Friday, 12 February 2010

Grim but ambivalent satisfaction

The whole thing provided me with a sense of grim, if ambivalent, satisfaction. You know, the kind you’d experience on seeing your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new car. The satisfaction came from seeing three of the most avid proponents of diversity (the Greens and Labour political parties, and school principals) wriggle in exquisite embarrassment as the full implications of ‘diversity’ begin to dawn on them.

It must have had Green Party parliamentarians chocking on their muesli as their education spokesman (sorry, spokesperson) referred to pupils from non-Irish backgrounds as the "dregs" when discussing their difficulties in enrolling in schools.

Oh dear!

The incident occurred as principals of multi-ethnic primary schools warned the Joint Committee on Education and Science of the dangers of failing to address the educational needs of children with non-Irish parents. (Note that they didn't refer to the children as non-Irish). One principal from Galway noted the experience of rioting in France because immigrants had not been properly integrated into society.
He said if new policies were not developed for asylum seekers and immigrants “ghettoisation” was going to occur and “it was already happening on the east side of Galway.”
In fact it’s already happening all over the country, as scores of primary schools degenerate into chaos in a context where multiple languages, low IQ black children and Muslim pupils whose ‘culture’ won't allow them accept female teachers all coalesce to form an educational disaster zone.
Ruairí Quinn, my old pal from my Labour Party days, noted how "in Denmark the children of guest workers who grew up never learning to speak Danish were now perceived as welfare cheats because they could not get work. Many of these people will end up in jail and welfare. We will start harvesting that legacy soon,” he warned.
Indeed we will Ruairí, indeed we will. It’s all coming along nicely and I'd say within about six years the first crop of little knife fighters will be diversifying our multicultural streets. Whether we’ll be celebrating such diversity………….. well, what do you think?
Look in the mirror folks, because it’s you who brought this disaster to pass. You’re the ones who championed diversity and mass immigration from Third World hell-holes, said hell-holes created by the very people we allowed in here in such vast numbers, and who are now reproducing at rates way in excess of the native population.
The evidence of the disaster that diversity and multiculturalism had brought to Britain, France, and so many other places was there for you to see. And to learn from.
If you had wanted to.
But you did not.
And you have now visited on this country a plague that cannot be ameliorated, far less reversed.
Clearly, this is beginning to dawn on you now, based on what went on at the Committee. But in all probability you, in your leafy law-abiding suburbs, won't experience much of it. As for your children and grand children – and mine – well, that’s going to be a very different story.


noel og said...

So true. There can be some smidgin of an allowance made to the other European countries, but none for Ireland. They had all the evidence they needed to see what a disaster they were unleashing, but, as you say, they went ahead anyway.

Fuck them and damn them. I really hope they personally suffer from the disaster they've visited upon us.

NR said...

Why can't this man-made disaster be reversed?

It can, of course.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't think is what was meant by "black Irish"

Anonymous said...

It cannot be reversed in any feasible way. Those here illegally with children can stay and trying to deprot them at this stage would bring the whole battery of the law down on anyone who tried it. The ECHR legislation would ensure that it's impossible. And of course no politician could resist the outcry from the MSM.

In any event the vast majority are here legally by now, having sold us their cock and bull stories. As are their children.

In theory we could reverse it, in practice......not a hope.

openyoureyes said...

Not to worry Lads, this has happened before and will be rectified again.

You think this is the first world wide experiment with diversity? Been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. This is just history re-emphasizing the need for borders. Borders between people, borders between tribes and especially borders between ethnicities.

When the Irish wake up and realize what hell they hath imported to their tranquil little island, the blow back will be in direct proportion to the idiocracy that enabled this mutation to have developed in the first place.

I mean, really, what the hell were they thinking? Some subsaharan yuck, is gonna assimilate with a proud Irish tradition? How many Irish Lads marched to their doom so that the Irish could stay Irish? And now they import African flotsam? These leeches expect to suck at the tit of Irish sacrifice and blood for gratis? Some Habib from the middle east comes to Ireland to escape from oppression and doesn't realize he is importing it.

Naw, this facade has been done in the past. Ask the Romans how it played out.

The house will be cleaned, and then we can go back to the way things were.

RegThe Hedge said...

Have a read...

kevin t. said...

@openyoureyes - I'd love to think you're right but I can't see it happening. As anaon 7.56 said, there's a vast array of impediments in achieving what you say.

Fact is, they're in ireland in huge numbers, they're breeiding like rabbits and the ghettoes are already forming. Even if the irish wake up and rebel, what's going to happen?

No my friend, it's too late. In fact your analogy to the Roman empire unwittingly bears out my point. They freely imported 'barbarians'..... and it destroyed them.

NR said...

I repeat, the imported third world colonial populations can be removed from Ireland (and Britain, Europe, N. America, etc.).

How the hell do you think they got here in the first place?

How do you think the national liberation movements in Africa and Asia removed White colonials from their countries throughout the 20th C.?

It can be done.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Savant, you tell it exactly how it is and will be. God help us!

Anonymous said...

Sav suppose we had learned from Britain and France and done everything we could to keep them out. The EU would have been all over us like flies on shit. They're trying to reverse the Swiss mineret ban even though the Swiss aren't an EU member

Anonymous said...

What a concept... Negro stepdancers at an Irish ceili. Why, it's enough to give a multiculturalist the "warm fuzzies."

SAVANT said...

