Saturday, 19 December 2009

Diversity is strength: It's also burying sick children alive

There was a time when the concept of cultural relativism added some value. For centuries we’d been hamstrung by supposedly God-inspired moral absolutism which allowed self-appointed moral guardians rule our lives with rods of iron. Such absolutism was moderated in more recent times by concepts such as situational ethics (right or wrong is based on the particular situation) and cognitive relativism (truth itself has no objective standard).

Cultural relativism is the view that no culture is superior to any other culture when comparing systems of morality, law, politics, etc. It's the philosophical notion that all cultural beliefs are equally valid and that truth itself is relative, depending on the cultural environment. Those who hold to cultural relativism hold that all religious, ethical, aesthetic, and political beliefs are completely relative to the individual within a cultural identity.

But just like other initially worthwhile elements of multi-culti peecee doctrine, the (small) baby of cultural relativism has not so much been thrown out with the bathwater but rammed down the plughole with great force. We’re now at the stage where the most noxious primitive customs are accorded moral and cultural equivalence with those of the advanced western democracies.

Here I have in mind things like honour killings, stoning for adultery, killing children for their organs for use in traditional medicine, all of which we’re meant to sympathetically nod in understanding - ‘it’s their culture’.

Now the video here shows scenes which could – or at least should – occasion even the most deluded sociology professor to get a grip.

Here’s what the Telegraph has to say about the practice in general:

"Babies born into some Indian tribes in the Amazon are being buried alive, a practice that is being covered up by the Brazilian authorities out of respect for tribal culture [there we go again!] The tradition is based on beliefs that babies with any sort of physical defect have no souls and that others, such as twins or triplets, are also "cursed". Babies who are girls, who have some disability or who have unmarried mothers are all in danger of an early death in a shallow grave in the rainforest."

If you can stomach it, take a look, and thank Providence if you live in an advanced, tolerant and civilised society. And maybe as a bonus it’ll build your determination to hold on to what we have and fight back against the invasion of our lands by the forces of darkness


elaine said...

Dear God!!! Too terrible to have shown Savant. You should have given a stronger warning. I for one won't be able to sleep tonight.

Viking said...

Seen what our kids are being indoctrinated with?

Happy Winter Festival Everyone!

Viking said...

Here's another heartwarmer for you, Savant.

Nigerians happy to waste Garda time to support victim-mentality!

W Baker said...

That's pretty grim stuff. On the whole, however, it's not much different than the rampant infanticide/abortion of girls in India or China, just a lot less technologically advanced. (I'm talking about the dowry expense of a female in India and the one-child policy in China which ultimately favours the greater earning capacity of males.)

One would think that this would get the hackles up on every woman from the Danube to the Mississippi....

But the ones in influence, e.g., the Whitehall/London crowd, the doyens of NYC, and glittered harpies in DC, etc., are either intentionally oblivious, pervertedly enchanted with debased practices, or, if they are vaguely troubled, want to use the strong arm of the state for international social engineering. Granted, these women (and their male enablers) only rub shoulders with a tiny portion of the half of one percent of the Third and Fourth Worlders who were either bright, wealthy, or corrupt enough to make it to the West, and these sorts of killings obviously don't take place in the Four Seasons in Delhi or Beijing....

I don't want to make this into a class issue per se, but the political and cultural elite in the West have a lot to answer for. (Yes, I know they've been corrupt for centuries, but from this vantage point, post WWI, or the Great European Civil War as I like to call it, has been particularly egregious.)

SAVANT said...

Nigerians being robbed! God, I love it! Thanks Viking, I feel a warm glow deep within.

See how they're learning the black victimhood narrative tho' from their fellow victims in the US.
Anything bad - it be racis'

Anonymous said...

I wish the practice of burying babies alive would come to the US, because the Native Brown people will never bury any of their anchor babies . They are worth too much. Each Anchor baby is worth thousands in free government programs.
(*the Brazillians are relatives of the Mexicans. )
Instead we have milliions of anchor babies who also breed at a young age, contributing to over-population and crime and ultimately , I think, famine.

