Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Just what we need

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse we’ve learned that it can. Having driven the country into penury and sat doing nothing for the last year, the (mis)Government suddenly springs into action and introduces ........... a law on blasphemy! Just what we fucking need. How did we get by without it up to now?

The bill defines (I use the word ‘define’ in the loosest meaning of the term) the offence as “grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion; and he or she intends, by the publication of the matter concerned, to cause such outrage.”

Now, apart from having a whole load of indefinables in there, what jumps out to me is that the offence takes place if enough lunatic adherents of a particular religion deem it to be offensive. Can't you just see the Muzzies rubbing their hands at the prospect? Endless litigation – needless to say all funded by the taxpayer.

So you face a penalty of up to €100k. if you say that Jehovah’s Witnesses shouldn’t let their children die for lack of a blood transfusion, or that Mohammed should not have been humping a nine year old child, or that the Scientologist are off the wall for believing that they converse with aliens. Or what about the Jedi religion, which world-wide has by now almost 1 million adherents? What if they were outraged if you suggested their swords weren’t magic?

I could go on. But the point is, it’s not what you say, it’s the fact that the nutcases taking offence is what makes it an offence. So when you say something you don’t know whether it will turn out to be an offence, simply because the reaction of the lunatics will be the determining factor.

Why such madness, and why now? Who knows? There has been pressure from the, ahem, Human Rights Council at the UN (this contains such paragons of Human Rights as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Cuba)which is driven by the wealthy Islamic members. It is they who have used this Council as a platform to attack Israel and to propagate legislation to prevent the denigration of religion. Whether our pathetic (mis)Government is just trying to curry favour with these misanthropes can only be a matter for speculation

Last out run off the lights.


Anonymous said...

I've never known of a case where the child of a JW died through lack of a blood transfusion and I doubt if any would be offended by the accusation. More likely you would be corrected and educated as to the reasoning behind their stance on blood and its alternatives.

That said, any religion is going to be offensive to someone, Christians condemn gays, Moslems want them stoned or beheaded. Even the Koran and Bible will offend either Christian or Moslem. Then there are the Jews, Islam wants them dead - I doubt the government will take any action about banning the Koran. Don't the Jews still believe they are the chosen people? What next, ban the Talmud? But then, just look at the hatred that this law will stir up, it will keep government departments busy for years and keep them in work for years to come. And isn't that their ultimate aim?

IsraeliEejit said...

Well this is certainly a huge kick in the arse to basic Freedom of Speech and another step closer to total dhimmitude.
Its a major victory for the Muzzies who, as you say, are pushing for it via the so-called Human Rights Council.
What I cant fathom is why Western governments are falling for this crap? Are they so scared of potential Muzzie terrorist attacks that they're willing to bend over backwards to please them? Is it because of the oil?
The problem with Muzzies is that they're never happy. If you give them an inch they'll want a mile. This will be the first of many major steps to prevent any critique, to accept Sharia law and basically to bow down to Islam. Eurabia isnt far off.

Anonymous said...

Hello Savant - thanks for the excellent post.
In South Africa we have a law with exactly the same intention.
It's called "Crimen Injuria" and it is abused consistently by malignant people who abuse it to their advantage.
And here is how it's worded..."Crimen Injuria consists of unlawfully and intentionally impairing the dignity or privacy of another person"
Now doesn't THAT wording open up all kinds of potentially abusive scenarios.
If you tell your neighbour to get lost you impair their dignity,and you get charged and arrested.

If you're painting your roof and your neighbour doesn't like the fact that you can see into their property,you are then impairing their privacy.
Again you get CHARGED and ARRESTED and then it's up to you to hire a lawyer,spend a year in Court,to prove that you were indeed painting your roof,and it was indeed unintentional impairing of privacy,and that you could'nt help seeing into your neighbours back yard whilst painting.
After sitting for 6 hours in a police cell,you do have an option of paying a small fine as Crimen Injuria is considered a "misdemeanour", but then guess what?
You get a Criminal Record showing that you paid an admission of guilt fine for Crimen Injuria.
BUT...if you run a red light you get a huge fine but NO criminal record !
What's more dangerous running a red light or telling your neighbour off ?
And if your neighbour charges you AGAIN with Crimen Injuria,at a later date,for fixing your gutters(you can still see into his property coz your'e on a ladder right?),you then get re-arrested with NO option of a fine this time because it's the second time you "commit this crime".
Now you HAVE to go to Court.

