Friday, 8 May 2009

Civilisation versus Savagery

In response to the Waco horror lynching post, Keith from South Africa makes the following comment. I think it's brilliant and actually sums up my inate feelings better than I did myself.

Here's what he says:

"It is clear that all of us, if we're honest, feel anger and hatred towards those who have wronged us, or ours. The difference between savagery and civilised behaviour is control. Savages react immediately and give in to their evil impulses at every opportunity – often quite gratuitously.

The evil impulse that rules the savage is present in all races, and examples of savagery in all races can be given. But as a matter of historical fact, white civilisation has resulted because the self-control impulse among whites has been much stronger, just as the lack of any black civilisation results from the lack of this self-control impulse.

But to maintain civilised status requires that you maintain the self-control impulse, whatever the provocation – otherwise you become the same as your enemy: a savage. I too, am a white South African, and I know the terrible scale of the atrocities perpetrated by blacks – not only today, throughout our history. But their behaviour is never an excuse for us to degenerate to their level.

Despite some of the angry comments here, in fact the history of white-controlled SA proves that we kept to the standard of civilisation – adhering to a process of civilised law. This is the only thing that keeps us civilised – if we indulge in savagery, then we are savages – whether white or black. One important factor in the process of civilisation, is an intelligent and respected older generation which leads.

Youth, mostly unreflecting with lots of energy, struggles with self-control and needs direction. Remember the bullying you experienced or observed while at school – the mindless cruelty. I'll always remember – at the end of my first six months in the army – a new intake was about to enter, and some chaps from my intake couldn't wait to bully the new lot – and yet they had just suffered themselves! What goes on in some minds?

The thing is to keep a sense of proportion, something that liberals, (the eternal adolescents), especially struggle with. When you find an example of white savagery – that does not negate the fact that generally whites do not behave like that, and that savage behaviour is MORE common among blacks. (NO not all blacks are savages, either). The NUMBERS in normal every-day life still put whites ahead in the civilisation stakes even if they are not perfect – get that liberals."


Anonymous said...

Can we blame blacks exclusively for the savagry they impose upon us? Unless you're tied and bound, it is difficult to have someone do something to you without implicit consent. Or?

For all the savagry whites are experiencing now (not just in SA but in every white nation) we must accept our share of the responsibility. We have let this be done to us. We have allowed other races do to us what they are doing. And with this constant refrain I hear about "not stooping to their level," I am beginning to feel, isn't getting us anywhere.

Do we have, perhaps, too much self-control for our own good? And isn't there a time when self-control needs to take a back seat to self-defense?

If enough whites finally lose their self-control maybe we can create a western civilization again.

Maybe sometimes fighting fire with fire is necessary and does help to create peace, or a better world at least. If someone comes at me with a gun simply because they have no self-control, and I shoot him first (because I finally say "now is not the time for self-control, but self-defense... because it's gone too damn far"), isn't something good happening here?

We will not get out of this mess unless we do whatever we need to do to defend ourselves. This brainwashing about limits in what we can do to protect ourselves does NOT work. And the reason we can't do this successfully at the moment is because "our own" are also against us. Ergo, the need for such blogs as this one: To wake "our own" up.

Were our ancestors as soft as we are? We are taking this s#%t lying down if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Civilization versus Savagery?? What civilization is he talking about? There is no more civilization. Savagery won lock, stock and barrel. Our self-control has caused us to self-destruct and cower in the corner like a frightened child. Our passivity (and our so-called "self-control") is PATHETIC. We deserve to be over-run.

This letter attempts to praise whites for their "self-control." And knock Negroes for their lack thereof. I see no damn reason to praise the my white race anymore. We are willfully ignorant (no matter how much stuff you show some whites that is hidden in plain site they don't wake up), lazy and desperately looking for ways to prop up our egos. What right do we have anymore to take any high moral ground. Who the hell are we better than?? WE HAVE ABANDONED OUR CHILDREN TO SAVAGERY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

We let this get so out of hand that all we can do now is DESCRIBE the torture being done to us. One endless writing after another simply stating how bad things are with example after example, like blasphemy laws. Or course discourse can lead to action, but that's not what's happening. And our self-control is a crock. We need to find our savagery! And save ourselves!

We need warriors, not empty praise for our supposed virtues (is it a virtue to let someone drive over your wife children?? if not literally, then metaphorically.), who can park their self-control in the garage and take back our pride and homes in a meaningful, genuine way!

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the self-control!!!! THAT's WHAT HAS US IN THE STATE WE'RE IN!!!!

We have to go back to what made our civilization great, and that - initially - was to fight better and harder than our enemies. Once the danger is gone we can go back to self-control and growing tulips.

Wake up for fuck sake!!!!

Anonymous said...

What these commentators fail to understand is that the whites' ability for self-control is what made us great. The great armies won on the basis of siscipline and organisation, not violent savagery. These people are seriously misguided.


Anonymous said...

I think we all agree that we need to "fight savagery with savagery" and "enough is enough". I'd like to think that all of us are sick of this crap and want to take some sort of aggressive action against the enemy. What isn't agreed upon is where to draw the line under ordinary circumstances (as far as I'm concerned they crossed it a long time ago) and how much punishment is enough.

This whole debate begs the question of what kind of culture are we cultivating by events like the one in Waco. None of us were there or knows what was really going on with the racial situation in that town back then. It could have been truly horrible or those people could have been a bunch of sadistic a-holes. We really can't be sure. One thing I am sure of, however, is that some people develop a taste and enjoyment for such events and continue to find "enemies" long after the real enemy has been dealt with to perpetuate the spectacles for their own gratification. Civilized people are playing with fire when deciding when mob action is necessary and acceptable--but that's not saying we shouldn't be doing it!

