Sunday, 8 February 2009

I swear - this is true!

The previous post (Horror Video) provides an example of what a young girl might experience at the hands of the Religion of Peace. So you can understand that many would like to get out of its clutches. You'd also imagine, (wouldn't you?) that the authorities in the civilized West would do everything in their power to help such an escape.

You would?

Well check this story in the Daily Mail:

A foster mother has been struck off by a council after a teenage Muslim girl in her care became a Christian. The carer, who has ten years’ experience and has looked after more than 80 children, said she was ‘devastated’ by the decision.

‘This is my life,’ she revealed. ‘It is not just a job for me. It is a vocation. I love what I do. It is also my entire income. I am a single carer, so that is all I have to live on.
The woman insisted that, although she was a Christian, she had put no pressure on the Muslim girl, who was 16 at the time, to be baptised. But council officials allegedly accused her of failing to ‘respect and preserve’ the child’s faith [i.e the kind of this we saw in the Horror Video] and tried to persuade the girl to reconsider her decision. [Christ almighty! What fucking business is it of the Council to get anyone to change their mind about religion? But I forget - in local authorities these days minorities have become the majority]

The carer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is now preparing to take legal action against the council with the support of the girl, now 17, who also cannot be named.

Her case follows the controversy over Caroline Petrie, 45, the Christian nurse in Somerset suspended without pay in December for offering to pray for an elderly woman patient. She was reinstated this week.

Yesterday, Christians expressed outrage over the foster carer’s treatment, saying that it was a basic right for people to be able to change their religion. [Not in Islam it ain't. And what Islam wants, Islam gets]

Mike Judge, a spokesman for the Christian Institute, a pressure group which is funding her case, said: ‘I cannot imagine that an atheist foster carer would be struck off if a Christian child in her care stopped believing in God. This is the sort of double standard which Christians are facing in modern Britain. In recent months, we have seen grandparents, a nurse, adoption agencies, firemen, registrars, elderly care homes and now a foster carer being punished because of the Christian beliefs they hold. It has got to stop.’

The carer, a mother-of-two in her 50s, has worked with young children for much of her life and became a foster parent for the local authority in the North of England in 1999. In 2007, she was asked to look after the girl, who had been assaulted by a family member.

She told council officials that she was very happy to support the girl in her religion and culture. ‘We had a multicultural household and I had no problems helping the young person maintain her faith of birth,’ she said. ‘I have always prided myself in being very professional in what I do. If something works for a young person, whether I agree with it or not, I am happy to support them in that.’

But the girl, whom the foster mother describes as caring and intelligent, defied expectations by choosing not to wear overtly Muslim clothes or to eat Halal food.The girl, whose interest in Christianity had begun at school some time before her foster placement, also made it clear that she wanted to go to church.

The carer, an Anglican who attends a local evangelical church, said: ‘I did initially try to discourage her. I offered her alternatives. I offered to find places for her to practise her own religion. I offered to take her to friends or family. But she said to me from the word go, “I am interested and I want to come.”

Doesn't dhimmi Britain deserve what it gets. Brits out there - is there any hope of that famous bulldog spirit reasserting itself?


eh said...

Anyone who's been following the news out of the UK in recent years would have no trouble believing you.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the bulldog has been subjugated by the PC brigade. No hope.

John Bull

Anonymous said...

It absolutely bamboozles the mind to think these sort of people are in control, surreal even.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "John Bull". We've been invaded and defeated for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could all vote BNP for a start.

Viking said...

you mean the first time since 1066? lol
I love this story - thanks Savant - just a reminder how crazy things are in England now. Feel sorry for the poor little Muslim girl though.. now she won't have an arranged marriage and an army of kids :(

Anonymous said...

Good point anonymous. The ready solution is for everyone to vote BNP.

Anonymous said...

It's going on all over dhimmi Britai. In Sheffield a head teacher was forced to resign when she wanted to have inclusive religious gatherings. Muslim parents (there are only 35 in the school) 'forced her out'

See link

Anonymous said...

Savant - how do you see all this ending up? Will we become dhimmis or will we rebel and drive these fuckers back to where they came from?

Sarsfield said...

The UK deserves being flooded with the peoples of their former Empire.

In America, we are flooded with the peoples of our Empire. We annexed Puerto Rico, Phillipines, and fought wars in Korea and Vietnam. The peoples of these lands then migrate to the mother country. Soon, the United States will be immersed with Iraqis.

Ireland deserves no such fate. Stand up and fight back. You are a small country and are innocent of the sins of Empire and can not handle large amounts of these foreigners.

Anonymous said...

This kind of event is another example of Islam trying to create precedents by using its burgeoning muscle. Europeans know this is happening, but are still too cosseted to get up and fight back. Let's see if they're still rolling over passively when Great Depression II is upon us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, another Great Depression could sort out a lot of things!