Thursday, 26 March 2009

Am I paranoid?

The Google StreetView feature has made a lot of people paranoid. And that's how I saw them, as paranoid, worried in case they’re captured for the world to see, coming out of a chip shop or something. Who gives a shit?

But now I'm not so sure, especially when you ally this to the massive consumer databases which build up detailed customer profiles using data mining techniques, often using Internet sources.

My concern may seem trivial, but I still can't help feeling I'm being watched. You see, it seems that every site I log onto, racist hate, football, philosophy, current events, music, there seems to be someone who thinks I need my teeth whitened. Nobody else, I truly believe, is getting this attention.

Now I accept that my old gnashers won't ever be mistaken from those of Tom Cruise. And why would they? The punishment they received over a long life has taken its toll. Browned from smoking, blackened by vast quantities of Guinness, reddened by occasionally chewing on an opponent’s ear when circumstances got desperate at the bottom of a rugby ruck.

If I were to flash a dazzling smile you’d see something like the attached pic.

But still, why me? How and why do the advertisers follow me around? Does Big Brother really see all?

I don't know – but I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Well when we have the national broadcaster apologising for reporting a news item and the Gardaí managing to raid the offices of a radio station quicker than they managed to seize Anglo's documentation... Big Brother is watching indeed.... =/

A minor aside Savant, but I don't know if you've seen today's Indo yet with the following illuminating revelation about a notable *cough* asylum seeker in Sligo -

kulak said...


Well that entirely depends on the cost to you of classification granularity and the cost to you of Type 1 vs. Type 2 errors. :)

N.B. A type 1 error committed by a typical white person at their preferred trade-off between classification costs and the different error costs is what anti-whites call "hate." Unless Jews are the subject of classification, in which case it is also "paranoid." (Nobody believes blacks could pull off a conspiracy, so a critic of black group behavior is never called paranoid.)

IsraeliEejit said...

Savant, only teeth whitening? Think yourself lucky. My mailbox keeps overloading with penus enlargement ads.

SAVANT said...

Israelieedjit - it's well known throughout the blogosphere that I have no need for such an enhancement.

However, if you're getting inundated may I respectfully suggest you get yourself checked out by way of a comparative analysis.

IsraeliEejit said...

Savant, have no fear!
Nothing to worry about in that department.