We could have got around it in a number of ways. First the Irish born child scam could have been withdrawn once the scam became apparent. Instead up to 20,000 Nigerians and their children got in here before it was closed.

We could have refused to give social welfare to failed application seekers and greatly reduced their access to the courts.

We could and should have deported EVERY asylum toursit who came in here from another EU country. We were enttled to do that. Instead we left them stay, upon which they quickly put some local girl up the spout, guaranteeing them a lifetime here living on welfare.

There were ways we cojuld have done it but we did not. It's ttoo late now.

ballyconnell said...

Savant is right, the damage was done early on. We saw what happened elsewhere yet we still repeated the same errors. For example more Nigerians claimed asylum in ireland than in ANY OTHER COUNTRY!

Rob said...

The preventive measures you outlined wouldn't have worked in the long run, Savant.
If Ireland had avoided the blunders of its neighbours, it would eventually become the best country
in Europe to live in. And you know what would happen then: the Third World hordes would start pouring in from other EU countries to escape the chaos they've created there.
This pattern can be seen in America, where Mexicans are leaving gang-infested LA and moving to places like Kansas.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a very good point Rob. I make the same point to those in South Africa who are thinking of forming a white homeland in the Cape. Blacks, as you say, will screw up anything they have and will follow the whites for a better life.

However, I still think that if we had done that and made Ireland a 'cold place' for them, esp. re social welfare, the numbers would be drasticaly down.

reveal1970 said...

It is to late now! Yes it will be impossible to get rid of them if we keep being nice to them.
A polar change in the political landscape in the West resulting from a future economic collapse could make the impossible possible.

SAVANT said...

Yes, I've been saying that for quite a while: an economic collapse could concentrate everyone's mind quite a bit on this issue

kulak said...

Savant says: First the Irish born child scam could have been withdrawn once the scam became apparent.

You need the state to tell you who's Irish?

Here's what will eventually happen if the state doesn't come around:

Just like the interlopers and squatters -- and that's all the multiculti diversitoids are, squatters on the abandoned throne of the national psyche -- the Irish will simply tell the state to fuck off.

We could have refused to give social welfare to failed application seekers and greatly reduced their access to the courts.

We could and should have deported EVERY asylum toursit who came in here from another EU country.

"We"? Check your tapeworm.

Do you think the people of the little Italian town that chased out the Africans considered themselves responsible for the African presence?

Hell no. But they were damn responsible for the African departure.

If a few more towns do that and talk to each other, they can honestly speak of themselves as a nation again.

You speak of things as if they had been considered with the nation in mind. As if the nation existed beyond a name.

But it didn't. "We" didn't do jack shit, because there was no "We".

That's been the problem. And it will change.

SAVANT said...

Good point kulak. You're right, it's as simple as that. There is no 'we'...... we got it done to us.

I just hope you're right too about the fightback a la the Italian town.

Somehow I'm not as optimistic as you or many of the other contributors. Just look at how far other places have gone (e.g. Antwerp, 65% of kids foreign-born) and no fightback yet.

kulak said...

As an American of Irish descent, I have an advantage over you, Savant.

I wasn't even born when the 1965 Immigration Act was passed, so it's a lot harder to sell me on the idea that I had anything to do with it.

My dad did though. He was a commie hippe-yippee back then. In his defense, he was lied to.

And he has since rejoined the nation.

The nation died with his generation, but it is born again in me.

The nation is dead. Long live the nation.

SAVANT said...

kulak - your dad seems to have had a life trajectory just like me!

Anonymous said...

God help us.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments too. God help us all, and our children.

Anonymous said...

Ironic about Antwerp. it was such a strategic port for the Germans and the Allies during the war. They fought tooth and nail for it. The Germans were hoping to retake Antwerp during the battle of the bulge offensive. Pattons third army had to go on a detour to stop them. And all the Arabs have to do to take the place is walk in and stick out their arses to be kissed by the cringing local politicans. What was it all for.

proud redneck said...

Not just Antwerp. Almost all of Europe has been fought over, inch by inch, and now it's all being given away.

Ironic is right.

Anonymous said...

Here's a handy little computer tool that can help spread the message anonymously, especially for the "visually-impaired".

It's a computer generated text-to-voice along with a cartoon character and accent of your choosing.

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Anonymous said...

anon 20.10 - sounds fascinating, but neither link works for me.

Anonymous said...

I got an "error" code, so try the direct link here:

Go to "create a movie" and follow the simple directions.

Aside from uploading your animation to youtube, I'm sure bloggers can also embed their creation next to their text.

anon 20.10

JC Skinner said...

I've said it before and will keep saying it till it's implemented.
If we don't introduce a points-based immigration system designed to match Ireland's job needs (currently none) with highly skilled foreign workers only, then we'll be looking at our own Toxteths and Brixtons very soon.
And by that I mean riots.
As for dealing with the existing problem, the simple scrapping of legal aid for appeals to deportation orders would be a good start. Turning Roma back at the airport if they cannot prove they have a return ticket and sufficient funds in their pocket for their stay would also be useful.

Anonymous said...

A review, with videos, on how multi-culti is used to destroy our national identities.

Anonymous said...

Among those countries stepping forward to pledge financial and material aid to relieve the suffering is an honourable list of European nations, including the likes of Greece and Estonia, who have suffered considerably during the recent financial downturn, together with America and all members of the white commonwealth. Noticeably absent, apart from a relatively small promised donation by South Africa, are the majority of African nations, despite the strong ethnic ties between Haiti and many African nations.