Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Open discussion in Sweden

The Local describes itself as ‘Sweden’s News In English’. Which it is. And just like the rest of the media in that country it’s relentlessly Orwellian in its reporting, as dictated by the Orwellian ‘independent journalists’ union – see this post. If you read it (I don't recommend this!) you’ll see an endless paean to the joys of diversity, and never ever, ever anything that would suggest immigrants aren't all uncanonised saints.

But Sweden's proud position at the top of Europe’s Rape League Table, and the distinctly un-Swedish habits of Muslim refugees do pose some challenges for The Local’s ‘journalists’. For example, what’s an ‘independent journalist’ to do when a Muslim takes a fourth simultaneous wife, this time one that's ten years old, and then cuts his daughter’s throat for wearing a revealing burka?

Well, it goes something like this: “Swedish man charged with attack on daughter’. To the uninitiated, this could be someone named Sven Carlson giving his daughter a black eye. And of course that’s what you're meant to believe.

But Swedes are starting to act like their counterparts under another totalitarian system, Communism. (Check my post here). If a Russian read in Pravda ‘Comrade Brezhnev is suffering from a mild cold’ they’d have instantly realised that he was at death’s door. So Swedes now are beginning to realise immediately that the ‘Swedish man’ is nothing of the sort.

Anyway, I occasionally post a comment to The Local. Nothing ‘offensive’ (i.e. nothing even remotely like the ‘n’ word, no bad language, just skewering the ludicrous claptrap that passes for journalism on that rag). What happens? After fewer than ten such comments I've been silenced!

If I try to comment George Orwell comes back with “Posting privileges currently suspended”. It’s not currently, it’s permanently.

Yes folks, that's what passes for the marketplace of ideas in the Swedish media.

However, following on the Swiss minarets initiative, there is hope. Even in Sweden. It seems a Muslim cultural enricher decided that due to Islamic modesty she didn’t want to be bothered with Swedish hygiene regulations. She sued the agency for refusing her a job. Now you’d imagine that the dhimmi courts in that country would fall over themselves to apologise for the ‘offense’ and to order the dental agency to desist.

Hold on to something solid now, because…………..the court threw out her case. And not only that, they awarded costs against her!

I wonder did the judge read my comments in The Local?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's east Germany without the guns

Irish dissident. said...

Great blog savant, great piece on Omaar's Race and Intelligence sciences last taboo documentary. I have since watched that particular program and couldn't help laughing when Omaar attempts some parts of a IQ tests in which he easily answers the knowledge based questions but finds he cannot do the problems dealing with visuo-spatial reasoning. The latter are strongly linked to the "g" factor of general intelligence.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, it's east Germany without the guns"

Too right! Turkey an ISLAMIC country is also a US/Zionist Iraeli ally???

This country is set to join the so called "European Union". Are there any Turkish troops in Afghanistan? Are there fuck!


kulak said...

Now you’d imagine that the dhimmi courts in that country would fall over themselves to apologise for the ‘offense’ and to order the dental agency to desist.

No bad teeth for the Swedes -- they've seen the English!

Zeta said...

Isn't it funny (and sick), the impressions caused by this intentionally misleading style of reporting? It's done in the States, too. In general, the liberal media will misrepresent an issue to push its agenda. So regarding the issue of gun crime in the States, for example, we can't report on the fact that the majority is committed by a small minority (blacks and, increasingly, Hispanics), mostly in gangs. Instead, they will press for gun control, all thanks to these nig nogs and the code of silence in the media regarding who the true criminals are. It's truly impressive how many society-leveling effects such a small minority can have: AA, push for gun control, housing bubbles, etc. One economist I read recently estimates the cost of such programs to be $1 trillion per year in the USA! And it's so damn worth it!

Same thing going on here. Instead of being honest and revealing the cultural enrichers' penchant for rape, the regular, law-abiding Swedish man is smeared as a daughter-beating misogynist. That way the feminists can further emasculate the local males and the invasion of cultural enrichers can continue unabated. They kill two birds with one stone via their misleading reporting. At least people are wising up to the ruse.

Anonymous said...

