishonorable but if she gets wind of this case she may try and sue.

Geryy3 said...

@krokodil...Yes, Blair pushed this legislation. ANd Mrs Blair then cleaned up on cases like this.

Fitzy said...

The media says she was awarded £100k but the MoD are appealing.

Anonymous said...

@ Openyoureyes

Beautifully said.. 10/10