Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Now we're REALLY fucked

In the previous post I showed how the Irish courts and arbitration agencies are generous to a fault (with taxpayers’ money) when it comes to compensating the hurt feelings of our public servants. Hundreds of millions have been paid out over the last few years. But an article in today’s Irish Times must send s chill of horror through our already beleaguered Finance Minister.

The article shows how that spawn of Satan the Equality Tribunal has awarded a civil servant €40,000 for being bullied. Well, that's not quite correct. His complaint for bullying was rejected too years ago, but not to be put off, the ‘victim’ came up with a new wheeze. It seems that ‘since he filed the complaint the work he was given gradually began to reduce and since 2005 he’s been given no work whatsoever. He felt isolated’

The shocked tribunal, on hearing this, awarded him €40k. on the spot. So what, you may ask? That's what these bodies are for, to fork out our money to anyone who can contrive to be offended or otherwise upset about something or other.

But think about it. We have 300,000 civil servants, at least half of whom have nothing to do. If all of them - 150,000 - were also to sue (like the army did over deafness claims) this would, according to my mental arithmetic, cost us (the taxpayer) €6 billion.

Now given that we’re currently borrowing €400 million a week to enable our public servants and welfare recipients maintain the standards to which they’ve become accustomed, such a development should have us nicely in the Zimbabwean league within a couple of years.

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kulak said...

according to my mental arithmetic, cost us (the taxpayer) €6 billion.

That might be a bargain if they actually did nothing.