Saturday, 7 February 2009

Horror video

You'll need a strong stomach to watch this, and, if you're like me you'll find it upsetting for a long while afterwards.

It concerns the Religion Of Peace as it interacts with a girl who offended against 'morality' in some way.

Reminds me of what a great idea it was of the EU to invite the Guantanamo inmates over here.



Anonymous said...

Now I know EXACTLY why I'd rather side COMPLETELY with the jews.
At least all they'll take from us goyim is a large profit income from our toil.
But....These male muslim fuckheads in the video, are still in the dark ages, programmed to obey their imam...despite wearing western denim and using western mobile phones.
Fuck them and the camel they rode in on.
I'm 100% behind the israelis and jews, despite their Rothschild financial mastery on this planet.

Hohenstaufen said...

This video just shows what sort of 3rd world savages these filth really are. Brave men kicking a young girl when she's down. Come on India, press that big red button, do us all a favour!

Joe O'Neill said...

Primitive savages beyond any hope of fitting in to the civilised world.Fuck em all!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen some pretty ghastly stuff on the internet, including Somalis sawing bits of flesh off each other and eating it. But this is appalling. Does anyone know where this was shot ... or the circumstances?

Uncle Nasty

NiviusVir said...

These sons o' bitches need a deluge of napalm dropped on them!

How could one possibly be more angry than I am right now? Those savage bastards!

I just sent your blog address to a couple others, so they can wittiness the barbarism.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the yids do control the financial system.

Oil sheiks, and Putin/Chavez, the Chinese commies, rich because of our insane generosity, the Japanese, and many other people/institutions,governments exert a huge influence on the world economy.

But you are right about the Muslims. Try reading, if you can stomach it, 'Daughter's of Shame' by Jasvinder Sanghera.


Anonymous said...

i'm not siding with the jews or the muslims--they both disrespect europeans

Anonymous said...

God damn and fuck the lot of them. I'm so enraged I feel like kicking in the window or driving at 200 mph. Fuck them all, the fuckers.

SAVANT said...

In answer to a number of questions, this was shot in northern Iraq.

Anonymous said...

In that case lets just drop one large nuclear bomb on it and get the hell out!

Anonymous said...

Northern Iraq, No it can't be ... the Turds, I mean the Kurds are our friends

mrpoopy said...

This was recorded about a year ago or more. As I recall, her "offense" was falling in love with a guy who belonged to another religious sect. Her father then tricked her into coming home like all was forgiven and the rest is history. This video really pissed me off when it first came out--what a bunch of worthless primates!

There is no way that people with this sort of mindset could ever fit into civilized society and, of course, you are virtually guaranteed that they will breed more just like themselves, since their "culture" dictates that you are not really a "man" unless you are able to breed like a rabbit. Having six kids is nothing to these apes.

Anonymous said...

well, as the man said, with friends like that.......

Anonymous said...

Old Saddam wouldn't have allowed that in a million years!

Anonymous said...

She is a member of the Yadzi tribe who fell in love with a Moslem boy.

This was too much for her tribe and despite efforts of some of her family they lynched her, culminating in the barbaric stoning that is shown.

Wht a paradox that we see stone age peoples indulging in blood lust whilst at the same time using 21st century aids such a mobile phone with digital camera, before upoading to the Internet.

In retaliation for the stoning a group of Yadzi males returning from a weaving factory were murdered by Moslems a few weeks later.

All of these tribes regardless of thier religion are guilty of barbaric acts for it is in thier genes.

Even the secular Sadam Hussein was a cruel despotic murdering son of a bitch, not too mention his son Uday.

We import these people into the civilised West at our peril.