Friday, 26 June 2009

Obama soup kitchen


colin said...

Farah Fawcett died and went to heaven,where she met God and he gave her one wish. She asked for all the children of the world to be safe. So God killed Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...


Giuseppe Verdi said...

Ah, the American way. Even our "poor" people are rich compared to the people in third world countries. So many of our people receive welfare checks, live in public housing, and have their food paid for via food stamps; yet you so often see these same people driving around in "pimped-out" cars with earthshaking, booming sound systems going full blast, wearing solid gold "bling" and $200 sneakers, and wasting their days watching their large screen plasma TVs.

Anyone who's ever lived in a majority black area (as I have) knows that this is not some strange aberration but typical. Go to the inner city (the 'hood) in most US cities (during the day time only, of course) and see the unbelievably large numbers of people just hanging out during the work day. Not very many people in these neighborhoods ever seem to have legitimate (legal) jobs. Instead of realizing how much better off they are than someone who is truly poor back in their native lands (starvation, mud huts, no conveniences or plumbing, etc.), all Americans get to hear is continual complaints that more is not given over happily to them.