Monday, 6 April 2009

New expression: Ethnomasochism

Thanks to the Mild Colonial Boy for this very interesting piece.

"(It is) the masochistic tendency to regard with a sense of guilt and a sense of worthlessness one’s own ethnic group, one’s own people.

Ethnomasochism is similar to shame of oneself and self-hatred. It is a collective psychopathology, triggered by a long propaganda effort to foster a presumed fundamental sense of guilt felt by Europeans vis-à-vis other peoples, of whom they are assumed to be the “oppressors”. It is therefore necessary to repent and to “pay the debt.” This effort at repentance has been undertaken by the Churches, as well as by the European States.

Ethnomasochism is also the basis of anti-natalistic policies that surreptitiously aim to limit the reproduction of European populations. Implicitly then, it can be likened to a type of “self-racism”. The European man can be said to have been struck down by an original sin, an intrinsic racial stain: he is guilty of being what he is.

Ethnomasochism provokes the systematic defense of cross-breeding and cosmopolitanism. Curiously, it denies to Europeans the idea of ethnic identity, but grants it to others. Europeans are duty-bound to dilute themselves, but other peoples, Africans for example, are not. Ethnomasochism is the counterweight of xenophilia (love and overestimation of the foreigner, the “other”). It is related to ethno-suicide.

In history, ethnomasochism is not new; it was the symptom of peoples tired of life, tired of perpetuating themselves; of aging peoples who pass the torch to others. The European elite are afflicted with this collective illness. And this illness explains the laxness towards the colonization by migrants and the idea that we have both a duty and a need to welcome the new occupiers."


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

I can't really take any credit. The word and definition are from Guillaume Faye as translated by Gallia Watch (

Anonymous said...

the non-elites of Europe are not o fucking passive.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is truth to this. Why else would European-based societies throughout the world complacently and idly allow the demise of their culture?

Anonymous said...

Also, I am certain that the atrocities of WWII & the Holocaust, to some extent, have made it unfashionable to display ethnic pride, and have made it taboo to be nationalistic in a racial sense. Thanks a lot, Adolf. You've inadverently ruined it for white civilization.

SAVANT said...

MCB - you'll never get a Ph.D with that sort of honesty!

Anonymous said...

Well had the atrocities of the so called "holocaust" were actually true to the extent that they are imagined then uncle Adolf would have made a blunder.

In fact the Western allies blundered by siding with Stalin to crush a nationalist Europe. Stalin and the judeo-communist regieme murdered millions more people (around 66 million). Rarely a word is mentioned on these victims.Where was the out-cry in the '30s when 7 million ukranians were murdered through forced famine in Holodomr? Few to this day has been arrested for the soviet camps and so forth, because they were allies to the Brits and Yanks. The nationalist Socialist regieme was the only one at the time to even care about these slavic monstrosities and to tackle it directly. But that regieme was destroyed and so it never had an official voice to defend itself after ww2.

Yet we hear the wailings of the poltically motivated holohoax shouted every day and billions of Euros later in German repartions has done nothing to silence these insane crooks.

Instead of intercine wars, the USA with Britain should have allied with Hitler to crush Stalin. Then we never hear a bad said word said about Adolf and Europe would have been saved untold calamities and later marxist inspiried liberal death.

(Chinas monsterous growth or vietnam would never have happened either).

IsraeliEejit said...

I dont think Europeans have any feelings of self-shame, self-hatred or guilt.

The problem may have more to do with a lack of national identity and pride. Such patriotism only flares up during an important international football/rugby tournament. There's also been the culture of knocking the country, which is egged on by many newspapers.

Following the influx of so many immigrants, many Europeans feel their country is being stolen and turned into something they dont want. Now they're yearning for a national identity and want to see the return of Old Britain, Ireland, Holland, France, Germany, etc.

The trouble is, its too late. As you mentioned in a previous post, Savant, the governments have all these think-tanks and agencies whose job is to convince the public why multiculturism is so positive and rewarding, but your average man cant (and wont) see anything positive about it.

