Sunday, 3 January 2010

The climate change shakedown religion

Somebody once said that every seemingly good cause transformed into a business and ultimately degenerated into a racket. They could have shortened it by saying that every seemingly good cause becomes a religion. And that’s what the whole green movement is beginning to look like to me.
Anyone who disputes their dogma is howled down, children are brainwashed and inconvenient truths (as we saw with the University of East Anglia) simply ignored.

Nigel Lawson had a ‘denial’ book ‘Appeal To Reason’ turned down by almost every publisher. One of the world’s leading experts on polar bears was banned from the Copenhagen shakedown jamboree because he wasn’t singing from the approved hymn sheet. It also seems to gel perfectly with the whole intolerant peecee multiculti secular religion in having its main target the evil white men in ‘the West’.

Now where have we seen that kind of thing before?

I genuinely have – or had - an open mind. After all, if it’s opposed by GW Bush and his paymasters in the oil industry it must have something going for it. The planet is indeed warming up, but I don't know if it’s doing so dangerously, or whether man is responsible. My suspicions are strongly aroused though when contra evidence is forced from the public domain. And I seem to remember that we were being warned by scientists about thirty years ago that we were due to perish from a new Ice Age.
And as one of the commentators to this post asks, what about the hole in the ozone layer? That was the big issue twenty years ago but we hear nothing about it now.

But of course there’s a second agenda – one that goes nicely with demonizing the evil West. And that is the shakedown from the ‘less well-developed nations’ - the usual parasites to you and me.

Listen to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenari unveiling his proposal for a system in which rich countries would provide money to poor ones to help deal with the effects of climate change. ...
“Zenawi said he would accept $30 billion in the short term [isn't that generous of him?], rising to $100 billion by 2020. ... This was seen as a key concession by developing countries, which had previously spurned that figure ... as too low.”
You gotta give Ethiopia 100% for brass neck, but that's about all.

Now consider its recent population history

1975 - 32.2 million.
1990 – 51.7 million
2008 - 80,713,434

That’s right folks, the population (remember that word) has more than doubled in thirty years.

And here’s what this population growth leads to

As the population increases, more and more land is deforested and over-farmed. Forest coverage has declined from 40 percent 75 years ago to only 3 percent today. People must travel farther and farther to find firewood, the principal fuel, which reduces time spent farming. Without firewood, many resort to burning animal dung, instead of using it to fertilize their depleted soil. Without trees to help hold it in place, the soil erodes from the steep highlands. As a result, many previously habitable areas have now been transformed into dry lands and deserts.
This vicious cycle exacerbates the effects of Ethiopia’s droughts, leading to severe and ever more frequent crises. The 2003 famine affected more than 13 million people, and at least 6 million people now suffer from permanent food insecurity. But drought is not entirely to blame: Ethiopia “faces famine when we have a bumper harvest and when we have drought” since the amount of arable land per person is so low (1/2 hectare for 8 people).

And that's it. That's the solution. If the ‘poor nations’ stopped breeding like rabbits (said rabbits, of course, fed by the evil white men in the West) most environmental problems would be solved automatically. Think about it. Out of control population growth is what’s causing the forests to be cut down, wildlife wiped out, water resources to be used up and seas polluted. As well of course millions unable to feed themselves.

But the ‘P’ word never gets mentioned in all this hysteria, does it? Of course not, because to do so would divert the blame to where it lies. For the true believers who want to add another nail in the West’s coffin there’d be no joy, and for the green carpetbaggers there’s be no money.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2...I wonder what the effect of billions of humans has on CO2 emissions?!

Anonymous said...

Yes - you've nailed gthe problem. and of course it's the 'P' word. and yes, climate change has become a religion.

Anonymous said...

Remember the ozone layer bullshit. That was Twenty Years ago

W Baker said...


You're not suggesting that third and fourth-world countries practise impulse control by the use of contraceptives and/or simple abstinence when it comes to sex - or any other part of their lives? Haven't you heard and seen that this low impulse control is one of their cultural contributions - not only in their own countries, but when they travel or immigrate to the West. Think of scat singing and the improvisational nature of jazz or the ad hoc lyrics of rap. Or maybe their in-your-face mannerisms, dress, and impetuous antics when they travel down the street in groups, etc.

And here I was thinking this 'joie de vivre' was to be celebrated...

Anonymous said...

I've seen the P word mentioned a few times when there are stories about the Italien German and Russian governments trying to produce incentives to increase their chronic birthrates. The pc crowd come out and say they shouldn't because of the world population crisis.

Anonymous said...

Ask Zenawi if he'd accept a kick up the arse

kerdasi amaq said...

I don't believe that the West can be considered rich anymore, after all the reckless borrowing its governments have been indulging in. They are bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on a post here, but am an avid reader. I just want to say....Spot on! Amazing how they have the energy to reproduce but non to learn. They should start a campain to sterilize people, give them $100 or something.

SAVANT said...

W Baker. My suggestion is to discontinue food aid and let the populations of those places level off at what the land can sustain. As I mentioned in the related link, societies like the eskimo, Australian abbos and others managed this for centuries.

Anonymous said...

anon 18.34. What that would achieve ($100 to be sterilized). $100 million - a drop in the aid osean - would take a million of the bredders out of circulation.

That's good value - but it won't happen. That be racis'

goldenage said...

Jesus Christ - it's obvious that all this bloody food aid is actually making things worse. What a fuckup all this stuff is!!!!

Dalria said...

We're cutting payments to the old and the sick yet ireland can find €700 million a year to perpetuate this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Here, here, Savant, in regards to your suggestion " discontinue food aid and let the populations of those places level off at what the land can sustain."

