Wednesday, 11 February 2009

South Africa's death spiral

As the Celtic Tiger wheezes its dying gasp and we contemplate the county's descent from 'the world's most desirable country' (The Economist, 2004) to membership of the PIGS untermenchen (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain), console yourself that we'll at least maintain our First World status.

Unlike South Africa.

That once proud country had First World everything, even performing the first heart transplant and developing pioneering technology in a range of areas, such as in converting coal to oil. Now before you cry 'apartheid', would you do me the favour of reading this post, in which I ask the pertinent question - 'what would you have done had you lived under apartheid?'.

In any event, apartheid was ended and the blacks took over. And did what blacks do everywhere. In this instance they have achieved the spectacular accomplishment of going from the First to the Third World in less than a generation.

Nothing embodies this decline more than the impending ascent to the Presidency of Jacob Zuma (seen here hosting an economic strategy forum) .

He's almost a charicature African despot-in-waiting, a combination of Mugabe and Idi Amin.

The following from the South Africa Sucks blog gives us an idea of what the unfortunate people who built the country can expect for the rest of their lives.

As SA’s next president, Zuma faces 783 charges of corruption, in addition to 12 charges of fraud and 2 charges of money laundering and racketeering. If convicted, he faces a 15 year prison term. He will be SA’s first sitting president to face criminal charges, but observers doubt he will ever be brought to trial.

Threats from the ANC to make the country “ungovernable” (are we having a deja vu moment here?) and to “take up arms and kill for Zuma” have convinced informed observers that charges will be quietly dropped for the “sake of stability” unless of course Zuma acolytes rush through some sort of indemnity legislation designed to teflon coat SA’s homegrown version of Mugabe.

As someone who took delivery of a brand new Mercedes Benz in 2004, but could not even make the first down payment, Mr Zuma is indeed a colourful character. His polygamous love life makes for entertaining reading:

Zuma’s wives:

Number one Sizakele Khumalo - whom he met in 1959. She lives at his rural R1,5-million home at Nkandla in northern KwaZulu- Natal and they have no children.

Number two - Ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Foreign Affairs Minister - with whom he had 4 children - Msholozi, 24, Gugu, 22, Thuli, 21 and Thuthi, 19. They divorced in June 1998 due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Number three - Late wife Kate Zuma - with whom he had 5 children - Saady, 29, twins Duduzile and Duduzane both 25, Phumzile, 20 and Vusi. She committed suicide on December 8, 2000 after apparent strained relations with Zuma.

Still on honeymoon Nompumelelo Mantuli Zuma - whom he married in January . She has 2 children Thandiswe, 7 and 8 month old Sinquobile.

Waiting in the wings Thobeka Stacey Mabhija - with whom he has two children, including a 5 month old baby

Mrs Jacob Zuma number six? Bongi Ngema - from Umlazi, has a 7 month old son


Old flame Minah Shongwe - who is Zuma’s old flame. Shongwe, the sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe has a 30 year old son, Edward with Zuma.

Left at the altar Zuma also paid half lobolo for Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini, 38, the granddaughter of King Sobhuza III, in 2002 but nothing has come out of it.

4 Marriages, 1 ½ Lobola, 3 partners and 15 Children…?????Check the age differences between the children from different mothers – an 8 month old baby, a 7month old baby and a 5 month old baby – very busy 2007!


eh said...

Any wonder Africa has an AIDS problem?

People were clamoring for black (majority) rule in Africa; I guess we'll see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

I wish all the whites in South Africa were allowed to immediately immigrate to Canada and the USA. The place would fall apart in less than two years if they did though. For their safety, and the safety of their children, its the best thing. SA is lost, and we all know it. Its just a matter of 15-20 more years now and it will look like Zimbabwe does now.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

You omitted the 10 percent conviction rate in respect of the violent crimes, the crumbling infrastructure, the medical system in tatters, the farmers fleeing in droves, etc; etc; etc; ad nauseam.
Will trade your gypsies for our lot anyday.

Anonymous said...

A good point about what people would have done had they lived under apartheid.

I'll tell you: they'd have supported it. It's easy to be moralistic when you're not surrounded by savages.


I was born in UK and lived in SA in 80's & 90's and you are quite right, you had to protect yourself from the 'Swart gevaar,' as the unfortunate white people who still live there are and will find out.

Anonymous said...

South Africa is a rich country. The fight for the spoils, minerals etc, will be bloody indeed and we will no doubt get many black SA's fleeing 'persecution'.


para bellum said...

Maybe white South African people should set up archery clubs, never know when a long-bow may come in handy as may a javelin.

They should never have allowed those migrants find a "better" life in South Africa, but big business wanted the cheap labour, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

A lot of whites will not be able to get out when the (black) shit hits the fan, perhaps upon the death of Mandela. Remember how blacks and liberals all over the world made a hoo-ha about apartheid during the '80s? Solidarity with their "oppressed" black "brothers" and the rest of it?
Well, we need to be doing the same regarding our white brothers and sisters who remain in SA. We need to be thinking and planning ahead - as to how we can help them when the savages truly run amok.

Johan Potgieter

Anonymous said...

God Almighty, how my heart aches for white South Africans. As a white American Southerner I can empathize with the sinking feeling of having your own culture supplanted by a black culture of low achievement, violence, and prolific progeny. Two options for segregation still exist here in the South: having enough money to live (and attend school in white areas), or moving to "desirable" areas. Do either of these options exist in SA?