Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fort Hood: I help the C-in-C

Don't jump to conclusions” warned the Commander-in-Chief sternly, “we don't want to prejudge motivation here”. (I'm sure Sgt. James Crowley wished the C-in-C had taken his own advice before instantly jumping in to declare Henry Gates a ‘victim of racism’. But as Ronald Reagan used to say, 'let’s not talk about that’.)

However, we all understand the coded statement here, don't we? We’ve seen it a thousand times. When a victim, by which I mean a non-white non-Christian, does something awful, we must emphasise that his deed had nothing to do with his race or religion.

Still, being a sympathetic guy, and knowing that Barak has a lot on his plate, I decided to help him out. And I think I can!!

Here’s my analysis and the conclusions drawn. And if I say so, they’re absolutely brilliant. I've not only solved the problem for Barak, but drawn up some recommendations which would mitigate the risk of future occurrences!

Now pay close attention please, as this gets quite complex. I've extensively reviewed the evidence and it shows that Hasan proselytized for Islam , got angry and violent when people wouldn’t worship Allah, didn’t want to shoot at "fellow Muslims", was a member of a notoriously violent mosque in DC, and screamed 'Allah akbar' as he murdered infidels on that Thursday.

Conclusion: My considered conclusion from this is as follows: he was a Muslim extremist who saw himself doing his job by killing infidels and especially US soldiers.

There you are now Barak, that's just saved you a lot of effort. And I'm not finished! As an esteemed international consultant I'm now going to provide you with a few valuable recommendations as well – all entirely free to you!

Recommendation 1: If an army Captain tells a group of fellow officers in ‘an anti-American rant’ that “if you don't believe you are condemned to hell, your head is cut off, burning oil is burned (sic) down your throat” you don't promote him to Major. But that's what happened with Hassan last year, Barak.

I think you’ll accept this recommendation, but I don’t think you’ll take up the next ones. which is a pity, because they’d save you – and all the rest of us - a lot of trouble in the long run.

Recommendation 2: Within a reasonable timeframe, say end of next March, burn every major proponent of multiculti peecee bullshit at the stake. This recommendation may seem robust, but it is necessary. It derives from the following report from Yahoo News: ”His fellow students complained to the faculty about Hasan's "anti-American propaganda," but said a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim student kept officers from filing a formal complaint.”

Recommendation 3: Pull out of Afghanistan now: This unwinnable war is bleeding America dry in terms of manpower and treasure and every day brings news of further disasters. It’s also driving Muslims demented all over around the world, including in the US, fuelling the very aggression you’re trying to ameliorate.

Recommendation 4: This follows from the last – stop Muslim immigration and sent back any Muslim not absolutely entitled to be in the US.

The latter two recommendations would mean that you wouldn’t have to fight them either at home or abroad. It’s what’s known as a win-win Barak. But you won't do that, though, will you? Too many vested interests to contend with. I understand. Which leads to the last point:

Barak, really, at this sensitive time, did you really have to propose a lobbyist (you know, the people you said you wouldn’t let near your government?) named Islam Siddiqui as your chief international agricultural negotiator? That smacks as being either extreme carelessness or extreme arrogance.

In either case, not good.

I'm worried for you Barak.


henryIX said...

If he wants help frying up the PC bastards, I'm available!

Anonymous said...

Obama's screwing up even faster than the most pessimistic of us expected.

Anonymous said...

can you imagine the things that the shrinks patients were telling him , after they returned from af/pac Iraq , yea doc we killed women we killed kids we killed every thing that looked at us crooked , and this guy was a Muslim !!!

bueller bueller bueller ?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with one comment only and that is the one about the war being unwinnable:-
1) Declare war on Afghanistan.
2) Invoke the war powers act.
3))Close all Afghanistan's borders it would take about two to three weeks by dropping millions of anti personnel mines .
4) Attack the enemy ( Afghans)with any means available and kill large numbers of them.
5) Poison all poppy field with Sodium Chlorate and sodium chloride so that they can never grow anything ,let alone poppies.
6) Leave whenever you want to.

