Friday, 29 January 2010

Escape from the living dead

From the Irish Times (print edition) I bring you the following tragic case. First of all it’s tragic for us, the beleaguered Irish taxpayers, as we’re going to be funding another lawyers’ feeding frenzy. But it’s also sad for the asylum seeker involved, as I’ll explain shortly.

This particular cultural enricher is challenging the Irish Government, claiming that their Direct Provision and Dispersal policies are repugnant to the repugnant European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), that damned body of law which is being used to subvert European society, usually by people who find the self same human rights provisions, well, repugnant to them.

Except when they can use them against us.

Direct Provision means that the taxpayer picks up the full tab for all accommodation, meals, health and education expenses, (and of course legal costs) while giving the asylum tourist a modest cash supplement of about €30 a week. (They’re ‘tourists’ because they must have come thorough several other countries before eventually arriving here). Now this is anathema to huge numbers of these tourists because what they want is to get full living costs in cash – about €500 per week.

The Dispersal provision entitles the Government to send the tourists to a location where’s there’s free, taxpayer funded accommodation available. As distinct from the tourist’s location of choice.

This particular cultural enricher doesn’t like the facilities in his Longford accommodation. The poor guy points out that it’s of ‘poor quality’, has ‘no educational or recreational facilities’, the food is ‘inedible’ and there was ‘no security’ there. He has spent some time in the town with ‘others of the same ethnicity and faith as himself’ (now I wonder what that could be?) and seemed to have much preferred that to the accommodation centre.

Which in turn begs the question, if he’s so keen on those of ‘the same ethnicity and faith as himself’, why doesn’t he fuck off back to where he came from? Anyway, an expensive legal circus has now been set in train, funded by us mugs.

But to my mind there’s one startling omission from his long list of complaints, namely, having to live in Longford, the Town Of The Living Dead. Escapees from that town have related its horrors in hushed tones. Now any reasonable person would admit that being forced to live there constitutes cruel and unusual punishment of the most grievous kind. Yet, no mention of that in the lawsuit.

I wonder why. And I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

There's lots of them in Longford or at least there was a few years ago. Don't know if its got better or worse since. Back in 2004 there was a news story about two local Longford racists hanging an effigy of a black man with a sign around its neck telling them to go home. Around 2007 there was another story about 700 mainly African asylum seekers in Longford ( pop 7000 ) and one of the local Irish do gooders who said he was appalled by the effigy, was complaining about the numbers by 2007 in a polite way mind. What an idiot.
You're either a racist or you're not. Lots of these do gooders are really racist cowards who hold their noses around people with the balls to speak up. Its all about numbers. Numbers change the country beyond recognition. Just look at the terrible state of England for christsake. The racists of 2004 saw what was coming. Any of the white flighters out of cork city centre are racists cut and dried and they have no business criticising anyone who says we don't want these people in our country.

Viking said...

Then you'll appreciate this,

apparently they aren't getting enough free abortions either...

neasa4 said...

Aw lay off Longford Savant - it's not that bad.

Mind you, it's bad enough!

comeonthetown said...

Whats up with Longford? It's no different to any other Irish town. I'm from Ballymahon and we see a visit to Longford as an exsciting experience!

Anonymous said...

I no longer passively watch television, but have replaced that pastime by viewing youtube such as seeking info on how other white countries are handling the amoeba-like encapsulation by immigrant non-whites who will eventually colonize and control us, just by their sheer numbers alone (92% of world's population), unless mass immigration is stopped today.

In the following video link below, Ireland's, either naive or traitorous politicians, appear to roll out the "red carpet" for the handful of black demonstrators, as if the foreigners were already in charge of Ireland while the white lackeys curry favour by fawning at the feet of their future leaders.

Nigerians alone, number about 150,000,000 people against 4,000,000 Irish people today, so there's no match there if the "chain link" leading to eventual conquest, is not broken immediately.

Definitely a puzzling display of racial suicide that your Irish descendants of 2030 will surely question, and incidentally, quite the opposite of a race-realist Enoch Powell of some 40 years ago.

Also, view other related videos in the side-bar to the right or place your own search words in the search bar.

Anonymous said...

All blacks in Ireland seem to do is drive taxis and run internet cafes. The Nigerian Muslims are here because they were persecuted by the Christians and the Christians are here because they were persecuted by the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

The vid mentioned by anon 20.37 worth a look - provided you don't suffer from blood pressure!

J. Flowers said...

Our govt will give in to their demands. As an irish man, one of my big sources of shame is the lack of logic applied when devising policies.
I can't stand it how many of my friends regard Mandela (1st world destroyer-wait and see) as a personal hero.
We are already on economic life support. Thanks to developments in automation and offshoring we will never see 4-5% unemployment again. Why therefore do we accept people from low IQ countries? Analytical thought is replaced by acts of altruism to bolster our own egos.

SAVANT said...

J. Flowers, You hit it on the head. They don't plan and just hope that something will come along. Again, you're right. Allowing in tens of thousands of low IQ parasites will drag us down even further.

Anonymous said...

Juju is a form of witchcraft thought to have originated in West Africa which centres on the belief that objects can be endowed with magical powers.

It is widespread in Nigeria, where such objects are made into charms believed to have the power to protect people or influence events.

Many of the practices of Juju are unknown as they are conducted in secret, but are generally characterised by elaborate rituals, often involving animals.

It is thought the word Juju means ‘fetish’ in Hausa, a language of northern Nigeria.

Juju travelled to the Americas from west Africa with the influx of slaves, and still survives in some communities that retain strong ties with their traditions.

In more recent times, migrant workers from the region brought Juju to Britain and other parts of Europe.

Will the judge let him off because they have different standards to first worlders as happened too recently and too often in Ireland?

SAVANT said...

anon 8.44. That's what this precedent suggests. Which just about leaves our whole legal system in tatters.

Anonymous said...

He has got two more convictions for road traffic offences thahn I have.

Won'tanyone think of the poor starving lawyers?