Saturday, 11 April 2009

A humiliating climbdown

So the Turks have accepted Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the new head of NATO. But not before a groveling apology was extracted from him. "I was deeply distressed that the cartoons were seen by many Muslims as an attempt by Denmark to mark and insult or behave disrespectfully towards Islam or the Prophet Mohammed. Nothing could be further from my mind," he said

But I supposes we must excuse him and NATO, given the importance they see in Turkey remaining an active member of that organization.

And to that I must ask.... exactly how is it important?

That country is rapidy heading down an Islamic route, albeit in a stealthy way and only occasionally letting the mask slip (as I related in this post).

PM Erdogan is on record as stating "Freedoms have limits, what is sacred should be respected." Yes, and they’ve shown how they value freedom when they have the whip hand.

Since taking office in 2002, the AKP under Erdogan has taken control over Turkey's what was until then a largely secular bureaucracy and have by now packed it with Islamists. It has weakened women's rights. It has launched brutal campaigns against its foes in the media, taking over opposition television stations and arresting and intimidating anti-Islamic editors and reporters.

It has taken over the Turkish secret police and regular police forces. It has stacked the Turkish courts with its loyalists. It has enabled the opening of radical Islamic madrassas. It has penetrated the military and demoralized and intimidated the senior officer corps. It has ignored court judgments against it.

Through the police, it has launched a massive wire tapping campaign against its political opponents and has leaked embarrassing transcripts of these tapped phone calls to its loyalist press to humiliate and intimidate its rivals. It has used wiretaps of opposition journalists in police interrogations of their editors.

They support Iran’s nuclear plans and, cccording to a recent Pew international opinion poll, today the Turks are the most anti-American society in the world.

So my question is: Why does NATO want this particular cuckoo in its nest? This particular fox in its hen-house?

Any reasonable person can see that the only feasible threat faced by the West in the foreseeable future is an Islamic one. Yet NATO wants to more deeply embed this Islamic government, of a country with over 80 million people, into its operations. And it’s doing this by way of – as part of Rasmussen’s apology - Turkey getting a newly-created post of deputy secretary general of NATO and the appointment of several Turkish officers inside the alliance's military command.

Can it be a coincidence that Troy, of Trojan Horse fame, was located in what’s now Turkey?

But every cloud has its silver lining. Turkey’s attitude has apparently given some of the EU’s power brokers cold feet. EU enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn is quoted on Finnish state broadcaster YLE "This will surely raise questions amongst EU member states and citizens on how well Turkey has internalised such European values as freedom of expression".

Politicians in the circle of German Chancellor Angela Merkel also attacked Turkey.

"Whoever puts Islamic propaganda above the future of NATO and our European system of values, has nothing to look for in the EU," Alexander Dobrint, the secretary general of Ms Merkel's sister party, the Christian-Social Union, told German press.

What took it so long for that particular penny to drop?


Anonymous said...

Well, now that the Turks are turning against Israel you'll see that the Americans will start getting cold feet about them too. After all, Israel's interests are more important that America's

Anonymous said...

for fuck sake, this nutcase on again. everything down to those joooos!

Anonymous said...

EU looks a lot like the Roman Empire.

Try a look on Flavius Valens ( 328 – 378 ) – ruler for eastern part of Rome from year 364.
There are some likeness.

Morten Dreyer

Joe O'Neill said...

Remember that the people who inhabit Turkey and call themselves Turks are actually Asian Turkmen and Mongols, the Byzantines were mainly absorbed into the Greek end of Europe.There is no way that these current day ( so called Turks) are European

clonycavan said...

The real problem with Turkey will be; this is an aggressively nationalistic state pursuing policies of forced acculturation towards indigenous minorities, which has, in recent years, not distant centuries, sought to shed an unwanted ethnic group (Kurds) in the direction of the EU, which is curently occupying one of it's neighbours (Cyprus) and has collaborated in attacks upon two others (Syria and Iraq, under both Saddam and US rule). The determination of the EU leadership to bring this state in, so that it can benefit from post-Lisbon rules (eg qualified majority voting), is one of the more incomprehensible policies of our betters (one which incidentally enjoys no popularity on the 'european street').
Hence. Referenda? Direct democracy? Nein danke.

Viking said...

They can join the EU when they give Constantinople back!! lol

Anonymous said...

I work with an EU body in Brussels and can assure you that we 'mandarins' by now realise that Turkey will never get into the EU. Amazingly it's the Nordics who are pushing it the hardest. You'd imagine they'd have had their fill of Muslims by now?

Mr redtape

Anonymous said...

I think the danger of Turkey entering the EU is bloody obivous. It will open the corridor to the middle-east, meaning a horde of work permitted(and illeagal) asiatics flooding our lands, compounding the problem of muslim and mass immigration.

All exaggerations and fearmongering aside; the result would be no less than a disaster. The end of white Europe.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.43 says "All exaggerations and fearmongering aside; the result would be no less than a disaster. The end of white Europe."

Yes, but the end of white europe is exactly what so many of thoise people want!

IsraeliEejit said...

Turkey was once a pretty secular country but has become more Islamic over the past few years.
I dont think it would be a good idea to let them into Europe - they would flood the West and be willing to work for peanuts.
Is this the master plan??

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Redtape:
" work with an EU body in Brussels and can assure you that we 'mandarins' by now realise that Turkey will never get into the EU. Amazingly it's the Nordics who are pushing it the hardest. You'd imagine they'd have had their fill of Muslims by now?

Mr redtape"

Is it all the Nordic countries who push hard - or are there some who don´t ?
Denmark perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

the majority of turks , ie , the average citizen doesn't want to join europe ! the political class the business class and the military class want in ( money money money )but the people are loyal to turkey first and foremost ! nato needs young turks to go to afghanistan ! thats all , just like they needed them in korea , just like they wanted to utilise turkey for the invasion of iraq !

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the average Turk is against EU membership. They might tell that to the pollsters but they see a life of plenty among the mugs.

Anonymous said...

The are Athletic Unions of Constantinople in Athens and Larnaca because sometime after the WWI the Greek and Turkish populations were swapped to that of their "homeland".
If I remember the name of the book I will give the name.