Billable Hours said...

Savant, what kind of consultant are you? A consultant that offers clear specific advice and solves the problem first try is an out of work consultant. Milk it a little.

Study it. Approach the problem in an incremental fashion, man, don't force the issue. Dally long enough and it may become an intractable problem. Fail upward! Do it for the trade if not yourself.

Anonymous said...

Headline in LA Times says it all "Blow to US MUSlims" Must read on to see if they felt it was a blow to the people shot as well.

Anonymous said...

anon 04.05. well, why not go the whole way and just nuke the country flat?

What exactly will your suggestion achieve other than a destroyed country?

kulak said...

Aww, give him a break Savant.

It's not like he can't invite the shooter's Imam to the White House for a beer...

W Baker said...

Interesting thing about this cat was that he was an educational product of the Army - from university to medical school. Joined up after high school. His family sounded pretty "assimilated" in Roanoke, Virginia - that is, they weren't fresh off the boat, and Roanoke, ironic in this context because it was named for the lost English colony before the Jamestown settlement, is not exactly a landing spot for immigrants.

We heard early reports on the news that the shooter was dead and then hours later that he wasn't. Also, there were two other suspects being held. It'll be interesting to see how the Army spins this investigation. A minority, practicing Muslim shrink, which they trained all the way from Freshman English, goes tribal - possibly along with others.

As for Anonymous 04:05 who thinks the Afghan War is winnable, kindly, even briefly, read a bit of history. Afghanistan is the one country since Alexander the Great's time where empires go to die. In Alexander's defense, however, there were trade routes to be controlled. Now it's just a fucking moonscape with fourth-century goat herders. There is nothing whatsoever to be gained by staying one more day in Afghanistan! We have more in common with little green men from Mars than the Pashtuns.

But everyone who can read between the lines can see that the operations in Afghanistan are simply PC cover for the real objective: northern Pakistan. 20% of English shopkeepers and restauranteurs would be in arms if the official target was Pakistan. The Northern Alliance can be easily bought off. The Soviets even did it. But the Pashtuns and the Pakistani-created Taliban are another matter altogether.

Pardon the ramblings....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
anon 04.05. well, why not go the whole way and just nuke the country flat?

What exactly will your suggestion achieve other than a destroyed country?

09 November 2009 12:43

Exactly that .There are some things worth fighting for and the others arn't worth having.Moslems are evil,vile and despicable,and I have no problem with that but when they export the shit out of their smelly holes then I have a problem, oh, by the way when the planes are flying back home they can bomb the shit out of that other Islamic hell hole Somalia

SAVANT said...

anon 17.05. One of the purposes of this blog is to help, in whatever small way, keep Islam out of Europe. Nobody can call me an appeaser.

But you're way off saying "Moslems are evil,vile and despicable". That's simply over the top and boderline unpublishable. I know huge numbers of Muslims and can tell you that this applies to only a very small proportion.

The problem is that their horrible religion seems to lead to problems whenever its adherents interact with non-Muslims. we should't overly personalose the issue.

SAVANT said...

Nice one billable hours! Only part of my time is consultancy - I have an honest job as well!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gun totting muslims, this is scary

m stein said...

Funnily enough my co-workers in NZ were also trying to avoid reaching the obvious conclusion & were suggesting we can't really know why he did it.

The fear of appearing to stereotype runs deep.

omalleycat said...

W Baker - the other thing about Afghanistan is that it keeps the 'security state' industry happy. They're not too concerned where the war is, once there is one. Or better, more than one. Which of course is what we have now.

Anonymous said...

Did you see all those letters and posts saying 'why did the relegion of the guy in Hood get mentioned but not the shooter in Florida'.

What fucken bullshit. How stupid can people get!! The difference is that the guy at Hood did it ON ACCOUNT OF HIS RELIGION, nobody knows if the Florida guy even has a religion.

tesla said...

Some good news: one muslim terrorist was snuffed out today in the good old US of A!