Anonymous said...

Savant said: "My suggestion is to discontinue food aid and let the populations of those places level off at what the land can sustain."

Uh oh, Bono, Geldoff, and a host of other moral parasites are fucked....

Anonymous said...

The best video on AGW (and how bogus it is) that Ive seen. The atmosphere simply releases any excessive heat out into space anyway. The last 10 years were slightly cooler, not warmer. If you are worried about excessive CO2, dont own a dog or cat (offests and entire SUV's worth of CO2, and plant an extra tree or hedge in your yard as they act as carbon sinks, and buy one extra plant for your house). This is not a problem.

The ozone layer -hole opened up to let CFC's OUT of the atmosphere into space. Now that we dont use these chemicals in our deoderants anymore, the hole close up. Its a self-correcting system.

The sun is 109 times the diameter of earth with 332,000-times-the-mass of earth with a surface temperature of roughly 6,000 degrees. It is THE driver of our climate. Its a ball of hydrogen being burned slowly into helium. Sunspot activity is low right now, and is the predictor of our climate. When there are many sunspots its like putting your thumb on a garden house to increase the length of stream running out of the hose. Well, those little sunspot-"thumbs" aren't there much now, and the light stream of the sun is a bit diffuse at the moment, meaning less intense light and heat than what we were getting in the 80's and 90's.

The real solution to any excessive CO2 is to do what the french have done and build nuclear power plants and use them with plug-in hypbrid vehicles in the future. The real LONG term energy solution for earth is either geothermal or helium 3 mined from the moons' dust (or dust on the planet mercury). Helium three in a reaction simply produces one extra proton and helium 2---helium's ordinary state. There is no radioactivity and cold fusion (if we can get our hands on enough of the stuff) would be a reality.

We are on a planet with powerful waves, a furnace core, that is bathed in powerful sun-rays, and has plentiful winds, and some elements that can be split or fused together to produce great energy. There is no energy crisis, there is only a politician's/media complexe's competence crisis (because they collectively suck). If they'd get the hell out of the market's way, we'd have cheap, reliable energy for the whole world to use to produce more wealth with.

J. Flowers said...

The developed countries would do well to look at their own backyards and stop trying to ensure proliferation of those who have performed no great feats of engineering or engineering. As the average IQ of these countries declines due to dysgenics and low-IQ population immigration (excepting east asians), they'll eventually reach a point where they won't be able to provide aid to african countries. For a population to stay technologially sophisticated, a decent percentage of high IQ people is necessary. Zimbabwe has experienced the consequences of ignoring this and S. Africa is currently doing so.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Geldof and Bobo. They never put a shilling of their own money on the plate and just use this to gain cheap publicity. Total fucking hypocrites.

a_men said...

Don't forget - any money we pay over will go straight into Swiss bank accounts of the relevant corrupt dictators.

P Schwartz said...

50 million heading your way Savant unless people start speaking out against this invasion:

"Come Jan. 1, 2010, a disastrous and suicidal pact called the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Europe/Mediterranean) goes into effect with little fanfare or examination. It boggles the mind that such a consequential and seismic cultural shift could be mandated and put into play without so much as a murmur from the mainstream media.

Why should Americans care about this? Americans have to care because this global gobbledygook is coming to our shores, thanks to our globalist president.

The European human rights group called Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE) has been working tirelessly to expose the mass Muslim immigration plan of the Euro-Med Partnership.

A statement on the SIOE Web site criticizes the secrecy of the process: "It was shocking to hear about the plans and at the same time knowing that Danish politicians and a [cowardly] Danish press - who is otherwise proud to be critical - has told nothing to the Danish people about this project which begins in January.

This also showed clearly at the conference. Only very few politicians showed up and no media. Those politicians who showed up had obviously never heard about the Euro-Mediterranean project.

The goal of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation is to create a new Greater European Union encompassing both Europe and North Africa, with the Mediterranean Sea becoming a domestic Eurabian sea. The goal is to establish a "comprehensive political partnership," including a "free trade area and economic integration"; "considerably more money for the partners" (that is, more European money flowing into North Africa); and "cultural partnership" - that is, importation of Islamic culture into post-Christian Europe.

According to the SIOE, in the Euro-Med plan "Europe is to be islamized. Democracy, Christianity, European culture and Europeans are to be driven out of Europe. Fifty million North Africans from Muslim countries are to be imported into the EU."

Skeptical? It's already happening. The British newspaper the Daily Express reported in October 2008 on "a controversial taxpayer-funded 'job centre' " that opened in Mali at that time as "just the first step towards promoting 'free movement of people in Africa and the EU.' Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU states will 'need' 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the 'demographic decline' due to falling birthrates and rising death rates across Europe."

To offset this decline, a "blue card" system is to be created that will allow card holders to travel freely within the European Union and have full rights to work - as well as the full right to collect welfare benefits.

A Muslim population from Africa moving freely into Europe threatens America. On Christmas Day, a Nigerian Muslim flew from Amsterdam to Detroit and tried to explode a bomb on the plane - after he was allowed to board the plane without a passport. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership will make jihad attacks like this one all the easier."

Anonymous said...


Look up the Maunder Minimum if you are wondering why its so cold this year.

SAVANT said...

Yes, the Maunder Minimum, also known as "Little Ice Age". Worth a look.

valetta said...

Yes, there've been numerous cold and hot 'ages' before 'the west' ever got going.

Swordsman of Fingal said...

If people wish to help Africans then the following mantra should be their guide.

Contraception and education not food and starvation.

Anonymous said...

The ozone layer is still an issue but less so because international agreements have lead to a major reduction in the production of CFCs.