Monday, 20 April 2009

To my adversaries...

As the man said, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. You will all of course be aware that the Google Thought Police have put a health warning on this site. And it’s been effective, up to a point. But it seems some people will never be happy until Newspeak rules the land and contrary opinion is banished from the ether. It’s now come to my attention that another organised campaign (the last one was organised too, by the way) is afoot to silence your Savant and to keep all discussions on race or Islam fact-free.

Now I can empathise with these people up to a point. It must after all be a harrowing experience to have all your cherished illusions demolished, day after day, by irrefutable facts and coruscating logic. Being repeatedly exposed as a deluded fantasist can't be easy. Being reduced to calling your adversary dumb and, er, well, that's it basically - having only one word to counter-attack, must be sooooo frustrating.

As you all know, I'm nothing if not fair, and generous of spirit. Unlike my adversaries, I don't go in for personal abuse. For example I could describe my adversaries as grunting dehumanized beasts with IQs lower than room temperature, credulous psychotic plebeian scum clambering out of a frothing cauldron of madness who, through a toxic brew of ignorance, smugness and self-righteous humbug are tipping the West over the abyss. But I don't say such things. I don't do ad hominem abuse.

But they do. And it hurts. In particular, references to my weight. Now I acknowledge that maybe I could shed a few pounds. But to describe me, as did one irate Canadian as ‘bloated, quivering, obscene – like a beached whale’. Now that hurts. And these people are supposed to be so very PC. For the PC record, I'm not fat I'm, well, horizontally challenged.

So, as you head off, in the glorious tradition of the Inquisition, to stifle non-conforming views, stay your hands. I've downloaded all my treasured material into Wordpress (complete with comments, including your worthless drivel). As and when the Google Mind Control cyborgs strike at your behest, I will, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes to defend your countries, you scabrous pieces of shit. You don’t deserve me!


Anonymous said...

I will, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes to defend your countries, you scabrous pieces of shit. You don’t deserve me!So very true, Savant. The brain dead certainly do not deserve your work here. You work for the righteous who have been muzzled. Much thanks, friend.

IsraeliEejit said...

Dont let the bastards get you down.
If the unthinkable does happen, dont worry, we'll still find you out there in cyber-space.
"You'll never walk alone..."

Anonymous said...

Unlike the other "Canadian" you quote as spouting off as the easily indoctrinated tool of leftists s/he is.... this Canadian fully supports your "political incorrect" prose at delighting the awakened.... and.... at awakening the slumbering masses who have unknowingly "been had".

To paraphrase Tom Sunic:

Liberals "confuse the dreary recitation of politically correct gibberish with sensitivity that they think they have arrived at through their own value clarification".

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Savant, brillant. Such a powerful appeal to sanity that I'm afraid will be lost on the wretched naysayers.

This reminds me of the when the christians first came to power in Rome they destroyed all opposition on an ideological basis, executing any of those who held allegiance to the "pagan" gods. The actual pagans themselves never held such dogmatic hatred towards difference. They could live with others that disagreed with them, but not the judeo-christians, no. They had one camp = good and the rest = evil. All based on faith, superstitous dogmatic assertions and irrational emotions, nothing of a clear headed nature. Noticing a pattern yet?

Google'sarse said...

Don't worry Savant, they've tried it with good ol' SA Sucks more times than they've thought of committing an act of paedophilia. It shows the quality of your arguments, if those pricks are worried. They are the same wankers who thought the Earth was flat, 'til someone capable of independent thought, showed them otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Fair play Savant! I don't think your fat at all, just cuddly.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance you bloated fat cunt!

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

The highest trees catch the most wind.

The beauty lies in the fact that, since those scabrous pieces of faeces are incapable of reasoning in a logical manner, they must resort to personal attacks.

