Thursday, 27 August 2009

Silly Seb

British novelist Sebastian Faulks has risked incurring the wrath of Muslims by dismissing the Koran as just 'the depressive rantings of a schizophrenic' with 'no ethical dimension'. It says ‘the Jews and the Christians were along the right tracks, but actually, they were wrong and I’m right, and if you don’t believe me, tough — you’ll burn for ever'. That’s basically the message of the book.'
Couldn't have put it better myself, Seb.

I'm not just taking a cheap shot here, but I always felt that Mo demonstrated classical schizophrenia, voices in the head and all that. But the difference is that Mo also had his feet firmly on the ground – when they weren’t on somebody else’s head. Like when he got horny for six year-old Aisha the voices, opportunely, told him he must marry her. Or the voices telling him to rob, pillage, rape and all that other good stuff we associate with the Religion of Peace.

The response came right on cue. Ajmal Masroor, an imam and spokesman for the Islamic Society of Britain said Faulk's statements ran the risk of stirring religious hatred against Muslims. 'People don't seem to understand the consequences of saying things like this could be quite severe.’
Oh we do understand that, Ajmal. And so would Theo van Gogh, were he still alive. And Salman Rushdie I'm sure could tell us loads about it. Was Faulks crazy? Where did he think he was – in a Western democracy where people are free to speak their minds?

The usual sequence here is first the ‘offence’, second the furious response from the Religion of Peace, then a groveling retraction from the perpetrator. And sure enough, Faulks delivered on cue. In yesterday’s Guardian he whined:

"It is absurd to suggest that the Prophet [note: no longer the schizophrenic], who achieved so much in military and political – quite apart from religious – terms, [and don’t forget his achievement in wiping out a whole Jewish tribe] can have suffered from any acute illness. Only a fully cogent and healthy person could have done what he did". He went on to offer "a simple but unqualified apology to my Muslim friends and readers for anything that has come out sounding crude or intolerant. Happily, there is more to the book than that."

Well, let’s not be too hard on him - he probably had van Gogh in mind when he retracted. And I'd do the same I have to say were I in his position.
So what to make of this development? It’s good in that someone in the public eye has called out the nature of the Religion Of Peace. But doesn’t it also show how in reality we’ve surrendered?
On balance I'd award this one to the Religion Of Peace on points.


Josh said...

Why allow in immigrants if you're afraid of them?

Anonymous said...

That, Josh, is the question....

OneStonedCrow said...

Oh God said to Abraham, "Kill me a son"
Abe says, "Man, you must be puttin' me on"
God say, "No." Abe say, "What?"
God say, "You can do what you want Abe, but The next time you see me comin' you better run"
Well Abe says, "Where do you want this killin' done?"
God says, "Out on Highway 61."

Bob Dylan

Yes, we have surrendered ... but when I say 'we' I also dissociate myself from the Bible which has a lot of crazy stuff too, humping and smiting etc ...

The bottom line is that all religious speculation is just that, speculation ... and an effective way of controlling the sheepmind ...

Where will it all end? ... I hope I'm wrong but, I see a future world population of bearded men and veiled women ...

Anonymous said...

I dont know.....I think there's progress. AT least there haven't been any marches or bombings or whatever. Are they getting the message????

Zngr said...

People in Western Europe are tolerant, and belive in individualism and a broad-minded view of the world. Hence, many of them shrug off the reactions of fanatics as they would shrug off the temper tantrums of a child.

Similarly, as the individualists that we are, ethnic groups are not seen as a cohesive force, but a group of different individuals. If 99 men proclaim they want to explode in a bus, the 1 person who does not proves you cannot judge them all.

This is especially true of the liberals, hence they attempt to convince other people their tolerance is simply a virtue and examplary broadness of the mind. They portray themselves as a some sort of New Man, free of prejudice, judgement, and, unfortunately, common sense.

But what the heck do you guys think will happen when push comes to shove. For real?

Europe has lived within a peace of sorts for 60 years only, and even during that period we've seen a nation fragment into groups of genocidal murderes (the other group of antagonists being unified by the religion of peace) and during which the EU was impotent.