And this is utterly true because I've had first hand experience.This law gets manipulated every day by people who have an axe to grind.

Cape Town Cynic.

SAVANT said...

Thanks CT Cynic. I didnt know it was that bad in SA but the whole world's gone mad. And I understand that down ther ethe majority of murderers and rapists never get apprehended?

Anonymous said...

We're living in very strange times, that's for sure Savant. I beginning to believe that the crowd in Leinster House have no real control over this country anymore. Why do we have such insane and deleterious levels of immigration here? Why is no-one saying anything? No debate to date on immigration in Leinster house, wtf?

Now this nonsense, clearly designed to appease the Muslims, those here and the ones that'll be coming here in their droves soon.

But we'll still have plenty blasphemy doled out at Christians, particularly Catholics, mostly from the same liberal quarters who are pushing for this law to be implemented.

It's all quite schizophrenic, and that's the way it's meant to be to confuse, alienate and unsettle people.

This law virtually gives them catre blanche. If they're offended by the sight of rashers and sausages in a shop will they be able to invoke this law as it pork is against their religion? Will they have to pay interest on loans, as that too is against they're religion? Practise polygamy and claim child/spouse benefit for everyone?

Seriously, it's a big con, we have the veneer of a nation state, but when it comes down to those things that define a nation-economy, immigration, law and order those in Dail Eireann have not got the interest of the Irish people at heart. They have ceded all executive powers to EU but still go on taking the perks.

Why do we need three levels of government anyway, local, national and European? I just don't understand it, and Irish people are walking obliviously to their doom, literally like lambs to the slaughter.

Who's in charge here anyway? Just what's going on?

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with anon 15.33. The whole country has gone mad, and our so-called leaders are just cyphers.

Anonymous said...

why is it savant , that whenever you have a go at religious nutters and such , we always seem to get on a Muslim bashing jamboree . there are 40,000 Muslims living in Ireland and yet we never hear a peep out of them ! we have 1 million protestants who had no problem planting no warning car bombs ! or running into bookie offices and machine gunning pensioners , we had thousands of Christians who seemed to think little children were just sex toys to be used and abused , lets not be afraid to confront all those assholes equally .

i personally like to blame the Jews ! seeing how all the other shit religions sects cults sex deviants tax avoidance schemes stem from their particular brand of gobbledygook

teacher.paris said...


Scroll down for text.

Anonymous said...

These jerks should just tell their phoney baloney gods to go out and punish the offenders and spare the courtroom. If nothing happens, then the gods weren't that upset in the first place, right?

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

On my way out, so haven't much time. I must set the record straight. CT Cynic is mostly spouting crap.
Crimen iniuria is a common law offence and is certainly not used in the fashion he describes.
If I called a woman a whore, e.g; that is crimen iniuria.
Possibly if I expose myself, or be a peeping tom, but there are other laws dealing with that type of thing.
He sounds like some sort of loon.

SAVANT said...

Albeus - CT Cynic wont like that one little bit!!!

Anonymous said...

Who do you think benefits by letting the arabs and blacks into white western countries to feed off the taxes the whites are paying?

Who has the power to get these self-destructive immigration laws passed and abused against the wishes of the average caucsian man on the street? And, by the way, these laws are only destructive to whitey. Whitey is the only loser in all of this.

More to the point, look at the U.S. political makup (which is in its essence the same in every western country) and those who finance the politicians. Half the government has Israeli passports. And listen to what is being said about the Israeli lobby and their power plays, which are founded on divide and conquer (among other) tactics.

If I tried to get you to hire a guy who had been fired from hundreds of jobs, and some of them more than once because someone was dumb enough to rehire him, would you do it? Wouldn't you think something must be wrong with this guy? Or would you think it was just irrational prejudice by bigots causing him to get fired, and it had nothing to do with the guy's character?

