Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just a thought...

And they're coming our way.........


Anonymous said...

To be fair to Africa, the great pyramid was already 2500 years old then. However, they were'nt built by negros as modern, black American 'historians' would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

well ancient Egyptians weren't "black" Africans were they ?

Anonymous said...

Blacks built the pyramids? Yeah, right!

Big Bill said...

Your pictures of Rome and Africa make an interesting comparison. What a massive environmental disaster each African is! Think about it. Each African leaving Africa coming west increases his carbon footprint, his assault on Mother Earth, as it were, ten or twenty fold. No longer does he plant food right there at his feet. No longer does he build his house with mud and thatch in a sustainable way. Nope. For once he movestEest he must have central heating, and central cooling, and electricity, and a huge living space made of evil, destructive plastics and metals that must be mined, by gouging out the heart of Mother Earth!

Instead of fitting in naturally and sustainably with his environment with his donkey, he buys a giant gas-guzzling behemoth automobile and rapes the clean air that surrounds him, poisoning his neighbors.

Think about it. Every refugee program and refugee that arrives in America destroys the earth. We need an environmental assessment done--a global environmental assessment!--on every immigrant/refugee to America and Ireland.

Will they destroy the earth by moving to our countries? If so isn't it better to keep them back at home where they can live safe and happy, sustainably and in tune with mother nature like the noble savages they are?

Why corrupt them and turn them into clones of the Evil White People, burdening them with a load of environmental guilt they need not share!

Work with me and help pass environnental impact legislation that will prevent further damage to the earth by banning people who currently are living sustainable (nay, "environmentally sacred") lives in North Africa, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Nigeria, China, India, and elsewhere.

It is too late for us white people, of course. All we can do is die out. But we can still save those noble savages overseas, by making them seay home rather than visiting upon their poor innocent souls the Evil Consumerist Blight that has destroyed our own. So I say, "Stay home, oh Noble Brown Man! Stay home!"

Of course our fellow Evil Consumer White People will be free to come and go among countries in Europe and the Anglosphere since they are already corrupted, already cast down from the Noble Heights of Sustainability. They are already Evil Consumers. Their migration to any other White country will neither add nor subtract from their consumption. The environmental impact of their movements will therefore be miniscule and hardly worth noting.

So let the Europeans travel and keep the Africans out, it's better for Mother Earth!

clovis said...

This is a fascinating comment Big Bill. I know much of it is tongue in cheek but still, there has to be a significnat negative environmental impact thru noble savages coming here. I feel an opportunity coming up!

Anonymous said...

A series of films set in a gigantic slum has been showing on BBC two for the last two weeks.

The houses are on stilts and almost two hundred thousand people live there. Amazingly the inhabitants seemed upbeat and optimistic.

Sadly, the ones that worked hard, including an old boy with 18 children two of whom were at university, were often at the mercy of criminals.


Anonymous said...

you tell the real deal a cop in chicago for thirty years i saw nice bungalows built for our culural enrichers with govt. funds and two years later they were abandoned and trashed and eventually torn down, when the goody liberals were asked why the reply alaways was the showo economic conspiracey against the black community ad naseum, if you want to see the new america go to the blog that shows how detroit looked then and now. truly scary

Anonymous said...

The series is set in Lagos and the slum is Mbango.

Anonymous said...

This is the response I got when I posted on Gombeen's site and mentioned a number of murders of whites by ethnic minorities like Kriss Donald and Mary Ann Leneghan.
"As a London resident I can confirm that crime in Pecham and Brixton is not higher than the white low wages areas of London. The black people here who prone to crime have no other choice. This is the consequence of the huge gap between rich and poor. It's survival and not ignorance. When I was studying in the university the number of colored students was amazing. See, they do everything possible to escape from poverty and misery. On the other hand, the what so called "chavs" can kill you just for nothing, just for fun because they have nothing better to do in their lives and you know this.

As a London resident I can confirm also that crime in London is not as bad as the Media describe it, of course not worse than Dublin. It is well understandable that the media promote this "safety hysteria" in order to make the obsessed by law and security. Undoubtedly most of the times the colored people will have to be used as a scapegoat. No I am not black or anything like that. I am very white with blond hair and honey eyes married to an English girl, but it doesn't matter as long as you are able to discover more than the world of media, as long as you are able to see further than your mobile, your Saturday night dressing..."
What do you think of it. He seems to have different standards for white "chavs" than minorities. You could call him a reverse racist and he is obviously more "informed" than me. So every killing reported in the media is to promote "safety hysteria". Glad to know that.

I haven't posted the link about the cannibalism in the Congo. They would want to give asylum to the Pygmies here in Ireland. With "education" all the Congolese here in Ireland could be thought not to eat Pygmies.
Its in the news now of an Irish girl Natasha McShane critical in hospital after been beaten and robbed by a blackman with baseball bat in Chicago. But is this "survival not ignorance"? Not much comfort to her parents. I hope she pulls through.


Anonymous said...

Well folks, just keep an eye on South Africa and see what is in store for you.

Frank said...

I'll take Ireland 2000 years ago over Rome.

Imagine how lovely the women were - just as lovely as they are today!