Sunday, 9 August 2009

The other side of racial profiling

You know by now that the way race is depicted in the media (see this post, for example) pisses me off. Blacks are invariably cast as judges, honest policemen, doctors, lawyers, scientists etc. All wholly at variance with reality.

Now we see the opposite side of this fantasy. See the cartoon here from Daryl Cagle, which purports to depicts the massive overcrowding in US prisons? Notice anything? Of course you do. All of the prisoners are white. No sign of our precious diversity here.

But, you may protest, maybe all US prisoners are white? Well, check this, from the Bureau of Justice Statistics
"Among inmates held in custody in prisons or jails, black males were incarcerated at 6.6 times the rate of white males. One in 21 black males was incarcerated at midyear 2008, compared to one in 138 white males. At midyear 2008, black males (846,000) outnumbered white males (712,500) and Hispanic males (427,000) among inmates in prisons and jails."

According to my rough mental calculation, based on these figures, approximately one prisoner in three is white. Yet in the cartoon they're all white. Just shows the relentless brainwashing attack comes at us from both directions.
Also, have you ever noticed the ads for home security? You'll never see a black identified as a potential intruder - even in South Africa I'm told! There blacks commit almost 100% of burglaries, and even in the US (according to the same DoJ source above) blacks housebreak at about 15 the rate of whites.
I tell you, you wouldn't get this kind of MSM mental programming under Stalin. And remember what that arch-propagandist Goebbels said 'if you keep repeating a lie often enough, it will eventually be accepted as fact'.


Anonymous said...

A lot of prisoners categorised as 'white' will be Middle-Eastern or even Hispanic.


Anonymous said...

Yes. IN many ways it's almost MORE important to demonise the white man as to create the fantasy as you refer to it about saintly blacks.

Anonymous said...

I’ve taught (or tried to teach) 35 kids at a time from East Oakland, and I can tell you the class size should be more like 6. There were few if any social services provided to that population sector.

The statistics in the ’80’s were the following: If you were young, male and black, you had a 1 in 2 chance of even making it alive to your 21st birthday. To say nothing of injury or jail.

These people need love and care, although if they weren’t completely cynical when they went into jail, they’ll be completely hostile when they get out. About the only education they get in jail is to learn hostile attitudes and divide off into gangs complete with tattoos. There is not enough control in jails to prevent this, so the jail system sucks as well. Great.

Curling River

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus! They need to be loved! Gimme a break, will ya!

Anonymous said...

Until some sort of traditional Western family structure becomes part of black culture (highly unlikely), black teens will continue making illegitimate black babies which, as we all know, grow up to be society's nightmare. The cycle doesn't stop.

Viking said...

yep, it's true, Savant
Here in South Africa, there's a tv ad for a security door that has a robber chasing a woman into her house - and he's white!

It's a common sight on American tv shows as well. On CSI Miami recently the human-trafficker was white. I think it has to do with legal matters though - if the bad guy is shown as black or Cuban there are legions of lawyers waiting to screech Rasicm!

kulak said...

Liberals simply can't think.

When prisons are overcrowded, prisoners are white, yet every liberal also knows that there are far too many blacks unfairly in jail for non-violent crimes.

The best way to look at this toon is simply bait-and-switch marketing. The white faces will get more sympathy from the WHITE reader. Showing dark faces would reduce sympathy and agitation for release.

This tells you who's REALLY in charge -- even with their heads in the sand at the moment -- and who the traitors in charge of the state are afraid of.

It ain't blacks. It's whites.

Think about it. As oblivious or deluded or beat-down as most whites are, those pathetic vicious little commies are STILL shit-scared of us.

But they really shouldn't be. When we win, we won't treat them the way they would treat us.

Because we're better than them.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of prisoners categorised as 'white' will be Middle-Eastern or even Hispanic."

Not "a lot"...but all of them!

Check this FBI table of arrests for 2006 and you'll note that there is no category for Hispanics, Mexicans, Latinos or whatever term is acceptable to you. They all are simply described as "White"!!

Obviously, this deliberate discrepancy over-inflates the "White" arrest numbers to give a false reading.

Also note the "2006 estimated population 216,685,152"-- top of the page.

The U.S. population is well over 300,000,000, so I don't know if that figure is a misprint or an "affirmative-hire" government numbers-cruncher from "East Oakland" who is not competent enough to simply transpose numbers from one page to another.

The U.S. black population is about 12.5% of the total, but commit 52% of all murders. If you reduced their proportional population to only Black males (6 percent?), you'll note that their propensity for extreme violent crime is way out of proportion to other races.

Real U.S. whites are now reduced to about 65% (down from 88% in 1965) with over 100,000,000 non-whites living inside the nation's borders.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the truth, but doesn't dare say it except in private. If you strip out the minority crime figures, America has lower crime rates than Europe. In fact, the FBI deliberately counts hispanics as "White" in order to distort perceptions (check it out if you don't believe me).

Although one advantage white Americans have over wussified Euros is concealed carry permits...Bwahahahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post.
It IS laughable isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Just seen a news item about a prison race riot in Chino, California, between Hispanics and blacks.


Anonymous said...

You've mentioned Coronation Street a number of times on this. I notice now that the doctor there is black, patronisingly reassuring a grateful white patient!

Anonymous said...

Kulak, that is an excellent insight. All of this nonsense is really about appeasing WHITES. Minorities could go more berserk but they are currently existing at a basic level of disorganization and violence-- "normalcy" for them. If they fuck with the normalcy of whites (baseline society) too much the reaction could be truly ugly. So the Fabian/Communist types need to maintain influence in terms of ideology and control. We seem to be buying into it for now but their powers are limited.

Anonymous said...

Check out this article from PJ:

Kill off elderly whites in favour of sponging minorities. Obama yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Another point of nauseating political correctness. I'm fucking sick of it. But hteonly group that can be attacked negatively and open to criticism is whites. That's it, and they are the most law abiding and mindful people in real life. The blacks and metizos are jamming the jails and still society is crumbling to bits. The liberals/left-wing gloryfying all decadence and disease and the complete destruction of the white race.

We need protective measures put in place or we are in for very serious future problems and the thord world being a reality on our doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Email the cartoonist of the drawing/cartoon and call him "racist" (for racial sterotyping whites). For that is what he is. A hypocritical lying rat scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of bitching, surely we must take action at some stage at this glaring hate towards our race.

Set up a white civil rights organisation( or something thereabouts) and SUE SUE SUE all scumbgas who mis-represent whites in the media.

Anonymous said...

Yes, set up a white group for this that and the other and let the law take a test case. If they follow thru it'll show to everyone what the truth is - only whites are deemed to be racists.

Then sue after every case of AA where a white loses his job or promotion. Even if we lose all the cases it'll bring the issue to the public's attention and will clog up the courts. We CAN do it if we awaken ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point anon 23:44, why hasn't this action taken place by whites in the USA and SA even, where they have been hit worse?
At least in the USA there is a good chance of implementing such a group with a good chance of success (and I mean that because if even one case is successful it'll be a major break through and even if you lose it highlights the discrimination against whites, win-win really). Considering the punishment whites are undergoing not only today but in the past too this action should be taken very seriously and with a degree of alarming immediacy, as your "human rights", laws and criminal justice are being completely spat on by brown hordes.

Anonymous said...

we're all agreed - let's take action! so off we go, every one of us. now!

Anonymous said...

Why the cynicism? A white rights version of an "ACLU" is long over-due in the states. Also by suggesting that idea is to get into the habit of spreading that meme around racially conscious whites. Someone(educated) will act on it as a last resort.

Now all you need is the lawyers.