Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ireland's knowledge economy: ho, ho!

Up to about 10 years ago Ireland had a real chance of becoming a true knowledge economy. We produced huge numbers of graduates in science, technology and engineering (STE) from third level institutions that, while not world-leading, were doing a more than adequate job in terms of quality and employability. These graduates went on to staff, and in many cases create, leading edge knowledge-economy enterprises.

Make no mistake, the achievements were real, and we punched way, way above our weight. At one time we produced more software graduates than Germany (true!) and our software exports were the second highest in the world.

But as I showed in this post (more than two years ago, by the way) we, naturally enough, blew this unique opportunity. And our chances of recovering were dealt a further severe blow over the intervening period by allowing vast numbers of unskilled, non-English speaking immigrants into the country.

Their children are now feeding into our taxpayer-financed primary education sector. Add to these the numbers of students who were born outside the state. And the latter's numbers, according to today’s Irish Independent, amount to one in ten of the current pupil population. Given known demographics, this ratio will continue to rise – and rise rapidly. In some schools the junior infant intake class is 100% non-Irish!

To see the catastrophic impact of such developments in Ireland, check this post. Anyone who's been involved in whole-life education programmes, as I have, knows that ultimate success at second and even third level depends on the quality of primary schooling. So not alone are we, due to the financial crisis, cutting back on educational funding, we’re flooding the system with children who are severely disadvantaged from day one. Self-evidently, the ensuing problems will be reflected in the quality of education received by the rest of the student body.

Hence the cynical laugh when I hear Bryan Cowen fantasising about Ireland’s ‘knowledge economy’. Dream on, and fuck you and the rest of the political and multi-culty class that have ruined our childrens’ futures.

Speaking of which, as you'll see in the last link referred to above, white English-speaking parents are voting with their feet, and moving their children out of ‘diverse’ schooling environments. And they're using a publicly available site which identifies the relevant ratios. I wonder will this be closed down too, on the Stalinist basis that knowledge is dangerous? If not, this trend will in turn lead to de facto segregation, sink-hole schools and the possibility of a bussing-type ‘solution’ if the Victim Industry gets its way.

To Irish readers, just remember, we brought this on ourselves - we saw what happened everywhere else, but we still went ahead.


Martinus said...

I hear what you are saying and I sympathise but what are you going to do about it? "Those who refuse to get involved in politics are forever doomed to be ruled over by idiots!" Someone. Ireland still has a chance, but for that to take hold, someone needs to stand up publicly espouse their views without being afraid of the consequences and then to run for some form of public office. Start with Mayor/Councilman of your own town. And when the revolution hits Europe, somebody is going to make Hitler look like a kitten! You're lucky Ireland is an island, when the inevitable happens, at least you can get rid of the infestation quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ireland is finished.
Probably the only thing that could save the country is a dictatorship:someone like Stalin with the clarity and the will to change the course this country has been set on.

SAVANT said...

Anon - maybe we dont need a Hitler. If the IMF come in and force austerity on the general population maybe they'll start to look again at the cultural enrichers living off us.

SAVANT said...

Martinus - it's not that simple. Any politician who peeks his head above the barrier on this is immediately torn to shreds by the MSM and the Victim Industry. It's wall to wall PC comment.

Also, Ireland may be an island, but it has a land border with the UK via Northern Ireland. That's where a huge portion of our cultural enrichers arrive from and why we so seldom can use the Dublin II Convention.

They just arrive, with no pasports and claim asylum. Their cases are then taken over by the Victim Industry and the MSM. Hence over 20% of primary intake now made up of these people.

Anonymous said...

Surely it's not a surprise that there are inherent cultural differences between white culture and and black culture??? Western white culture, based on literary and learning, invest heavily in the education of their (small numbers of) young. Black culture, by contrast, rear many children, but invest little in their children's upbringing. This contrast in cultures will inevitably result in white society being overwhelmed through sheer numbers.
An American Education Professor

Martinus said...

Savant, one option is to use the tried and tested infiltration method. Join the filthy liberal democrats or whoever the hell else they are if you want to go that way, but honestly, from the little I know about your situation there, it is not only you that feels like that.

I have a two Irish friends, liberals too. One of them told me a few months back - Dublin has so many black "people" that its hard to find the Irish anymore, she qualified this by saying, "but I'm not racist or anything like that". So believe me, even though the MSM villifies you and demonises what you say, negative publicity is still publicity! Europe is undergoing a massive political shift and its beginning in the non-english speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland. Don't give up hope. From what I can gauge, the country is not exactly a leftist paradise with Fianna Fail being more right/centrist that liberal (I'm speaking only from what I have seen in the news and other dubious sources).

clonycavan said...

My big fear, and this won't cheer you up, is that 'displacement' is now about to happen; that the genuine Irish will no longer feel comfortable here, and they will leave selectively. 'Work and pay taxes to raise other people's children? I'm offski.' That kind of attitude.
You are completely correct. We will not work a miracle. We will not build a knowledge economy
with adults who first look to our State to teach them English (see last week's whinge to the UNHCR.) English is the world's most widely taught language. If you have arrived here with no English, you somehow missed out on/failed to benefit from primary and secondary education. After you've received ten years of our state's education, you are no longer a young adult; you do not possess the creativity and possibilities of youth. Very few of such adults will become scientists, for instance.
(But I do think that able Irish people are beginning to realise the harm the victim industry is bringing our way.)

