Sunday, 15 March 2009

Chigago school murders

Twenty-five Chicago Public School students have been murdered this year already, and the number of students who have been shot in a 16-month period is enough to fill an elementary school - 508 students, according to school officials. The reporter asks why, and what is being done to stop it.

Good idea. He ends his report, somewhat unhelpfully, by pointing out that “there's plenty of blame to go around - from neighbors' blind eyes to broken families to schools without truant officers to police manpower. Until everyone starts working together, joining forces instead of pointing fingers, the shooting will undoubtedly continue.”

Which is true, but it doesn’t get us very far, does it?

What he doesn’t mention, but the accompanying video (and the photo extract seen here) makes abundantly clear, is that it’s an almost completely black phenomenon. Just as it is in the rest of the US, and in England, and in France, and in South Africa. Everywhere, in fact, wherever you get large numbers of blacks.

I remember a few years back when the BBC did a documentary on England’s five worst schools. They earnestly interviewed all concerned, brought in experts of all persuasions, yet ended up fretting the ‘lack of a common denominator’. Of course, the common denominator was there looking back at us. There was hardly a white face to be seen.

So we can look forward to the same excitement in Ireland when the thousands of ‘happy little learners’ grow into husky teenagers. That observation isn't very helpful either I suppose. Unless it makes some small impact on getting our government to pay Africans to return home. It’s our only hope.

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Anonymous said...

The y dont have to pay them. Under the much-abused IBC scheme the residency entitlemnt of most of these people are up for renewal evey 3 years. So the solution is simple. Which means we wont apply it.

Cheeky Boy said...

Who would want to miss out on the cultural enrichment?the gang rapes,the muggings,the stabbings,the forced prostitution of underage(English) girls,the destruction of the society that you grew up in.It makes me sad/angry/bitter but what's to be done?
Voting won't change anything otherwise it wouldn't be allowed..
Civil war? now that would be worth considering

Anonymous said...

You have to reverse the PC newspeak in order to find the truth:

"enriching" = IMPOVERISHING
"enhancing" = DESTROYING
"culture" = PRIMAL HOWLING

Johan Potgieter

SAVANT said...

Johan P. Yes, just as Orwell forecast it to be.