Provide them with evidence that the average sub Saharan black has an IQ of 67, and they will call you a racist.
Point out that Haiti has been black ruled for over 200 years, and it is probably the poorest country in the world, and you will be met with howls of indignation.
Whilst on the topic of African countries, consider Liberia and Ethiopia...
For that matter, consider South Africa. Every single aspect of life is slowly going down the tubes. Have a look at, for a graphic example of what happens when the whites leave...Your previous post was spot on!

Bottom line, my friend, is that you are right and they are wrong...and they know it!

Anyway, you've done your homework. Let is know when gargle closes you down, so we can put out the word of your new addy. And keep it up, you are doing a sterling job.
And, finally, don't let it get you down. Have a couple of Bushmills :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Savant, take consolation from one thing. Truth hurts. And the fact that these people go to such lengths to close you down shows how truthful and effective you are. Dont worry, we'll continue to support you!

Mags said...

"horizontally challenged"? Don't you mean "horizontally enhanced"?

I hope your blog survives. While I think it IS islamophobic and racist I read it regularly 'cos I enjoy your wit.

Anonymous said...

The dirty pathetic pieces of shit. Fuck them! The truth will catch up with them some day, if some malevalent coon doesnt do it first which hopefylly will happens.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree folk. I dont agree with closing down the site but the health warning yes. It DOES encourage hate against blacks and Muslims so the law says it should be at least discouraged.

Anonymous said...

But they do. And it hurts. In particular, references to my weight. I'm 99% certain I used to work with he guy who appears in that picture. He's the typical PC leftist-and gay.

perfidious albion said...

Further to your comments (which by the way I agree with) check out this link

perfidious albion said...

Further to your comments (which by the way I agree with) check out this link.

Anonymous said...

Stick with it and I'll stick with you. Fuck the begrudgers!

Niall said...

Freedom of speech also means the freedom to be as racist as you want.

It's up to other people to judge that assumed racism.

We need to get the choice to decide that by reading your blog.

For example; David Irving may have been wrong in his (judicially decided) holocaust denial, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be allow say/write it. Plenty of other people write about the occurance of the holocaust for informed people to make up their own mind.

Maybe that's it in a nutshell there, the problem is 'informed' people don't get a choice. It's the uninformed who decide for all.

Anonymous said...

is that really you in the foto?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.49 - you are an idiot. You seem to equate disagreement with hate. If blacks and Muslims behave in a lousy way it's thier fault. It's not the fault of the people who report it.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech does NOT include freedom to offend and denigrate.

Anonymous said...

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light."

Don't hestitate for a second with what you're doing, Savant. If anything, the real question is: "How do we take the truth to a more visible and obvious level so that John Doe Public will remove its blinders???"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@21 April 2009 22:23 writes:
"Freedom of speech does NOT include freedom to offend and denigrate."

In fact, it does. What's the point if the only free speech is that which does
not offend?

There are laws against libel, and other
special cases, but if you want to get
up on a soapbox and start denigrating
others, that is an exercise of free

Do you really need that explained to

my eyes they burn said...

of course people are offended put on some damn clothing your fat scottish ass managed to do it for them austin powers movies

Anonymous said...

"Freedom of speech does NOT include freedom to offend and denigrate."

What an ass! Thats EXACTLY what it is, you arsehole! If the denigrator is lying, sue him.

Zngr said...

Freedom of speech DOES include the freedom to offend. EU allows for freedom of expression. Taking offense is subjective. If we do not include the right to offend, it automatically follows that we relinquish freedom of speech or expression altogether, as there is always someone who will be offended by whatever it is that is said.

Hate speech, as in incitement to violence against an ethnic, or other groups should be taken seriously, for example the case of muslims demanding that violence be inflicted upon those who do not share their views, and sometimes even is. Yet, not when muslims demand that our home countries be bombed and our families killed - muslims are, absurdly, exempt from any restriction in conduct or degree of incitement. This is not merely offensive but another thing altogether than pointing out the perceived faults of other persons, or groups, be they imagined or real (for example muslims should be, and are allowed to say Western culture is shallow and Western people are wrong in their criticism of the religion of others - no matter if we disagree or could be offended).

