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Totalitarianism in Finland

In a post some time back I made the point that, far from being opposites, political correctness is similar to Communism in that both of them are totalitarian ideologies that will not countenance dissent. You know the line 'no freedom for error'.

One of the ways the ordinary public got a whiff of the real situation under Communist regimes was to develop a kind of taxonomy for translating NewSpeak into the truth. So for example, if Pravda published a headline which said 'Comrade Breshnev has slight cold' they knew that he had one foot in the grave.

Now we have a valuable reader, who goes under the alias of zngr (presumably to protect his physical safety and livelihood) and who provides us with ongoing updates of how Finland, like the rest of Europe, is being destroyed by mass immigration . The interesting thing about the excerpt below is the way the NewSpeak of the PC MSM in Finland is being 'subverted' by sarcastic letter writers, in a way that's so similar to the mechanisms deployed under Communism.

Over to zngr for an example of how such a subversive manages to get published in the MSM:

"We must empower and cherish our diverse minorities or we can never call Finland truly international. A multicultural society is the only way we can achieve global success! Finnish teachers are simply unable to face their multicultural students. We must re-educate all our teachers to face multiculturalism correctly by sending them to re-education camps. Every immigrant saves the taxpayer 300 000€! We need more immigrants, especially from East-Africa so we can call Finland a truly multicultural and diverse society! Multiculturalism is ENRICHING!!!"

As he points out (in a comment to this post) most Finns now get the idea and find it amusing. But isn't it the sign of totalitarian intolerance that they have to do this?


Anonymous said...

Only the Stalinist version of Communism fell in 1989. Many of the Soviet and Eastern block dissidents were Trotskyist.

Communism in the west after 1989 reinvented itself as political correctness.

The looney left in the west have triumphed with the introduction of mass immigration and gay rights.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Europe is heading for civil war in our lifetimes - a war which will doubtless embroil the Islamic world as they see their cousins in those little Swedish Gazas getting deleted by resurgent skinheads.

Zngr said...

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Finnish public prosecution (the main antagonist being Mika Illman, a notorious PC personality, who is using another prosecutor for the case, as the accused has in the past made fun of Illman personally in blog writings, creating an obvious conflict of interest) and for freedom of speech in Finland, as, I quote:

"Jussi Halla-aho, PhD, a Finnish blogger, politician and a City Council member, is to stand trial on August 25. He has been charged with blasphemy and incitement of an ethnic-group and ordered to stand trial for making statements on his blog about Somalis and about Islam's prophet being a pedophile.

Halla-aho's controversial text has been translated in English by blogger Tundra Tabloids ( - an internet-born community of immigration-sceptic activists - is keeping a close eye on the Halla-aho trial. Translated court proceedings as well as video and photography are to be delivered for the global Internet community to witness - as we fear - the sorry state of Freedom of speech in Finland."

The trial is witch-hunt of the worst order, reminiscent of the Human Rights Tribunals vs Steyn or Levant in Canada. Anyone who bothers to read the translation will probably gasp at the logic behind public prosecution taking the case.

Quoting Tundra Tabloids "The Helsinki city councilman was only drawing attention to the hypocrisy of the Finnish state where ethnic groups are concerned" which it was.

His post was even called "A couple of baits for Mika Illman" and the left-wing commissar took the bait, hook, line and sinker after the Green Party Women asked police to investigate the Halla-aho fellow in the case he incites rape.

See, Halla-aho has mentioned the odd disparity between feminists and female left-green politicians for being pro-immigration and pro-multiculturalism/pro-Islam, defending Muslim immigrant (men), who are convicted of rape and assault on women far more often relative to Finnish men, who on the other hand are under constant barrage from both Green women and feminists, and stated he sometimes wishes the rapists would at least target the "right" women, if anyone, as they will eventually rape someone anyway. Hence, by the logic of Green Women, he was inciting for rape. Yes, the logic fails to fully reach me as well. By odd chance they also chose to contact police right before the -08 EU elections, instead of -06 when the blog post was published. Peculiar!

The charges amounted to nothing but prosecutor Illman then ordered police to comb ALL the writings of PhD Halla-aho and find something worthy of prosecution, and out jumped the post "A few baits for Mika Illman", written in June -08. Furthermore the prosecution waited, delaying the announcement, until the day True Finns were supposed to reveal their list for the EU-elections. When they did not, but postponed the list for two weeks, the prosecution also changed the date. When the True Finns postponed again, so did the prosecution. It is therefore hard to pretend the case isn't completely political in nature.

So, here we go.

Totalitarianism, you say? Someone once pointed out the worst characteristics of the leaders of totalitarian regimes have always been their utter lack of humour and zero tolerance to self criticism. As the case of PhD Halla-aho handily reveals.

Zngr said...

As for the NewSpeak used in Finland, people, at least those who are concerned or even interested in whatever the media says, have been forced to learn how "Read the Media" which is a common topic in bar room discussion, never mind the internet.