Can anyone tell me what is positive or worthwhile about so many immigrants? Does anyone have an idea?? Its not one country's mistake - its happened all over Europe. What is the rationale behind opening the floodgates and letting them all in?

Dont be fooled into thinking you're ethnomasochists. Nobody asked the public's opinion before the mass invasion and now your hands are tied. Any criticism is met with accusations of racism.

SAVANT said...

Isrealieedjit - you make a good point. I dont know why our leaders and think thanks etc. are forcing mass immigration on us. As you say, it's negative effects are evreywhere to be seen.

I disagree however in that I do think ethnomasochism is a major factor in it.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Savant - have a look in case you haven't seen it:

kulak said...

Savant said: I dont know why our leaders and think thanks etc. are forcing mass immigration on us.

That's where the money is.

Migration is a substitute for capital flows, in the same way that grain is a substitute for water in international trade.

If the capital can't go to Muhammad, for whatever reason, then Muhammad must come to the capital.

And that's all there is to it.

SAVANT said...

you might be on to something there kkulak but not sure exactly what you mean

Anonymous said...

Israeli eejit - i dont agree. i do thin that europeans, and whites generally, have been so bombarded with propaganda that they do feel guilt.

i agree tho that very few see the benefits in mass immigration, but as you say, they get branded if they protest

IsraeliEejit said...

To Kulak,

Sorry, I didnt quite understand what you meant either. Can you explain a bit more? Do you think governments are being rewarded financially for taking in immigrants?

There must be some ulterior motive that isnt being shared with the public in each country throughout Europe. Again, its not one country that's suffering, but several.

IsraeliEejit said...

To Anonymous @ 07 April 2009 18:56

Personally I never felt any guilt, shame or self-hatred whilst growing up in England. Maybe I wasnt sensitive enough!!
But perhaps the "propaganda bombardment" has only been going on for the past couple of decades, since I've been in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me: if de facto evidence of the results of turd-world culture is under our very noses (i.e., Detroit, Johannesburg,etc.)WHY does white civilization not put the brakes on and re-group?????????????

Anonymous said...

anon 21.12 - me too! Totally beats me when, as you say, it's right under our noses

IsraeliEejit said...

To Albeus Ergo Cogito

Thanks for posting the link for "Defeating Eurabia".

It's a mind-boggling read and pretty chilling.
If true, it certainly explains why and how Europe reached its present state.

Most worrying is the indoctrination policy and law-making behind closed doors. Everyone is being duped.

Zngr said...

One whacked up theory of this is the Revenge of the Marxists. Communism failed terribly in what was the Soviet Union but HAVE YOU GUYS NOTICED SOMETHING INTERESTING, the people who man the multicultural bureaus leeching off tax-payers, the legal organizations supporting immigration (i.e. immigration lawyers etc), political positions related to modern socialism (immigration, EU, labour ministers etc), never mind the West European media, they are all almost singularly social democrats, green party leftists or extreme left wingers of some sort and some are even openly former stalinists. For fuck's sake. They think it's fine to shoot people who make more money than others (unless they are the ones making the money themselves - but they are more equal than others).

The theory is not so whacked up anymore, when you think of it. A lot of the people who have made a long career opposing the "West" and working in either the media or politics are those who learned the ropes from the 68'ers. People who adored Lenin, Mao, etc.

Of the people who work in the media, major national broadcasting stations and publications, most go through the same steps of education - colleges manned by professors and faculty made of old school 60s and 70s leftists.

This has been studied, when the Soviet communism collapsed, the former communists of Western Europe moved instantly into multiculturalism and sought positions in organizations or political parties promoting the multicultural ideology.

For example in Scandinavia, in every country between 70% to 95% (really! AFAIK it was 95% was the percentage in Norway during the -01 parliamentary elections) of all journalists and reporters working the media field vote a social democrat party, a vast difference to the normal voting behaviour of the general population of taxpayers of whom only 40% to 50% vote left or far left.

