Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"I don't feel safe anywhere"

Returning on the subway from the Blade Runner Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby (previous post) a pretty young girl sat across from me. She had a tiny dog on her lap (apparently she had been to a vet in Rinkeby). I asked had she felt unsafe making her way through that particular hell hole.

Her response?

"I don't feel safe anywhere"

Imagine that. A native Swedish girl says she doesn't feel safe anywhere in her own city, thanks to its being flooded by migrants from violent, lawless and debased cultures.

I drew attention in this post to the head of the Swedish Immigration Board, preening himself about feeling good for allowing hundreds more Somalis loose on the Swedes. I don't think this young girl feels quite so good about them somehow.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Stockholm and I think it is a bit unreasonable to say it is not safe anywhere. If that girl lives near Rinkeby then yes, I can certainly understand her fear. But that is not all of the city.

Anonymous said...

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Viking said...

Frankly, anonymous, if any one part of that lady's home city were unsafe because of immigrants, that'd be one part too many.
I used to stay in Fruangen, and it was becoming quite "ethnic" already in 2001.
You Swedes carved a civilisation out of a Winter Wonderland and invented the Volvo; and somebody somewhere (possibly while high on snus) decided to give it all away to Muslims who like to take (in both senses of the word) your women and screw up your fine country.
A little less passivity might be in order!

Anonymous said...

Viking - you should see Fruangan now! The last stop on the red line. Swedes are a disappearing species.

Anonymous said...

@Anony 22.44
It is definitely not better.

It lacks Savant's caustic, rapier wit, his scalpel like ability to get to the bone of issues and finally his masterful and insightful writing style. That'll be 10 Euros, thanks! :-)

Of course if you like watching movies and reading anti-semitic crap.....

SAVANT said...

Thanks Doodler - a pint for you the next time you're in the oul' sod!

Anonymous said...

Anon, 22.11

Are you a young girl? I think the centre of the city would be pretty neutral but she would know that almost anywhere else could be dangerous, after all rapes happen in suburbia as well.

Odin_3 said...

The surprising thing is that some of those suburbs have actually become more law-abiding but it's community law. I believe the Syrian suburbs are ok, but the 'law' is enforced by local vigilante types. Better than nothing I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I can related to this girl since I live in a nice neighbourhood in my city, but there's a hellhole a few bus stops away(Chinese and African immigrants, local Gypsies and the like). Anyway, I can safely wonder outside during the night without fear since I know I'm mostly safe.

Now, I do go to the gym in the crappy neighbourhood since it's about 5 times cheaper and once I decided to meet someone and take a short cut and I got lost in that neighbourhood. OMG, I couldn't believe that I was the only really pale person around and that neighbourhood was so different in the 1990s. And mind you, this is frigging Eastern Europe.

But unlike Swedish girls, I suppose I did learn to take care of myself and always look over my shoulder. And I didn't want to be empowered and all that or tried to whip my men either.