Saturday, 14 February 2009

Prince Harry for Re-education Camp

One of Communism’s major innovations was the re-education camp. These institutions were designed to rehabilitate deviants and, if they responded to treatment, release them back into civilised society. For instance the basis for one such facility in Vietnam, according to General Circular No. 121-CP, dated 8 September 1961, referred to “concentration for educational reform of elements dangerous to society, applying to all obstinate counter-revolutionary elements who threaten public security and all professional scoundrels."

The re-education process itself involved ritual humiliation and abuse, endless indoctrination of the ‘right’ values (this is where the term brain-washing originated), stripping away of the critical faculties, public confessions and recantations. If you survived you were released back to society, no longer a danger.

Poor old Price Harry now faces a similar, if not quite so drastic a fate. Absolutely shocking evidence was discovered which showed him referring to an army colleague - now the more sensitive of you avert your gaze at this stage – as a ‘Paki’. Oh my god! How awful. How unimaginable! And there was me thinking that armies were polite, sensitive touchy-feely institutions.

Naturally, all the PC alarms went off instananeously. The Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which seeks to unite British Muslims, is partly funded by the British taxpayer and is made up, at least in part, of immigrants who entered the UK under false pretences, called the Price ‘a thug’. Fair enough. That's what a Christian leader in say Saudi Arabia would call a Saudi prince in similar circumstances. Only drawback would be that shortly afterwards he’d have had his head lopped off.

Even though the ‘victim’ had had no problem with the incident, an Army spokesperson said it took the allegations "very seriously" while Cabinet minister John Denham said it was "offensive". That word again. Needless to say, Harry, remember he’s a Prince of the Realm and potentially a future King, was forced into making a series of groveling apologies.

But this wasn’t enough for the Though Police - he’s been sentenced to a spell in a re-education camp. Just that this time they’re calling it a ‘diversity course’, geared to making him more 'racially aware'. And that's supposed to be good, that he’s more ‘racially aware'?

In any event, another triumph for the PC social reengineering project, for the diversity consultants and their various parasitic hangers-on. Just shows how far Britain has gone though, doesn’t it, when a potential future King can be dragged through the mire by immigrants and their British Fifth Column?

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Vince R said...

I heard Harry is going on a Vuka! couse in Soweto:

Anonymous said...

imagine sending your child to a special school where they would teach him how to kill people in a most horrendous way ! and after he finished that school you have to send him to another school because he said paki !!! lol hilarious

Anonymous said...

I guess training for Afghanistan will show 'here's how you kill a coloured gentleman'!

Anonymous said...

We'll all end up lobotomized in due course.

Viking said...

I love this - he calls someone a Paki and ends up learning to love Africans??
maybe Pakistan was too dangerous. Sounds like not much thought was applied to this. How racist! send him to a country full of any old "brown people", because, what?, they're all the same??

whosyerdaddy said...

What really gets me, and this may seem an innocuous point, is, if I'm mot mistaken the word 'Paki' is an abbreviated term for Pakistani. How can this be offensive, when asswipe tabloids will happily use terms like Argie, Frenchie, Iti, Tallys, Brits, Yanks, Taffs, Jocks, Aussies, Kimwis etc. Kraut and Jap even seem to be perfectly acceptable on TV. However, I now know why. It's because none of the above are backward, smelly, 3rd world, whinging, horrible bastards!

Anonymous said...

Of course thats the reason - only whites can be racist and only whits cannot be offended.

Anonymous said...

This story is totally, uttely insane. How on earth can a word so simple as a 'Paki' be considered a horrendous racist insult, let worth enough to send someone to a re-education camp for?

With news like these piling up, it seems Britain is just a rotting, crumbling facade for a formerly great civilization.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Strange that Harry's paternal grand daddy didn't give them the finger publicly :-)