Hmmm... Where does the media bias in "certain issues" come from, I wonder?

Parliaments are manned with insane EU visionaries who went into politics after high school, tearing through a third degree education to move permanently to "work" as politicians on tax payers expense and have not worked a regular job for a day in their life.

This is the situation on Western Europe.

Higher places of education are manned with former, bitter socialists who have not forgiven the fact communism was a horrid failure.

Those who study something that has to do with real life, like engineers or people who actually build something, are firstly not very interested on politics but instead of minding their own business or making money, and second can't speak their mind anyway, lest they be called racist or are slammed into a court room for insulting islam or something. The European workers, the educated middle class of our modern information society, the real working class who pays all this fun, is cowed into submission by accusations of fascism, rasicm, islamophobia, chauvinism, you name it, unless they shut up, pay taxes and vote the right parties - which in Western Europe are all more or less the same anyway. Any REAL opposition is attacked viciously - even parties that are leftist and socialist but oppose multiculturalism are called "extreme right wing" to scare people from voting them.

Why all this? What for?

All the political parties, and most of the media in almost all EU countries pull the same rope and go lock step. In fact, most of our media enjoys government subsidies. Bet most of us here in EU don't even know that. Daily and sometimes Telegraph in UK are aberrations. In other "Western" democratic countries here everyone prints only the same news. Or they lose their job.

I'm starting to honestly believe it's the revenge of marxism and socialism for real. In the end they hate what the Western civilization stands for and see a better alternative in the "other", be it muslims or just something else than us and want to get rid of the current order of things.

Sorry for the rant but think about it? Do you think the politically correct, multucultural project is actually conducted by people who think it's BENEFICIAL to us all? You know that isn't true. So there must be something else.

SAVANT said...

Nor a rant at all zngr - very good stuff. I think you're definitly on to something there. Whether it's the full story is another matter.

Anonymous said...

The invasion of non-Whites in to White countries was predicted many decades ago by Lothrop Stoddard in a book he wrote; check it out sometime:

Anonymous said...

notice that all the people in power, notably in the EU are either women or "former" Marxists (from radical late 70's era). To say most of them and their mentally ill "useful idiots" learned their ropes in that era is certainly fact since they were propped up by existing communist states at that time. So a million traitors rose up to willing servants of the tearing down of the "white mans civilisation". They continue today through the EU(Euro-Soviet) unabated.

Now what of the youth of today who will be our future journalists and poltiticans? We see more of the usual leftists but more so anarachists rising, along with a hefty "NWO" conspiracy crowd still to the centre left, but recognising the danger of communism.

So where do we pull the Right wing future base, the non-nihilists who acutally care about their survival? The Irish nationalsit revolution ended in the 20's: Catholicism is almost dead, other traditional avenues are finished. The middle business class only care about money and capitalist materialism. The next is the neo-cons, who are much like previous fabrictaion - they only fight again for "social democracy".
So the Bourgeois class who care little for politics or even "political correctness" are the last buffer to total annhilation of the west, and they are simply sitting ducks. So you can see how the degeneration continues.

The last few who can "awaken" are the ones who in the last couple of decades have withnessed the invasions of the "other" and so have realised their own uniqueness in terms of race (i.e.,like us). The chaotic forces that are unleashed through the acknowledgement of race have still not been efficiently channeled into something of an opposing force to Europe's destruction. as few as they are.

Anonymous said...

anon 17.07 - you trace u grim picture. problem is, I think you've gotten it exactly right.

Ken O'B.

Cheeky Boy said...

But that's what i like about the English Working Class. Racist,sexist and homophobic....some things never change. There is some hope!

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

If you think it appropriate, perhaps you would consider posting the following question. Assuming that the readers of this blog are of one mind, what, if anything, is our obligation to extend help to our poor white South African brethren as the noose there gets drawn tighter and tigher? I would really like to know what people think. I, for one, am willing to seriously consider sponsoring the emigration of these poor fucked brethren into the US. What say you and your readers??? Yours, An empathetic American

Cheeky Boy said...