The critics of multiculturalism or the liberal left can't be wished away any more. A governmental unit or a blog site may attempt to block or delete as many pages as they wish. People will find new ones. China, a totalitarian state with infinite powers to restrict and curb speech or access of information compared to those of the Western world has tried to block _their_ citizenry from surfing the internet sites they wish.

Yet even the mighty Communist Party of China has failed miserably in this venture. So it is a laughable notion that the EU could control what is said, written or read and hope that people may not share it. While it was easier when the medias accessible to common taxpayers were the papers, radio, and the television, all of which can be attempted (and often in EU successfully have been coerced, or rather bought by subsidies) to march in the same lockstep with the "Official Truth" pushed by EU, social democrats and leftist intelligentsia, the internet has now utterly shattered any further attempts to hide uncomfortable truths from the general population.

What actually follows this fact, and how many at this point actually even understand this, is another matter.

But increasingly large, actually exponentially multiplying masses of common European citizens are becoming more and more aware of the fact there IS another truth out there, even in countries that lack papers like, say, Daily Mail or the Telegraph which on occasion write about the problems the UK is facing quite frankly, a type of reporting many other countries would sorely need for.

The rage and turbulence of discussion visible in the thousands of blogs, alternative news sites, and even discussion boards connected to the old medias is impossible to ignore or disregard as a passing phenomenon that some governmental entity might control in any manner. For example in Scandinavia, where the large majority of reporters and journalists don't share the voting patterns of the rest of the population (as anywhere from 75% to 95% of editors and reporters in the welfare states vote left, green, left-green or far left) and have thus created an illusion in which a similar majority of the general population also share the views of the media, and the government institutions that push their elitist fantasies down our throats, the facade is crumbling.

As we know, it was just an illusion. The majority of European tax-payers do not support multiculturalism, or mass immigration.

Thanks to the internet, a media that cannot be controlled, more and more people become aware of this.

You can help. Talk to your friends and relatives at a family visit or at the pub, ask them to simply _think_ if they already don't. Tell them they CAN do something, because we don't have to tolerate the abuse visited on us from our European elitist masters. While alternatives seem lacking, more are popping up, alternatives you can for example support by voting them. Forget the accusations of "racism" and "far-right" scares, tell your friends to look behind the leftist media view that they drum increasingly more shrilly as their panic and fear of losing control of the "Official Truth", spreads, the panic and fear obviously visible by, say, in the organized attempts to shut down our dear Savant here.

Savant isn't going anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere.

SAS isn't certainly going to disappear.

Gates of Vienna isn't going anywhere.

The Danish People's Party isn't going anywhere.

Swedish Democrats are not going to vanish either.

Neither is the conservative, immigration critical Norwegian Progress Party and their supporters.

Geert Wilders is not going to shut up until they manage to assasinate him.

Your regular EU citizens that want to continue, or to again live in countries where you do not have to fear walking a street and who again demand a return for their high taxes are not going anywhere, at least yet, and they increasingly use the internet as a source of information.

The opposition of the liberal left socialists, cultural-marxists and the multiculturalist ideology is here to stay, it's just a matter of time when the momentum grows to the point we will face a major change in our collective Western society as we know it today. What actually triggers it and when might such an event take place is a mystery but many of us will live to find out.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

@anony 12.49 who squealed "I dont agree with closing down the site but the health warning yes. It DOES encourage hate against blacks and Muslims so the law says it should be at least discouraged."

How does this site encourage hate?
By pointing out the truth?? But some probably would find truth odious...
For that matter what do these immigrants realy bring to Europe?
Do you find it accpetable that an entire culture should be systematically detroyed?

Anonymous said...

Albeus ergo, or whatever you call yourself. This site DOES encourage hate simply by characterizing all blacks and Muslims as of one type, violent and dangerous. If hat does not encourage people to hate ALL of them, what wud?

kerdasi amaq said...

