Monday, 23 February 2009

Newsweek gets real on South Africa

In an earlier post entitles ‘Penny drops for the MSM’ I pointed out how mainstream media had finally faced up to the horrors that black rule were bringing to South Africa. Now Newsweek is onto it. In a special report in its latest edition it reveals the massive scale of white flight, said whites being joined by increasing numbers of well-educated blacks. You can read the article here.

The reasons for the flight are clear. The overriding one being of course the staggering levels of crime and the gratuitous violence associated with so much of it. They also acknowledge - the the first time for a MSM outlet in my experience – that much of this black on white violence is racially-motivated.

Another major driver is the injustice associated with black empowerment, while rampant corruption, general incompetence, rounded of with the likley ascension of Rober Mugabe Jacob Zuma to the Presidency

Here’s an excerpt:

"For all these reasons, even the global economic slowdown hasn't been enough to keep qualified South Africans at home. Of the country's 25,000 registered accountants, fully a quarter now live overseas. Engineers, doctors, nurses and accountants are all in increasingly short supply. In February, Health Minister Barbara Hogan said South Africa's doctors are "constantly being poached" by places like Canada, Australia and the United States—among the most popular destinations for wealthy white émigrés. Banks and investment companies are forced to look for talent overseas, and Eskom, the disgraced national electricity provider, has recently begun scrambling to attract electrical engineers back home, but with little success.

The long-term effects of this exodus are already being felt in other critical ways. The vast majority of South Africa's emigrants are also the country's best and brightest. Compounding the problem is the fact that while South Africa has lenient policies toward admitting refugees from elsewhere in Africa, the import of skilled labor is still quite onerous—meaning that as more and more trained workers leave, there are fewer and fewer replacements. Pretoria needs new policies to balance these flows, says Debbie Milner of Future Fact. "Africa has a huge amount of skilled people in it, and many other African countries have better education systems than our own."

South Africa, a formerly proud First World nation, is one its way to becoming another typical failed African state.


Anonymous said...

"Africa has a huge amount of skilled people in it, and many other African countries have better education systems than our own."

And where would that be?


Anonymous said...

Jockney, she probably mean't Egypt, Lybia and Tunisia.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

a truth is not a truth until you've experienced it.....
Despite these reports, people have no idea of the extent of the mess.
For Europeans, the state of affairs we in SA find ourselves in, is totally inconceivable.
You have to actually live here to appreciate the decay in all senses of the word.
Have a look at the article on the Black taxi driver who purposely killed a white school girl this morning. Had this been a reversal of races, the driver would have been instantly arrested and the press baying for his blood. But, he's black....and if any white dares bitch, he is immediately classified a racist.
It truly is a total, monumental mess, which is merely going to get worse.
And most blacks, the press and idiotic liberals still blame apartheid..

SAVANT said...

I agree Albeus EC, but I have a frined who lived there for several years and goes back to visit friends in CT regularly.

Admittedly she's the ultimate deluded white irish liberal, but she's just back and still swears that CT is just alike any other city. No problem once you stay out of the 'bad areas'.

I suspect said bad areas might comprise 99% of this city though!

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

I can understand why your friend says that as the Cape is still reasonably okay, and the sole reason for that is due to the fact that the ANC was able to take provincial power there relatively recently.

This happily resulted in not too many AA appointees or bribe taking, as opposed to the rest of the country they have been screwing up since 94.
They also lost the Cape Town Council recently and the extent of the corruption there is still being investigated. Suffice it to say that it didn't take long for these simians to stick their snouts in the trough.

But Gauteng in particular is a dangerous mess. Come see for yourself! :-)
We do have Guinness here...

Anonymous said...

But is it correct that CT is similar to say a typical European city in terms ofbeing safe in your home and walking around?

Vince R said...

Anon: 24 February 2009 13:47 asked "is it correct that CT is similar to say a typical European city in terms of being safe in your home and walking around?"
Hell no! It is only the same as any European city in the winter when it shits rain and snow!
Otherwise its just the same old Rzania and you got to watch your back.

Anonymous said...

seems like savant's friend keeps getting lucky then.

Viking said...

"is it correct that CT is similar to say a typical European city in terms of being safe in your home and walking around?"

CT is better than other SA cities, for the one and only reason there aren't so many blacks there - "only" 30% or so, whereas the other 70% are coloured and white. The ANC are shipping them in by the thousand however, so give it time! (look up Imizamo Yethu if you don't believe me - your very own superhero Niall Mellon is busy making them all feel right at home)
Julius Malema recently told UWC students to vote in the Cape rather than in their hometowns, so they could oust the opposition DA ......

SAVANT said...

Seems like just a matter of time for CT then as well.

Why cant the blacks see that tehy're fucling it up for everyone, including themselves?

Anonymous said...

Just come across this. It gives some info on the world's most violent cities. Cape Town is in no 2, with a bullet!


middelv said...

Let me tell you a sad story, which would be very funny if it weren't true. As a doctor qualifief in the old South Africa, I hold full registration in a few countries as well as in South Africa. This allows me the freedom to locum for short spells abroad, earn foreign currency and use it to further educate myself. It is also a great way to see a country (the South African Rand does not travel well).

Due to Nkosozana Zuma's short- sightedness fellow colleagues can't come from Europe or anywhere for that matter to work in South Africa, as they can't/won't be registered without a years community service in rural South Africa. The pay is useless, there is no medicine to dispense and it unsafe to say the least!!