Thursday, 16 April 2009

Another horrific video

It's coming to that time of year when Ireland, er, celebrates, 'Africa Day'. I posted on last year's festivities here. In that post you'll read that one of the cultural enriches here threatens to 'share' Africa's, er, culture, with us.

To get a sense of what that culture might be like, check out this video. I warn you, even by African cultural standards, this is truly horrific.

You have been warned! (mind you, as one comment to this post said, the site that published it is also horrific).


Anonymous said...

Horrific but the site it comes from is also horrific.

Anonymous said...

Oh there is far far worse than this. In the Congo, captured had their backs broken and were hung on hooks. The reason? The "soldiers" liked their meat fresh and would just slice off enough for their meal. It could take three or four days before they died.

Anonymous said...

If you have 139 mins to spare I suggest investing your time in watching the superb documentary "Africa Addio / Farewell Africa (English Subtitles)". The two Italian directors escaped death more than once in the making of this film.

Watch it here:

Both frightening and poignant, it'll put the shockers on you and certainly open your eyes to the ferocity of the "Dark continent". Now we know why post-Apartheid South Africa will never know peace.

Worth the watch at any cost.

Anonymous said...

Shocking stuff, up there with a live beheading done by some Muslims I saw recently on the web. Seriously though, I hope this doesn't backfire and we have them all ending up here looking for asylum.

Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't read about the witch trials, burnings, lynchings, etc., in early modern Europe (estimates run around 60,000 killed between the 14th and 18th centuries), never mind the "recorded 3,437 lynchings of Blacks and 1,293 lynchings of whites between 1882 and 1968" in the United States [Source: Wikipedia]. This is not specific or particular to Africa. It is reflective of a degree ignorance, tribalism, and lack of education which persist in many areas of the world. In fact, some of the same kinds of beliefs and practices only stopped manifesting themselves in the northern part of your island recently.