I consider a lot of what the so-called 'politically correct' say, to deeply offensive and outrageous, but I don't demand that their 'offensive'(to me anyway)speech be suppressed by legislation.

Legislative action is for losers, and by resorting to censorship; they are admitting that they have lost the debate(if you can call it that).

Anonymous said...

you're after putting thhat clown in his/her place zngr. free speech cannot offend. for chrissake! said...

From the Onion

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't want normal people saying things about the perverted, uncivilized, useless and pathetic of this world, because at the end of the day, the truth hurts the weak minded and the childish, i.e Liberals, the perverted, uncivilized, useless and pathetic among us. Fuck them!!

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

@anony 14.13 who bleated: "Albeus ergo, or whatever you call yourself. This site DOES encourage hate simply by characterizing all blacks and Muslims as of one type, violent and dangerous. If hat does not encourage people to hate ALL of them, what wud?."

Well, firstly you avoid responding to my questions. PC libbies do that.
Secondly, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are...
The fact is that that not all blacks and Muslims are violent and dangerous. The problem is that the vast majority of them are. And as for the blacks, generally very dumb...
IMHO this site merely points out the dangers to Europe by allowing these violent, dangerous and dumb people to settle there. After all, what exactly do they as two groups really contribute? Except for crime, increased welfare payments and so forth?
Just tell me - what do they contribute of value??

Anonymous said...

Anon @14:13: "...this site DOES encourage hate simply by characterizing all blacks and Muslims as of one type, violent and dangerous."

Typical liberal fuzzy-mindedness. Here we see their sick priority: maintain liberal delusion whatever the cost, so that they can feel good!

In the first place most sites like this do not claim that ALL blacks or ALL Moslems are ALL the same. Neither are all whites. NON-LIBERALS ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO KNOW THIS. Only liberals need it to be pointed out to them - and they then project their mistaken prejudice and bigotry onto non-liberal whites, as if non-liberals are the ones who have the prejudice that they in fact have. They then compound this by their unique bigotry against their own race - (ALL whites are racist - except them!).

Secondly, intelligence always tries to make sense of a situation. Facts are not experienced in isolation. They are linked in a context and make recognisable patterns. If then violence and savagery are often perpertrated by blacks and Moslems - then recognition of this is not a matter of prejudice, but of fact. Liberals prefer that the innocent should suffer, just to maintain "goodthinking" about ALL non-whites. Whites must not avoid bad black areas (that would be RACIST!) - rather they must pretend all is alright -it's a minor detail if they are murdered. Well I have news for you - THAT IS SICK LIBERAL IMMORALITY.


Anonymous said...

Could we please stop using the word "deNIGrate"? It's SOOOOO racist. Or even "NEGative"(NIGGAtive). Or NIGnorant.

Johan Potgieter

clonycavan said...

Thank you, Savant, for hosting for hosting a forum of free speech.

Anonymous said...

Keith_SA - you hit the nail on the head. This explains the problem in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

How's about some new articles?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stick with it Savant. U=Your real supporters will always be here and will find you even if the bastards nail you!

jean de r.

Anonymous said...

Fight the good fight. The bastards are winning on every front and soon it'll be too late. It will for sure if we give up on blogs, because thats the only placde we get a fair crack. At least it was as the MSM and liberals are after us here too.

Dont let the bastards get you down!!!!

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

"Illegitimi non carborundum" as the saying (by non-Latin scholars) goes, My Dear Chap. You might consider removing the nav bar in your Blogger blog to make it more difficult for the Commos to flag you and cause you trouble.

Vince R said...

Long live the Irish Savant! Viva free speech! Viva!

Mr K said...

Good luck Savant, was great reading you sticking it to the gullible, deluded bastards who oppose you. Long may you continue to speak the hard, dirty truth concerning enforced multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration.