Thursday, 3 September 2009

A week in Holland

In Holland for the last week, ostensibly on work but also to suss out how things were in the heartland of Eurabia. My host was my long time friend Hubert, both of us ex-Communists. The ‘ex’ deriving from our time spend several decades ago in some of the Workers’ Paradises of Eastern Europe. Even now I'm looking at a tape ‘Best Of Communist Marching Songs’

Oh dear! Anyway, that was a long, long time ago.

Hubert had lined up a wide range of people to meet, including those from the multiculti wing right over to Dutch nationalists.

My first physical impression was horrendous. Even in small picturesque towns, well outside the main cities one could see whole areas given over to the Forces of Darkness. Mosques sprouted everywhere, every second TV channel seemed to feature some fanatic in a beard. There was a program which discussed how second-generation Moroccans had rates of schizophrenia twenty times higher than the norm. The fact that this didn’t affect the first immigration generation was, when I was there, the subject of much discussion.

Some people I met told me about Afshin Ellian who lives near Utrecht, surrounded by bodyguards, in fear of his life. His crime? This Iranian immigrant writes a column that's critical of the Religion of Peace. Unlike the overwhelming majority of Muslims, this one deeply appreciates the Enlightenment values he found in Europe. He believes that they should be vigorously defended, by force if needs be.

Some chance.

I learned from a member of the Social Democrats (leftwing party) that Holland had an exact replica of the Swedish ‘voluntary censorship’ model (see my post here), whereby identifying the religion/ethnicity of criminals was prohibited. In Holland the vast majority of crimes – especially violent ones – are committed by immigrants. And we can't have people finding out the truth in a liberal democracy, can we?

The most successful wheeze though, and also the most outrageous, was Muslims’ success in capitalising on the experience of Jews at the hands of the Nazis. This is a sore point for the Dutch, who feel they could and should have done more at that time. Now Muslims and their multiculti quislings have skillfully captured this emotion whereby any defense of enlightened values gets channelled into an attack on a victimised minority.

We’re the new Jews’ became the cry (‘you can't hit me with the Jews in my arms’). The irony here of course is that anti-Semitism in Europe is dominated by Muslims, not surprising when their ‘schools’ expose their students to a non-stop stream of anti-Jewish venom. But hey! Why let facts get in the way of a good story?

However, it’s not all bad news. The murder of Theo van Gogh seems to have finally resurrected something of a fight back. Strong words ‘offensive’ even, have appeared about Muslim immigrants in the MSM. I'm told that people will openly talk now about the negative sides of mass immigration in a way that would never have happened before. Anti-immigrant parties are getting a much larger share of the vote.

But I'm afraid I'm with Afshin Ellian. He fears that Europeans, in their ‘self-hating nihilism and utopian anti-Americanism’ have lost the will to fight back and are losing the war. I think it’s too late, the demographics are against the native Dutch. The two main cities are close to having Muslim majorities already, and the birthrates for blacks and Muslims are orders of magnitude higher than those of Dutch natives, who in any event, as I pointed out in this post, are fleeing the country in droves.

The Dutch need for consensus, guilt over the Jews in WW II, guilt over colonialism, the non-stop stream of multiculti propaganda from the MSM have combined to make them easy meat for a devious and ruthless reverse-colonial enemy. The land of Spinoza may be headed for a new Dark Age.


Anonymous said...

Extremely interesting. Thanks for the post. said...

The last Dutch hero.


Sally said...

That sounds terrible Savant.

Here is more evidence of how destructive the EU is to the people who they are meant to represent. They are so tied up in human rights they forget the considerable problems they are creating with these low iq migrants.

"Britain will be asked to accept thousands more refugees a year as part of moves by Brussels towards a single immigration and asylum policy across the EU.
Many will come from war zones such as Somalia and Sudan under plans for a 'Joint EU Resettlement Programme'.
In an attempt to reduce public concern about the cost, Britain will be offered 4,000 euros (£3,500) for every refugee it accepts.

The project, launched by European Commission vice-president Jacques Barrot yesterday, is widely seen as the first part of a Brussels blueprint to roll out a common immigration and asylum policy across the EU.
Later this month the Commission will publish plans for immigration 'burden sharing', which could see asylum seekers who land in EU countries such as Italy and Malta moved to the UK.
A spokesman said yesterday that this was a 'pressing issue' for the EU."

Viking said...

great post, Savant.
Did this story pass you by whilst on your travels?

Anonymous said...

Martha from Holland here. I agree with your unalysis - unfortunately. However I do not think you captured fully the real state of anger, hate even, that many if not most Dutch people feel towards those who are destroying our country.

Anyway, thanks for the post.

SAVANT said...

Thank you Martha. Yes, this is true, there was a lot of anger. Funny enough, I also found a sense of almost shame amongst the Dutch, shame that they were allowing this to happen. Maybe I'm wrong on that.

SAVANT said...