The moral superpower EU radiates does not interest 90% of the World. Saying you are "naughty", behave improperly and should quit massacring ethnically different people did not affect the Serbs, nor Teheran, or Turkey, or the Somali (the most racist country on earth), the Sudanese, the Shi'ite and, Sunni gangsters of Iraq who annihilate each other (but mostly civilians) with reckless abandon, the IDF, Hamas, etc.

Instead of forcing the killing to stop by virtue of moral disapproval, it was missiles and fighters from US that put an end to it in the middle of Europe - as usual, and thus it will be in the future as well.

What I'm afraid of is that a nation like the Germans (or the Swedes, or the French or...) who can turn violence into an industry become too angered and forget they are "New Men" in face of prejudice, but instead again become engines of death and destruction

Multiculturalism is an attempt to launch a scenario like that. I don't believe in race wars, but I can imagine the culture wars aflame across the globe can easily reach Europe again within our lifetime.

See the Blood Running Through the Streets.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry the Germans have been so battered down by anti-free speech laws and hateful propaganda against them by the allied forces after WW2, that they have little will to live as a group except as a slave class to Israel and American capitalists. 12 million good Germans died in WW2 and about 3 million under the allied forces after it, form random murder, rape and starvation in allied camps. Now they are vilified forever by the scum of the earth and can't even speak out against this mad unfairness without being thrown into jail amongst Turkish murderers.
Also dysgenics by breeding the most uncouth elements of society along with encourging low self esteem has greatly damaged Germany under Liberal tyranny (who punish their own people worse than foreign criminals) . Polite Germans of the utmost respectable nature are always presented as the bad guys in popular media and the worst criminal elements of the third world negroes are set up as saints. So I do see where this fantasy of a "dictator" will rise anywhere in Europe in the comming years. We are fucked in the truest sense of the word because we have no defenses, it's just that people do not realise that yet. What is needed is intelligent actions and dedicated serious people now to salvage and put up barriers while we still can.

It will be a divine miracle if a white nation can again be established somewhere in the world that will actually put its own people first and not be afraid to be what it is.

Anonymous said...

yes, the Germans are much maligned. Not the greatest company I'll admit, but they've totally imbibed the KoolAid of their national guilt, and are now dying away. Saxony's population will be half what it is now in 30 years if present birth rates continue.

Anonymous said...

When you talk to God it's called praying.

When God talks to you it's called schizophrenia.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Please tip your waitress.

Anonymous said...

The situation in German is a direct result of having lost the war. If Germany compromised and survived as a state after WW2 this could have all been avoided. The German people were left without a state to fight back against the lies of the left and allied forces which dehumanised them after the war and accused the Germans of the most ludicrous of crimes. Remember Stalin was among these same allies who murdered 60 million under his watch but not a single mention of him appears in the press to the extent of what libel National Socialist Germany gets daily. Stalin did it all in the name of equality and human rights. Where is the outcry on these double standards? There is none for two reasons: Stalin was a leftist and secondly, communism survived as a state after WW2 and could represent itself in the world apart from what its opposition said.

The 60's revolution of Europes baby boomers raised in allied univerisites inverted all traditional values that uphold the very basis of building a strong civilisation. They mocked all Europes most sacred cows and turned them upside down.

Because the only two surviving ideologies left in the world (that had state representation) were Liberial capitalism and Socialism. Neither of which recognised race or traditional cultures and both were all about cutting all links to the past and de-sacralising humans into one grey miscegnated mass of coffee colored animals.

Anonymous said...

If whites just regained their common sense all this self-destruction and nihilism would be washed away.

Perhaps I'm being too optimistic in asking even for this.

Anonymous said...

point is we've taken on board the threats but won't admit we're doing it 'cos we're afraid. instead we find all sorts of weasel words to explain it away.

Anonymous said...

There's always Christian Strache...

Anonymous said...

@Anion 30 August 2009 19:15

Please elaborate. What exactly do you mean?

Anonymous said...

what I mean is that people are afraid to 'offend' Muslims but they won't admit it as such, maybe because they don't even realise it themselves. They've internalised it.

So they come up with all sorts of excuses, 'not on our publishing list', 'lack of space', 'common decency' all this sort of stuff to explain away what's actually cowardice.