Friday, 19 March 2010

Shocking hate crime at Wal+Mart

The news shook me to the core. I was close to being traumatised. I could only gasp in admiration at the fortitude and resilience of the victims of the crime. (See videos here of some of those brave people).

Yes I'm talking about what's becoming known as 'The Great Wal+Mart Race Scandal'. And it's set to run and run.

What? You haven't heard of this? You must be joking. It's headline news all over the US. As it should be. Well, in case you've been hibernating in some cave, what happened is this. Some vile, twisted, debased racist scumbag got access to the PA system at a Wal+Mart store in New Jersey and announced "Attention: All black people leave the store immediately.'

Isn't that horrific? I know you're as shocked as I am. The victims, as I say, are taking it well, and, according to the coast-to-coast coverage, are not going to seek financial redress for their suffering. Well, at least not for the moment.

Meanwhile the store has gone into full abasement mode as it grovels and begs forgiveness. And dead right too. "Black shoplifters customers are always welcome in this store" claimed the manager, Steve Mainwairing. "No stone will be left unturned as we track down the perpetrator, who'll be severely punished".

Whew! That's a relief.


henry IX said...

Ho ho! I love it! Great writing Savant.

Anonymous said...

"Office spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld said in the statement that its victim-witness unit has contacted the store's management, offering counseling services to anyone affected by the announcement. The county's Human Relations Commission was offering similar help."


kulak said...

Attention: All black people leave the store immediately.

Did it work?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone remember that right after Obama the half black prince bought the US presidency, that Black shoppers at Walmart on Long Island trampled a security guard to death? and that it was hushed up really quick because Google was too busy banning blogs that said bad racist things about Obama?
so, whoever said this must have had that in mind and more power to them. By the way , it was just a few weeks after South Africa Sucks was banned yet again by google and they moved to wordpress. Black people dont get that white people remember these crimes they commit.

Anonymous said...

attn shoppers, will Jew boy Weisenfeld and his nigger friends please leave the store.

Anonymous said...

More about Google. Yes, they are banning 'bad things'. In fact I find Yahoo a much fairer news source - not that they're great either.

Anonymous said...

Jacquete something or other punched a 76 yeard old greeter because she was asked to profuce a receipt.

Cannot find the news article so going by memory and the name I am fuessing that she is a WASP.

SAVANT said...

The victim was, in fact, white.

Anonymous said...

That was in New Jersey where 30 detectives sent to find the perpetrator of this disgraceful crime and Autumn Pasquale was only found because the two murderers mother turned them in for the $10 000 reward money! As she cannot benefit by being related to a criminal how long before Reveren Al Sharpton is on the scene to complain about this?