Monday, 29 March 2010

Someone please explain....

Apparently race relations (translation: relations between blacks and everyone else) are ‘toxic’ at the University of California. Just listen to the co-chair of the UCSD Black Student Union Fnann Keflezighi : "Students don't feel safe going to class, I personally don't feel safe going to class. It's disheartening."
God love them, the poor dears. And why don’t they feel safe? Well they cite the "Compton Cookout" and the discovery of a noose hung inside a campus library. The Cookout was a joke perpetrated by a black comedian, and the noose? Well, just let’s say if it’s like an awful lot of similar incidents, the perp was also a ‘minority’ stoking victimhood.
And that seems to be it. They don’t ‘feel safe’ on account of those incidents! If they want to really know what not feeling safe is like, in fact if they want to be scared shitless, they should take a stroll down, well, Compton, as it happens.
However, when minority victimhood is invoked, no matter how unfounded, whitey must lie down and compensate. Propitiate the gods of white guilt.
So right on cue, UC President Mark Yudof said that he would seek changes in admissions policy as well as the creation of scholarships for underrepresented minorities in order to 'improve diversity' (groan). He said all the UC campuses needed to employ "a holistic review-currently employed at UC Berkeley and UCLA-when screening applicants, rather than focusing on SAT scores and grade point averages in making admissions decisions."
Translation from PC-speak: Lower admission standards even further to allow in greater numbers of ‘underprivileged minorities’, i.e. semi-literate blacks.

One Regent, the splendidly named Eddie Island (pictured), claimed "It is our own standards and slavish adherence to grade point averages and SAT scores that have put us in this dilemma". Which stroke of genius apparently “drew applause from students, faculty and staff”.
Now leave to one side for the moment the impact this will have on the already plummeting standards at American universities – and others in the Anglosphere. What fascinates me is the belief that increasing the small numbers of black students will herald a new dawn of racial harmony.
Here's my question: Can anyone give me one reason why this should be? Any normal person not blinded by PC delusions could only conclude that increasing the black proportion will exacerbate the situation.
The madness is spiralling out of control.

How long are whites going to keep putting up with this shit?


Vick said...

The competing goals of integration and diversity in the end are a contradictory sick joke that we’re going to be fighting over and trying to sort out forever as long as we go down this path towards minority-majority demography.

Professor J said...

Well, here's one small solution: I teach at a university. I constantly fail students who plagiarize, write incomprehensible papers and perform poorly on tests.

Take a wild guess who these idiots are?

It doesn't even come down to a question of racism either. They shoot themselves in the foot constantly. Not my fault you've been admitted to an institution that is way over your head.

The administration may keep on admitting them, but I'll keep on kicking them out!

Great job!

Anonymous said...

professor J - are you not running the risk of being branded a racist? I hear that many of the externs are selected for their PS thinking.

kulak said...

They don’t ‘feel safe’ on account of those incidents!

I have the solution: Give them armed escorts.

Anonymous said...

Stop the world. Let me off. The effing stupidity is just too much to bear anymore. I, for one, am deathly sick of the same old tired song of "Hep me, hep me...I'm being racially repressed," from the black community. To all of these unappreciative knuckle-draggers I say "Do America a favor, return to Mother Africa, and create your own effing society in which you'll finally be free of oppressive Whitey. Your unmissed absence will only improve this country.

openyoureyes said...

Because we are a defective race Savant.

Every other race functions on it's own self interest except ours. We function on an artificially conjured notion of historic injustice with contemporary retribution and benevolence to all people of color. This script comes from the elevated IQs of the "puppet masters" who also have a generalized notion of historic injustice and play the Pied Popper to lead all of us who are soft headed off a cliff.

Meanwhile, we spent the last century trying very hard to kill ourselves through the largest wars the world has ever seen. All our skills, technology, energy and capital to vaporize one another.

Now I ask you, considering the above, how can we not continue the trajectory of self annihilation through suicidal programs? We hate ourselves, our culture and especially our race, you think any other race is going take up the slack? They are only too happy to nudge us off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Professor J - you fails dem 'cos dey know fuck all?? Dat be racis' man!

Exegesis said...

I've often heard the story that Africans believe a university degree is a magical object - simply possess one and walk about in a suit with a briefcase. A nice house and car, plus a white wife, will follow.

Seems like that mode of thinking is genetic.

Anonymous said...

Exegesis - problem is, they're right a lot of the time thanks to our AA practices!! LoL

Anonymous said...

Until they grow a back bone, and realize why this is happening - whitey will continue to take it up the rear.

I recommend a book called My Awakening. If you're broad-minded enough to read it, I ca say you will not be disappointed.

Giuseppe Verdi said...

"What fascinates me is the belief that increasing the small numbers of black students will herald a new dawn of racial harmony."

Promoting racial harmony is the "line." The actual goal has never been about harmony, but domination. The bigger their numbers, the more power they will have. Whites go along because they do not want to be branded as racists. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Snoop Dogg beez eatin fry chicken n corn bread awn da Larry King Show!

Rohan Swee said...

The funny thing is that whites are a minority at UCSD, Berkeley, UCLA (and, I believe, the other UC campuses). And yet these twats keep surrealistically trying to maintain the "narrative" of racist frat boys making life hell for non-whites at college - a "narrative" that was an absurdity at Duke, in North Carolina, and an order of magnitude battier in California. Is there a better demonstration of the immense psychological and emotional investment these folks have in this delusional world view?

What are these people going to do when the white presence at these schools dwindles to negligible numbers? I see no evidence that they're ready to give up this wheeze, no matter how unreal it becomes. I guess hate-crime hoaxes will become a way of life, with whitey as an Emmanuel Goldstein presence, never seen, but always at the center of friend-of-a-friend, we swear it happened, tales of never-ending racist oppression.

stella (nova) said...

Rohan Swee..... the crunch will come when the whites are no longer there, or their numbers too small, to pay the bills.

Then you'll have 'universities' transformed the way Detroit has been transformed.

Anonymous said...

whites are not having enough babies to put up with that shit in the long run

Lime Lite said...

Why don't they just do what South Africa did all those years ago -segregate the whites and blacks. Then there will be racial harmony with no one to blame. Ah, but that makes too much sense...South Africans admitted years ago what no one wants to admit (but one day they will) - blacks and whites have a different genetic make-up.

Anonymous said...

Lime Lite,

I understand what you mean by the fall of the USA and Europe, but what exactly do you mean by
"the future of Australia?" Should I shortlist Aussie-Land as a place for my children to springboard to should things turn to complete shite here in the States? Looking forward to hearing from you on this blog, C.

N Kelly said...

anon 23.51. Australia is way ahead of the US or Europe in terms of safe living and other aspects that used to be associated with advanced 'western' life styles.

However, they (we) are going headlong down the same route. For example Sydney looks more Asian than European, as does Darwin. Still, the numbers are, country-wide, still relatively low.

Furthermore, there does seem to be a clear unbderstanding that black Africans are a disaster and their admissions have been sharply reduced.

Penny hasn't dropped, at least officially, re: the Muslims tho, at least not with those in power.

Anonymous said...

"Put your money where your mouth is."

There are organizations out there worthy of your dime - people whose full-time job is our cause, like Geert Wilders.