Wednesday, 10 March 2010

America's happiest town

So now we know: The happiest city in America is Holland, Michigan. This interesting information came by way of a nationwide 'Well-being' survey in the US. They’re happy despite suffering from a lousy climate and high unemployment arising fromthe meltdown of the auto industry.

Apparently this sense of well-being is driven by close social ties, religion, friendliness (you’ll talk to strangers on the street) very low levels of crime, high levels of volunteerism, and, and, and?

Goodness – what’s this? The ground is shaking, the furniture is crashing over. Why, it’s the elephant in the room! The elephant that all the MSM has studiously avoided.

What is this elephant? Well, when I see a place that has stable families, low crime rates, low levels of welfare dependency, safe streets and high levels of volunteerism it means only one thing. An absence of blacks. And sure enough, checking the demographics of Holland I see that blacks number a minuscule 1% of the population. But as I've said, you won’t see this anywhere in the MSM. That is, what is undoubtedly the most important component is totally airbrushed out by the Thought Police.

What you will see is a lot of unhappy comment from letter writers, blog posters and editorialists.

“town is filled with almost all white, Dutch, christian people”

“If you truly trace the philanthropy within the Holland MI community more than 95% of the money, gifts in kind, donations, etc... directly benefit their own caucasion, christian reformed kind!!!”

“Even at age 10, I sensed the latent hostility of what I now understand to be the hegemony-oriented, non-tolerant, Dutch, Christian Reformed community”

“Holland and Grand Haven, MI areas are very happy places to live (IF you meet the following requirements IN ORDER):1. You are caucasion2. You have money 3. You are active in a christian religion, preferably reformed christian4. You are very conservative with your political viewpoints”

“Love thy neighbor.. only if they are dutch attend the christian school and you were born here”

“I found it a cold place to live in terms of human connection and acceptance of diversity.”

So it seems it can, just like Portland and York, be transformed from being clean, happy law-abiding to, well, what, exactly? Suitably diverse cities like Detroit, Blackburn or Trelleborg?

Could I get this point into the thick skulls of those feeble-minded slack-jawed morons: The reason these place are safe, law-abiding clean and happy is because they are NOT 'diverse'.

Seriously, how fucking stupid and blind can you be? They look at cohesive (i.e. non-diverse) white societies, they look at their diverse counterparts, see the staggering divergence in quality of life, and still claim that the former must become more like the latter in order, as the Nigerian 'mixed race' beauty queen in York said, to improve their image.

Sometimes I lose the will to live.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Well said.. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I too find it just amazing how blind people can be. It takes some efort to fool yourself to this extent.

Rob said...

Hold it, Savant, you mustn't rush to conclusions. It could be something in the water - or maybe the place is downwind from a huge Prozac factory, or...or...

Enoch Was Right said...

Darn it, Savant, you rule! (as we say in the formerly united states)
Your site is an oasis where 2+2 still equals 4. We really do live in an age of perpetual full-spectrum mendacity - for example, war is peace, freedom is slavery, DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH, etc...

By the way, Geert Wilders was debated on Anerican TV yesterday (on Murdoch's Fox network, the only "conservative" TV channel.) The coverage was shockingly respectful... that has to be a good sign. I, for one was amazed.

Anonymous said...

Savant, check this:

Detroit may be reverting back to primeval nature, literally!


blagthorpe said...

Wonderful to see that Gert Wilders was treated well on US TV, even if it was Fox.

Anonymous said...

'Seriously, how fucking stupid and blind can you be?'

Savant, you seem to been under the illusion this is some sort of accident. It's not, it's done deliberately.

kulak said...

Obviously, the Huffington Post and ABC News hate Holland Michigan, and have marked it for death.

Anonymous said...

Canada's happiest city also bears witness that having an almost all-white community coincides with happiness and racial harmony.

Funny how that works out so well, eh? Who would have thought of that remote connection?

Anonymous said...

off topic savant, wanna laugh your buns off, go to shaved long cock blog and watch the IRISH dancers do their thing to Belle of Belfast city, halarious.

Anonymous said...

was up in Holland Mich. last year while on way up to upper penisula and found the ppl friendly kind and grat antique shops by the way that didnt try to rip you off, this is probably one of the last truly ethnic areas left in the US but on other hand Willie man dont likes da col weater/

hcv3 said...

Pete Hoekstra, the Prince family (the shrill Betsy and Blackwater's Erik), the DeVos and VanAndel Families (the Amway founders have big homesteads here), a strict christian college anchoring the city. You can be happy there if you are part of those groups.

Rohan Swee said...

kulak: Obviously, the Huffington Post and ABC News hate Holland Michigan, and have marked it for death.

For their own good, kulak, for their own good: don't know if any of the rest of you caught this exquisite little exchange buried in the comments:

smpj: "But they're happy in Holland, even if you think you wouldn't be."

MIMom: "They are happy 'cause they don't know any better. Seriously, I grew up with people who didn't know -- or care -- that there was a world beyond the county line."

smpj: "What is it that you think they don't know? Personal happiness isn't at all tied to an intimate knowledge of the doings in next town or the next county. It is interesting you seem so unhappy that they're happy."

85Percent: "It is a matter of happiness at the expense of others, even though the Hollander is not even aware of his offense. That is just how insular they are. I wonder who the writers of this story thinks those Hollanders give to. The Dutch are stingy."

Exquisite. Absolutely fucking exquisite.

Nobody does insane quite like the commenters at HuffPo.

astrologycat's animal farm said...

Shame on you. You are not being politically correct. About time political correctness sucks.
More truth and less bullshit. You are going to anger the ACLU commies.

Anonymous said...

uh oh - now what will happen is the state department will decide that it's Holland Mi's turn to host all the black refugees who trashed their own country and now want to go on welfare in the US, yes Somalians! Nigerians! Iraqis!
and if the landlords don't take the welfare checks then they will get fined for Fair Housing violations.
I live in area that used to be all white and I think word got around that section 8 or housing vouchers could be gotten in five months, so a lot of black fat trash moved in from the City , and once they are here they dont go away. Then they found white women who you might say are trash to hook up with.....

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your Trelleborg link.
Its really like that now? Saw it on the map, a town on the south tip of Sweden. I was thinking of going to that part of Sweden on a holiday to Ystad after seeing the Kenneth Brannagh Wallender tv series. Maybe not now though. I knew Malmo was bad but not all around there

kulak said...

@Rohan: Right you are, right you are.

The Huffington Posters are just dying to give free reign to their inner Basterds.

SAVANT said...

anon 11.27. In my view Trelleborg is a lot worse than Malmo. AT least there are still large areas of the latter uninfected.

But dont let it put yoiu off 'that part of Sweden'. There are lots of other lovely areas in that region.