Friday, 13 February 2009

Mad judge strikes again

There’s general acceptance, because it’s self-evident, that violence, public disorder and general lawlessness have increased dramatically over the last few decades. As has the ‘compo culture’, whereby everything that happens to you is someone else’s fault, and for which you ere entitled to substantial financial recompense, irrespective of your own responsibility.

In many ways the two are linked, in that, insidiously, personal responsibility is undermined, and with it standards of personal behaviour.

As with so many other problems in Ireland, our mad judges are in the thick of it, stirring the shit. Take the following case and ask yourself, have we all gone mad?

Niall Condon (30), an unemployed former construction and carwash worker from Corrandulla Co Galway, claimed that his wrist was broken and that he had suffered shoulder and head injuries during an incident after he was 'thrown out' of the Supermac's premises at Eyre Square.

In evidence heard last week, he said he had gone to the restaurant after drinking four or five pints at a city centre pub with fellow construction workers. He arrived at Supermac's after midnight but got into an argument with two other men. He was removed by bouncers with his arm behind his back and put outside the door. "I was told to f*** off and go home," he said.

After he made a number of attempts to get back into the premises the bouncers then made a "dive" for him and put him face down on the floor, before lifting him and taking him to a staff room at the rear of the restaurant. He was pinned to the floor there until a garda arrived. "My wrist was broken and the pain was unbearable -- I begged the garda to arrest me, just for my safety," he said.

Under cross-examination, Mr. Condon admitted he had made a statement to gardai that he had drunk seven or eight pints of beer on the night. He also agreed that his wrist had not been broken and that he had told the garda that he would "do" one of the security men if he could get a bottle. The court was told that Mr. Condon had been prosecuted and convicted at Galway District Court. He was fined €200 with €492 expenses for breaching the Public Order Act.

Which seems entirely reasonable.

But back now to my original point. This being Ireland, where you have no responsibility for your own actions, Condon took the sensible approach of suing the restaurant. For what? Well, kinda, like, well, let’s see. He was ‘hurt and humiliated’. Which is exactly what he should have been.

But, mad judge Mary Leffoy to the rescue. She acknowledged that he had been "a dreadful nuisance" and should have gone home, that he was intoxicated and loitered outside wanting ‘to best the security personnel’. But ‘he had been pulled in by the security men and lifted forcibly off his feet’.

Oh my God! How terrible! So terrible that the ‘learned’ judge awarded him €25,000 in ‘compensation’, plus all his costs. Which being a High Court case, would have been considerable.

Supermac's founder and CEO, Pat McDonagh, said afterwards that, while he had to accept the High Court decision, he found it "amazing". Well, yes and no Pat. Amazing that a gurrier who got thrown out ends up with €25k. but, given our past experience of mad judges, not in the least surprising.

And of course as job losses soar, not least due to the high cost of doing business here, such cases add greatly to this problem. But it’s not a problem for the judges and the rest of the legal system that parasite on productive people like Pat McDonagh.

Again, the Cleansing Hellfire of severe recession might clear out a lot of this stuff.


Viking said...

when did the actual incident take place? I can't find that detail. This is the sort of thing that makes me sick, because my mother (who was seriously and permanently injured in an accident) had to wait EIGHT YEARS for the high court to finally hear her case which was settled recently. If it weren't for the toleration of compo wankers and f*cking -the worst of all - bogus asylum seekers appealing their deportations, then she wouldn't have had to suffer on disability allowance this whole time racking up debt.

Anonymous said...

Claire Louise Redhill 32 yeaqr old mother of three sent naked pictures of herself to a 15 and 17 year old. She supplied them with cannabis when asked and one of the two got her pregnant.

She got a suspended sentence and 10 years on the sex offenders register.

So Jimmy Savile preying on youngsters after they were given drugs or were under the influence of anesthetics is wrong.

Where does Emma West's disgraceful crime fit in in all this?