Anonymous said...

new buzz word: Imparting Culture.
The dance was closed to the media unless they agreed not take pictures or name names. hysterical
If white boys in trouble with the law re enacted Nordic or Roman warrior traditions, they would be called Hate Groups and the police would investigate

Eight youths at MacLaren undergo Aztec ritual at the youth correctional facility in Woodburn

Twitter WOODBURN — The Aztecs danced steadily for two hours Saturday — a dance that dazzled the senses, imparted culture and offered an avenue of enlightenment to once-misguided youths

Anonymous said...

I believe infanticide was practiced in Sparta. The basis may be that any society that operates on the margins feels there is no place for someone who cannot contribute fully.

The Amazon Indians don't have much to spare and the Spartans didn't want someone who wasn't going to be a soldier or a woman not likely to be a wife to a soldier.

Anonymous said...

there may be at times a rationale in cruel and primitive societies (e.g. red Indians used to just abandon old people unable t keep up).

But these people go beyond all by burying alive!!

Anonymous said...

from what I have read, tribes in those regions also have homosexual cults, and cannibalism, so killing babies seems pretty normal.
people in the US get so teary eyed over the Natives or First Nations, forgetting how primitive and cruel many tribes or nations were.

Anonymous said...

I came across this video on
The Lambeth Walk, and it evoked more outrage in me than the kid being buried alive.

Looking at it reinforced my belief that dark ones will never fully assimilate into white society. When will be stop deluding ourselves to the contrary?????

Anonymous said...

hehehehe this is what we need, import cannibals from Brazil to eat the Mestizos from Mexico.
Population control!
thats all I want Santa Claus

Anonymous said...

Day light murder folks?

kulak said...

Brown folk.

Can't live with 'em, can't burn 'em.

Don't feel too sorry for the runt.

kulak said...

Ancient Insights Now Forgotten

Anonymous said...

Viking...I checked out the indoctrimation site you posted. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting all over my computer keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Viking, here's tit-for-tat: You posted a peecee indoctrination link, but I can go one better...check out this link of tribal Obama worship, featuring a cast of 10th-generation welfare-sponging parasites.

Barbarossa said...

And the irony of this is that the irish taxpayer is paying for these organisations to undermine our laws.

'Undocumented' means you're here illegally. End of story. See the thing on top - 'you should be allowed to work wherever you want'


So 100 million Africans who might want to 'work' in Ireland 9as drug dealers) have the right to come here?

But this is the crap that's being beaten into our kids - and we're paying for it. In every sense.

Viking said...

Anon 17:55,

so when IS Obama publishing his Little Red Book??


yes, we are. Paying to have our kids taught that lawbreaking is ok as long as it is to 'unite families', as if it were us that disunited them in the first place ...

There's another movie on there called the memory box, in which a Nigerian dad (in a very nice apartment in Nigeria- completely devoid of the piles of forged passports and stolen cellphones) can't come to visit his kid in Ireland because the Department (boo!) won't give him a visa.

Anonymous said...

Imparting Aztec culture, hey?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Aztecs the ones who conquered and decimated whole villages, kidnapping whole populations to drag back to the capital and sacrifice at a rate of up to 20 000 a year?

Maybe they could use some Aztecs in Birmingham?

Regards and Merry Christmas to all.

Uncle Nasty

Barbarossa said...

For the record, I'm all in favour of family reunification. Let them all fuck off back to where they came from !

W Baker said...

Barbarossa said, 'For the record, I'm all in favour of family reunification. Let them all fuck off back to where they came from !'

We tried that in the US in the mid 19th Century with Liberia. Problem is that there aren't many takers...

Occasionally you'll here about some really committed black nationalists or ones who have lived off the Federal/State hind tit for so long that they'll attempt to go "home".

They don't stay long.

SAVANT said...

W Baker - I met a guy in this category in Ghana in the early nineties. Full of guff about discrimination in the US and he'd make it now that he was 'home'.

He lasted about a year and went scurrying back to the US of A - with his white wife in tow!

Anonymous said...

If only this solution could be used to rid our country of nigerians.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I wished I never saw the video. If it's one thing I can't abide seeing is children being mistreated and hurt by adults. This just took that to the next level.

It was absolutely disturbing.

I am some what confused though. In my search to find out more and post about it on my forum, I found the video used by yourself on Youtube:

It claims to use faked or 're-enacted' footage.

Was that scene faked, or are they implying other scenes are faked?