Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Behold, Black empowerment

If ever you wanted a grotesque living example of the follies of Black Empowerment in South Africa, look no further than Boks head coach Peter de Villiers. Like everything else that SA has been good at, rugby has been an almost 100% white enterprise. Under Jake White they became, and remain, World Champions. With it came the usual glamour, money, fame and fortune.

This attracted the attention of SA’s black majority. They wanted part of it. A big part of it. First they forced the appointment of a black President, the bizarrely named Oregan Hoskins (don't ask!) and then forced the non-renewal of Jake White’s contract. Both his name and race disqualified him, despite his sterling record.

This was a scandalous move, but the selection of his replacement was even worse. The obvious man was Heyneke Meyer, but he was forced to withdraw his application and the job went to de Villiers. This guy had a modicum of success at under-age level, but nothing in senior competition. But hey – why worry! He was the right colour, and that's what’s important in SA right now.

De Viliers then proceeded to promote black players almost irrespective of their ability, and deflected all criticism of him, or of underperforming black players like Ricky Januarie as ‘racism’. But of course, what else could it be? And since taking over, his reign has been a comedy of errors, which has even embarrassed those who foisted him on the Union.

But to get a real sense of his, er, quality, you need to hear him, or better again, get a transcript, of him being interviewed. He’s such an ignorant stupid buffoon that it almost defies belief. He’s incoherent, self-contradictory, ridiculous. Even legendary anti-apartheid SA international Cheeky Watson has reportedly referred to him as a ‘baboon’. I think your average baboon is more intelligent.

But even this clown may have over-stepped the mark with his pathetic defense of Schalk Burger’s shocking eye-gouging of Luke FitzGerald in the second Test. The near blinding of Fitzgerald itself wasn’t surprising, Southern Hemisphere teams routinely set out to maim key members of the opposition from the North (e.g. the spear tackle on Brian O’Driscoll in New Zealand) as well as intimidate the referees. But de Villiers’ attempt to justify it was so comically inept that even the craven SARU might be forced to dump the clown.

And incidentally, his support for Burger may not be unconnected with his (Burger’s) selling his soul to support de Villiers. In an interview with the Irish Times he admitted he did have ‘some reservations’ initially but now recognizes what a great coach he is. Shameful Schalk. Almost as shameful as your attempt to blind an opponent.

The only good thing is that the blacks will fuck the Boks like they fuck everything else. Right now, that gives me consolation after a nasty unfair defeat.


Anonymous said...

"Nasty unfair defeat"?????

Well FUCK YOU matey. Well beaten in the two tests. Typical whinging Poms, can't take your beating. Shud be getting used to it by now!


Anonymous said...

He looks like a quadroon. All else said the type of affirmative action you have just described has destroyed and overstressed businessess(& other services) all over the West. Now this is heading for SA's rugby team. A sad day indeed. You would expect that they could at least throw a couple of token niggers on the benches and keep them put. But what do you expect as the logical outcome of black rule? Excellence will plummet and Whites will suffer, and suffer hard at that.

Abu Abdullah said...

You make it sound as if this Blacks' deliberate undermining of Whites' cultural icon of rugby is something new. Anyone who has been paying attention would know that this has been going on for at least a decade.

SAVANT said...

And fuck you too Arne. Enjoy your ill-gotten victory as soon an 'all blacks' Boks team will be losing regularly to the likes of Scotland and Romania!!

Anonymous said...

well said.
Despite the racist, so called Affirmative action strategies being employed in such an in your face manner, the average white remains soporific as long as he has a bit of rugby left.
Give the masses bread and circus, the Roman politicians believed and lo and behold, 2000 years later it still works.
History teaches us that we never learn..

SAVANT said...

Yes doodler, bread and circuses seem to be cutting it in SA now. I didnt like what I saw in the crowds either. As long as fame and fortune can be extracted from rugby (i.e. until blacks completely take it over and teams are representative of the country at large) the blacks will be hanging on to it.

Anonymous said...

My son was repeatedly invited to provincial trials while still at primary school. After the first 2 years he refused to attend the 3rd year. When I asked of him his reason for not wanting to take part his answer was " Daddy, because it's a circus - the (affirmative) coaches and selectors knew all the non-white players by name and the white boys are only there because their fathers have to help with transport and money." I swelled with pride. My son had seen the light without me having to teach him to be a racist ( as we Afrikaners are supposedly wont to do.)

Anonymous said...

These tests were not as close as the score suggests. In the first test the coaches lost the plot and made those silly changes and in the second test if it were not for Burger's stupidity and Pienaar's poor kicking the score lines would have been entirely different. The changes are good as the team will not be complacent

Anonymous said...

You'll get your wish Savant (do you really want this?). Rugby here is fucked. It is, as you say, only a matter of time before it goes the way of everything else in SA. Sad but true.

SAVANT said...

Sorry to my SA friends. I was a bit intemperate after the 2nd Test, but after today i feel a lot better.

In truth I dont want to see the great 'Boks go into decline, but unfortunately they will. As my policeman friend said to me today 'everything the blacks touch rots'. He's not very eloquent normally but I think this sums it up nicely.

Anonymous said...

A great post, Savant. I agree, the Lions should have won the series. The fact that they didn't is probably indicative of the raw talent of the 'Boks, certainly nothing to do with the farcical coaching staff. I surmise that the 'Boks will never win another world cup. Very unfortunate.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Vanillia Ice. In truth it's hard to say who should have won. One thing that it brought home to me was the crazy way penalties can decide such ties, especially, like at the breakdown, when nobody seems to know how the law will be interpreted.

A questions

How has SA rugby allowed itself to become infested by these people? It was almost all white all along, so how did incompetent oafs like this get in? Like, how did de Villers get the nod over Meyer?

Anonymous said...


normally i agree with what you say, but now i disagree.

we've BEAT the british, faaaaaked them up. De Villiers has an awesome record compared to jake whites.


Anonymous said...

Anybody read Eamon Sweeney on the back of the Sunday Indo sports page?
He was snarling about Willie John and Slatts and how how they had nothing to be proud of in 1974 because SA was under an evil regime back then. The facts that nowhere near as many people were dying violently and the general infastructure ( such as the Durban sewage system ) was a lot better back then was neither here nor there as far as the sanctinonous Sweeney was concerned. Its officially ok now under the Living God and his pals- so thats alright then.