Friday, 27 March 2009

It'sofficial: We're a banana republic

What are the characteristics of a banana republic? Well, offhand I'd say an economy going down the tubes, the likelihood of famine stalking the land, corrupt politicians looting the national treasury. And a demagogue at the helm. .

Folks, welcome to Ireland, 2009.
In a scene redolent of North Korea or Zimbabwe, our national police force has been unleashed to terrorise the painter of a nude rendition of our Dear Leader. Yes, Kim Il Cowan, for it is he, has used our police against an artist who painted a nude picture of him. The artist may have laughed it off, but our national broadcaster was forced to issue a groveling apology.

The image was described as ‘grossly offensive and disgusting’. And indeed it is. But so would any pictorial rendition of our Dear Leader, whose visage can send a herd of cattle stampeding over the horizon, or terrorise the most unruly child into pale-faced obedience.

And to add insult to injury, we don't even have the sunny weather of an average banana republic.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, Brian Cowan does look more like a horse thief, than a head of state.

Anonymous said...

I listened to a michael kennedy,FF TD on radio stating this Artist showed no respect for the office of An Taoiseach and that this was portrayed internationally against Irelands interests.
This is classic projection.
Its brian cowen and his FF gang of thieving,corrupt criminals who have destroyed the office of An Taoiseach and our international reputation.

More worrying is the political interference in the operational control of the Guards.
FF are corrupting the Guards into a Stasi or KGB.
FF apparently dont understand the significance of this and how it plays internationally.I put this down to the fact that FF identify themselves as the Irish State and any oppositon to them is treated as treason against the State.

FF are a narcissistic and dangerous criminal cult.

Anonymous said...

This post, abd the comments so far, are grossly misleading and unfair.

Facts, as distinct from vulgar abuse:

1. Brian Cown didnt even know about the pictures. RTE made their apology once they saw the broadcast and before anyone got on to them.

2. The guards were called BY THE NATIONAL GALLERY, not the government, because someone (the 'artist') had illegally entered and hung the pictures on the wall. They were obliged to follow up on this complaint.

A bit of fairness is called for here.

Fergus McK.

Anonymous said...

Of course Cowan was informed of the pictures and RTE was instructed accordingly. Whatever about the rest of the story Ireland's FF has a history of Stasi-like behavior.

Here such behavior is documented in the excellent e-book, Orwellian Ireland:

According to the author, "this is a book on politics and intelligence agencies in Ireland and around the world".

Anonymous said...

Can recommend this e-book, but it's also been heavily criticed as inaccurate.


thorshammers said...

Is Cowan Irish?

Anonymous said...

nice tits!!


Anonymous said...

With tits like that he has to be Irish.

tvoh said...

In American Burlesque Theater there was the performer known as the Top Banana.

If Mr. Cowen is head of Gov. and you have a BR, well I guess we know his new title.