Sunday, 7 February 2010

They dare to speak the truth

You’ve undoubtedly read about the case of the 16-year-old girl who was buried alive by relatives in an "honour" killing in Turkey- carried out as punishment for talking to boys. If not, the ever-reliable Guardian provides a report here

Now to the untutored observer it might appear that all such outrages occur in Muslim countries. But in fact this is totally incorrect, and I'm heartened that so many commentators have highlighted this fact.

Typical, and welcome, is that of Peter Daou, political consultant and former adviser to Hillary Clinton. “First, let me say this: the brutalization of women and girls cuts across all religious and cultural boundaries, so this isn't just about dis-'honor' killings”

And of course he’s absolutely right. Consider the following, which represent but a small sample of what’s going on in the supposedly civilised western world.

Rural Anglican churches: Every evening, after Vespers, the adulterous women of the shires are dragged before the assembled worshippers and stoned to death. Don’t believe me? Well, just look at the photo on the left, secretly filmed by a participant.
And isn't she taking it all rather well? Typical British stiff upper lip.

Zurich Switzerland: Once a week, on Sunday morning, the air is rent by the terrified shrieks of doomed women, heading for their deaths by beheading, often for the most trivial offences. By lunchtime the streets are literally running red with blood. All the evidence you need is provided by the dreadful image on the left.

Bruges Belgium: Probably the worst example of all when it comes to Western ill-treatment of women. Once a month literally hundreds of misbehaving women are taken out and shot by firing squad. The numbers are so great that a giant excavator (seen left, going about its gory business) must be deployed to dig the required mass graves.

So yes, thank you to all those brave, culturally sensitive commentators who have fearlessly stepped forward to quell the endless vilification of the Religion of Peace.


sam sganter said...

Great post!! As happens so often, you had me going for a while, thinking you'd lost your marbles.

Need not have worried.

Anonymous said...

yessavant sad but true/ in the chicago area adulturous wives are assembled outside a local movie theatre and forced to watch re runs of Bllykissangle. oh the inhumanity of ot all.

Anonymous said...

Well, we wouldn't have expected anything else from the Windy City. Still, endless reruns of Ballykisangel... that's totally over the top.

Anonymous said...


I regulary enjoy your blog, often logging in before even reading my on-line newspapers. However, you recently "turned me on" to "Sarah Maid of Albion," and she's quicly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Her leading article on Black History Month is a must-read. Tell your readers to check it out.

Anonymous said...

In Southern California, adulterous women are stuffed into ill-fitting designer clothing and dragged into local wine bars where they are forced, often at cocktail umbrella-point, to flirt with the millionaire menfolk.

SAVANT said...

anon 1.04 - yes, Sarah's blog is superb

doodler said...

Good one!

Valive said...

What about adulterous men? It's not fair only women to be treated badly because of this.