I recently followed my own good advice and moved to a rural part of the USA, in a effort to get out of the big city for a few months. Unwilling to pay the outrageous satellite fees and accept a 24 month contract, I have been forced to use the public library for my high speed internet needs. What I learned from this is that the government has it's own ideas of what kids should and shouldn't be reading on the internet such as Alex Jones, David Duke, American Renaissance, and similar political sites. In order to view these sites, I have to ask the librarian for a pass code EVERY TIME I want to view the site. I just gave up and started going to Starbucks to view the "nasties".

As far as comments at the local paper goes, mine usually last about 90 seconds, but there are ways to manually change your IP address so they won't recognize you if you really want to be a pain.

insect said...

assume you are talking mostly about muslims, but I believe not all are like that. We should try to know people instead of making snap judgements about them based on their religion, dressing style or where they come from, then maybe people will get along better. PS: I am not muslim but I have friends who are and I met all of them here in Sweden

kulak said...

insect says: I believe not all are like that.

Who does? That's totally irrelevant.

You can pick your friends. You can't pick your masses.

This reduces the problem to: Are the benefits of those not like that worth the cost of those who are?

I admit that's a bit of a loaded question.

The cost increases faster than numbers -- so we whites are perfectly willing to tolerate a small number of practically anybody. Just ask the Jews.

The cost is also borne primarily by poor and middle class whites, while the benefits accrue to rich white race traitors. The interracial conflict is an intraracial class conflict. (Jews aside -- relax, I haven't forgotten about you!)

We should try to know people instead of making snap judgements about them based on their religion, dressing style or where they come from, then maybe people will get along better.

Snap judgements have survival value. That's why people make them. It's like getting dressed and going to work. If you actually had to think and rationally choose among all the possibilities, you'd never get dressed, let alone get to work. The human capacity for snap judgements -- judgements that do not require reason -- is of enormous value. And despite their name, snap judgements do not leap fully formed like Athena from one's brow but are based on habit and experience.

But thank you for admitting diversity is a problem for everyone.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier for all concerned to peaceably segregate? And I don't mean in the sense that wives sometimes segregate money: Ours and hers. Which is exactly how all anti-white minority activists sound: What's theirs and theirs, but what is white belongs to EVERYONE.

rohypnol said...

In the abstract it is becoming evident that the notion that a "conspiracy" in any widespread state of affairs is unlikely because it requires co-ordination is just,well, bollocks.

All over Europe, in different languages, people are using cod words instead of black, muslim, gypsies, balkan, etc. and I don't think that anyone is handing down these guidelines from some peecee Mount Sinai.

It is just that they are all wankers. I expect this is like all conspiracies, sheeple just go along with what they think they should do.

Abu Abdullah said...

This and this are must-reads. Keep them in mind whenever you see the not-all-slaves-of-Allah-are-the-same argument being trotted out.

Anonymous said...

"No bad teeth for the Swedes -- they've seen the English!"

Speak for yourself mate... There's English and there's "english" - England's cities are full of "english" and I don't mean non whites either.. lol

Munin said...

Another article to keep in mind:

"Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant


History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by the fanatics. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don't speak up, because like my friend from Germany, they will awake one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun. Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, [Serbs], Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others, have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our way of life."

kulak said...

You may have a point, anon, and let us not forget that Britain is the sweater-meat capitol of Europe.

heraclitus said...

Munin - this is an excellent article. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

And I think you all shud remember - there ARE Muslims who appreciate Europe and its freedoms.

Zngr said...

If you had a time machine and hopped back to 2006, read the reader comments about the news reported, and teleported back to late 2009, you'd be shocked how much the attitudes have changed.

There's a fuckton of people participating in the discussions who are openly displaying negative attitudes about mass immigration from the developing and poor Muslim countries.

Even WITH the censorship it's quite evident there are a lot of people in Sweden who read their news in English and are not happy about the way things are going.

And the Local is a news site mainly for immigrants.

bo'f said...

I agree with zngr. I'm Irish but do a lot of work on Sweden. Much of Swede's 'real' information actually comes from people like me: immigrants from the west, or frequent visitors. The big question is whether their enlightenment will come too late to save them.

