Sunday, 27 September 2009

I have to laugh at this.....

This guy makes the following comment to my post last year on Hurricane Katrina:

"Has anyone here ever lived in the U.S ?if not dont talk bout things you don't know, black people contributed to America Greatness, what would America be culturally without blacks, ( funny thing is that I bet ya probably love rock&Roll)"

Well my friend, if you'd looked at the tracker stats you'd see that the USA provides the single biggest number of readers for this site. And I've been there more times than I can remember.

Now you ask "what would America be culturally without blacks?"

Well, I agree, no rock 'n' roll, but also enjoying vastly reduced levels of crime, poverty, welfare dependency, violence, single-parent families and corruption.


Anonymous said...

He/she is probably scratching there crotch trying to understand your reply.

Anonymous said...

A previous reader response to "What about the Poles" seems especially apropos to this blog "I Have to Laugh At This..."

"I know of no other country in the world that takes care of, makes excuses for, and continually throws money at its least productive members of society as does the United States.

Keep in mind that this country is still around 70% white, and it's this white segment that pays most of the taxes, yet accepts the least amount of government assistance. Even as we continually dump our tax money into the black hole of never- ending welfare programs, we are all-the-while called racists. White America is constantly demonized as the reason for the problems of disenfranchised minorities who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own shamless actions, and who blame everyone but themselves for their misfortune.

I stopped worrying about being called racist many, many moons ago. Even though it is my morbidly unshakeable belief that the embracing of “diversity” is killing a once-civilized country, I still go to work every day to support procreating oxygen-thieves who literally would not survive without government and community handouts."

Fitzie said...

What? You haven't heard of all the other contributions made by blacks in the US to science, medicine, information technology and maths?

Strangely enough, neither have I

Anonymous said...

Rock n' roll? That's all they can come up with? Pathetic. But then again, they are probably ignorant of the fact that rock n' roll originated from English and Irish folk music.

W Baker said...


Here's a good contest. I challenge anyone/anywhere to find a less civilized, more corrupt, more filthy shithole in the continents of Europe or North America than New Orleans.

I have lived 90% of my life (born and reared) in the Southern black belt (used to refer to the land rather than the population, but not so now), and I've travelled pretty widely. I can safely bet the best keg of Belgium beer that the nadir of humanity - only in the two continents mentioned above - is New Orleans. (There are some cities in Africa and Asia that do make N.O. pretty appealing!)

Western man has never seen a more feckless, yet, violent, simple but corrupt breed of humans than the crop of interbred French, Creoles, Mestizos, blacks, and various other river rats.

BTW, I refer your correspondent to some phenomenally cheap housing and property on the southside of Atlanta and other chanty towns in the American South. Dirt cheap housing amongst the darkest - and according to him - the most accomplished of citizens. Put your bleedin' money where your mouth is!

SAVANT said...

W Baker - you certianly dont seem to be too impressed with N.O. !!

I've been there a couple of times briefly and then only in the tourist parts. But judging by what happened during Katrina you're probably not far off.

My own US/European hell-hole would be Gary Ind. - more of which anon. This was EXACTLY like an African city. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear anything about Black culture, a no better example of an oxymoron, I immediately go into fits of laughter.

Black criminal activity is a more accurate fit, so let's explore some FBI stats such as these:

kulak said...

what would America be culturally without blacks?

A better question is: Where would the market for hair-straighteners be without blacks?

Our hair-straightening industry gives silent thanks to our first lady.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those stats - the black murder rate has almost halved since 1975. Are thye becoming more law-abiding???

plutarch said...

"Are they becoming more law-abiding?" No. Just that they don't need to murder as much.

Israelieejit said...

Rock 'n' roll vs. reduced crime, poverty, welfare dependency, violence, single-parent families and corruption?

That's a mindboggler. Let me see.
Eeny, meeny, miney mo,
Catch a cultural enricher by the toe.
If he hollers let him go
Eeny, meeny, miney mo.

Exegesis said...

Actually, the fact that Rock N' Roll and it's derivatives dominate the current musical culture of vapid, brainless, tasteless music is more of an indictment of black culture than anything.

Also, does this black have the hubris to think that whites, with our long musical history, perhaps the longest in the world, would simply stop developing new art forms, or improving old ones? Nonsense. If we could remove jazz, rock, pop, etc. today, the vacuum created would induce new, probably better, musical inventions.

Whites do not, and never will, need anything culturally from anybody else. Further, all such cultural 'enrichment' comes at the cost of debasing and displacing our own true cultures.

manfrommuff said...

Exegesis makes a very good point. Far from 'adding' to our musical culture, blacks have dragged it down. Like they do with everything else. They've done it by coarsening and cheapening the 'product' while a pandering MSM feels obliged to acclaim its wonders.

So that makes a grand total of, er, nil in terms of black contributions!