Saturday, 12 September 2009

Casteration - the only solution for Caster

I'm sorry for Caster Semenya. I really am. To drag in the ancient cliché, s/he can't help the way s/he was born, and her condition was undoubtedly exacerbated by her (East) German coach. The humiliation and disappointment after being given a hero’s welcome must be dreadful. I hesitate to say it must have been like a kick in the balls.

It’s the reaction of ANC politicians that I find fascinating. Take Minister for Sport Makhenkesi Stofile as an example. Building on the pioneering medical research of his erstwhile colleague Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (who you’ll recollect, rocked the scientific world by discovering beetroot to be the cure for AIDS) he presumably enlisted her to scour every peer-reviewed medical journal to check the basis for the findings.

His verdict: “Where is the science that says hermaphrodites have an advantage? The issue here is that this girl has undesirable levels of testosterone - what does it matter? That is neither here nor there. She does not have a womb - so what?," he asked. He may as well have added ‘OK, she has a dick and a pair of balls. So what?’

What a fucking idiot.

But we expect ANC Ministers to be idiots. However, it also demonstrates that they have enough intelligence to milk the peecee/racism tit for all it’s worth. The IAAF has been accused by all and sundry in SA as ‘racist and sexist’. Well done lads, you’re learning.

No mention of course of genuine women athletes who have trained all their lives, and their dreams and rights. The black sense of entitlement, and the corresponding absence of personal responsibility, are running out of control. Doubtless ‘the legacy of apartheid’ will be dragged into it at some stage.

By the way, did you know that the name Caster Semenya is an anagram of 'YES A SECRET MAN' ?


dragonfly said...

It is true to say that on average blacks have a much lower sense of morals. In answer to your question about the genuine women athletes, the answer is 'we don't give a shit - we want to keep our prize.'

Anonymous said...

I dont feel a bit sorry for it. It's downright cheating, much worse than the use of steroids. The real culprits are the crooks in the SA athletics federation.

hector said...

You say "black sense of entitlement, and the corresponding absence of personal responsibility, are running out of control."

This is exactly right, and we whites are only encouraging them.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Serena Willaims chimpout yesterday? Just shows you can take the monkey out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the monkey

Anonymous said...

You'd think, hormones aside, that a dick-and-balls would actually be a mechanical disadvantage to a runner.

Consider Jonah Falcon, an average white guy who just happens to have the world's largest dick, picture here,

A bit bigger than mine, but not by so much as to make me jealous. Could you imagine that thing slinging around hitting his kneecaps while he tries to run. I'd say women, who have no large genitalia to rub against, dangle, or bounce (ouch, it hurts when your balls bounce, especially if they are the size of chicken's eggs), have a bit of a mechancial advantage when they run.

Yes, I know my thoughts tend toward the extremely politically incorrect. Its just my contrarian nature.