Anonymous said...

The issue to my mind is that you cant deal with savages in a civilied way. Especially when there are large numbers of them. In Sweden for example they deal with their imported savages in a much too civilized way, but there are - for now - only a low % of savages, hence they can get away with it. Totally different in SA where the savages massively outnumber the civilized.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08.
You obviously don't live in South Africa. Here if you defend yourself aggressively you will be arrested for murder!

Anonymous said...

"What these commentators fail to understand is that the whites' ability for self-control is what made us great. The great armies won on the basis of siscipline and organisation, not violent savagery. These people are seriously misguided."

Before I begin, what won the US civil war for the colonies was the tactic of guerilla warefar. Had the farmers fought in the disciplined manner of the British soldier, they would have lost. Therefore, another sort of discipline was called for. Now on to my tirade...

Seriously misguided?? Being misguided is what got us in this mess! If we stay misguided, what's next? If we do what this guy suggested (maintain so-called control), where will it lead? Screw that idea.

Even if self-control made us great, lack of it may keep us alive. Some people claim we are already dead! Self-control doesn't cut it anymore! When something no longer works, should we continue to do it? Isn't that the definition of INSANITY? If we continue to maintain "self-control" where in lord jesus'name is that gonna lead us?? Does your mother and three year old daughter have to be raped 36 times by six black guys at 2 in the afternoon while you're working at Mc Donalds before we realize self-control is self-destructive?

Is self-defense misguided? If we continue to say la-di-da, let's go play golf (as the above quoted person suggests, in not so many words), what will my kid say about me later on?

You see, people who talk like that need to get it good and hard before they wake up. However, people like that can go suck an egg. Would you want this guy backing you up?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the debate as to how many angels can dance on a pin head...
Western civilisation - the only real one, you are so screwed.
Your kids and their offspring are going to hate you.
Read Arthur Kemp's March of the Titans - available for free on the web.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm he one who said we shul have self-descipline, which seems to have upset our friend. In fact he's mistaken. I'm not at all suggesting that we lie back and take it. I'm talking about applying self-discipline in our fight against the African and Muslim hordes that threaten to overwhelm us.

b/t/w - you can be sure that the US guerrillias were very disciplined when they fought the Brits!

Anonymous said...

You know the definition of a conservative? A liberal who's been mugged.

A lot of the commentators here should bare this in mind.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

You know the definition of a conservative? A liberal who's been mugged.

A lot of the commentators here should bare this in mind.

09 May 2009 21:29"

You, in turn, might like to know the definition of a liberal.

A conservative who has just been arrested.

Couldn't resist. Sorry.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

this post seems to suggest that although the white man is capable of acts of savagery , he usually restrains himself , and acts of savagery far more common among blacks .

try this on for size

EastAsiaTheNewPower said...

What these commentators fail to understand is that the whites' ability for self-control is what made us great. The great armies won on the basis of siscipline and organisation, not violent savagery. These people are seriously misguided.This poster never heard of East Asia.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the last commentator is saying. Is it that East Asian powers became powerful even without discipline and self-restraint?

Strange point if that's what it is.


Anonymous said...

checked this link of Russia anon. Dont get your message???

Anonymous said...

It's that whites can be as bad as blacks.

Anonymous said...

I hope whites can be worse than blacks!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of the Russian Propaganda post ?What a load of bollocks, anyone reading that would think that the majority of Russians look like the pictures that accompany the text.Reality is that 1)the slavs are just about as far down on the civilised scale as a white can go.2) The Mongol Russians outnumber the slavs 3) What a shit bunch

Anonymous said...

The only sensible solution is separation. Keep them away from white areas, expel them from white countries. That's the mistake South ASfricans made. They got in lots of 'boys' to do all their dirty work, thereby swamping white areas with them. Too late for SA now.


Anonymous said...

Good one, Uncle Nasty - surprised coming from you tho'

Anonymous said...

Agreed about Russia - worst white country in the world. Seriously fucked up but also some seriously hot chicks!

Randy Dan

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with the post. Societies can become too civilized, with regards to tolerance etc. Where is white South Africa now?
Kmac wrote a paper on implicit/explicit behaviour:

Anonymous said...

U. Nasty-- Thanks for that rejoinder. Never heard it before and reminds of the complement to "Great minds think alike" = "Fools seldom differ". Took years to learn that one, too!

Cheeky Boy said...,21985,25455058-5005961,00

GOVERNMENT troops sodomised pygmies in March in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, believing they would gain supernatural powers, a regional rights group said.

“Some soldiers from the 85th Brigade sodomised three male pygmies to gain supernatural powers and protection in Kisa village in Walikale territory,” the Human Rights League of the Great Lakes said.

“The village chief was stripped and (sodomised) in the presence of his wife, his children and daughter in-law.

“The children in turn were stripped and raped in front of their father.”

It said armed groups in the region also abused the pygmies.

Elderly citizens and children were also being raped by the armed groups and wayward FARDC soldiers in eastern DRC, it added.

The pygmies live essentially as subsistence hunter-gatherers in the forests in the DRC’s equatorial zones and have been targeted by militia groups in the past.

Among the armed groups roaming the eastern part of Congo are the Rwandan Hutu Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda rebels.

Some of its members are accused of being among the main perpetrators of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide by Hutus against the Tutsi minority.

The United Nations and global human rights organisations have accused the FDLR of engaging in mass murder, rape and pillage of locals’ property.

Anonymous said...

"GOVERNMENT troops sodomised pygmies in March in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.."

They got off rather lightly, me thinks.
A delegation of pygmies was at the UN a while back trying to get the Congolese government troops stopped from killing and EATING them!
And liberals tell us that coons are civilized and just like us!!??