Sunday, 6 December 2009

If there were only whites in South Africa.....

Interesting post in MySASucks blog.

Key excerpts:

We would be able to boast one of the lowest crime-rates in the world, as our whites here commit almost no crime.

Due to the above sentence, a lot less money would be spent on prisons and police so it would go to other things.

Our economy would still be in the top 30

We wouldn’t have to spend every cent we have on expensive houses in secure estates

We wouldn’t be forced to immigrate from what can be a beautiful country

Our rugby team would be unstoppable as useless quota players wouldn’t make it – and no, Habana’s not that good

We could hire excellent people to help run our business, instead of some thief who will steal from you and ruin your business

We could take lovely strolls through town, admiring the scenery and the shops

Kids could go to public school without the stress of being beaten or killed for nothing (whites don’t beat up people who haven’t done anything to them)

Our president would be able to talk properly and wouldn’t embarrass us

We would have great doctors and a well-structured healthcare system

Electricity would be consistently available and affordable as the coal wouldn’t be purchased from BEE companies

We would be considered a 1st world country

Innocent white girls wouldn’t be getting AIDS because they got raped

Food would be more affordable

We wouldn’t have to have anxiety attacks when stopped at a robot

Those 3083 white farmers would still be here

We wouldn’t be startled by every noise we hear at night

Now I could add that whites would also have to do all their own dirty work. But otherwise what's said here is correct. Whereas individual blacks can be fine, as an ethnic group they are always and everywhere vastly more violent and welfare-dependent than other races. Their criminality is orders of magnitude greater than whites, while their families have high levels of disfunctionality. In short, wherever and whenever they move in, standards begin to decline, and that decline then increases geometrically.

We should remember that as we allow vast numbers of them congregate in Europe


Georgie Casey said...

Lol, alright list until the one about quota rugby players... yeah, habana, pietersen, tendai mtawarira, they're all there because of positive discrimination. yep, keep telling yourself that if you need to.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the rugby up to a point. But you can't deny that there's been huge pressure to put players and management in place based on their color.

Anonymous said...

True, but too late. We should have done what the Americans and Aussies did - and now they castigate us for our racism.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for the whites of SA who have had their world turned upside down and can't, for whatever reason, escape from the shithole their country has become.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for keeping us abreast of SA stuff. The embattled, beleagured white minority in SA should serve as an example to all of us of what is meant by noble suffering.

janie-k said...

I always ask myself, was there anything we could have done, say from the middle of the last century, or was it too late by then?

Niall said...

FYI Savant

Californian said...

Now I could add that whites would also have to do all their own dirty work.


See my points below.

I always ask myself, was there anything we could have done, say from the middle of the last century, or was it too late by then?

What White South Africans could have done was that instead of implementing apartheid:
(1) Open up South Africa to mass White immigration from Europe. Given the post-World War II economic-political situation in Europe, millions of Whites would have gladly moved to SA to start a new life.
(2) Stop bringing in large numbers of black Africans to the cities to do the dirty work, as well as the mining and agricultural labor. Instead, pay Whites serious wages to do these jobs.
(3) Produce more White children to at least have a chance in the demographic race with black Africans.
(4) Support a White labor movement to ensure that corporate bigwigs do not bring in black labor to undercut working class wages. Mechanize agriculture to remove the necessity for cheap black farm labor.
(5) Pay more attention to the international political struggle and provide support to conservative groups in Europe and North America who would support SA in the same manner that the ANC mobilized the support of the left internationally.
(6) Partition the country with blacks getting some real territory instead of the ridiculous Bantustan system. Then concentrate the Whites in an ethnic state -- say the Cape -- and let blacks go there own way, and the same with Whites.

Yeah, this might have meant no more maid-nanny-gardener for the housewife, and no more cheap labor for the business owner, but that would be the price you would pay for saving you own country.

By the way, one might consider South Africa a harbinger for the USA. As Americans bring in more third world immigrants so housewives can have servants and business gets cheap labor, perhaps the USA will go down the same path.

SAVANT said...

That's a very insightfull comment Californian. I ofetn wondered myslef what could have been done. But I think there's a flaw in your suggestion, and it's this:

Blacks will flock to white areas almost no matter what you do. Only the most brutal and draconian measures will keep them out. Had SA whites the balls for this on an ongoing basis.

Again, your point about the bantustanns is well taken. They were ridiculous and couldnt be taken seriously. But even with 20 times the territory the problem I referred to would still apply.

SAVANT said...

An interesting feature Niall, and from the Beeb as well.

What surprises me is that half the population of Africa, especially Nigeria, are thieves. So who's administering the rough justice?

kulak said...

Now I could add that whites would also have to do all their own dirty work.

Have you not heard of Roomba?

However, it's not nearly as much fun to chastise or to give Christmas gifts to.

Niall said...

Even thieves, Savant, can be victims of thievery. It then gives them a sense of injustice and outrage, so they can feel justified in joining the mob.

SAVANT said...

Actually kulak I work in that general field and I'm planning a post on how robots could be deployed to do the work of 'immigrants' and in addiiton help the economy in a host of other ways.

Watch this space!