Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Terrifying story from the grave

I've never been to Oman but a colleague who regularly visits tells me it’s a pleasant, open and tolerant place. Something of an advertisent for the Religion Of Peace in fact, but then, an exception proves the rule, as they say. From that country emerges a story which has put all my doubts at rest. Proof, as if it were needed, on the veracity of the Koran.

Over to for the fascinating and terrifying story!

"In this photo 18-year old young Arab boy who died in one of the hospitals of Oman. The boy died in hospital and was buried under the Islamic law on the same day after obligatory ablution of the body. However after funeral the father doubted the diagnosis of doctors and wanted to identify the true reason of his death. The corpse of the boy had been dug out from the grave within 3 hours after his funeral as his father insisted to know the truth.

Relatives and his friends shocked when they saw the corpse. He was completely different within 3 hours. He turned grey as if he was a very old man, with traces of obvious tortures and the most severe beating, with the broken bones of hands and legs, with the edges broken and pressed into a body. All of his body and face were full of bruise. The open eyes-showed hopeless fear and pain. The blood obviously indicated that the boy has been subjected to the most severe torture.

Close relatives of the dead boy approached Muslim Scholars who have unequivocally declared that it is the result of torture in grave; which Allah ( s.w.t) and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) have warned. The shocked father of the boy has admitted that his son was spoilt child, did not obey his parent, did not do Salat (prayers / namaz) and had a carefree way of life, having involved in different sins.

After burial of dead person his soul will return to his body, then two Angels will come, Munkar and Nakir, and will ask: "Who is your Lord?" he will answer: "my Lord - Allah ". Then they will ask: "What is your religion?" he will answer: "My religion - Islam". Then they will ask him: "Who that person who has been sent to you?" he will answer: "He is the Prophet of Allah ". Then they will ask him: "How do you know?" He will answer: "I read the Book of Allah and trusted Him.

And then from heavens the voice will come: " My Slave has told the truth, lay it to bed from Paradise and open the Gate of Paradise " - then it will be full of pleasure and he begins to feel pleasures of the paradise, and his grave becomes spacious, that eyes can reach. The Prophet of Allah Muhammad (s.a.w) said about the sinners.

After burial of dead person his soul will return to the body, then two Angels will come and ask, "Who is your Lord?" he will answer: "I do not know". Then they will ask: " Who that person who has been sent to you?" he again will answer: I "do not know" - and then from the sky the voice will come: "he told a lie, Put him into a box from fire and open before it the Gate of a hell ! "- than it will be captured with heat of the hell, and his grave becomes narrow and the edges will be compressed.

In Hadis it is also said, that Angels will severely beat the sinners during interrogation in the tomb and this torture will be awful. It is informed also, that our Messenger ( s.a.w) supplicated to Allah to protect Him from tortures of the grave and asked other people to do so. The Prophet (s.a.w) said: "

The grave is the first stage of the hereafter. If a person is saved from its torment, then what comes after it is really easy. If one is not saved from it, what follows is really severer ." (Ibn Maja) The Prophet (s.a.w) said: " I have never seen a more horrible sight than that of the grave . " (Ibn Maja, Al Termizi) This true story of 18-year old young Arab boy is an eye opener for Momins - true believers and for others nothing but a horror story as their hearts are sealed by Allah. They look but do not see, listen but do not hear?"

So now! That's good enough for me. The only way to avoid this fate is to become a jihadi. Where can I buy a suicide vest?


Anonymous said...

I dont know what to make of this. Is there some truth in it?

Anonymous said...

Jesus - are you setious??? Of course this thing sint true.

Bloody hell, some people will believe anything.

J. Bull

T. O . Meehan said...

Hmmm. Does the Koran explain how the hair of this 18 year old turning white in the grave? It looks to me that the deceased died facing down. I wonder how it was that the father was so clueless about the circumstances of his son's death. I didn't think Muslims even permitted post postmortems. Of course open eyes have nothing to do with cause of death. The who thing seems fishy to me.