Anonymous said...

clonycavan is right. displacement is already occuring. i know of people who are so fed up that they're leaving, mainly to canada. these are very able people. meanwhile you'll see an increasing number of non-whites everywhere in this country. and as savant says, it's only going to get worse.


Anonymous said...

One way to implement the suggestion from Martinus is to use 'equality' legisaltion to get equal treatment for white males. Turn their own weapon on them!

Anonymous said...

There's no political solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.10: If there's no political solution, hjow else will it be solved? Or will it be solved?

Anonymous said...

The year was 1976 when I first traveled over to Europe from Canada and have not returned since that time... for various reasons.

I spent 6 glorious backpacking weeks just meandering from country to country (about 14 total) by train, a pleasant journey that still resonates with me after 33 years.

Seldom in my European adventure, did I encounter a non-white person unless it was in an area deemed to be major metropolis, and even then, they were few and far between. Within every European country, each had their unique national flavour to offer to this intrepid explorer.

Some years later, I recall looking at the cover of a National Geographic magazine sporting a photo of 3 or 4 red-haired Irish children standing next to a Shetland pony. That photo portrayed the quintessential Irish-ness of Ireland that relates back to over a thousand years. So, frankly speaking, it's difficult for me to imagine a Black African child walking the streets of Dublin and speaking with an Irish accent.

Much like a fading movie star hiding away from the public who desire only that their fans remember them as they were in their younger years... in reverse, I too, only wish to remember those once exclusive European countries being majority inhabited by only their respective White indigenous clans.

Similar to Ireland's population and island nation status, New Zealand's White population is also slated for miscegenation.

Both countries having small White populations in relatively small geographically areas can be easily usurped in only 2 or 3 generations if the immigration spigot is not turned off very soon.

Canada is also under attack by the invading hordes of 3rd world peoples. But, we're such a large country with a small population (33,500,000) that we still have wide swathes of our own people relatively "untainted" by the flavour of multi-culturalism.

Only the large cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver could be considered to be "conquered" territory by these invading third-world colonists.

Anonymous said...

A new nationalist party could emerge? Would people support one?
Are enough Irish people truely fed up with the "black-Irish situation? It's funny/TRAGIC that Irish could be cowed by the white guilt trip bull-shit. Where's the next Michael Collins?
You have a terrific blog!

kerdasi amaq said...

The next item on the agenda, for the victim industry, will be to campaign to give these blow-ins the vote in Dail elections, and also Constitutional referenda.

Anonymous said...

kerdasi - it's already been proposed. By Ivana Bacik, who else!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sad. If only the policy makers had read some research on group differences in average cognitive ability.

Or were aware of evolutionary changes as discussed in the 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution'. As one of the book and authors of the study on recent adaptive changes notes:

"The sweeping alleles we see are mostly regional - you see them in one group and not the other two. A fair fraction are neurological and likely to affect behavior in some way. For example, you see new versions of SLC6A4, a serotonin transporter, in Europeans and Asians. There’s a new version of a gene (DBA1) that shapes the development of the layers of the cerebral cortex in east Asia."

Rushton, J. P., & Jensen, A. R. (2005). Thirty years of research on race differences in cognitive ability. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 11, 235-294.

SAVANT said...

anon 6.29. Very apposite comment and links. But just underlines my pessimism. I really think we've lost the war and even if we win future battles, the damage is done. White western society has been changed beyond recovery.

kerdasi amaq said...

'kerdasi - it's already been proposed. By Ivana Bacik, who else!!!'

and it must be opposed. I'm voting NO in any referendum on this issue!

Kuwari said...

One potential saving grace is going to be the economic downturn. With all the money not being created in Ireland (talk of +/-14% decline in GDP), the Irish would be less than happy to provide the free handouts that they have done in the past. This might just chase away the feckers hoping on getting a free ride. The Irish also need to learn to do the shite jobs again i.e. flipping burgers etc. The government has already put a ban on giving jobs to immigrants below $30K per year.

I am a South African living in Ireland for the past 10 years and have seen Ireland change a lot. I once stayed in Dublin (or very near) but decided to move more into the country side to get closer to the "way of life" that attracted me to Ireland in the first place. Lets face facts, Ireland got greedy and lazy and now it is paying for it.

I am a "knowledge worker" and was hoping Ireland would turn into the "knowledge economy" central of the globe - but alas the government got too greedy and was more worried about filling their own private stashes than setting up a knowledge based economy. To the two "Brian's" in FF, the ship has sailed and it is going to dock in someone elses country.

SAVANT said...

Kuwari - I agree 100% with you. I think Ireland is like SA in that the whites wouldnt do the basic jobs, got in others to do the work for them, and over time they got swamped.

In the next post I'll post a link to a site which shows the terrifying extent of what's happening here.

Rhein said...

Hey Savant, long time no read. Still alive and kicking i see. ^^

What about the BNP? They seems to be trying to get a foothold in Ireland but haven't been as successful as in Wales or Scotland. In any case they'd certainly be better than any of the mainstream parties right?

SAVANT said...

Hi Rhein. Shame on you! In fact I missed your acerbic contributions.

Re the BNP, any such party will face huge pressures as the MSm and political systm is totally controlled by the PC industry.