Saturday, 13 February 2010

The anniversary of Haiti's horror

Haiti's earthquake occurred a month ago today (I think). To gain a full appreciation of the devastation, compare the scene after the quake, and then before.

Haiti after the quake

Haiti before the quake



Anonymous said...

My own feelings, exactly ... How could they tell the difference?



Anonymous said...

ho ho. and i was thinking the quake had improved the place!!!

Arminius said...

Savant, you will love this:

Pictures from the Carnival in Düsseldorf - Obama the fallen Angel and tolerant Muslims are among the topics. Enjoy!

Text Obama: Obama the Redeemer
Text Muslim: The one who gets the last laugh

SAVANT said...

Hey arminius - these are great floats. Well worth a visit from the rest of the readers.

Anonymous said...

Black History MONTH??? Should be Black History MINUTE!

"Lombo-lomb-lombombo!" savage throws spear.
"In dem ole cotton fields back home!" singing slave picks crops.
"Free at last! Free at last!" arms in air, Civil Rights is here!
"Yo-yo-yo wiv mah gangsta ho!" sneering criminal sucks on crack pipe and fires his glock...
...the bullets run out...
...he clicks aimlessly...throws the weapon aside...
picks up a new one:


Anonymous said...

Savant, check this out:

Anonymous said...

‘Racism’ is the life-line keeping Blacks alive. Without the legacy of Slavery, Colonialism and Apartheid, Africans will simply cease to feature/exist in the Modern World. They need to keep ‘racism’ alive at all costs….because without it they’ll have no moral leverage to justify their non-progressive existence.

Without ‘Racism’ there will be no Affirmative Action, no Black Economic Empowerment, no Food Stamps, etc. ‘Racism’ is therefore such a ludicrous paradox; blacks can’t live with it, and cannot live without it! And the more desperate his, the blacks' situation becomes, the more ‘Racism’ they need.

Anonymous said...

Big quake in Chile today, but they know what to do so only minimum casualities. They know what to do because they are white, civilised and learned as opposed to black, feral and ignorant. I would like to see more natural cleansing acts reducing the black popultion soon. There's no need for blacks, they're like some grotesque consolation prize in an evolutionary race.