Anonymous said...

Sweden's scenario reminds me of that HG Wells film The Time Machine (1960)where the Morlocks breed and control the Eloi for consumption and pleasure.

This mongrel golfer's wife is a classic contemporary example. Blessed with angelic features and the brain of a numpty. You could say the same about the wife of Ragi Omaar or any non white/white combination. It would be comical if it weren't tragic.

The sight of such a couple looks and IS offensive to the eye. It taints any public gathering and is seriously embarrassing when it's plain to see that one or both of the partners is an air headed vain glorious arsehole.

NO amount of wealth cannot buy class or breeding. I have more regard for the black savages of Haiti. At least they are with their own kind out sight and out of my mind in their own world where not even the most obsequious form of self loathing white do gooder is welcome.

Anonymous said...

"NO amount of wealth cannot buy class or breeding."

Should be; NO amount of wealth can buy class or breeding.

Anonymous said...

I've just found this great blog. Very politically incorrect and a good piece of humour! You are very observant how the Swedish society is changing from a very nice calm place to a violent insecure one.
But the Swedish people are coming more and more awake even if its in a slow pace. We have only one political party that is anti-multicultural called the Swedish Democrates and the polls shows rising numbers all the time. At the elections here in Sweden next year we will get into the parliament for the first time and the other parties are really worried. Off course they don't want all their lies about how fantastic this mass-immigration is to be revealed!
Whish us luck!
Excuse my poor english..
Ps I spent some months in Waterford / Tramore in the late 70's and you have a fantastic country!


SAVANT said...

Hi Janne,

Thanks for the support and I dearly hope the SDs get good representation in parliament. May I make a suggestion? Why not post a comment on The Local and draw attention to this post? I'm blocked so I can't do it. This move might help enlighten more Swedes.

Glad to Liked the Waterford/Tramore area - although it's not exactly the most beautiful part of the country!

Anonymous said...

The Swedish government helped fund the ANC and the
destruction of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

"The Swedish government helped fund the ANC and the destruction of South Africa."

TRUE!! and like the rest of the so called west they are starting to reap what they've sown against their own/OUR own people for years in Southern Africa.

Sadly its the innocents who suffer while the deviant, wealthy do gooder commie types secure themselves behind ivory walls in "government" and media,- on taxpayers money at that! Pretty much like it is London today.

The rich USING the poor (immigrants and parasites) to EAT the white working classes.

White COMMUNIST/FEMINAZI dogs like Harman and her apparatchiks have the confidence to virtually do as they please expecting nothing more than a groan from the prols who oppose them.

They have the trolls and orcs of the Unitedly Anal Front(UAF)aka ANaL league to do their barking and threatening for them. It wouldn't take much to exterminate this vermin at a gathering but who's got the guts to deal with the cancer at its root.

The opposition are seemingly afraid to tackle them head on purely out of FEAR. Until somebody actually does something as e.g. Sinn Fein did nothing will change in Europe or North America.

It's probably already irreversible. In the UK there must be at least 8-10 million ethnics. 2 million + are Muslim. The BNP and other right wing groups talk of repatriation. How the fuck are they going to manage the logistics it even with an army of 100,000 or more? I can't see it being feasible especially even less so if this situation is left unchecked for just another 5 years.

The "West" is fucked and the "white" scum who reside in Westminster, their business puppeteers, media, bankers and what have you are wholly responsible. Our only consolation is that the offspring of these parasites will ultimatley get it from all sides which is wholly unfair.

Traitors are akin to murderers.

Anonymous said...

In oregon , when an Illegal Mexican or Hindu national murders rapes etc, they describe them interms of location. Such as Salem man arrested for rape.. then you have to look up the name and see that it is Hispanic. then if you mention they are most likely illegal aliens from doun south. someone writes in and screams ITS NOT ABOUT RACE LOTS OF WHITE MEN RAPE - or worse-- Just noticed the other day in that a mexican was arrested for domestic violence and a african name arrested for theft. but the mug shots never lie, ah mug shots....

Anonymous said...

A few dissidents in the comments.