Do you see my point? Or are you going to continue to miss the point.

The people who benefit from these chaotic immigration laws and who have the power to get them enacted are who you should be looking at. The arabs and blacks are just the logs in the fire. The group stoking the flames and bringing in more wood are the guilty ones.

Apartheid plus genocide equals Israel.

Anonymous said...

All you need to do isjust find out who owns the damn media, and you'll find the culprit. It's just so obvious.

Whitey is the hidden opposition's real enemy because we are the only ones who are smart enough to figure things out. Therefore, we must be diluted and forbidden to organize in any meaningful way.

Don't get me wrong. I have no interest whatsoever in living with blacks and Arabs. But they are simply the tools used to divide western society and cause its disintegration.

SAVANT said...

anon 19.01 and also I presume the following post: You make a subtle point but I'm not convinced. What have Jews to gain by passing a blasphemy law in ireland, assuming they have the power which I doubt?

I hear what you and many others say about Jews deliberately undermining the white race - loosely defined - and there just might be some essence to that (althjough if true at all it'd be confined to a small minority of Jews). But on the blasphemy law, You've lost me.

SAVANT said...

anon 00.39. Whay have a 'jamboree' on Muslims when such things happen? Well, have Sevenrth Day Adventists or Mormons been threatening and intimidating the West over such things? If so I've missed it.

There may be 'only' 40,000 Muslims in ireland now (there were almost none 10 years ago, but that's the reason we dont have trouble with them. Numbers too few. Wait till they reach Dutch or British proportions and then you'll see the fun.

Anonymous said...

muslim jamboree

ten yrs ago we didn't have any of these African churches either , evangelical Christians that go around preaching a completely different brand of Christs teachings than your local priest , look up that ex pro who became a preacher in kenya filled her church with 600 people locked the doors and had some followers on the outside burn the place to the ground ! western media has to a certain extent blinded us to the dangers of religion , if the nutter isn't carrying an AK47 and the Koran ,, well then he's perfectly acceptable , the African churches actively preach ignorance illiteracy , and also that god is money , how long will it be before some wise and holy man finds a chapter in some ancient text that says god promised Ireland to his little tribe , it's happened before !

IsraeliEejit said...

To Anonymous 19.01 & 19.17

What a load of crap!
Your "Blame it on the Jews" and "The Jews control the Media" arguments are just basic Jew Hatred. Just own up and admit it.

For Jews everwhere such legislation, banning any criticism of Islam, is a total disaster. We are familiar with the Arab psyche and wish the truth to be shouted from the rooftops. 20 years ago, did any Europeans know about "honour killings" or clitoral mutilation? It's only since Muslims have been living in your own back yard, that you're beginning to learn their lovely customs.
However, the penetration of Europe by Muslims has led to European governments bending over backwards to appease them on every level, to avoid riots and terrorist attacks. Following the July 7th bombings in London, the main conclusion was to "Hug a Muslim" so they wouldnt feel so isolated in society that they wanted to blow up their fellow Britons. Isolated, my foot. These British youths who grew up lacking nothing were probably indoctrinated into Jihadism and martyrdom via the internet or at a mosque. The only solution is to come down on them hard, not appease them.
Hence, their growing numbers throughout Europe have caused governments to sway to their demands and take an anti-Israel stance.
As for Jewish control of the media, its obvious that you dont read or watch much news. If you did you'd know that many outlets are totally and openly biased against Israel, including the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Independent and many others.
As I said, all your anti-Jew ravings are total crap!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Israelieedjit here. If the Jews were 'matermining' all of this, how on earth can they benefit from appeasing Muslims? Just doesnt make sense.


teacher.paris said...

Today's most wanted in the Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy on the whole time with the Jewish Conspirace, Jews behind everything line, or is it a range of peple? He shul give himslef a name-de-guerre.

Anyway, He's talking bollocks.

Anonymous said...

You are all so blind. The jews promote these strange laws and push the arabs into western countries (as well as blacks) to cause chaos. and it works.