Sally, I've also seen this news item. It might not be as bad as you think. Accoring to a friend of mine who works at the Commission (I know, I have emnarrassing friends!) this is actually a cunning ploy to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants. Not sure exactly how it's supposed to work.

Anonymous said...

There's also a huge amount of ethnic friction in schools. In fact most schools have experienced fights along ethnic lines already.

Anonymous said...

So vote no to Lisbon then. I see the Fianna Fail Yes posters have no pictures of their politicans. If we vote Yes its Yes to the EU's Somilization of Europe- and Ireland.

Anonymous said...

It's not necessarily the EU that's the problem, it's the European Convention on Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

And what of our human rights?
Get off your asses and start preparing for the rights of our survival adn right to freedom of association. Anything done now is one small but necessary advantage to halting the destruction.

We just have to hold out at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Martha; yes, Savant: there is indeed anger throughout the West at the destruction of our great & beloved nations - whole rippling seas of rage, multitudes of murmuring bitterness...

But where is the leadership?


Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic, but this has to be seen to be believed - seriously!

Yo, we beez da US of A, yo!

Joe O'Neill said...

A small news item which caught my eye yesterday " The UAE has deported ALL palestinians with one month notice, even those born there in the last 40 years".Whats springs to mind is sauce goose and gander,if an Arab country can deport anyone that they want to without a reason then why cant a non Arab country?

Josh said...

Great win for free speech in Canada Savant.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has finally declared what everyone already knew after the persecution of Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. It ruled Section 13 of the country’s hate-speech law an unconstitutional violation of free speech, especially as applied in the Internet age. The ruling essentially ends the career of Richard Warman, who has been just about the only complainant to invoke Section 13 over the last ten years:


Moon had this right all along. When government tells you what you can and cannot say in the political context, then free speech is essentially dead. Section 13 created an enormously intimidating device for anyone who wants to argue their beliefs in the public square in Canada. Even in just a “remedial” mode, it creates an atmosphere where people have to worry whether their speech will create a necessity to seek government approval, and the costs of defending speech become so onerous as to silence people.

The best cure for bad speech is more speech. Governments that have the power to silence speech for its offensiveness have the power to silence dissent. Canada took a big step in the direction of freedom today.

Anonymous said...

Checked out that link on Van Jones. Jesus Christ - is this what the US has come to? Then again, maybe he's just a meaningless appointment to keep Obama's roots from becoming restive.

SAVANT said...

Joe - I've checked this with my sources in the UAE. It seems the 'victims' have been given no explanation (can you just imagine if a western country had done that?) but it seems it was to do with personal/financial wheeler dealer kind of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Great news from Canada. Although I just saw today that the government is going to appeal it. The dhimmies!

kulak said...

We’re the new Jews’

Well, in many places, it's virtually illegal to criticize them, isn't it?

Now Muslims and their multiculti quislings have skillfully captured this emotion whereby any defense of enlightened values gets channelled into an attack on a victimised minority.

They learned from the best. Here in America, it's all the same playbook, for every non-white colonizing group.

You didn't think blacks came up with the playbook, did you?

The muslim brother of a friend of my wife says Muslims and Christians should be natural allies, but that Christians have been brainwashed. He may be at least partly right. I just wish he wasn't saying it from the safety and comfort of MY country.

Much to my surprise, my new Pakistani Muslim acquaintance, whose daughter attends the same Montessori school as mine, rather likes bluegrass music, which is of celtic origin, and which New Yawkers despise as the hillbilly redneck music of the South.

(And boy you should see the black heads turn when I blast it from my car stereo!)

So perhaps there are some commonalities even today among the descendents of imperial subjects, and alliance should not be immediately rejected.

The irony here of course is that anti-Semitism in Europe is dominated by Muslims,

Are not many Muslims semites? If so, how can they be "anti-semitic"?

Call it what it is, which is anti-kike.

And who agitated for immigration in the first place? They protest too much.

Anyone who uses that term "anti-semitism", and means it -- basically uses it as a fancy curse word, like "racist" -- can't really be considered ex-communist.

Today, being branded an "anti-semite" is a badge of honor.

IsraeliEejit said...

To Kulak,

What a load of non anti-semitism in your post. Why dont you just be a man and write it out boldly: "I'm not anti-semitic, I just hate Jews".

You're new buddy sounds lovely. Being partial to Celtic music sure is one helluva commonality. The world should rest at peace now, knowing that Christians and Muslims are in fact one happy family.

However, dont be surprised if your friend's daughter becomes promised to a stranger by the time she's 10 or if she's kept very close to home instead of being allowed to socialise normally, or if she becomes the victim of an honour killing if she accidentally falls in love with a white guy.

IsraeliEejit said...

Re Europe and immigration.

Europeans have to learn to say "NO". Its no good only being disgusted and angry in private. You owe it to the future generations of each and every individual country. Ireland for the Irish, Holland for the Dutch...national pride has to return.

Anonymous said...

Hubert, both of us ex-Communists.

You, plural, grew up unlike the multi-lulturacists.
re-arranged letters to fully express the nature of multi-cults.