This is the sort of rubbish masquerading as serious academic research....

These sort of people are mostly responsible for any loss of racial identity in the West...funny how most belong to same ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a bit harsh cheeky boy. Seems to make sense to me, or at least it's a plausible argument.

David Duke link is certainly provocative!


Anonymous said...

@Cheeky boy

From the Bash White People conference itself:

“a yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression. This conference is not about beating up on white folks. This conference is about critically examining the society in which we live and working to dismantle systems of power, prejudice, privilege and oppression from white folks….“

So I reckon they had a good time bashing Rothschild & Co, whom are the current owners of the world economy?

ps. Suprise, suprise it's headed and sponsored by Jews (eh I thought Jews considered themselves white? Well obivously not but I certainly don't see them that way anyhow).

Anonymous said...

Former KGB Explains Communist Infiltration :

Great video on topic, detailing the demoralisation of the U.S.A through marxist-socialist ideations. Looks like this has come to almost full fruition in the Obama coup.

Cultural-marxism in the US and Europe has destroyed many institutions of free-speech and indigenous rights for its native co-habitants. Our traditional values and commonsense outlook have been completly distorted by generations of graduate soft-head "useful idiots". This former KGB agent reckons it takes 15-20 years to raise a new generation of healthy patriotic people, but the uni education of cultural-marxism is constantly reinforced and continues without opposition.

Zngr said...

Anon 04:42

Yeah that's the thing. I'm a little scared. You are right about the graduate soft-heads, the education of which almost resembles indoctrination as opposed to bettering your skillset to contribute to a modern information society.

In the turn of the century I hoped the EU multicultural marxists of the 60s (let's call them all marxists for ease of use now) would just, you know, go by the way of natural extinction due to old age, retire from educational positions to write books about how bad all Western people are, and retire from the political field, bitter that they were unable to turn all of Europe into Soviet Union II.

But no way! They've nurtured another generation of 40ish people who are now grabbing positions of means in governments and the public sector as well as the media, and the current 20 and 30 somethings who are starting to get active in "building" (that is, deconstructing our democratic socities) have been educated, I'm sad to say, a little too well by their socialist old grandmasters.

Some of the younger "actives" in their 20s sound borderline insane. They honestly believe evil white Europeans use mind rays to control the African continent so as to exclude the oppressed black race from our wealth. Meaning, they cannot comprehend the idea societies actually consist of the people who make the society what it is. That for example a country that is actually composed of dozens of hostile tribal units that operate like mini-monarchies and kill each other for religious and ethnic issues when possible are simply not very easily turned into successful democracies with free and fair voting with a two party system. Nope, it's the evil European imperialist who manipulates muslim and African countries to exist in a state of either tyranny or chaos, and thus we have to give our good societies for them as gifts and our taxpayers must pay for their upkeep as they arrive.

I wonder if, say, some Swedes who have believed this in the 80s are beginning to understand people simply have different cultures and value systems, and that might contribute to how a society or an ethnic group works, instead of evil capitalist mind rays.

Of course, when you are 20 you should have high flying ideologies. When are are 30 you should develop common sense. But I dread the idea the current young crop will not get over it, as did not their cultural-marxist tutors who simply became bitter and hateful and still believe multiculturalism is a valid replacement for communism.

There are people who oppose the developments, true. I'm happy to say I see more and more articles in mainstream, written by 30y something Europeans who make sense in the middle of all this. There are good people in the youth organizations of various political parties. Denmark and Norway already HAVE a major party, composed of people who can think and who take multiculturalism seriously as a damaging ideology.

Here's hoping enough of them grow up fast enough to even the odds.

Anonymous said...

the biggest problem among the younger generation zngr is indifference. their interests are banal. maybe the economic crisis will force a change of heart but I'm not optimistic