Whitey needs to be distracted so that the robbing of the banks can continue. Competition for jobs and cultural wars work to keep whitey off guard.

If you are busy worrying about arabs and blasphemy laws you can't spend much time on the bankers stealing you blind. Look at the US now.

Banks are owned by jews and he who has the money calls the shots.

You are so brainwashed when you simply condemn my argument as one of those "blame it all on the jews" hollow, meaningless tirades. You are just as bad as the PC crowd, which means you are a hypocrite.

I agree, you all speak the truth about arabs and their perverse ways. And I agree I want them out, but how did they get here? Are they powerful enough to get themselves over here? Are they smart enough to create a system to undermine the economy?? NO! NO! NO!

The reason you have no jobs is because the people who control the money system want you to fight a losing battle and suffer.

Politicians are paid off or blackmailed by jewish lobbies. And in this way, the just laws and rules are undermined. Read the damn Talmud.

You focus on the symptoms but not the cause. If you don't diagnose the illness, you can forget about curing it.

Is this statement "bullocks": Apartheid plus Genocide equals Israel. If you think so, you deserve what you get. And I hope you get it in spades. But then I need'ent hope, because you've already got it. You just don't know from where.

And one last thing, you sound just like the liberals, although coming from a different angle. You put down what you don't see.

Anonymous said...

You are being ripped-off’d blind and you think it’s blacks and arabs who are doing this to you. "Ya, that’s right, blacks and arabs stole your pension."

Your potential as a human being will never be realized and you think blacks and arabs--who were permitted to just started flooding into your country for some strange reason--are to blame.

Your entire time in the govenment school system was a complete waste of time; you learned nothing of value: you never learned how to handle money, how the law works or how the world works (until you taught yourself). And who do you think is responsible for this? Was it just a horrible accident that the school system ended up to be so terrible? Even though tons of money is spent on learning how people learn..

You learned so little to the point that when you were 18 you didn’t know how to do anything. Unless you had taught yourself or your parents had taught you. But you certainly did not learn anything from mandatory state/gov’t education.

Who in god’s name is suppressing you to the point that your life is crap?

The nature of blacks and arabs is bad news, but they are just doing what comes naturally to them. And that's why they were picked to mess up your life. Because when your life is a mess (with no hope of getting better!), you can't fight the guilty. Hey, most people don't even know who the guilty are.

You are complaining, justifiably so I might add, about the scapegoats, i.e., arabs and blacks. But if you think that it's the proverbial "lone gunman" who assassinated your life, then you just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing before I shut up. Because of my job I have a number of friends who are Israelis and a number who are Lebanese Palestinians. And one thing that has contributed to my awakening is that the Israelis will tell yrou about the "jewish conspiracy" right to your face as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

I am American and they rub my nose right into it when they tell me Israel owns the US. But there is no yelling or screaming or hateful words. It's all just talked about matter-of-factly. And I just say, "Ya, I know."

The least PC crowd are the Israelis. The have nothing to fear. If you critize them for the things they say or how they say it, you will called an anti-semite. And that will shut you up fast.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck - check out that link that teacher paris gave. NOT ONE of these guys is Dutch!

Anonymous said...

anon 18.26 says "And one thing that has contributed to my awakening is that the Israelis will tell yrou about the "jewish conspiracy" right to your face as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

I am American and they rub my nose right into it when they tell me Israel owns the US. But there is no yelling or screaming or hateful words. It's all just talked about matter-of-factly. And I just say, "Ya, I know."


I find this stunning! If correct and representative, as he seems to suggest, it means that all those people on about a Jewish Plot have something - maybe a lot - to go on. Certainly set me thinking...


Vince R said...

At first I thought, Oh No, here we go again, back to the dark ages; inquisition ahead. But it's even worse, it's the f*cking PC brigade again pandering to minorities. How long will the strong of the world have to bear this burden?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "back in the dark ages." We never left them.

Anonymous said...

Vince R - the answer to your question is that we'll have to keep bearing the burden until we put the PC traitors to the sword - literally or metaphorically!


Abu Abdullah said...

This post has been cited in my updated map.