Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Virulent racism lives on!

It’s really not nice to laugh at crazy people, but, as you know, sometimes it’s hard not to.

Consider the following:

A teenage science student has been banned from applying for a training programme with Britain’s Environment Agency because she is white and English. The recruitment agency handling the scheme told Abigail Howarth, 18, that there was no point in her submitting an application because of her ethnic background.

She asked: "Am I correct in assuming that as I am English (White) I need not apply as the preference is for the minorities you have listed, or can I apply anyway?'
Three days later recruitment officer, Bola Odusi (good old English name, that) replied: "Thank you for your enquiry unfortunately the traineeship opportunity is targeted towards the ethnic minority group to address their under representations in the professions under the Race Relations Act amended 2000."
The Race Relations Act amended 2000 has, or claims to have, as its main objective, the elimination of race as a basis for selection. But then these crazy people do exactly that: they select applicants on the basis of race.
Is this crazy or what?
Well yes, crazy on the part of the (rapidly declining) English majority, but not at all crazy for the Victim Industry, which is doing very nicely indeed out of such policies. Whites are alone, totally alone, in this form of Ethnomasochism. Can you imagine Japanese or Arabs, for example, giving preference to a white over one of their own?

And where does it leave the bullshit that ‘race is a social construct with no basis in science’?
It’s suicide Jim, but not as we know it.


Anonymous said...

Which is why now a political movement headed by a Stalin type of figure ,ruthless in defence of the Irish race against colonisation would be attractive option to many,perhaps the majority.
Extremist policies can best be countered by extremist politics.

Anonymous said...

"a political movement headed by a Stalin type of figure ,ruthless in defence of the Irish race against colonisation"...... count me in!

Anonymous said...

As an English descendant (expat South African) I used to always look to Britian with pride. Well all I can say is that English pomp and arrogance has become a joke. Blighty is going to hell faster than Zimababwe.

Anonymous said...

A lot are I think coming to the same conclusion.

IsraeliEejit said...

Diabolical and unbelievable.
Where are all the "watchdog" groups when you need them?
It seems as though no-one's protecting the whites' interests.

Has this been picked up by national newspapers?

BTW, government institutions in Israel have to employ a certain percentage of Arabs by law, so we also see an advertising drive for electricity workers etc. with a "preference for minorities".

Anonymous said...

Reading this and other posts about how the UK is self destructing, a thought struck me...what goes around, comes around.

The Brits nearly destroyed at least two groups of people, namely the Irish and the Afrikaner. SA history shows how they burned down farms and killed livestock and interned women and children in the first concentration camps on earth. These people died by the tens of thousands as a direct result. A third of the Afrikaner nation was wiped out.....

Anonymous said...

And Labour wonder why the BNP is a growing threat? Amazing, simply amazing.

SAVANT said...

I think it's a bit strong to say that England 'destroyed' the Irish and the Africaaners. Sure, there were wars but the English did very little damage in comparison to what was done in other wars. I need hardly list them out, and anyway it'd be too long.

Anonymous said...

This Orwellian story came to surface in mainstream media back in August, 2007 -- but, I'm glad to see it again, as a reminder of the sinister "inverted racism" that is happening daily not only in Britain, but all developed White countries.

This story is but one example of the relentless racial discrimination against White people in their own countries, so one can only imagine the innumerable other examples that remain hidden away like White mushrooms placed in the dark while they're fed B.S. stories that reek of inconsequential matter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, plus the Irish and Afrikaaners are rapidly being diluted/polluted/executed by non-white "cultural enrichers", not the white English who ran the Empire. All are in the same boat!

Re: diversity. Savant, here in the US white people have brought successful multi-million $$$ lawsuits against minorities for anti-white discrimination. Also note low-intensity racial war between blacks and hispanics in L.A.

J. Potgieter

SAVANT said...

Johann P. THis is the way forward. Use the laws against the perpretators! Because this is racial discrimination in its 'purest' form, except that whites are the victims.

teacher.paris said...

Savant, I do not understand your willful ignorance of Irish history.


"Irishmen and Irishwomen!
Read this site and weep. Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists. The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people. Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it. You do now - you read it on your computer screen! Commit the regiment's name to memory."

Viking said...

Shame, she's hot :)

"These people died by the tens of thousands as a direct result. A third of the Afrikaner nation was wiped out...."
not quite, anon.
20-odd thousand died, not "tens of thousands", and nowhere near a third of the nation.
the Boers also burnt down farms of anyone who even looked like they might not be 100% loyal, and unlike the Brits, they didn't pay to rebuilt them after. Most of the Afrikaner nation were safe in the Cape and didn't get involved.
The Afrikaners survived pretty well it seems!
Having said that, I find it hard to share your joy in what is happening in England. A few PC bullies are ruining the whole country. What happened to Democracy? Isn't it meant to protect the majority - and only secondarily to respect the minority? When did this become the other way around?
Good news from Johann P.
I've long since learned in discussion with liberals - make sure you call them a racist first!! It's great fun to watch the righteous indignation erupt :)

SAVANT said...

I've checked this link, teacher-paris. I dont think qualified historians would agree with it at all. Enggland's relationship with Ireland was similar to that with Scotland. A lot of bad blood, but a long time ago.

My mother's family were all in the 'Old' IRA. All of them, deeply immersed in Irish history, held the view that if the IRA had been facing say the Germans instead of the English the rebellion would have been over in a month.

In fact all of them, gunmen one and all, plus a few hunger strikers, held England in fairly high esteem - almost affection in later years!

teacher.paris said...

Dear Savant,
"Qualified historians" pretend that the Germans killed six million Jews. They also agree that Ireland needs more Rwandan immigrants.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!!! Sue, using the various pieces of victim legislation. That will really knock the bastards back on their heels!

Anonymous said...

What's striking is how illiterate the note from the recruitment officer is. This is a person of authority in the educational system? Things get turned on their heads...

Anonymous said...

After a recent visit to London it is obvious that it was not chickens that came to roost- it is Paki's. Hopefully they will improve the native bloodline in the same way they did with the food.

Anonymous said...

anon 22.54 - the Pakis will 'improve' the bloodline?? You mean make England more like Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

No, I meant improve the bloodline. Even Nigerians will be an improvement, although I don't think the food will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Let the niggers and pakis gang-rape the kikes. Now that's "diversity"!

There's your improvement.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Viking, you clearly do not know your SA history.

kerdasi amaq said...

'The Brits nearly destroyed at least two groups of people, namely the Irish and the Afrikaner.'

Actually they didn't, the Brits are little more than mercenary bullyboys, hired to the dirty work of those who controlled the British Empire. Who are they? I hear you ask, well, who was Alfred Beit?