The Finnish MSM, headed by Helsingin Sanomat or HS (called "Pravda" by those in the know, haha, Savant) and the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE (a fully state subsidized news network) systematically fail to mention either the ethnicity or other important details when the perpetrator is multicultural, or simply refuse to publish the news item in the first place. Hence, when no mention of ethnicity is made or minor details which would help identify the perp are missing, an adept Media Reader can quickly deduct the perpetrator is probably of immigrant background. This also goes along with criminal acts that appear incomprehensible or otherwise mysterious to Finns, for example gang rape or certain types of domestic or street violence. Details of ethnically Finnish criminals often go out immediately, particularly if the police is still looking for them thus enforcing general suspicion about media bias.

Criminal acts by immigrants have been nicknamed "acts of enrichment" along with other NewSpeak terms adopted by immigration-skeptics.

The attempts by HS and YLE to paint immigrants in a positive light is actually counter productive in areas that have high immigrant concentrations because, as in USSR, the cognitive dissonance between MSM and the actual reality of the street become impossible to ignore and causes the observer to either #1 suspect he is insane and the rest of the surrounding world is sane #2 that the rest of the world is insane and the observer is alone in his sanity.

As every totalitarian propagandist knows, this kind of cognitive dissonance quickly forces the observer to drop the issue and stop thinking altogether, rather then suffer from the uncomfortable thought that he alone is sane while the world has gone mad, or the other way around.

This cognitive dissonance caused me to turn from liberal, instead of shutting off my mental faculties, as the reality of living in an immigrant street became impossible to ignore, a fate that has met many other Finns in large urban centers. Thankfully, not all wish quit thinking because it hurts a little.

Unfortunately those who live in smaller municipalities often cannot compare the MSM propaganda with reality, and it is quite common for (especially academic) liberals from these areas to confuse immigration-skepticism with either ignorance or lack of experience, when the opposite is true. "Luckily", many small towns have recently been blessed with new refugee centers and Reality is Leaking out of them, so to speak.

In fact, the few tabloids and most of the smaller local papers are much more credible sources of news than the traditional networks, and if you seek you will often find the truth from these publications, less subsidized and therefore less concerned with appearing politically correct.

As for pure propaganda items or absolutely astounding interpretations of events regarding immigrants from either HS or YLE, you could fill an entire blog of them (as one blog called "mediafollower" in Finland has done).

For example several, in fact all screaming headlines about attacks on immigrants the past years have been upon further investigation found to be something else but the MSM has one agenda: they publish a news article describing a suspected racist attack to create a feeling of hostility and suspicion, and then drop the item when it inevitably follows it was instead a business dispute between the Iraqis and the Kurds or simply did not happen in the first place.

The feeling that we are living in an Orwellian or a Kafkaesque world of NewSpeak and oppressive, mostly unseen but rather instinctively felt bureaucratic machinations is very strong. And we're not even as bad as Sweden in regards to MSM or the UK in regards to Kafkaesque bureaucracy!

Anonymous said...

It's so sad to see this. I've had many dealings with Finns and my impression was of straight-forward,tough, honest people. How are they succumbing to this type of control?

Marjorie M?

Anonymous said...

I thought that a .COM was a US based commercial website. I noticed all the blogs are .COM. If this is true, is it impossible due to the PC police to have these types of blogs with European based servers or is it just that these blog websites are more convenient and they all happen to be US based? said...

Back in the days when Finns had balls.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, teacher-paris, but those days seem long gone.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that the Finns are still tough bastards. Look at the winter they get. A lot of them have guns and know the great outdoors. I read a book about the winter war written by an American, Trotter or something was his name , can't remember. Anyway he talked about how the Finns could 'listen' to the forest when the rest of us could hear nothing. Thye kicked some serious ass in 1939.

SAVANT said...

There's no doubt they're tough, but if they're brainwashed into being tough about the wrong things (e.g. 'racism') the toughness will be directed at the wrong target.

Anonymous said...

teacher-paris - are we meant to celebrate the fact that some Finns joined the SS?

Anonymous said...

On Finns joining the Waffen SS? Yes, why not celebrate. It was an anti-communist international movement to thwart Stalins murderous invasions. The SS was also a distinguished and honorable fighting force that deserves a respectable and just place in history. It was the first truely international army of volunteers (long before the UN). It does not deserve the libel and outrageous slanders heaped on it after WW2 (when the allies commited far worse atrocities than the alleged crimes of the SS).

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@Anon 17:05

The blurr between bizzare platitudes, grotesque irony and sheer sarcasm just got fuzzier.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in Karl Marx's true outlook, read "MARX & SATAN" by Richard Wurmbrand.

Anonymous said...


Here's part four of an article series
on race by a Phd in Political science and former Croatian Diplomat. Details the extent of Germanies murdered victims in WW2 aftermath: